Enhance your mind, transform your body, slow biological aging, and perform at your new potential. This cheat sheet contains cutting-edge tools from modern medicine and the most powerful time-proven ancestral medicine protocols.


Tools & Gear

Best Resveratrol Supplement Guide & Review

11 Best Bioavailable Resveratrol Supplements [2023 Review]

Resveratrol was the original anti-aging supplement. It's making a comeback. Here's why

Science.Bio Review 2023: Top Deals on SARMs, Peptides, Nootropics & Supplements

Science Bio is my favorite online shop for virtually any high-quality supplement.…

InsideTracker Ultimate Review

InsideTracker Ultimate Review: The Best Online Blood Biomarker Testing?

InsideTracker Ultimate is the best way to decode your body and optimize…

5+ Best CGMs for Healthy Biohackers: The Ultimate Guide

Choosing the right CGM system is a matter of knowing what features…

FoodMarble AIRE Review [2023]: Uncover Hidden Food Intolerances & Gut Dysbiosis (SIBO, SIFO)

FoodMarble is the best overall digestive tracker. This review explores the science…

Biohacking Best Infrared Saunas

9 Best Infrared Saunas for Your Home [2023 Unbiased Review]

Infrared saunas are a powerful tool to biohack your health & performance.…

Biostrap EVO Ultimate Review

Biostrap EVO Review [2022]: #1 New Wearable For Athletes & Pro Biohackers?

Looking for the ultimate self-quantification wearable? Consider the Biostrap EVO

NutriSense CGM Review

Nutrisense CGM Review (2023): Lose Weight & Optimize Blood Sugar

NutriSense makes the top CGM for biohackers and health optimizers. Learn why…

Lumen Device to Hack Your Metabolism

Lumen Metabolism Tracker Review [2023]: Your Pocket Weight Loss Coach?

Lumen is a popular device used to track, and "hack" your metabolism.…

Fum Essential Oil Inhaler Review

Füm Essential Oil Inhaler Review: Science-Backed Aromatherapy?

Do essential oils actually work? Thousands of studies support EOs, and Füm…

Luminousred Model 2 Pro Review: Best Red Light Therapy Panel?

Luminousred Review [2023]: #1 Pro Red Light Therapy Device?

Most red light therapy panels are deceptive biohacking scams. After years of…

Best Blood, Breath, Urine Ketone Meters Review

7 Best Blood & Breath Ketone Meters (2023 Review)

Ketone meters help quantify your health & performance progress. Choose wisely.

Best Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) Supplements Review & Comparison

9 Top Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) Supplements Backed By Science [2023 Review]

NR keeps your energy up, improves your performance, and slows the aging…

Amazon Halo vs Garmin Fenix Comparison & Review

Amazon Halo vs. Garmin Review: The Fitness Lover’s Wearable?

Garmin is the age-old leader of fitness tracking. Does the new Amazon…

Best Biohacking Apps, Software, Tech

33+ Awesome Biohacking Apps, Software & Tech to Upgrade Your Health

The latest biohacking apps can transform, simplify, and upgrade your wellbeing.

Lifebook Quest & Online Review

Lifebook Online Review [2023]: Exclusive Book That’s Redefined 684,054 Lives (& Counting)

Lifebook is one of the most important courses you'll ever take. This…

Amazon Halo vs Oura Ring: Comparison & Review

Amazon Halo vs Oura Ring: A New Favorite?

How does Amazon's new wearable called the Halo compare to the classic…

Amazon Halo Wearable Review 2021

Amazon Halo Review [2023]: Creepy & Invasive Yet Useful? (Read Before Buying)

Is Amazon Halo a promising new wearable? Or clandestine wrist-mounted spyware?

Best HRV Biofeedback Devices & Monitors

11 Top HRV Biofeedback Systems (2023 Review) Used by Pros

This technology can train you to enter peak brain states. Get more…

Omega-3 Oils: Fish Oil vs Krill Oil vs Salmon Oil vs Algal Oil

Fish Oil vs Krill Oil vs Salmon Oil [2022]: Should You Take Omega-3 Supplements?

Fish oil, krill oil, and salmon oil are popular omega-3 supplements with…

AquaTru Reverse Osmosis System Review

AquaTru Review & Comparison [2023]: The #1 Best Water Filtration System?

Life doesn't exist without quality water. Here's why I chose AquaTru over…

Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) for Peak Cognition & Physical Performance

Essential Amino Acids: Raw Ingredients to Optimize Health, Wellness, & Performance

Amino acids are the building blocks of life. Deficiency harms your body…

Nick Urban’s Peak Performance Supplement Stack

The supplements I currently take and when.

Best Molecular Hydrogen Tablets Products

5 Best Molecular Hydrogen Tablets of 2023 (H2 Review & Comparison)

The safe & effective anti-aging biohack proven by 1,000+ studies.

DIY Build Near Infrared (NIR) Sauna Light Therapy

5-Minute Guide to Building a Near Infrared Sauna (& Save $4,351)

I regularly build homemade near infrared saunas. Done right, DIY NIR saunas…

Oura Ring Data Insights: Tips Tricks Hacks

17+ Oura Ring Tips, Tricks & Hacks For Perfect Sleep (Recover Like a Pro)

The "now what" after you get your Oura Ring.

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