Outliyr’s Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for stopping by! Below is a short list of some of the questions we get most frequently.

Do you sell products?

Outliyr does not directly sell any products. Everything listed in the shop is sold by a third party. Because you’re an Outliyr (thank you!), they often give us special discounts on their products. I am more than happy to offer my experience or tips, but for technical support/billing/etc, your best option is to reach out to their team. You can do so by clicking the button/link where you see the product mentioned and that will take you directly to the seller.

Are your reviews unbiased? Do you get paid to write reviews?

Currently, I have not accepted payment for any articles published on Outliyr.com. I, Nick Urban, write, review, and edit all content. I turn down about 95% of the product sponsorship requests I receive. Sometimes, after using a particular product and really liking it, I partner with them to get you a special discount code. When you use this cost or click the discount link, it gives me a tiny commission (at no cost to you) should you choose to buy. This is how I keep the lights on and avoid placing ads all over Outliyr.

Are there any Outliyr communities?

Not yet! I am building out an online censorship-free community that will be hosted outside of the typical social networks. For those based out of Austin, Texas, I am also considering organizing a local meetup group. If either of these is of interest, let me know!

Can you give me specific health recommendations/prescriptions?

I cannot legally diagnose, treat, prevent, or prescribe anything for your health specifically. If you have a quick question that can benefit others, please leave a comment on the relevant article. Otherwise, feel free to fill out the Contact Form, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Note that will be a delay as I prioritize my consultations and health coaching clients.

Do you allow guest posts on Outliyr?

To date, Nick Urban has written every post that has appeared on the website. However, we are open to considering well-researched and relevant contributions from others.

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