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36 Perfect Biohacking Gifts for Holidays, Birthdays & Special Occasions

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Best Biohacking Gifts Holidays Birthdays
Best Biohacking Gifts Holidays Birthdays

Shopping for a hardcore biohacker, grabbing holiday gifts, or just looking for some health optimization inspiration? I’ve been keeping my fingers on the latest technologies, gadgets, and tools so that you find the perfect gift.

For them, or even for you!

Although I am not the biggest fan of materialistic holidays, a small token of thoughtfulness goes a long way. Even if you get exact preferences wrong, your effort alone communicates connection, appreciation, and understanding better than a wad of cash.

Instead of recommending to each person that reaches out to me via email, I figured I’d share some of my top biohacking gifts in a highly-curated post. These are the things I’m hand-picking because they’ve either made a difference in my own life, or produced life-changing results for people in my inner circle. I’ve come across a million, generic and downright boring gift guides on the internet.

Yet nothing dedicated to the discerning wellness bioharmonizer.

So whether it’s to celebrate a birthday or holiday generosity, I hope you find this biohacker’s gift guide useful.

Best Bioharmonizing Holiday Gifts For Everyone

Biohacking can be cheap. I recommend checking out my guide to the best free bioharmonization practices, routines, and habits.

Or if you want the fun, flashy, and effective stuff that I’ve come across…

These are the most universally loved gear, technologies, and other gifts. Ranging in price point from the cost of a cup of coffee to a small investment. Though price differs, all make definite thoughtful and healthy gifts.

Analemma Water Wand

analemma gifts

99 out of every hundred molecules in the body are water. Ultimately, the quality of the water determines your overall health and performance. The first step to upgrading your water is filtration. Depending on the method, then comes re-mineralization. After that, people do fancy things like structuring and energizing their water.

This tiny device bypasses all of that, and within seconds, noticeably improves your water. Run tap water through it and it tastes slightly lighter and crisper. Research validates its ability to increase cellular energy ATP, improve the composition of your gut Microbiome, improve personal resilience as measured by heart rate variability, and induce brainwave coherence. Their trial on biological age testing showed a massive reversal by up to 12 years of consistent use.

The Whole House Analemma is a brand-new system to consider. Upgrade all your tap water with no additional effort. In one pending research study, after only three 20 minute long baths, users experience remarkable improvements in the following:

  • Hemodynamics
  • Cardiac Output
  • Heart Rate
  • Stroke Volume
  • Blood Viscosity

Best of all it’s small, portable, lightweight, and easy to use. Learn more in my Analemma Water System Review.

Price: $179.90

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Luminousred Light Therapy Panels

luminous gifts

Light is the forgotten nutrient of human health and optimal cellular function. Sunlight is much more than a vitamin D vector. Over the millennia, humans experienced an abundance of natural light. The color spectrum and brightness vary throughout the day. Most of us get too much blue light from technology and not enough of the healing spectrums. The early morning and late evening rays are naturally high in the most rejuvenating near-infrared and red forms of light. For several years now, in addition to getting outside during optimal times, I have supplemented my “light diet“ with modern technology.

When it comes to this, I’ve compared & reviewed all the best red light therapy panels. For the best overall value and most powerful consumer-grade systems, one company wins hands-down. Check out my Luminousred light therapy panel review to learn why I rejected other free product offers and spent money on this particular model.

Price: $799.00

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Power Plate

power plate gift

Vibration therapy has been investigated for all kinds of things. Ranging from natural lymphatic drainage and detoxification, to increasing bone density, to accelerating recovery, to naturally increasing human growth hormone, to improving flexibility and mobility, to even aiding weight loss. Vibration machines can even help you grab and activate more muscle fibers, giving you a more thorough workout. It’s one of those things that looks like a health gimmick that can make a difference in a well-optimized routine. You can use it as a standalone treatment, or perform exercises on top of it for greater results. There are a lot of different systems on the market, but the highest quality with the best underlying technology is one called Power Plate.

Power Plate is an FDA-registered and MDD-Certified Medical device. Power Plate’s patented PrecisionWave Technology has been validated in dozens of clinical studies and is the go-to choice of rehab clinics, wellness & sports performance centers, professional sports teams, and a list of celebrities like Serena Williams, Clint Eastwood, Mark Wahlberg, Hilary Swank, Elle MacPherson, and Dr. Hilary Jones.

Price: $1,795

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kaatsu b1 gifts

One of the top mind-body optimization hacks is a special form of resistance training. KAATSU is a form of effective yet safe and clinically validated way to get the benefits of heavy strength training and endurance exercise. Without weights or running. It works by causing blood and metabolic byproducts to accumulate in the muscle for longer than normal. This creates a cascade of powerful cellular signaling, metabolites, and anabolic growth. KAATSU is an upgraded form of blood flow restriction training and it’s used by Olympians, professional athletes, elite military personnel, injury rehab specialists, doctors, scientists, and savvy everyday consumers.

Newer B1 units have a special “Cycle” mode which mimics cardio training with the push of a button. With this mode, sitting on the couch becomes a healthier activity. Alternatively, you can combine it with just about any training style to amplify your results. Or use it to accelerate recovery. Small enough to fit in your carry-on, powerful enough to replace your traditional gym. Several well-known doctors and experts have called this among the most promising fitness breakthroughs of their lifetime. For a budget-friendly alternative (sadly, it lacks the cycle mode and isn’t as effective nor safe), check out this guide to blood flow restriction training with BFR Bands.

For more information on why there’s no comparison to traditional BFR System, click here to visit my full KAATSU B1 system review now.

Price: $999.95

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Apollo Neuro

apollo neuro gifts

Apollo Neuro is a wearable device that activates the vagus nerve and stimulates a parasympathetic rest, repair, and regeneration response. It uses gentle haptic vibration technology to soothe the nervous system into safety. You strap it to either your ankle or wrist, choose your desired setting, and go about your day. Apollo has modes for both stimulation and energy but also relaxation, unwinding, and social events.

If you’ve been looking for a tool to easily manage stress, maximize your productivity, and improve your quality of life, consider this wearable. You can set up schedules to automatically stimulate or relax the body throughout the day. I like using wake up mode in the morning, focus in the afternoon, and then rebuild & recover mode at night. I was quite skeptical until I ran self-quantification experiments and saw how dramatically Apollo Neuro improved my biomarkers. Learn more in my Apollo Neuro review.

Price: $349.00

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Hanu Health

hanu gifts

Along the same vein of stress management and personal resiliency, another new company called HanuHealth recently unveiled a new system to understand your status in real time. Heart rate variability (HRV) measures the state of your central nervous system (which determines most facets of your existence). It’s widely considered one of the most important biomarkers of health, performance, and overall quality of life. Hanu measures your score in real-time, giving you feedback on the “healthy“ lifestyle practices that actually don’t work well for your unique biology. Or when rage responding to an email and you subconsciously hold your breath (“email apnea”).

Without Hanu, you won’t even realize that you shifted into a sub-optimal state. Hanu’s HRV biofeedback monitor trains you to notice the seemingly small triggers that disrupt your health and performance. Think of Hanu as your personal AI-driven health coach. Useful to determine your optimal breathing frequency, food sensitivities, ideal workout types, and much more. Until recently, this technology was only available to clinicians with a huge budget.

Price: $299.00

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Harambe System

harambe k system

For metabolic, hormonal, brain, and aesthetic purposes, resistance training is hard to beat. No other modality offers such a wide range of major health benefits. The classic and most researched way to do that is with strength training. Specifically free weights. The other alternative to effectively packing on muscle and burning body fat is to use what’s called variable resistance training (VRT).

The body is stronger through certain ranges of motion and weaker through others. Free weights resist you with a constant force throughout the lift. Which challenges certain ranges of motion and is too easy for others. VRT gets its name because it applies varying amounts of force to you. Challenging you just the right amount throughout the lift. Making it a highly efficient form of training.

High-quality systems can withstand over 1000 pounds of force. Viable for growing beginners and fitness pros alike. Additionally, VRT is safer, time efficient, and hyper-portable. When I lived in a tiny New York City apartment, I tucked the equivalent of an entire gym underneath my bed. Some models are even portable enough to fit into your checked luggage. Harambe is so confident in their craftsmanship that most of the parts are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Price: 489.99

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Rumble Roller Foam Roller

rumble roller gift e1670443949359

Using a foam roller is a cheap and effective way to recover faster, loosen fascia, and prevent injury. Regular users also see an improvement in their movement efficiency and gait. Additionally, good foam rollers can replace the need to visit masseuses & bodyworkers and to get expensive deep tissue work. You can use this as part of a warm-up for mobilizations and activations or standalone to make doing something like watching TV more productive.

I like the Rumble Roller because it is a two-in-one device and well-built (compared to many of the Amazon models that have gotten mushy on me). I’ll sometimes use mine in the sauna when my muscles are relaxed and looser. Then, the roller penetrates deeper and nicely relieves tightness. This is also great for back and neck pain when used appropriately. Foam rollers are fairly cheap.

Price: $59.95

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Earth Runners

earthrunners product

Your feet literally ground you and form the base of your power. Intricate proprioceptive signals beneath the feet attune us to what’s going on in our environment. Whether it’s safe to relax or we must focus directly ahead with tunnel vision. Earth Runners are a form of minimalist, “barefoot“ sandals inspired by prestigious, world-class ultra-long distance runners. Unlike most shoes with rubber insulation, Earth Runners uses special conductive and grounding materials which allow free electrons to flow between your feet and the earth.

Resulting in fewer injuries, faster athletic recovery, easier circadian entrainment, less jet lag, reduced brain fog, healthier blood, more energy, and overall better health. These sandals are ultra-lightweight, easily adjustable, and durable. Whether in my backpack or carry-on, I always have at least one pair of earth runners with me.

Price: $83.00

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Biohacking Gifts For The Serious Self-Optimizer

Virtually anything that improves your health, well-being, performance, or quality of life is technically a health optimization gift.

Yet these next ones are the fancier and more cutting-edge technologies, devices, and gadgets.


Infopathy Glowing IC Water Transfer Device Review & Discount

Whether you drink a morning beverage, pop some supplements, or enjoy a vice, you’re using molecules to shift your state. These molecules are bound by physics and pharmacology and come with their own issues. What if you could convey the same effects to your cells without ingesting any substances? That’s exactly what the Infopathy platform does.

This system is a library of the electromagnetic frequencies of thousands of different molecules and blends. You simply apply them one of several ways and enjoy a subtle state change similar to the original molecule(s). I’ve used my device to “charge water” every day for about two years now. In terms of potency, I would rate the effects 1-3 out of 10. Nonetheless, it doesn’t have the same side effects, cost, or inaccessibility as certain highly coveted ingredients. To learn more about this fascinating new world of “digital drugs”, check out the Outliyr archive.

Price: $192.50

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nucalm product

Is it possible to shift into a chosen elevated state of mind using the latest neuroscientific technology? NuCalm is a multi-modal system that combines proprietary audio and wearable patches to get you the biological equivalent of a two-hour nap in just 20 minutes. It’s one of the crowd favorites to supercharge meditations, naps, sleep, or any other form of rest & recovery. It also has modes to increase focus and athletic performance. NuCalm is used by the US military, the FBI, 54 professional sports teams, and to accelerate the recovery from over 2 million surgeries.

NuCalm is a patented, drug-free, clinically proven solution to human optimization. On both the performance, enhancement, and recovery sides. Measuring over 90% effectiveness in under five minutes, this is a solid tool for sleep, recovery, and stress mitigation. Several years ago, the systems were only available to clinicians for around $2,500. They’ve changed the business model and made it more accessible to consumers. This is one of the technologies that I am in the midst of deeply exploring.

Price: $49.00

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Ra Optics


Modern circadian science is illuminating the immense role of our internal biological “clocks“ and the influence they have on our health and performance. One of the most powerful stimuli to bring our clocks back to optimal alignment is light. Specifically timing our exposure to bright light. The easy solution to optimize light is to get unprotected sun exposure early in the morning during the initial rays. Then get just a few minutes during peak UV around solar noon to optimize vitamin D and hormones. In the evening, bright blue overhead lights should reduce as bedtime approaches. Unfortunately, phones, computers, TVs, and modern technologies pollute our light environment and disrupt normal hormonal rhythms.

If you want to continue using technology into the evening, without disrupting, your sleep, recovery, and bodily regenerative processes, you’ll want to protect yourself from that light. Super cheap blue-blocking glasses are better than nothing, but they miss out on important spectrums and aren’t nearly as effective. Ra Optics makes some of the best, full spectrum blockers, as well as leading the “light diet“ information revolution. These are the exact glasses I wear when I need to stay up late working, and they’re great for evening technology users.

Price: $164.00

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muse gifts

What if you could measure the exact functionality and patterns occurring in your brain at any given time? What if you could do that non-invasively, in real-time, and affordably? This would unlock insights into how things such as meditation, skill learning, sleep, work, fitness, etc. impact our brain. For many years, one company has pioneered that reality. Helping us improve each of these.

Muse reads your brain waves, and then sends that information straight to your smartphone. They also have games and activities built into the app. Just a few minutes of practice per day is the cognitive equivalent of a gym workout. Improving learning, memory, motivation, focus, and emotional regulation. This is one of those gifts that neuroscientists and self-quantifiers absolutely adore.

Price: $399.99

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Viome Full Body Intelligence

viome biological age testing kit

Knowing the current status of our gut, and microbiome can yield all kinds of information. About our vitality, wellness, performance, and overall health. Yet most gut tests are unreliable, and only check for very specific things. Viome was Naveen Jain’s moonshot, harnessing the power of AI and biology to formulate the best, custom game plans for every unique individual. This service has dramatically expanded over time. Now, Viome can determine your rate of biological aging, how well your cells are functioning, and give you actionable recommendations that in some cases stray from traditional “health“ advice. Atypical advice but superior for you system.

I first used the service back in 2017 and wasn’t overly impressed by the young startup. Their recommendations to me were counterintuitive. Reluctantly, I gave up broccoli, beets, green beans, and other traditional health foods. Only then did I discover that I feel much better excluding those foods. Today, hundreds of thousands of tests and five years later, Viome is in a league of its own. It’s one of the best options to get a thorough snapshot of your overall health paired with actionable recommendations on what you can do to improve. Learn more in my Viome health intelligence test review.

Price: $229.00

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The Wellness Palace

Your living environment can be working with or against you 24/7.

Even if you’ve perfected everything else, eventually, the environments you spend the most time in will shift your health.

The gear I recommend to biohack your environment ensures that the shift is for the better.


aquatru product

Life is water, and water is life. How much water gets to your cells matters. Equally important, if not more so, is the quality of that water. Throughout the vast majority of the world, tap and well water contain all kinds of nasty chemicals. From toxic heavy metals to exogenous hormones, to pharmaceutical residues, to other endocrine-disrupting agents. But here’s the thing. The vast majority of water filters either don’t remove nearly as much as claimed (as apparent by the physics of their designs), they suffer from eventual microbial contamination, or they’re prohibitively expensive.

AquaTru is the best water filtration system for most people. This countertop system is small and portable, mighty, and wastes 35% less than most reverse osmosis systems. Compared to others, it’s affordable, and the filters last much longer. With all reverse osmosis filters, make sure to remineralize your water by adding a pinch of high-quality sea salt.

Price: $449.00

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air doctor pro filtration products

Price: $629.00

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AquaCure Brown’s Gas Machine

aqua cure gifts

Molecular hydrogen is the smallest molecule in the universe and also the most promising (selective) antioxidant. It quells only harmful free radicals. Unlike most antioxidants, H2 doesn’t disturb beneficial signaling molecules resulting from hormetic stressors like exercise. Molecular hydrogen shows promise in both the healthy elite performers, as well as in improving 180 different disease models. H2 slows biological aging and also naturally increases NAD+ levels. Most people use tablets that dissolve in water. But there’s a better way. Inhalation. In just 12 seconds, you get far more H2 than the tablets.

Brown’s Gas generators make multiple beneficial compounds. H2 for inhalation, “electrically expanded water” infused with hydrogen gas, plus more. AquaCure is the world’s best line of Brown’s Gas machines. And Eagle Research backs them with a lifetime guarantee. Check out my interview with the inventor, George Wiseman, or this AquaCure AC50 review to learn how advanced health optimizers worldwide are capitalizing on the benefits of this largely forgotten gas. The machine is certainly expensive. George actually hand-makes each system, and it pays for itself in lieu of molecular hydrogen tablets.

Price: $2,125

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Somavedic Devices Discount

Humans are electromagnetochemical beings. At the core level, our cells operate and communicate via electricity. This is one of the ways our environments directly affect our many internal processes and systems. Many man-made electromagnetic fields act as constant low-grade biological stressors. Negatively impacting your sleep, recovery, regeneration, longevity, and performance the next day. One of the lowest-hanging fruit to improve your health and quality of life without much effort is to address your exposure. The issue is that most technology requires it to communicate via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and other signals. Blocking these artificial EMFs with shielding technologies disables their normal functions.

Somavedic took a different approach. Instead of blocking the signals, they transformed them into more biologically compatible waveforms. Using beautiful precious and rare stones combined with proprietary technology, Somavedic systems mitigate the dangers of modern technology, while allowing them to continue working properly. To prove the seemingly “woo woo” effects, Somavedic has put its products through rigorous third-party testing. I regularly hear owners (and even their guests) ranting about the difference these devices make in their homes.

Price: $498.00

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ChiliSleep OOLER

Temperature and light exposure are widely considered two of the biggest factors in determining sleep quality and quantity.’s systems gives you granular control over your sleeping temperature. They work by water cooling (or heating) a cover that goes over your mattress. Then you can customize your ideal temperatures throughout the night to optimize deep sleep, REM sleep, and light sleep. Resulting in more rejuvenation, faster. Some people use this to increase total sleep duration, while others use it to get the same benefits from less.

ChiliSleep/OOLER/Dock Pro Pad have become incredibly popular with professional athletes, executives, and those that need to perform to the highest ability every day. Unlike AC, this system is much more effective and efficient at cooling the body to the exact desired temperature and allows you to optimize your temperature during each sleep stage throughout the night. If I could only choose one sleep gadget, it would be this one. Highly recommended for light sleepers and those with insomnia.

Price: $639.20

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Brain Optimization

How well your brain functions can mean the difference between mediocrity and living at your full potential.

Cognitive enhancement technologies can help you tap into and strengthen your unique talents.

From beginners looking for a supplement to “turn on“ their brains, to advanced neurohackers interested in the latest brain training systems, no one is stuck with an underperforming brain.

Neurohacker’s Qualia Mind

qulia mind gifts

When it comes to supplements, I generally avoid one-size-fits-all formulas. There’s just too much bioindividuality. What works great for one person might do harm to another. This is even more true when it comes to the brain. The Neurohacker Collective takes a radically different approach than most brain supplements, nootropics, and smart drugs. They provide all the necessary precursors and building blocks so that your brain prioritizes systems needing the most attention.

Virtually everyone I’ve recommended the Qualia line of products to rants and raves about them. Even just a tiny dose of Qualia Mind drastically improves my thinking. From memory to mood, to energy, to mental clarity. I keep a small stash of this nootropic in my backpack for a cognitive pick-me-up whenever, and where ever.

Price: $69.50

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nootopia world domination nootropic

I’ve tried just about every brain-boosting super supplement on the market. To anyone that tells me supplements are just “expensive pee”, I give them a dose of my Nootopia. So far, Nootopia has convinced 17 skeptics! Although, this is one of the only companies that hand customizes your exact formula and dosages of each ingredient based on your answers to a quiz. You answer questions related to your lifestyle and goals and they build several different products just for you and your neurochemistry. So the custom formulas work even better. Nootopia flat-out works. These are the strongest brain enhancers I’ve ever used. Rivaling some of the most famous smart drugs, like modafinil and Adderall, but without the nasty dangers and side effects.

I use their Upbeat formula before podcasting for a hit of confidence and ambition, and to emotionally connect with my guest. NectarX or Power Solution for a HUGE surge of all-day energy. Brain Flow for effortless deep work and to enter the flow state. GABAlicious is an ideal healthy alcohol alternative that feels great and supports my brain. The Apex for long, 12+ hour days of hyper-productivity. And more. What I love about Nootopia is that your brain’s baseline increases from each use. So, even if I were to completely stop using it, I’d retain the cognitive sharpness. Nootopia is certainly on the pricey side, so I save it for my biggest days.

Price: $202.50

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selfdecode dnakit

For several decades, scientists hypothesized that our genes held the answer to all of life’s perplexing questions. Yet a massive undertaking to decode the entire human genome revealed nuanced complexity. As it turns out, our genetics tell the story of all of our potential. Then our epigenetics, our lifestyle, determines how those potentials actually unfold. One company has become the undisputed leader, taking all kinds of different health and wellness sciences, and cross-referencing your unique biological makeup. From there, they customize a science-backed game plan for you to become the best version of yourself. For every potential health-optimizing supplement, food, or routine, SelfDecode offers its rationale and the science behind the recommendation.

Over time, SelfDecode has become a simple yet powerful all-in-one health optimization platform. Their team of cutting-edge scientists stays up to date with the latest research and automatically regenerates your reports to make sure you get the very best. Plus, they’re beginning to combine all the latest tools and biomarkers into one software. Giving you a holistic snapshot of your health. My SelfDecode 2.0 review and comparison explains why it’s the best DNA testing service & much more. This is the future of AI-driven health coaching.

Price: $149.00

Use the exclusive SelfDecode coupon code URBAN for 10% off


nutri sense app patch

Certain “health foods” won’t fit your unique constitution and biochemistry. Some superfoods, supplements, foods, and drinks actually harm you. Why waste your time eating bland food when it’s actually having a detrimental effect on your body? Or maybe you’re working to dial in your optimal nutrients. Or to discover the least harmful “junk” foods. A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is one of the most eye-opening tools I’ve encountered. I always thought that I was fairly immune to stress. Until I pulled several 16-hour days. Despite eating clean, low-glycemic meals, I watched my blood sugar soar.

Nutrisense is the perfect digital accountability partner. Just knowing that your choices will show up in the app are often enough motivation to avoid junk food. Unlike the other providers, Nutrisense offers a complementary dietitian to get you started and answer any of your questions. From the basic to the highly technical. Now, I know nutrition and have my diet pretty dialed. I didn’t expect to get much out of my experience. Yet using a CGM radically changed the way I approach my daily habits.

Price: $175.00

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Magnesium Breakthrough

bioptimers magnesium gifts e1670554157920

Did you know that over 90% of Americans are deficient in the super mineral called magnesium? Deficiency is related to anxiety, depression, stress, impaired athletic performance, sub-optimal cognition, and overall lower quality of life. If I could only take one ingredient for the rest of my life, it would be magnesium. Due to conventional farming methods and nutrient-depleted soil, our food lacks magnesium. Especially the most absorbable forms.

As a magnesium fanatic, I’ve tried several dozen products. Magnesium comes in 10+ forms, each with unique advantages and disadvantages. Inevitably, I continue coming back to one called Magnesium Breakthrough as it contains all of the best-absorbed forms without any fillers or other junk. It’s also a favorite of doctors and health practitioners. Check out my article on magnesium’s health benefits to learn why it’s a foundational supplement for just about everyone.

Price: $35.00

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If you haven’t heard of BrainTap, you’re in for a treat. After decades of neuroscience research, Dr. Patrick Porter created a device for us consumers to get the most out of our minds. It uses special frequencies of light and audio technologies combined with a state-of-the-art algorithm to entrain the brain into optimal brainwaves. Making it easier to effectively accomplish your any goal. Users report feeling a difference within just a few minutes of use.

I’m just now learning the BrainTap platform and I am blown away. How didn’t I discover this earlier? Gamma modes dramatically improves focus, the Delta modes for sleep, and the Theta modes for rejuvenating meditation sessions or idea alchemy. This is a neuroscientific system that has a plethora of impressive research and is used in labs across the world. Somehow, Dr. Porter has made this the most affordable clinical-grade system on the market, coming in just under $550.

Price: $547.00

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Stocking Stuffers

It’s not always the physical size of the gift that makes the impact.

These small but mighty biohacks are sure to delight.

Füm “Vape” Pens

fum gifts e1670554113743

If the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “essential oils“ is New Age spiritual hippies, you’re not alone. It wasn’t until I burned my tongue on an undiluted drop of oil of oregano that I dug into the science of essential oils. There’s a surprising amount of research into particular oils and their myriad health benefits. For everything from sleep and relaxation to energy, weight loss, focus, and productivity. Yet using a desktop diffuser puts extra water into the air and is highly waste full of these expensive oils. There’s a newer, far more targeted approach that’s fun and yields better results. This particular device resembles a wooden pipe, but unlike pen vapes, this one does not heat or degrade the oils in any way. You simply apply a few drops to a cotton wick, and inhale the oil in its natural, most potent form.

It’s completely non-addictive and safe. Not only is it great for smokers to help kick the habit, but it doubles as a great productivity tool and even an ergogenic workout enhancer. I’ll load up my Füm with peppermint, clove, and citrus for workouts; lavender for sleep; and the thieves blend for an immune boost while traveling.

Price: $89.50

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Use the exclusive Füm code URBAN10 for 10% off.



In the islands of the South Pacific, a traditional drink called kava has been at the center of social events for over 3,000 years. A natural drink made from a plant called Piper Methysticum, kava is likely the safest and most beneficial alternative to alcohol. Felt effects include deep relaxation, lifting anxiety, inducing a deep state of empathy, increasing sociability, elevating mood, and increasing cognitive performance. All without addiction or harm. Unlike alcohol, kava does not put you into a drunken stupor and actually improves the functioning of your body (as quantifiable with wearables).

Since I discovered kava and a few other similar all-natural ingredients, I’ve completely kicked alcohol. Your friends and family will appreciate you introducing them to this exotic conversation starter. It comes in oils, shots, or a sparkling beverage. When it comes to kava, you want to be absolutely sure you’re getting the real thing. For those of us living outside the South Pacific islands, TRU KAVA stands in a league of its own.

Price: $29.94

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shilajit gifts

Affectionately nicknamed “the conqueror of mountains”, “destroyer of weakness”, and “nectar of the gods” by ancient cultures worldwide, shilajit is a timeless super supplement. Rich in natural fulvic and humic acids, this prized adaptogen acts like a trojan horse. Helping you better absorb everything else. From foods and nutrients to other supplements. Getting you better effects from smaller dosages, saving you money, and coming with a long list of its own benefits. From boosting energy to improving physical performance to optimizing hormones, to acting as a mild nootropic, to increasing “vital life force”.

Real, authentic, high-quality shilajit is hard to procure in its maximum potency form. Amazon and other marketplaces are full of scams. Sham products contain ingredients that look, smell, and taste almost identical but with zero of the studied benefits. That’s why I personally use PHS thanks to their wide variety of types for every use case and goal.

Price: $22.00

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Use Pure Himalayan Shilajit exclusive code URBAN for 10% off

ENERGYbits Super Algae

EnergyBITS Spirulina Chlorella

Algae might not seem like the sexiest item on this list, but it’s one of the few foods you could subside on. Even thrive on. Ounce for ounce, it has the highest concentration of protein, iron, free-form amino acids, glutathione, superoxide dismutase, omega-3s, chlorophyll, and all kinds of other beneficial vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. Although it’s been sold in the USA for over 50 years, it remains virtually unknown outside of Asia. It’s been a core focus for NASA and professional athletes for many years due to its unparalleled nutrient density.

According to NASA and the United Nations, each gram of algae contains the nutritional equivalent of 1,000 grams of fresh produce. It’s the only food I consume every single day without fail and consistently bring with me when I travel. Algae is a super absorber of everything in its environment. You want to make sure what you get is non-GMO, organic, third-party lab tested for purity and safety, And processed at cold temperatures using vibration rather than lead-containing glass beads. I know that I’ve found a good source when I can chew it without gagging on a fishy taste. ENERGYbits reliably delivers the best micro-algae I’ve used.

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Feel Free

feel free kava tonic

If kava doesn’t quite pack enough of a punch, Feel Free is another option. This drink has become quite popular in recent years as folks look for safer and better alternatives to alcohol. Feel Free is a plant-based elixir that contains several strong plant compounds combined with bioavailability enhancers to quickly and profoundly change your state. It’s by far the most potent mood-boosting euphoric drink I’ve consumed.

Although it’s regarded as safe, I generally don’t recommend it to those with addictive personalities or anyone looking for a delicious drink. Feel Free contains kratom, so I’m not the biggest fan of daily use. It also has a very pungent taste. When saved for special events or the occasional night out, Feel Free is a great drink for social lubrication, to connect with others, to overcome sleepiness without caffeine, and to virtually guarantee a fun night.

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Young Goose

young goose gifts

Self-care is always a hot topic, but especially as modern science is discovering the depths of the link to longevity and overall health. Did you know that there’s even a link between the state of your skin and your cognitive performance? And your ability to recover from workouts? Plus, there’s the unfortunate bias of people unconsciously favoring those with a radiant appearance. Personal care is one of those industries where low-quality products do more harm than using nothing at all. Most of these products are loaded with all kinds of scary chemicals that disrupt your hormones and vital bodily processes.

Young Goose is one of the few companies in the industry using clinical dosages of the most beneficial yet safe ingredients. before interviewing Amitay Eshel, I fell into the camp of only using 100% natural personal care products. But it turns out these have issues with oxidizing and becoming harmful long before they reach you. You can rest assured that Young Goose uses just enough stabilizers to ensure you’re getting the maximum potency product that you’ll actually notice a difference using.

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KetoneAid KE4 Ketone Ester & Salt Supplements

By now, just about everyone has heard of the ketogenic diet. Is it possible to get many of the same benefits while enjoying the food you love? Without all that restriction? It turns out products called exogenous ketone supplements can help you do exactly that. Giving you long-burning stimulant-free energy, profound mental clarity, physical exercise enhancement, improved bodily biomarkers, weight loss through massive appetite suppression, hours of undistracted flow state productivity, deeper sleep, and much more.

There’s a lot of junk on the market and deceptive marketing practices. KetoneAid is the company I choose and trust. So do military personnel, Olympians, Tour de France cyclists, and executives around the globe. These are especially powerful when under heavy stress, performing at a high level, or traveling.

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Hard Ketones

KetoneAid R1,3 Ketogenic Alcohol Buzz

On my quest to find the very best alternatives to alcohol that still feel great without the toxicity and hangover, I came across a drink called Hard Ketones. This one is different. Most alcohol we drink is a form known as ethanol. Hard Ketones is the molecular cousin, but instead of poisoning your body and brain, it helps strengthen them. This drink is great to relax, unwind, and feel good without motor control impairment, slurred words, liver/brain toxicity, nervous system stress, low energy, morning-after migraine, and all the consequences associated with a night of boozing.

But this special drink goes a step further. In fact, according to my wearables and biomarker data, Hard Ketones actually improve my recovery scores and deep sleep. I wake up the next day with above-average energy, and motivation, and am easily able to fast through the late afternoon… should I choose. With Hard Ketones, I usually feel nice after just 1-2. I’m unable to consume more than 3. With alcohol, each successive drink makes stopping harder. Plus, normal alcohol has the issue of appetite-stimulating “drunchies”. Learn more here in my Hard Ketones Review post.

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Grass-Fed Beef Sticks

beef sticks gifts

Truly healthy snacks seem virtually non-existent. Just about everything is loaded with fillers and additives that contribute to metabolic dysfunction and insulin resistance. Generally, the more convenient and portable the snacks, the less healthy. These grass-fed, grass-finished meat sticks are an exception. The natural fermentation process combined with clean bioavailable protein makes this an excellent option to promote gut health, and nourish your body — any time, anywhere.

Packed with healthy omega-3 fats, fat-burning CLA, higher levels of vitamins and minerals, antioxidant glutathione, and naturally occurring probiotics. Best of all, they taste great which is likely why Paleo Magazine voted them the number-one snack of the year. I keep some of these in my backpack, and in my car, and bring them anywhere I’m unlikely to find quality food.

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PaleoValley Superfood Bars

paleo superfoods bars gifts

I’ll admit it. I am a bit of a protein/superfood bar fanatic. Over the last few years, I’ve eaten hundreds if not thousands. The issue is threefold. First, most have all kinds of nasty ingredients. Low-quality protein commonly used in bars is basically a waste of money. Or they just taste atrocious. Then I came across a special bar truly made from real whole foods and powerful superfoods. PaleoValley’s superfood bars are made from 10 all-organic ingredients and then fortified with highly bioavailable, grass-fed bone broth protein. They do everything right, from sourcing the finest ingredients to keeping delicate nutrients intact via cold processing.

These are hands-down, the tastiest nutrition snacks I’ve used. Somehow, they are fully shelf-stable for up to 1 year. These nicely complement the meat sticks, and I also carry these around everywhere I go. I’m not alone, as their website alone lists over 2,000 reviews with a 4.7-star average rating.

Price: $30.39

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Honorable Mentions

These are some of the popular devices in systems are some of the popular devices and systems that I liked but can no longer wholeheartedly recommend for various reasons.

Oura Ring

oura ring product

One of the most famous wearables of all time, the Oura Ring has been around since 2017 but only began making major headlines during the last few years as they released a new pulse oximeter feature. Although I’ve never been a partner of theirs, I’ve recommended them previously as a simple yet powerful window into the inner workings of your biology. I’ve heard countless stories of people using Oura to discover how small lifestyle tweaks can radically change the way they look, feel, and perform.

Oura ring was a solid product until mid-2021, when they began scaling heavily and tacked on a membership fee, and spent less prioritizing overall customer experience. Now, new devices offer the same features at a much lower cost and seem to also be innovating at a much faster rate.

Price: $249.00

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Top Health Optimization & Biohacking Gifts For Birthdays & Holidays

Many of the best biohacking tips, habits, and optimizations are all free. These actually fall into what I call the principles of bioharmony.

I’m generally not big on gifts or material possessions. I believe the greatest you can give someone is your time, attention, and love.

The right gear, however, can dramatically speed up health and performance optimization results and make the process more enjoyable.

Biohacking doesn’t need to cost the equivalent of a fancy car. The right small token can show that you deeply understand them, their personality, and their fascinations.


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