Recommended Biohacking Resources

I’m regularly asked for recommendations on the tools, supplements, books, resources, and services available to biohackers. People want to know what I use and take.

As a result I’ve put together a list of recommended biohacking & bioharmonizing resources that either I’ve personally used (most cases) or which have come highly recommended to me by people I trust.

I’m a lifelong student. I will add to these lists as I come across new biohacking, health, wellness, fitness, and human performance resources that I enjoy.

Top Articles on Biohacking

Biohacking Books

Quick-start your understanding of the fundamentals of health and wellness with the books below.

Check out my full biohacker’s booklist here.

Biohacker’s Handbook

Holistic health wisdom & research converted into a beautiful, practical, coffee table masterpiece. For the novice and experienced alike.

The 4-Hour Body

The original guide to self-quantification and health optimization that’s stood the test of time.


Cutting-edge and the latest actionable protocols, gadgets, and research packed into the “biohacker’s bible”.

Upcoming Biohacking Podcasts

Biohacking Superhuman Performance

The best source for all things peptides and interviews with physicians on the front lines.

Mind Body Peak

A highly-anticipated show on functional biohacking. Apply the esoteric to your everyday life as a high-performer.

Boost Your Biology

Underground discussions with biohackers experimenting with novel nootropics and performance enhancers.

Biohacking Research Resources

These are my favorite, reliable, and most used sites for research.

  1. PubMed (website): An aggregation of studies published in major journals.
  2. GreenMedInfo (website): PubMed for everything related to Natural Health.
  3. SelfHacked (website): Your one-stop-shop for the latest biohacks, supplement research, and advanced healthy living info.
  4. Examine (website): Research-backed guide to supplements, diets, and specific compounds
  5. The Examine Research Digest (subscription): a thorough digest on the latest research, simplified.
  6. LabDoor (website): a third-party laboratory that independently tests supplements and consumer products and publishes their findings online.
  7. Sci-Hub (website): Go around research paywalls with this little tool.
  8. Ray Peat (forum): a community of cutting-edge researchers and biohackers.

Recommended Biohacking Products, Technology, & Gear

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