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Urban Supplement Stack

After hearing my background and expertise, I often get questions about my supplement stack. I’ve tried easily 100+ liquids, powders, pills, extracts, tinctures, and herbs over the decades.

I generally recommend people start with these foundational supplements for modern humans.

I’ve backed off in recent years due to my concerns over supplement contamination and questionable efficacy. I focus on getting the most nutrition possible from organic, local farmer’s market produce.

I use supplements to fill specific deficiencies, and as occasion sees fit.

Below are my stacks to optimize different facets of life and the frequency I take them. I don’t take anything seven days per week. I avoid all supplements on the weekends so that they continue to work effectively. I plan on updating this page as my stacks evolve.

Nutrition Supplement Stack

Nutrition Quote by Roger Williams

If I could only take one supplement it would be magnesium. My article on the importance of supplemental magnesium lays out why. For a more in-depth breakdown, I suggest the book Magnesium Miracle [Amazon]. In short, nearly everyone’s deficient. And magnesium is possibly the most important overall nutrient lacking.

Taken most days:

Taken occasionally:

Exercise & Fitness

Exercise & Physical Fitness Quote by John F Kennedy

I broke down the core ingredients in my exercise supplement stack in my guide to making homemade preworkout. I tailor the stack towards the exercise:

Strength Supplement Stack

Endurance Supplement Stack

Cognitive (Nootropic) Supplement Stack

Cognition, Learning, and Brain Power Quote by Gandhi

Taken most days:

Taken occasionally:

Sleep Supplement Stack

Wakefulness LowLevel Brain Damage Quote by Dr Matthew Walker.

Taken most days:

Taken occasionally:

Recovery Supplement Stack

Recovery, Adversity Adaption Quote

Taken most days:

Taken occasionally:

Stress Supplement Stack

Stress Reaction Kills Quote by Hans Selye

Taken occasionally:

Detox & Hangover Prevention Supplement Stack

Detox Supplementation Untested Environmental Chemicals Quote

Taken before drinking or alongside unavoidable toxicant exposure:

Key Supplements (Most) Everyone Could Use

Smart supplementation balances any vitamin and mineral deficiencies and helps your body and brain better adapt to today's fast-paced lifestyle. Click To Tweet

Hopefully you’re still with me after that extensive list. I’ve added and removed supplements over time, but this is my base. Since supplements are expensive and a hassle to take, I can condense my recommendations down to the foundational categories of any respectable stack:

  • Magnesium
  • Mushrooms
  • Adaptogenic herbs
  • Creatine
  • Essential aminos

I’m the first to admit the appeal of the latest designer anti-aging molecules. But, as I wrote previously, at a certain point your supplements may do more harm than good. And they don’t always work either. Stick with these basics and thoroughly vet any new additions.

Your supplement protocol should change. With your age, routines, and events. How about you? I’d love to hear what supplements you take and why in the comments below.

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