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Enhance your mind, transform your body, slow biological aging, and perform at your new potential. This cheat sheet contains cutting-edge tools from modern medicine and the most powerful time-proven ancestral medicine protocols.


Tag: Wearable

Apollo Neuro for Biohackers

Apollo Neuro

Price : $ 399

I didn't think it would do much for me, but Apollo is…

Hanu HRV Biofeedback Training

Price : $ 299
Sale price : $ 180

The only advanced, actionable, real-time, continuous HRV biofeedback monitor available to consumers.…

NutriSense CGM

Price : $ 175
Sale price : $ 150

Blood glucose monitoring is one of the next frontiers of peak performance…

Oura Ring

Price : $ 299

The Oura is the most popular wearable amongst the health-conscious. It fits…

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