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Wild Fish Roe

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Fish oil is one of the most often recommended supplements by virtually every health expert. According to some research, 89% of American adults have such low omega-3 levels that they’re at high cardiovascular risk. But there are two related issues with most fish oil products. First, they’re notoriously low quality. Alarmingly high in heavy metals and very low in bioavailable fatty acids. Second, most are heavily oxidized and rancid by the time they reach you. Consuming rancid omega fatty acids likely does more harm than good, and is one of the reasons for the backlash against industrial seed oils (PUFAs). Fish roe is naturally in a more bioavailable and stable form of omega-3 supplements. Plus, they gently freeze-dry it to keep the full range of nutrients (DHA, DPA, ALA, EPA, vitamins C, D, E, omega-9s) intact and undamaged. Resulting in a tasteless and chemical solvent-free product.

Nick’s Take: If you’re not opposed to fish, this is one of the best sources of omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids you can buy. Especially because it remains stable, potent, and fresh. You can save a ton by buying in bulk too. We always have Paleovalley Wild-Caught Rish Roe stocked in our house.

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