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IrisTech Vision & Sleep

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I’m always on my laptop. Screens notoriously worsen vision, impair sleep when used late at night, and eye strain leads to full-body fatigue. Sometimes I misplace my blue-blocking glasses. Plus they do nothing to fix the serious issue of screen flicker. IrisTech is the upgraded version on f.lux and the macOS feature “NightShift”. My IrisTech review shows how the software gives you unparalleled control over your light exposure and thus vision, performance, & recovery.



IrisTech is the evolved F.lux or NightShift app for macOS, Linux, and Windows. Like the others, Iris improves your sleep by reddening your screen temperature (color) to at night to mimic the setting sun. It allows a wider morning/evening color spectrum than alternative software. Iris goes a few steps further to save your eyes:

Prevents Eye Strain

  • You know that lethargic feeling from a long day of staring at screens? Computer monitors actually flicker at a rate imperceivable to the naked eye. That flicker causes headaches and eye strain. Iris uses your computer graphics card to offset the flicker.

Reduces Eye Pain

  • Dynamically adjusts screen brightness to the optimal level. Does a better job than my Mac.

Works Everywhere

  • Iris works on external monitors and docking stations.


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