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AirDoctor Air Filter

Price : $ 629
Sale price : $ 566.10

Indoor air can be up to 7X more polluted than the outdoors. Even when compared to the heart of major…

Bon Charge Full-Spectrum Light Bulb

Price : $ 29.95
Sale price : $ 26.95

Mimicking the dynamic shifts of natural daylight, the Bon Charge Full Spectrum bulb lets you adjust its color temperature to…

HypoAir Air Angel

Price : $ 299.99
Sale price : $ 269.99

Stop breathing in polluted - air filled with mold spores, chemical gases, carpet fibers, dust, dander, bacteria, and dangerous viruses.…


Price : $ 1799.99
Sale price : $ 1619.99

Ozone therapy is sometimes called nature's disinfectant, but it's so much more. Ozone restores the body as well as enhances…

Somavedic Devices Discount

Somavedic EMF Protection

Price : $ 980
Sale price : $ 784

Somavedic makes the original multi-purpose bioharmonizing devices. Use semi-precious stones to mitigate the effects of non-native EMFs (4G, 5G, Wifi,…