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HypoAir Air Angel

Original price was: $299.99.Current price is: $269.99.

Stop breathing in polluted – air filled with mold spores, chemical gases, carpet fibers, dust, dander, bacteria, and dangerous viruses.

Perfect for tight spaces or small rooms, the Mobile Air Purifier and Surface Sanitizer kills germs instantly on contact. With its compact size, it’s easy to place where you need it most — which is anywhere you need fresh, clean air — as well as in your car, office, or anywhere else.

Nick’s Take: Most air filtration systems clean by pulling particulates out of the air. From mold to pathogens, HypoAir actively neutralizes a huge variety of different irritants. It’s small, light, and portable. I take this with me traveling. It’s the antidote to low-quality/highly contaminated air. Plus, it’s far more affordable. HypoAir also makes inexpensive whole-home HVAC systems.

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