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Viome Gut & Cellular Health

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You’re only as healthy as your gut microbiome. It’s where 70%+ of your immune system resides, it produces and stores the majority of your feel-good neurotransmitters, it allows you to rapidly adapt to new environments while traveling, is responsible for absorbing the nutrients from your meals, and much more. I use Viome to decode the superfoods and kryptonite foods for my unique biochemistry. This has meant eliminating broccoli, brussels sprouts, onions, and all kinds of spices. I feel best when I ditch these “health foods”.

Their Health Intelligence plan also quantifies your biological age, mitochondrial/cellular health, stress and inflammation markers, and much more. Based on my results, I added some mitochondria boosters into my supplement stack. Viome has come a long way since I first tested it in 2017. Learn more about how I used Viome to identify my gut dysbiosis.

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