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Category: Self Tracking

BIOSENSE Ketone Meter

Price : $ 299
Sale price : $ 239.2

Your ketone levels can help you identify the "healthy" foods harming your wellbeing. Whether you're following keto or looking to…

Bristle Oral Microbiome Test

Price : $ 149
Sale price : $ 126.65

Health begins in your mouth. Every bite (even of the healthiest foods) can either nourish you or grant pathogenic microbes…


Price : $ 5.99
Sale price : $ 5.39

A complete food and nutrition tracker, Cronometer helps you understand your daily caloric and macronutrient intake. Even more important, Cronometer…

ELO.Health Nutrient Optimization

Price : $ 99

The only program designed to not just test your blood biomarkers, but help you easily optimize them. Every quarter ELO…

Hanu HRV Biofeedback Training

Price : $ 299
Sale price : $ 180

The only advanced, actionable, real-time, continuous HRV biofeedback monitor available to consumers. Using the gold-standard Polar H10 chest monitor, with…

InsideTracker Biomarker Testing

Price : $ 589.00
Sale price : $ 441.75

Blood is like the motor oil of the human body. By testing it occasionally, you can learn and prevent issues…

Lumen Metabolism Tracker

Price : $ 299

Lumen is a breathalyzer but for nutrition instead of alcohol. By analyzing the composition of your breath, it can determine…

NutriSense CGM

Price : $ 175
Sale price : $ 150

Blood glucose monitoring is one of the next frontiers of peak performance and personalized medicine. By tracking blood sugar response…

Oura Ring

Price : $ 299

The Oura is the most popular wearable amongst the health-conscious. It fits robust sensors into a device the same size…

SelfDecode Optimal Wellness

Price : $ 149
Sale price : $ 134.1

SelfDecode was born from the hugely successful platform called SelfHacked. SelfDecode analyzes your DNA based on its database of over…

Thorne Supplements & Tests

Price : $ 57.45
Sale price : $ 48.83

Thorne is among the most trusted and recommended supplement brands in the industry. They're the go-to for many doctors, researchers…


Price : $ 499
Sale price : $ 439.12

How do you know if your lifestyle is helping or hurting your biology? Preferably, without waiting 20 years to find…

Viome Gut & Cellular Health

Price : $ 229
Sale price : $ 206.1

You're only as healthy as your gut microbiome. It's where 70%+ of your immune system resides, it produces and stores…