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BiOptimizers Blood Sugar Breakthrough

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BiOptimizers Blood Sugar Breakthrough is scientifically formulated to support blood sugar control, including normalization of blood glucose & insulin responses. It contains optimal doses of clinically tested ingredients to address all biochemical pathways related to blood sugar control. Including the prized and extremely potent metabolite called dihydroberberine (DHB). DHB alone controls blood sugar better than the popular longevity drug metformin. But it also contains the patented Glycostat Bitter Melon extract, Banaba Leaf, and a blend of synergistic vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals.

A powerful tool to enjoy high-carb foods while maximizing muscle gains, and minimizing health risks. 100% natural and drug-free.

Nick’s Take: This one goes in my fanny pack and is usually within reach while on the road or dining out. Blood Sugar Breakthrough is the only (of two dozen) products I’ve tried that keeps my blood sugar steady better than movement. Stacks perfectly with chlorella to manage the two major health hazards of eating out: blood sugar spikes and toxic oxidized vegetable oils. Making indulgences truly guilt-free. Learn more about how extraordinary BiOptimizers are in my review.

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