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NuCalm is a neuroscientific, drug-free, clinically proven solution to human optimization. It uses proprietary audio paired with special wearable patches to rapidly improve performance, enhancement, and recovery. Measuring over 90% effective in <5 minutes. Great for a quick mid-day “nap” alternative, or as a stimulant-free way to shift your brain into hyper-productivity (using the focus mode).

This system is used by the US military, the FBI, 54 professional sports teams, and executives around the world. Doctor’s often recommend it to expedite the recovery from surgeries (so far, 2 million and counting). Several years ago, only medical professionals could purchase NuCalm, and it cost ~$2,500. The new business model is consumer-friendly and much more affordable.

Nick’s Take: I use NuCalm daily to deepen my meditations so that I get more out of less time. Then, Ignite mode in the afternoon to induce gamma brainwaves and instantly drop into the flow state. Check out my NuCalm System Review here.

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