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Organic High-Polyphenol Super Coffee

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Ah, coffee. Among the most controversial yet ubiquitous substances. Some swear by the health benefits, while others point to the list of drawbacks. Can both be true? Most of the health benefits come from coffee’s high polyphenol content. Some downsides stem from coffee’s cultivation. Harshness, acidity, and use of pesticides or chemicals.

What if you could crank up the health benefits by maximizing the polyphenol levels?

Paleovalley’s Organic Coffee does exactly this. On top of their low-acid, single-origin, sustainable, mycotoxin and pesticide-test organic coffee, they added:

  • Organic Coffee Fruit Extract (NeuroFactor): Naturally benefits brain health by increasing the production of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF).
  • Lion’s Mane: Brain-enhancing neurogenic mushroom
  • Cordyceps: Energy & stamina stimulating mushroom
  • Reishi: “Queen of mushrooms” provides anti-stress, sleep, and immune benefits
  • Chaga: The mushroom of immunity (and tastes like coffee), and helps normalize both cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Turkey Tail: Anti-aging and immune powerhouse
  • Shiitake: Great source of the rare antioxidant ergothioneine and immune-modulating
  • Maitake: Great source of the rare antioxidant ergothioneine and immune-modulating
  • Tremella: The skin health and beauty mushroom

It’s sourced from organic and sustainable farms in Honduras and Peru. They prioritize eco-friendly farming and roasting processes and then test for contaminants. And, of course, ensuring the highest possible levels of polyphenols.

Nick’s Take: Coffee is notoriously loaded with pesticides, toxic chemicals, mycotoxins, acrylamides, and more. With NeuroFactor and 8 adaptogenic mushrooms added (while still maintaining the coffee taste), this is the closest you’ll get to super coffee. And the price is cheaper than what I find at my local coffee roasters.

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