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Enhance your mind, transform your body, slow biological aging, and perform at your new potential. This cheat sheet contains cutting-edge tools from modern medicine and the most powerful time-proven ancestral medicine protocols.


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Amino Co EAAs

Price : $ 75
Sale price : $ 52

Amino acids are the raw materials that create life. They affect our hormones, organs, muscles, enzymes, brain chemicals, and virtually…

AquaCure AC50 Fully Setup

AquaCure Brown’s Gas Machine

Price : $ 2499
Sale price : $ 2399.95

Molecular Hydrogen is one of the most powerful body protection supplements available. Research shows that it both improves 170+ disease…

BIOSENSE Ketone Meter

Price : $ 299
Sale price : $ 239.2

Your ketone levels can help you identify the "healthy" foods harming your wellbeing. Whether you're following keto or looking to…

Price : $ 6.99
Sale price : $ 5.59

This advanced brain entrainment technology uses “functional music” to improve your focus in just 5 minutes, drop you into relaxation…


Price : $ 647
Sale price : $ 547.00

After decades of neuroscience research, Dr. Patrick Porter designed the most advanced yet easy-to-use mind optimization systems on Earth. This…

Bulk Supplements

Price : $ 13.96

A few supplements make up the cornerstone of my regimen, and I buy them in huge quantities. This includes creatine,…

C8 MCT Oil

Price : $ 35.91
Sale price : $ 25.91

C8 MCT is one of the most potent yet affordable ways to increase brain-boosting ketones. Great for energy, focus, and…

CHEK Institute Courses

Price : $ 495

The Chek Institute is a holistic integrated health system comprised of two branches: Holistic Lifestyle Coaching (HLC) and Integrated Movement…


Price : $ 66
Sale price : $ 61

Earth's most potent powdered blend of 5 potent superfoods, and 1.2 lbs of concentrated medicinal (non-hallucinogenic) mushrooms, per serving! That's…


Price : $ 5.99
Sale price : $ 5.39

A complete food and nutrition tracker, Cronometer helps you understand your daily caloric and macronutrient intake. Even more important, Cronometer…

ENERGYbits Spirulina + Chlorella

Price : $ 25
Sale price : $ 20

Spirulina and chlorella are two of the world's most powerful (and forgotten) superfoods. In fact, one single tablet contains the…

Ergothioneine Supplement

Price : $ 29.95
Sale price : $ 26.95

L-Ergothioneine is an amino acid super antioxidant under consideration for status as a new vitamin. It's widely considered superior to…

Infopathy Glowing IC Water Transfer Device Review & Discount

Infopathy Digital Drug “Infoceuticals”

Price : $ 192.50
Sale price : $ 173.25

Every herb, supplement, drug, or therapeutic healing modality changes the electromagnetism of your cells. Infopathy developers have cataloged a massive…

KAATSU Fitness Hack

Price : $ 999.95
Sale price : $ 949.95

I experienced KAATSU training for the first time in 2011, and it forever changed my approach to fitness. It is…

Katalyst EMS

Price : $ 2535
Sale price : $ 2385

Electro muscle stimulation training technology is an old Russian secret dating back to the 1960s. They used it to give…

Keto Brick Meal Replacement

Price : $ 12

A filling, tasty, and keto-optimized meal replacement solution. Each 1,000-calorie bar contains 90g of C8 MCT and clean stearic-acid-rich fats,…

KetoneAid KE4 Ketone Ester & Salt Supplements

KetoneAid Ketones

Price : $ 89.95
Sale price : $ 80.96

KetoneAid makes the planet's best exogenous ketone products. Used by Tour de France cyclists and other elite athletes, high-performing CEOs,…

Limitless 9-Me-BC

Price : $ 45
Sale price : $ 38.25

9-Me-BC or 9-Methyl-β-carboline is a novel, dopaminergic, cognitive enhancer (AKA nootropic). Shown to improve dopamine, a neurotransmitter vital to mood,…

Limitless Biotech Peptides

Out of all substances on Earth, therapeutic peptides have among the top power-to-safety ratios. Whether you're looking to boost testosterone…

Limitless Bromantane

Price : $ 35
Sale price : $ 29.75

Bromantane (Ladasten) is a “actoprotector”. This is a newly-defined category of man-made adaptogens. Actoprotectants improve stress resilience without raising oxygen consumption or heat. These…

Limitless Tesofensine

Price : $ 220
Sale price : $ 187

Tesofensine (TE) is one of the most interesting and powerful fat-loss aids on the market. But it's much more than…

Methylene Blue

Price : $ 15.99
Sale price : $ 13.60

The world's most potent mitochondria-restorative substance that's also lauded for its cognitive enhancement, memory improvements, cardioprotective, antioxidant, stress/trauma reduction, mood-boosting,…

Natural Stacks Brain Supplements

Natural Stacks Brain Performance Supplements

Price : $ 143.97
Sale price : $ 122.37

Natural Stacks is one of the trusted companies formulating advanced brain-boosting products to increase energy, focus, motivation, sleep quality, motivation,…

Nootopia World Domination

Price : $ 297
Sale price : $ 267.3

I'm a huge fan of optimizing the mind. The right supplements can upgrade and improve your brainpower and baseline performance.…

Nootropics Depot

Price : $ 24.97

One of the top supplement & nootropics megastores. You'll find safe high-quality products at solid prices. This is one of…

NutriSense CGM

Price : $ 175
Sale price : $ 150

Blood glucose monitoring is one of the next frontiers of peak performance and personalized medicine. By tracking blood sugar response…

Ojai Energetics Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir

Price : $ 74.95

Ojai Energetics Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir supports the body's Endocannabinoid System (the master regulating system). Rebalancing any systems that are…

Organic High-Polyphenol Super Coffee

Price : $ 19.99
Sale price : $ 13.99

Ah, coffee. Among the most controversial yet ubiquitous substances. Some swear by the health benefits, while others point to the…

Paleovalley Electrolytes

Price : $ 59.99
Sale price : $ 53.99

The most popular and useful sports performance aid is hydration. In fact, many athletes rely on hydration products to keep…

Peptide Bioregulators

Price : $ 49.99
Sale price : $ 42.5

Bioregulators are short strings of amino acids that directly regulate myriad bodily systems. Each bioregulator targets a specific organ and/or…


Price : $ 69.50
Sale price : $ 59.07

The oldest, most established, clinically-proven name in nootropics. This team takes a thorough systems-based approach to supplementation. By providing the…

Radical Roots TCM Formulas

Price : $ 102
Sale price : $ 86.7

Radical Roots combines the powerful remedies of ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine with the best of modern supplementation. Flow State is…

Raw Power Superfoods

Price : $ 32.95

Raw Power is my go-to shop for competitive pricing on the highest-quality superfoods and optimal health products. I take a…

RnA ReSet Ionic Minerals

Price : $ 29.99
Sale price : $ 27

Most mineral supplements don't work because they're degraded by digestion, absorption, and assimilation. RnA ReSet offers a wide assortment of…

SelfDecode Optimal Wellness

Price : $ 149
Sale price : $ 134.1

SelfDecode was born from the hugely successful platform called SelfHacked. SelfDecode analyzes your DNA based on its database of over… Ultimate Brain Trainer

Price : $ 1500
Sale price : $ 1425 is your state-of-the-art brain training device. Elevating your cognitive performance, mental health, emotional regulation, and various other aspects of…


Price : $ 1799.99
Sale price : $ 1619.99

Ozone therapy is sometimes called nature's disinfectant, but it's so much more. Ozone restores the body as well as enhances…

Stress Guardian

Price : $ 60
Sale price : $ 54

Crafted by some of the world's leading herbalists handpicked from multiple specialties, BiOptimizers Stress Guardian is an adaptogenic blend designed…

Thesis Nootropics

Price : $ 79
Sale price : $ 67.15

Take the guesswork out of brain-enhancing nootropics with customized nootropic formulas. Answer a short quiz, and their algorithm designs a…


Price : $ 68.74
Sale price : $ 61.87

Kava (not "kava kava") has been a prized drink in the South Pacific islands for millennia. There, kava bars outnumber…

Update Paraxanthine

Price : $ 28.73
Sale price : $ 25.85

Have you heard of paraxanthine? This novel (but safe) ingredient is being dubbed the ultimate caffeine upgrade. Inside the body,…

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