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Radical Roots TCM Formulas

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Radical Roots combines the powerful remedies of ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine with the best of modern supplementation. Flow State is their most popular herbal blend. Useful to help enter the “flow state” faster, to support mental well-being, and has been studied for its neuroprotective properties.

  •     Helps restore feelings of calm in the mind
  •     Promotes restful sleep and decreases fatigue
  •     Supports women’s health
  •     Anxiolytic and neuroprotectant properties

Nick’s Take: I am a huge fan of adaptogens and herbal formulas due to their time-tested effects and outstanding safety profile. Herbals are often bioaccumulation and soak up contaminants like pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, etc. The source really matters. Chloe is doing everything right and offers a wide variety of bioharmonous formulas.

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