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AquaCure Brown’s Gas Machine (Upgraded Molecular Hydrogen)

Original price was: $2,499.00.Current price is: $2,399.95.

Molecular Hydrogen is one of the most powerful body protection supplements available. Research shows that it both improves 170+ disease models as well as benefits performance in healthy users. Brown’s Gas takes that a step further, including all those benefits plus a potent combination of oxygen, hydrogen, and electrically charged (free electrons) water. With the click of a button, my AquaCure AC50 generates hydrogen-rich water as well as Brown’s Gas that I inhale while I work. Just 12 seconds of inhalation is equivalent to about 1L of normal hydrogen water.

Nick’s Take: As thoroughly explained in my AquaCure Brown’s Gas system review, I use mine daily. Within 15 minutes, my appetite reduces, and I feel calmly energetic. Fueling long work sessions and great workouts as well as accelerating my recovery from intense sports.

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