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AquaCure AC50 Review: World’s #1 Brown’s Gas Machine

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AquaCure AC50 Review Best Browns Gas Machine
AquaCure AC50 Review Best Browns Gas Machine

Less than 1 in 10,000 people has heard of Brown’s Gas. Yet it’s one of the most potent regenerative compounds on Earth.

George Wiseman, one of the world’s foremost experts on Brown’s Gas, has personally experienced astounding health benefits at age 60+, some of which are:

  • Heart, eyes, & skin healed (organs that were struggling). “I had a heart murmur, wore glasses for 50 years, and in more recent years I’d lost the feeling in the palm of my left hand and on both shins (neuropathies). Now my heart murmur is gone, I don’t wear glasses anymore and I have full feeling back in my hand and legs.”
  • Warts disappeared (caused by viruses). His immune system strengthened enough to rid warts on his hands and feet that he’d had for 50 years.
  • Decades-old scars disappeared (which formed patches instead of healing) indicating reactivation of his body’s stem cells.

His research also suggests that it can extend healthy lifespan by an impressive 30-50 percent.

These among an impressive list of other world-changing applications.

I discovered Brown’s Gas in 2021, and the more I research, the more indispensable it becomes in my routine.

Potentially available to any home, anywhere in the world, fueled by simply water and electricity.

I meticulously researched and compared all the Brown’s Gas (BG) machines on the market before I settled on AquaCure. In this post, I’ll explain the basic science of Brown’s Gas, its health and performance benefits, and thoroughly review the best Brown’s Gas machine on Earth… the Eagle-Research AquaCure AC50.

Fixing The Ultimate Worldwide Nutrient Deficiency

Reversing healthdestroying hydrogen deficiency with Brown's Gas

Most of the health and wellness community has focused on oxygen, macronutrients, and in rare cases, micronutrients.

But over 62 percent of the body is made up of the element hydrogen. Virtually every one of the body’s biochemical processes relies on hydrogen.

Brown's Gas is the most important unrealized macronutrient. Click To Tweet

Ancient humans got all our necessary hydrogen from food. We’d eat something, and bacteria in the colon would split the hydrogen from the food. This process worked great until we began destroying our internal biome with antibiotics, chemicals, and toxins. Killing these bacteria meant a deficiency in hydrogen.

Science is proving that virtually all ailments are caused by or exacerbated by…Lack of Hydrogen! People are ‘de-hydrated’ in the most basic sense of the word.”

George Wiseman

Almost like silent starvation. When the body doesn’t get enough hydrogen, it must prioritize how to optimally allocate insufficient hydrogen amongst the many systems. Any system that is less imperative to your immediate survival is shut down.

Regenerative capacities diminish, health declines, and eventually, organs go offline. Resulting in suboptimal performance, and then scarring, accelerated aging, sickness, and disease. Eventually leading to death.

What is Brown’s Gas?

Though very few people have heard of it, knowledge of Brown’s Gas dates back to the early 20th century. A rocket scientist named William Rhodes first patented it in the early 1960s.

Brown’s Gas started catching on in the 1970s when Yull Brown received his own patent, drawing worldwide attention.

George Wiseman, the inventor of Eagle Research and the AquaCure systems, began his own research in 1986. He’s appeared on YouTube videos and many podcasts, and I credit him with today’s third resurgence of the subject.

So what is this mysterious gas?

Brown’s Gas is a combination of Hydrogen, Oxygen, H2, O2, H2O (as water vapor), and energized water (called Electrically Expanded Water or ExW). It’s generated from a special machine called an electrolyzer that breaks down water into its elemental constituents. Traditional electrolyzers use a membrane to separate the resulting gases. Brown’s Gas electrolyzers do NOT.

You’ll encounter this gas in scientific and publicly available literature under several other names:

  • Aquygen
  • BG
  • HydrOxy
  • HHO
  • Cold plasma
  • OxyHydrogen (while technically this may contain only 2 of the six gases)

How Brown’s Gas works

AquaCure: The Health & Performance Science of Brown's Gas | George Wiseman

Researchers are still uncovering explanations behind the profound health benefits of Brown’s Gas (BG).

Some of HydrOxy’s currently recognized mechanisms of action include:

  1. Electrically Expanded Water (ExW). Our bodies run on electricity, and ExW gives us our body a jump start of real, bioavailable energy. ExW is water that has absorbed enough extra electrons to form a negatively charged cold plasma.  These bioavailable electrons directly power each of our cells. The body doesn’t need to rely on itself to generate or convert any energy. ExW provides the raw energy to accelerate healing and stop oxidative cascade.
  2. Hydrogen. Thousands of studies have shown that absorbing more hydrogen improves over 170 different ailments and physical performance among the healthy. Hydrogen selectively reduces free radicals and nourishes the body.
  3. Oxygen. One of the well-known keys to sustaining life. Like hydrogen, every chemical process in the body requires oxygen. Oxygen can also kill some anaerobic pathogens in water, as well as aid clotting. Reports suggest that inhaling BG can help raise low blood oxygen levels by increasing the blood’s ability to carry oxygen.
  4. Water. Some water (with a positive ORP) can be ‘dehydrating’. Water infused with Brown’s Gas has special properties and is among the healthiest on the planet. For one, it has a higher pH, which makes it alkalizing.  It also decreases ORP to significant negative values, indicating excess bio-available electrons. BG water also hydrates better even when drinking less water. BG can also form the novel “New Water” which is rumored to better imprint information and transmute substances.

Together, these work to hydrate your body on the deepest level.

The results and benefits of BG benefit from the entourage effect — together the combination far exceeds any of the individual components. Including molecular hydrogen, one of the hottest anti-aging and performance supplements on the market.

Brown’s Gas is better than Molecular Hydrogen

When I first heard molecular hydrogen researcher Tyler LeBaron break down the research backing molecular hydrogen (H2) in 2016, I didn’t believe what I heard. Too good to be true. So I investigated scores of studies listed on his Molecular Hydrogen Institute website. One by one, each PubMed study verified his claims.

From conversations with other biohackers, I discovered to be a gaping hole in my peak performance supplement stack. I began understanding why H2 has become 2021’s darling of the supplement industry.

Yet these folks haven’t heard of BG. Here’s why Brown’s Gas is better than molecular hydrogen tablets:

  1. Cheaper over the long term. A bottle of 60 tablets can cost $50. Following the optimal protocol of morning and evening dosing, that’s $50 per month. Machines are a (big) one-time expense with virtually zero ongoing cost. Capitalize on their lifetime warranty, and the AquaCure will break even with the tablets after ~36 months.
  2. 100X more potent. The fasted and best way to saturate the body is via inhaling the gas. As George says, you absorb more H2 in 12 seconds of inhalation than drinking an entire quart of 1.6 PPM hydrogen-enriched water.
  3. Contains Electrically Expanded Water (ExW). As mentioned above, ExW provides the body energy in its raw form. This helps shut down bodily systems come back online.
  4. Magnesium. Some companies use an inferior technique which leads to toxic magnesium oxide in the tablet. Another rare but potential concern is over-consuming magnesium (called hypermagnesemia).  Further, the magnesium in many tables might not be bio-available, causing the body to need to deal with a substance it can’t use.

These days, I only use molecular hydrogen tablets while traveling.

Next, let’s explore the health and performance benefits of BG.

Brown’s Gas Health & Performance Benefits

hydrogen health benefits

BG may seem new to us, but it has a rich history of use in other countries. Much of the research has taken place outside of the USA.

In fact, travel around Asia and you could walk off the street into popular Hydrogen/Brown’s Gas bars.

In my precursory studies, I’ve discovered the following Brown’s Gas health and performance benefits:

  1. Alkalinity (pH) of water increases from 7 to 8+
  2. Healthspan increases between 30% to 50%
  3. Energy from stimulant-free, bioavailable free electrons (ExW)
  4. Mental alertness boost
  5. Deep, cellular hydration
  6. Wounds heal faster (1,2)
  7. Blood glucose decreases (1)
  8. Blood pressure regulation improves
  9. Mitochondrial function enhanced (1)
  10. Cellular aging slows (1)
  11. Protects genes (DNA and RNA) (1)
  12. Eliminates scars, warts, psoriasis
  13. Neuroprotective and cardioprotective (1)
  14. Mitigates damage from TBI (1)
  15. Anti-inflammatory (1,2)
  16. Protects against radiation injury (1)
  17. Attenuates cellular damage from drugs, chemicals, and toxicants (1)
  18. Mitigates allergies & respiratory ailments
  19. Inhibits pathogenesis via anti-microbial oxygen
  20. Workout recovery accelerates
  21. Pain, headache, and neuropathy relief
  22. Muscle relaxer
  23. Eyesight and hair growth improve
  24. Neutralizes free radicals selectively (keeps the good ones) (1)
  25. Immune system strengthens and can help fight existing conditions
  26. Cytokine storm stops by providing the necessary free electrons
  27. Oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells improves
  28. Libido increases
  29. Exercise mimetic properties
  30. Homeopathically programs water
  31. Hormetic benefits of exercise increase, rather than blunting like other antioxidants
  32. Vitalizes water with special “life energy

These benefits are known outside Asia too.

The Russians have studied these gasses extensively for their space program. Other investigations have determined it warrants inclusion in emergency and critical care medicine.

Providing this trifecta of gases together over time will help restore, regenerate, and revitalize the body back to its peak state.

George has written extensively on the science of Brown’s Gas, so I suggest you pick up any of his books to go deeper, or watch this old YouTube playlist:

Playlist: Brown's Gas Health Benefits (AKA HHO/OxyHydrogen/HydrOxy/Upgraded Molecular Hydrogen)

Eagle Research AquaCure AC50 Brown’s Gas Machine Review

Most hydrogen machines work, but only decently.

Eagle Research makes the most practical Brown’s Gas machines money can buy.

Inventor George Wiseman has steeped himself in research, development, and testing since 1986. From the feedback of thousands of customers, the latest iteration of the machine has dramatically improved.

When I surveyed the market, I chose AquaCure for several reasons:

  1. Quality. Many manufacturers cut corners using cheap parts from overseas which breakdown, off-gas, or suffer from poor quality control. I couldn’t find any other devices with a Lifetime Warranty and one year no questions asked money back guarantee.
  2. Ease of use. I’m no chemist, physicist, or engineer. I wanted a machine that I could learn quickly and simply teach friends, family, and guests to use.
  3. Value. Some electrolyzers are far cheaper. But they notoriously break down, don’t perform as expected, or lack important information. If it lasts a lifetime, I want to get something top-of-the-line, preferably which doesn’t cost an arm and leg. Other BG machines I checked out were larger, less effective, and cost considerably more.
  4. Safety. Hydrogen gas is explosive. I don’t understand the physics well enough to trust myself to stay safe. Plus, some other units expose you to ingesting raw materials (lye) which can cause pneumonia. Basically, BG has plenty of potential for danger so I wanted a machine that handles all the complications for me.
  5. Use cases. Cheaper units just generate BG-infused water. The more advanced ones also generate BG gas for inhalation. The AquaCure will support 6 different protocols, though the last 2 are still unreleased.  The AquaCure is already designed to support the next 2 protocols once George releases the information (nothing exists like it in the world).
Buy Your Own AquaCure

Use AquaCure code URBAN to save 5%

AquaCure comes with all the accouterments. It checks all the boxes. When I found it and talked to George, I knew that this would be my next obsession.

I was right.

Unboxing the AC50

I received a large brown box via DHL just several days after confirming the order. I excitedly tore open the packaging, wondering how long it’d be until I was enjoying my first BG.

Inside I found two boxes. A large one that contained the main unit, and a smaller box for the accessories.

While considerably simpler than many others, the setup experience took some diligence on my part. I studied the written instruction manual and watched the YouTube guide (which proved incredibly useful).

AquaCure AC50 SetUp and Operation

Setting it up

AquaCure AC50 Brown's Gas Device Review: Unboxing Parts & Setup

Assembly and setup itself weren’t too difficult, and the AC50 comes with all the parts and materials you need.

The AquaCure setup process consists of three parts:

  • Mixing the electrolyzer solution
  • Attaching the parts
  • Connecting everything with hoses

The first step is the scariest. Lye has a very high pH and is corrosive. But Eagle Research sends protective equipment, detailed instructions, and tips. In this step, you combine distilled water (only use distilled) and lye to make the solution that powers the machine. In a glass container, measure the recommended amount of lye (80 grams) and vigorously mix it with water. It’ll get hot.

Then do the HOT tap water rinses of the AquaCure, to prepare it for the lye solution.  Drain out the tap water.

After 45 minutes, the lye is cool enough to pour into the AquaCure.

Next, I screwed on the Tower Cap and attached the Humidifier.

Determining which hose went where took some careful studying of the manual, the YouTube videos, and an educated guess.

About 1.5 hours later (50 minutes of that was waiting), I took my first BG inhalation.

How to use (all six BG protocols)

AquaCure AC50 Review: Brown's Gas HyrdOxy Health Protocols

Many products can only perform one protocol. Either BG water. Or BG for inhalation. A few support two.

AquaCure is the only Brown’s Gas device that gives you access to six different application protocols. The AC50 protocols include:

  1. Water
  2. Inhale
  3. Topical gas
  4. Topical water
  5. New Water
  6. DDW Water

With the first two (water and breathing the gas), the body prioritizes which systems need healing most. Using options three and four (topical applications), you decide. George has yet to release the full details around the New Water and DDW protocols.

I’ve personally only used protocols one, two, and four. My favorite is inhaling the gas while I work. I also drink the water in the morning and evening.

When breathing, it’s important to use the device’s up and down arrows to adjust the concentration according to your bodyweight (using the provided chart). The AC50 comes preset at 42%. Since I weigh 205 pounds, the chart recommends I increase it to 43%. Note that for safety purposes, you should NEVER inhale 100% pure hydrogen as it is explosive.

Here’s the process that I use when inhaling or infusing water:

  • Flip on the master power switch
  • Choose a session time (generally 30 minutes)
  • Set the hydrogen concentration
  • Start

How long you go depends on the protocol, hydrogen concentration, and desired effects, as described below.

How long to use Brown’s Gas

I try to breathe the gas whenever possible.

According to George, your blood saturates with hydrogen after about 15 minutes of inhalation. Then, the hydrogen starts exerting systemic benefits wherever needed throughout the body. Therefore, longer sessions do the most good.

I always shoot for at least 20 minutes but prefer 30-60 minute sessions.

One liter of water saturates with hydrogen after about 10 minutes. If you’re just generating water, it’s safe to set the concentration to 100%. I don’t so that I’m safe should I forget to reset it to my ideal 43% for my next inhalation session. So it takes about 23 minutes to fully “charge”. Note that MOST of the “charge” gets put into the water in the first few minutes, then the charging rate tapers off as it approaches saturation.

In any case, the water will be mostly infused in 10-20 minutes.

While waiting for the BG to infuse into the water, you might as well inhale the gas.  The AquaCure system is currently unique with this feature/functionality, where you can BOTH inhale AND create your drinking water at the same time.

Micro-Torch Kit for New Water & Deuterium Depleted Water

AquaCure AC50 Mini Torch Kit Produces "New Water" and Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW/Lite Water)

The AquaCure comes with a peculiar and mysterious little device called the Mini-Torch Kit. It allows you to safely burn BG. Supposedly, it’s among the most under-appreciated technologies in America.

New Water will be the latest (not yet fully released) upcoming breakthrough in health optimization modalities.

I’m eagerly awaiting details here. If New Water has the potential George has indicated, this will revolutionize water science (and possibly also get the AquaCure banned 😔)… This is WHY George is waiting until there are many thousands of AquaCure in use, worldwide, before releasing this information.

When a Brown’s Gas flame hits water and later condenses, it forms New Water. Preliminary research by Joseph Bender and Norman Wootan suggests that this water has unique properties that allow “programming” and “transmutation”.

George describes it as “water that’s had its memory erased; which allows you to program it with anything you want”. Accomplishing something similar to the Infopathy device I use.

We may be able to program the water to replicate any material or compound. Making fuel, medicines, elements, etc — all without side effects.

The AquaCure, with an upcoming attachment, is also rumored capable of inexpensively producing Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW), one of the latest—but incredibly expensive—health trends.

I’ve heard that we’ll get more details around New Water and DDW in early 2022.

The effects that I feel

I didn’t know what to expect from my first session.

Like most new-age health gadgets, I didn’t expect to feel much.

I’ve only been using my AC50 for about two months, so I cannot yet add to the litany of long-term incredible transformations scattered throughout the internet.

Some of the effects I notice after inhaling BG and drinking the water include:

  • Energy. Unlike coffee or stimulant-fueled energy, I feel a smooth, steady, and unrelenting energy that lasts without a comedown or jitters.
  • Appetite reduction. I can easily intermittent fast throughout the morning and early evening without distraction by hunger.
  • Mental clarity. After a night of poor sleep or a high-glycemic meal, inhaling Brown’s Gas cuts through my brain fog.
  • Immunity. I haven’t gotten sick since starting. Also, one of three small planter’s warts has disappeared from my foot.
  • Wounds heal quicker. I’ve had several cuts recently. These generally fully heal within about a week, but after applying BG water (along with inhalation), I see the better result in 3-4 days.
  • Recover faster from workouts. I get less sore from workouts, and my biometrics like HRV bounce back faster.
  • Scar discoloration lessens. Deep scars from rugby have slightly lightened in color, indicating that I’m quenching my hydrogen deficiency.

I look forward to discovering other benefits as I continue using Brown’s Gas daily.

Cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep

Electrolyzers take water and split it into its components.

As you’d expect, this process consumes water. After dozens of hours of use, an LED indicated that I should top it off with more water. I turned on the machine and injected about two syringes (provided) worth of distilled water into the Tower Cap.

Several minutes later, the water level indicator showed that I had filled it perfectly. The whole process took maybe 30-seconds.

I learned the hard way not to overfill. If you do, an alarm warns you to remove some liquid (George provides instructions on his website).

Keep it within the optimal level to maximize effectiveness and minimize maintenance.

After 200 hours of use, you’ll do a maintenance rinse. For many users, this translates into once or twice per year.

The only AC50 upkeep is:

  • Rinsing several times per year
  • Fast, simple, and occasional refill with distilled water

Between the FAQs and Resources section of the Eagle Research website, I found answers to all my questions.

The price

I won’t lie…

The AquaCure AC50 machine is definitely an investment. Despite containing state-of-the-art technology in a low-cost package, $2,500 is a significant decision.

The power, safety, and ease make this a rare and highly coveted technology.

George’s team hand-makes each unit and backs each with a lifetime warranty. That’s right, have an issue in 10 years and he’ll make it right. He’s been in business since 1984 and has always taken good care of his customers.

There’s virtually no limit to how much you can use your AquaCure. Share it with friends and family, help neighbors, use it as often as you like.

Once you try it, you’ll understand how he’s able to offer the only ONE YEAR no-questions-asked money-back guarantee I’ve seen.

If it lets you replace your coffee habit with unwavering energy, mental clarity, deep hydration, and appetite reduction, the machine would pay for itself in less than two years.

Factor in the reduction of pills you’ll no longer need and see how much faster it pays off. 

Further, NOT getting sick increases productivity and joy of life; how do you put a value on that?

Recognizing that the brand-new AquaCure is out of many budgets, Eagle-Research offers several different models. Prices range between $368 and $2,375.

They also suggest a 6-month financing plan through PayPal to lessen the financial hit.

I’ve listed and compared each below.

Eagle-Research Product Comparison

Eagle Research’s flagship is their AquaCure AC50 Brown’s Gas machine. But they offer other models, refurbished/used, assemble-it-yourself kits, or even the written blueprint to build your own.

Each of the models and kits comes with access privileges to the Eagle Research resources (I found them surprisingly useful when I overfilled my unit with water and didn’t know what to do).

Here’s how each of the models stacks up against the AC50.

AquaCure AC50 vs the original ER50

While both are Brown’s Gas machines with the same underlying electrolysis technology, the two models are very different.

The AC50 is a user-friendly and more powerful desktop unit that can perform all six BG protocols (very important). It gives you the most benefit from your sessions. All AC50 models come pre-built and just require minor assembly. The AC50 is safer, more effective, and looks more elegant. Unfortunately, this comes at a price between ~$1,800 (for the refurbished option) to ~$2,375 (new, after using the discount code URBAN).

The ER50 is less expensive but was originally designed only to generate BG-infused water. It can be modified for inhalation.

You cannot generate “New Water”. It also isn’t as user-friendly, nor safe, nor as convenient.

Having used the AC50, I realize that I would’ve been disappointed with the ER50, since the other protocols have quickly become essential staples for me.

You can buy it unassembled (called the “ER50 Flat Plate Kit”) for $368 or fully assembled for $988.

You’ll have to purchase upgrades and accessories that come standard with the AC50:

  • Electrical Efficiency Upgrade
  • WaterTorch Upgrade
  • Float Switch Upgrade

George says “no one should buy an ER50 kit unless they have DIY skills, tools, workspace, and time.” You can watch this instructional video to see if you have the technical chops.

All that said, it’s still significantly more efficient and cost-effective compared to traditional electrolyzers.

White-labeled AquaCure

This is a technology that the world has yet to grasp the magnitude of (I’ve included some of the non-health use cases below).

A wise inventer knows the risks inherent in disrupting convention, and in a similar vein, the importance of redundancy.

So Eagle Research offers comprehensive plans to build your own effective electrolyzer (like the AC50).

By purchasing his Brown’s Gas Volume 2 book, or enrolling in his in-person training, you can learn to build them for yourself, your family, and your friends. Or even start a business selling AquaCures.

For the engineers, this seems like an easy choice. Having used and now reviewed Eagle Research’s AquaCure, I’m considering investigating this myself.

While a strong health optimization tool, some of the other potential uses for BG are quite compelling.

Other uses for Brown’s Gas

George lists dozens of uses throughout the Eagle-Research website.

A few particularly caught my eye:

  • Sanitizing water via oxygenation (killing pathogens)
  • Neutralizes radioactive waste in seconds
  • Safely vaporize toxins in enclosed chambers
  • Extend the fuel economy of cars
  • Scuba dive longer and safer, without worrying about the bends
  • Grow bigger, more nutritious, and better plants
  • Speed up recovery for pets
  • Creates semi-precious materials when used to cook rocks
  • Heating rooms more efficiently
  • Weatherproofing surfaces

You can find the complete list here.

The implications of these uses are endless.

AquaCure Review: Pros and Cons

No device is perfect. Through extensive testing of my AquaCure, I’ve come to some conclusions about what I love about the device, and what I would like to see improved.


Most protocols of any BG machine

Backed by 36+ years of research



Easy to assembly

Lifetime Warranty and ONE YEAR money-back guarantee

Only device to generate “New Water”

Abundance of articles, instructions, and video resources


Expensive (price is coming down)

Less portable than some devices

Learning curve takes a few hours to master

No ability to quantifiably test BG gas quality

Overall, I’m impressed by this device which will last the rest of my life.

Happy to help you

Pioneering new technologies can feel daunting. You’re not alone, I’m by no means an expert.

My initial results and initial research has convinced me that this is something worth spreading far and wide.

If you’d like to see my setup, ask questions about my experience with Eagle Research, or ask me personal questions about my use, I’m always game.

You can either leave a comment below or message me directly via the Contact Form. I personally respond to every message.

AquaCure Brown’s Gas Machine Questions & Answers

What kind of liquids can I use in the AC50

Pure (distilled) water is best and the recommended liquid to use in the machine. In the final container (the one you drink and only that one), you can use any cold, non-carbonated liquid. I use a water vortexing device to structure my water first, and then infuse it with BG.

How long does the Brown’s Gas water last?

The half-life of Brown’s Gas is about 24 hours. That means that after one full day in a sealed container, at room temperature, about half of the Brown’s Gas will remain. If you shake or agitate the water, it’ll dissipate faster.  Keeping the water cool, extends its life.

Can I use Brown’s Gas water to make coffee, tea, etc.?

When you heat water, it drives out all gasses, which is why you use boiling hot water to make clear ice cubes. 

How much does the AquaCure cost?

Pricing increased in May 2023, and the Eagle Research AquaCure AC50 brand new costs ~$2,375 after applying the code URBAN. New AC50s are backed by a lifetime warranty and a full ONE-YEAR no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. You can pick up a refurbished unit or different model (though not as effective, convenient, or safe) for cheaper.

Is the AquaCure Brown’s Gas machine safe?

The AC50 features industry-leading safety mechanisms to protect both your health and also the life of the machine. Safety, power, and numerous use cases are some of the primary reasons users (including me) choose the AC50. The lye powder is not dangerous to human health (and is present in many foods and soaps).

Which is better, ozone or Brown’s Gas?

Ozone and BG are opposites. If used together, they literally cancel each other.  Hydrogen will combine with oxygen to form water. BG is a mild enhancer, while ozone is a hormetic stressor. Both serve purposes, but Brown’s Gas is the more restorative and regenerative of the therapies.

AquaCure AC50 Review: The Molecular Hydrogen Upgrade

AquaCure AC50: The Best Brown's Gas Generator on Earth

Molecular hydrogen users range from the chronically ill to Olympic athletes, and everyone in between. It’s one of the rare supplements that research suggests help virtually all humans.

But there’s something even better.

Brown’s Gas produces a trifecta of potent health-boosting compounds:

  • Molecular hydrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Electrically expanded water (ExW)

This combination stimulates the built-in rejuvenating and regenerative systems of all l water-based living systems (plants, fish, mammals… including humans).

When you quench a hydrogen deficiency, seemingly magical things can result. The extra oxygen and ExW increase therapeutical value by providing cells with instant energy. The body and brain begin working at a higher level:

  • Wounds heal quickly
  • Scars fade away
  • The immune system comes back online and fights off chronic infections
  • Vision improves
  • Appetite decreases
  • Physical and mental energy increases and stabilizes for the entire day

But hydrogen gas is explosive and dangerous when not handled appropriately. And you need the trifecta of H2, O2, and ExW for best results.

No other machine available offers 6 different Brown’s Gas protocols. The AC50 is unparalleled in its features, safety, simplicity, build quality, and guarantees.

By purchasing from Eagle Research, you’re directly supporting the future of this relatively unknown yet health-transforming gas.

If it’s out of your budget, you can get a refurbished unit. If that ~$1,800 is still too expensive, the ER50 will generate Brown’s Gas-infused water on a budget.

Get your own gold-standard Brown’s Gas generator here:

Buy Your Own AquaCure

Use AquaCure code URBAN to save 5%

So far my experience with Eagle-Research has been overwhelmingly positive. George is a good man and has helped me out.

I’ve enjoyed my system so much that I finally got a second system in April 2023.

If you’ve tried their products, I’d love to hear your experience in the comments below! Or, if you’re on the fence, shoot me an email via my Contact Form and I’m happy to walk you through my setup or answer any questions that I can answer.

AquaCure AC50
AquaCure AC50 Review Best Browns Gas Machine

Molecular hydrogen shows incredible benefits for the elite performers as well as those dealing with chronic conditions. Brown's Gas generators are even better, and also provide beneficial free electrons and other bioactive constituents. Eagle-Reseach's AquaCure AC50 is the safest, most versatile and powerful, and best value of all the machines I've discovered.

Product Brand: Eagle-Research

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    • Hey Dennis!

      Yes he is 🙂

      I’ve been waiting for it for a very long time. About two years, so I’d imagine it is coming quite soon!

  2. Hi Nick,

    It says on this page: that the AC50 is currently on sale for $2,124.15. When I click on the link to buy, it says it’s $2,499.00. Is this no longer on sale?


    • Hey Kevin,

      Eagle Research recently increased their prices across the board. It’s now $2,499 before using my 5% off code. Sorry about that!

  3. Hi Nick
    Another fantastic, thorough review on the AquaCure AC50
    I must admit as a side note first, I was totally ignorant about distilled water benefits;
    Had in my head all the incorrect ‘myths’, like it ‘leaches’ minerals when drank, etc….
    You mentioned using a vortex device; is that to the distilled water 1st & have you reviewed this device ?
    If not, would you, or at least mention the one you like please ?
    How much water do you use daily, between drinking & breathing HHO ?
    To use for pets water, being that the half life is ~24 hrs as you mentioned;
    I guess being out in a bowl, it should be replaced once or twice a day to remain decently effective ?
    I starting digging into distillers & a few USA made models like Durastill seem fantastic, being all stainless & heavy duty, although kind of overkill & can be almost the price of the AC50…..
    Have you looked into these ?
    Look like they’ll last forever…..
    Thanks Nick
    Would’ve never found George w/o you !

    • Hi David,

      I think it’s an interesting idea. Modern humans are quite mineral deficient, so as long as you’re getting them in somehow!

      I have several different water “upgrading” devices. You can find the one I’ve been playing around with most in my Analemma Water Device Review. I also have one by Natural Action Technologies (I think that’s their name), and I got a Mayu Swirl a while back. You might find this podcast I did with Isabel Friend on all things water fascinating.

      Hmm, I drink at least a gallon of water daily. Mostly because I sweat a TON (Austin Texas is quite hot in the summer and I also sauna), and I use supplements like creatine that require additional water intake. I make sure to remineralize though.

      That’s what I would do for pets!

      Water is an entire rabbit hole to go down. So many brands use plastic and cut corners one way or another. I’ve come across Durastill, but you’re right, quite pricey.


  4. Nick, one of your “cons” was that the ac50 was less portable .
    Can it travel? Fir example if one is on a road trip or vacationing out of town fir a month. Can you take your machine??
    We have ordered one for my spouse who has idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis .
    We need to leave the heat for a month or two .
    Thank you . Will look forward to hearing your comments .

    • Hey Marcy! Great question. It can definitely travel by car. I wouldn’t try to fly with it though. You might be able to, but I could foresee an interrogation by the TSA wondering what on Earth you’re traveling with!

      Anyway… I hope it’s helpful for you.

  5. Hello, I am looking to purchase this device in EU. Osmio water has a store in UK and their device looks very similar.

    Does anyone know what is their affiliation to George’s company?

    Does anyone know of applicable discount codes?

    Thanks, Marko

    • Hey Marko,

      Great question. I asked George and Osmio. Haven’t heard back. The devices are the same. I saw an Osmio part with an AquaCure label. Not sure about their affiliation. I don’t have any codes for them yet, unfortunately.

  6. Good info. Thank you. I learned about this device from Dr. Tom Cowan, who I’ve followed for many years. I wanted to learn more and found your site… I appreciate the time you took to detail BG and your experience. I’m saving up for a machine!

    • Hi, thank you! I actually also heard his podcast with George a few days ago too. If you want to learn more from George himself, check out the two interviews I recorded with him:

      They are great machines 🙂

  7. Brown’s Gas, as a healing therapy, pairs well with the Reams’ Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI). Functional nutritionists use RBTI to measure energy inputs/outputs based on a urine/saliva test. The test measures activity of the liver (a pH test of saliva) and efficiency of digestion (urine pH, all sugars, salts, debris and nitrogen/ammonia-nitrate). Per RBTI, the body needs three macronutrients (water, oxygen, calciums). The pHs of urine/saliva should match (6.4 for both) for optimum energy. When people have more alkaline urine than saliva (as in a 7/6 pH), they are digesting too slowly (constipated, holding on to toxins) I use BG and calcium to effect energy, measured via RBTI (and nitric oxide strips). I post about Brown’s Gas, RBTI, calciums, cell salts ( The “bibles” of RBTI are back in print, available from Jean Kight (widow of Dr ‘Sande’ Beddoe, a dentist who worked with Reams for ten years).

    • Hey Heather,

      Thanks for this! Sounds interesting. I will have to check out your Telegram group and dig into those books to learn more.


  8. Hi Nick

    The exact words state “which formed patches instead of healing”.

    Do you have a link so that I can contact George myself as I would like to claryify this with George.

    • Hi Sam, yes I know those were the exact words. I’ll create an email thread with us three now. Curious what he has to say.


        • Hey Sam,

          This is what George had to say:

          A scar is a patch that the body applies so that you don’t ‘bleed out’. Scars are not ‘healing an injury, it’s just a way to allow the organ to (kinda) continue functioning.

          HEALING (like for skin) requires many kinds of cells, like skin and nerve cells, that AREN’T formed with the patch (scar).

          HEALING requires stem cells that are reactivated when you have enough hydrogen (are no longer deficient in that nutrient). and your scars disappear as the body replaces the patches with actual functional tissue.

  9. Hi

    Does anyone monitor this website bc I posted a few weeks back without a reply.I would like to know what they mean when they say “which are patches instead of healing”?…in relation to old scars.

    • Hey Lisa/Sam, yes I do. I generally check comments about once per week or so. That’s a good question/point. I believe George meant that he had patches of scarring that disappeared after he began regularly using Brown’s Gas.

  10. Zelo me zanima aqua cure AC50 in če se ga lahko kupi v EVROPI
    I am very interested in aqua cure AC50 and if it can be bought in EUROPE

    • Hi! It sure is. When ordering, you must choose between 110 VAC OR 220 VAC (I think you use 220 in Europe, but you’d know better than me). Eagle-Research ships everywhere that FedEx delivers.

  11. Any more updates/results from using the AquaCure? Heard any feedback from others who’ve used to battle illness or serious aliments?

    • Hi Dr. Dee!

      I’ve been using mine for a few hours every day and it’s still going strong. Eagerly awaiting the new protocol which George should release in the coming weeks.

      Hmm, the main benefits I’ve noticed from using my AquaCure have been: suppressed appetite; a more steady energy throughout the day; skin looks healthier and 2 scars have faded; faster recovery from injuries and workouts (DOMS); hair has some color restoration and is growing faster; and I haven’t gotten sick from the combination of little sleep, physical exercise and stress that used to get me often.

      I also hope that others with serious conditions weigh in with their experience!

  12. Hi Nick I am a massage therapist in Seattle and I’m interested in hearing more about this machine from you!


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