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BiOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough

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BiOptimizer’s Magnesium Breakthrough is the only supplement on the market that offers the full spectrum of all seven types of magnesium specially formulated to reach every tissue in your body. The magnesium content in foods has been decreasing due to soil depletion and over-farming. As I shared in the ultimate guide to magnesium, deficiency can cause anxiety, insomnia, depression, and a dizzying list of common symptoms. Magnesium Breakthrough helps provide the right balance of each type and form of magnesium so you can experience maximum health benefits. Without the additives and other crap which trades your health for cheaper manufacturing costs.

Nick’s Take: Magnesium is one of the only supplements I take every single day. I previously had five separate raw powders of different forms of magnesium sitting around. This came from my research into the best magnesium supplements. I used to take each of them every single day until I discovered Magnesium Breakthrough. Now, this one simple bottle combines it all. Great for travel, stress reduction, sleep, and more. See this BiOptimizers’ supplements review to learn why they’re one of my favorites.

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