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BiOptimizers MassZymes

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MassZymes is a multi-use product. It’s a fasting hack, improving cellular senescence and helping you enter autophagy faster. It’s the most powerful protein-digesting enzyme on the market, great for reducing scar tissue. MassZymes also unlocks the amino acids within protein, 3Xing how much you absorb and assimilate (especially important for vegetarians and vegans). It contains 17+ different synergistic enzymes compounded together with the patented AstraZyme™. AstraZyme is a proprietary extract of Panax ginseng and Astragalus clinically proven to improve the efficiency of amino acids, glucose, vitamins, and other nutrients. Some of the benefits the BiOptimizers team has discovered in the twelve studies conducted on it so far:

  • Boost your absorption of certain vitamins, like folate, by up to 50%
  • Increase the joint-protecting benefits of glucosamine absorption by 42%
  • Heighten your glucose absorption by 55%, speeding muscle recovery
  • Repair damaged intestinal wall, which is where most absorption problems occur
  • And lift your overall energy level by as much 18%

Nick’s Take: I generally don’t like enzyme supplements, but these are something special. I take 3-6 most mornings for the system proteolytic benefits, to amplify my fast, and recover faster from exercise. Since our globally shipped food lacks appreciable enzyme content, I’ll also have a serving before a huge meal to better assimilate the nutrients (also helpful for gas, bloating, and post-meal digestive issues). For a visual demonstration of what they can do, their website shows MassZymes dissolving a real piece of steak. Learn more about how extraordinary BiOptimizers are in my review.

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