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Ultimate Red Light Therapy Panels

Original price was: $1,624.00.Current price is: $1,542.80.

Red light therapy is an incredible tool for energy, growth, regeneration, wound healing, skin & hair radiance, athletic performance, pain management, hormone optimization, sleep, cognition, and a whole lot more. Not just red light, but near infrared too. In order to harness these benefits, a red light bulb or Amazon repurposed grow light won’t work. You simply need a ton more power, beamed at a different angle, with different color spectrums, and with less non-native EMF.

I’ve tested & reviewed all the top red light therapy panels on the market and this is my current daily driver. LightpathLED has solved the issues of biologically stressing flicker and non-native EMF. All wrapped into one well-built, powerful, multi-spectrum, pulsing-enabled device. Depending on your use case and budget, you can pick between multiple different models and sizes (I have the Diesel XL Shortie)

Nick’s Take: I own several different systems, and this is the best pick for most people. It comes with all the premium features, best-in-class power, and at a reasonable price.

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