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Limitless Bromantane

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Bromantane (Ladasten) is a “actoprotector”. This is a newly-defined category of man-made adaptogens. Actoprotectants improve stress resilience without raising oxygen consumption or heat. These metabolic molecules have anti-hypoxic properties making them excellent for high-altitudes and low-oxygen situations.

Actoprotectors are non-exhaustive and increase protein synthesis and work capacity. Both physical performance and also cerebral (intellectual) performance. This is a level above nootropics and stimulants and a top alternative to the smart drug modafinil.

Please note that bromantane is so effective that it is banned (by WADA) for use in competitive sports.

Nick’s Take: This was my favorite ingredient discovery of 2021. I feel pronounced energy and motivation effects, but also see a marked improvement in my workouts. Like 9-Me-BC, it also helps restore the dopamine system, so it’s especially helpful when cycling off anything addictive (particularly caffeine or nicotine). I’ve noticed that less is more with bromantane. I generally take 20-30mg.

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