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Update Paraxanthine

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Have you heard of paraxanthine? This novel (but safe) ingredient is being dubbed the ultimate caffeine upgrade. Inside the body, the liver converts caffeine into three metabolites. ~80% is paraxanthine. Paraxanthine is responsible for virtually all of the feel-great and performance benefits of caffeine without jitters, nervousness, clammy palms, sleep disturbance, habit-forming, digestive upset or other issues. It’s far less toxic than caffeine and feels subjectively smoother. It also has stronger memory, motivation, and discipline-enhancing effects.

Despite naturally forming in the body post-caffeine consumption, unfortunately, very few companies sell it. You won’t find it as a standalone product.

Nick’s Take: Update is some special stuff. I am not generally a fan of energy drinks, but this one is pretty special. It contains none of the usual junk (including caffeine) but has a scientifically-formulated stack of quality nootropics to further enhance paraxanthine. The cognitive pick-me-up feels much cleaner, well-balanced, energizing, and more productive than coffee. Learn more about supplementing paraxanthine in my review. If you prefer watching video get ready to boost your performance by watching this.

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