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Ra Optics

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Light dramatically and quickly influences the body and mind. Now, blue light is wrongly vilified and I’m not a fan of indiscriminately blocking it. At the right times, it is essential for focus, memory, and cognition. The bioharmonous approach is to eliminate all sources of blue light after sundown. Most LED/CFL lighting, technology with screens, etc. A fulfilling modern life, however, often runs counter to what’s biologically optimal. So in these situations, I use light-blocking glasses.

I only recommend glasses to those that have the budget or cannot avoid light exposure at night. I’ve owned five or six now, from the cheap $10 Amazon pairs, up to the fanciest available. My pair Ra Optics will last, and unlike most, these block the most important wavelengths of disruptive light. Their day lenses block up to 95% of blue light, while the redder lenses block 100% of blue and green light. Either way, protecting you without looking too much like a cyborg.

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