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Apollo Neuro for Biohackers

Apollo Neuro

Price : $ 349

I didn't think it would do much for me, but Apollo is…

Bioharmonizer Apparel

Price : $ 24.99

Upgrade from biohacking to bioharmonizing and join the Bioharmony Tribe. Have merch…


Price : $ 647
Sale price : $ 547.00

After decades of neuroscience research, Dr. Patrick Porter designed the most advanced…

Earth Runners Grounding & Earthing Shoes

Price : $ 83
Sale price : $ 74.7

Humans evolved in constant contact with the ground. Reconnecting with the Earth…

Feelgrounds Zero-Drop Barefoot Minimalist Shoes

Feelgrounds Stylish Barefoot Shoes

Price : $ 119

The benefits of Earthing/Barefoot shoes outweigh the constant mocking I receive. Most…

Ra Optics

Price : $ 164
Sale price : $ 147.6

Light dramatically and quickly influences the body and mind. Now, blue light… Brain Training Headset

Price : $ 1500
Sale price : $ 1425 is a cutting-edge neurofeedback brain training device, designed to elevate cognitive…


Price : $ 1799.99
Sale price : $ 1619.99

Ozone therapy is sometimes called nature's disinfectant, but it's so much more.…

Xero Hana Barefoot Shoes

Xero Barefoot Footwear

Price : $ 89.99

Xero Shoes makes zero-drop barefoot shoes. Basically, minimalist shoes perfect to strengthen…