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Thorne Supplements & Tests


Thorne is among the most trusted and recommended supplement brands in the industry. They’re the go-to for many doctors, researchers (including Dr. Andrew Huberman), and Olympic athletes. Thorne’s been in the supplement business since the ’80s, and more recently began selling direct to consumers.

Three things make them stand out: ultra-high quality, cutting-edge formulas, and their newer lab testing kits. Supplement-wise, Thorne products are NSF-Certified for sports (making them popular with professional athletes), and TGA-Approved (a regulatory agency that applies pharmaceutical standards to supplements). More recently, Thorne has introduced testing services, ranging from biological age test kits to blood work panels.

Nick’s Take: Thorne is becoming an all-in-one nutrition platform. When I find a product offered by Thorne, especially products highly susceptible to counterfeiting (NMN, Saffron, etc), I know I’m getting the best. Thorne’s slightly more expensive but their quality is world-class. The folks at Thorne set up Outliyrs with a special deal. Click the button below and each product (barring bundles) has an automatic 15% discount applied automatically!

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