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Earth’s most potent powdered blend of 5 potent superfoods, and 1.2 lbs of concentrated medicinal (non-hallucinogenic) mushrooms, per serving! That’s comprised of:

  • 50 to 1 Lion’s Mane (equal to 200 grams of ground mushrooms)
  • 100 to 1 Chaga (equal to 300 grams of ground mushrooms)
  • 100 to 1 Cordyceps (equal to 400 grams of ground mushrooms)
  • 100 to 1 Reishi

All in a rich chocolate flavor. Leading to increased learning and memory (via BDNF), antioxidant support, energy, and healthier connective tissue.

Nick’s Take: I use a lot of mushroom extracts, and this one is by far the best and most noticeable. It also does not ruin the taste of coffee or smoothies. It’s also delicious on its own. Give it a shot and if you don’t love it, take advantage of their 365-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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