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Keto Brick Meal Replacement


A filling, tasty, and keto-optimized meal replacement solution. Each 1,000-calorie bar contains 90g of C8 MCT and clean stearic-acid-rich fats, 9 total grams of low-glycemic carbs (only 3 net), and 36 grams of optimal grass-fed whey. Shelf-stable and perfectly optimized for high-performance.

The cost per (clean) calorie cannot be beaten. It makes for a delicious meal regardless of whether you eat keto.

Nick’s Take: I always carry these when traveling through food deserts. Whether at the airport, backpacking through the wildness, or even just breaking off a small piece as dessert. My pro tip is to combine it with Essential Amino Acids to further improve athletic performance. On a recent backpacking trip, my breakfast consisted of a Mocha Keto Brick with EAAs. Giving me a little hit from the mocha (the only Brick with caffeine), plenty of appetite-satiating fats, and energy-building amino acids. Lessening my consumption of freeze-dried “meals”.

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