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Ultimate Guide to Buying Safe & EFFECTIVE Peptides Online

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The best peptide sources and vendors reviewed & compared
The best peptide sources and vendors reviewed & compared

Peptides are among the most effective health transformation compounds on Earth.

Since they’re naturally produced in your body and also used to build proteins, quality peptides also have an unparalleled safety profile.

Therein lies the issue.

Locating top-quality online peptide sources is quite difficult. To make matters worse, like most alternative health products, the FDA doesn’t regulate or quality control these.

Therefore, we consumers must take matters into our own hands. From a decade of personal involvement in the industry, I will share with you my research, reviews & comparison of the best peptide sellers online, so that you can make your optimal choice.

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Best Overall: Limitless Biotech
Practitioner Choice:
Peptide Pills: LVLUP Health
Great Value: SwissChems
Most Options: Pure Rawz

WARNING: Vendors in this industry change rapidly. At a moment’s notice, company ownership can change or a seller may stop lab testing. Although these products are for research purposes only, please do your own diligence before purchasing from any of the listed suppliers. Some advanced physicians even prescribe peptides.

Tier #1: The Best Websites to Buy Peptides Online

The biohacking and health optimization industry has brought peptides to the limelight.

As the number of suppliers increases, so do scams and low-quality sources. They’re not FDA-approved or regulated. Generally, peptides are not safe to buy online. Without regulatory oversight, essentially you’re taking the company’s word.

On September 2023, the FDA provided an update that outlines conditions under which drugs can be compounded. More regulations mean a higher barrier of entry but also safer products.

Blindly trusting random internet sellers can end poorly. Especially with peptides.

Most peptides cannot pass through the gut or skin barriers. Usually, they require injection. Injecting peptides bypasses many of the body’s built-in mechanisms to remove impurities and toxins. Therefore, it’s essential to choose the cleanest possible products.

That’s why I only trust a few brands. I’ve gone ahead and listed the best peptide suppliers below. You might notice that they’re also some of the best places to buy cognitive-enhancing nootropics online as well.

Limitless Biotech

LimitLess Life Nootropics Peptides Review


Form: Injectables, capsules, creams, sprays

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (flat $8.50 in USA, $13.50 international)

Shipping Speed: Under 7-days domestically, under 30-days internationally

Payment Methods: Credit card, crypto, bank wire, cash on delivery, Apple Pay, Zelle, Revolut, Cash App

Guarantees: 30-day money-back guarantee on unopened products

Other Products: Nootropics, racetams, ampakines, choline, neurogenics, naturals, anti-aging

Price + Discount (BPC-157 10mg): $84.99 with code URBAN

Rating: 4.59

Limitless Biotech (formerly Limitless Life Nootropics) has rapidly become the premier peptide source. Founded by Chris Mercer and based in Florida, LLN has a respectable collection of rare health optimization products. Although the brand name doesn’t mention peptides, their catalog currently contains 34.

Right now, it’s the best peptide company online.

They are backed by experts like Dr. Bill Lawrence, Adeel Khan, Steve Horvath, researchers, institutions, influencers like Jay Campbell, Ben Greenfield, and 200+ professionals in the longevity and peptides industry.

Limitless’s website is fast and modern, but the categorization of certain products can be challenging to navigate. I recommend using the search bar to find your peptides.

Above all, LLN stocks some rare peptides as well as forms you likely won’t find elsewhere. Plus, their CEO Chris is a good guy who cares deeply about the quality and efficacy of their products.

This shop delivers globally and accepts many payment methods (Credit Card, Crypto, Bank Wire, Cash on Delivery, Apple Pay, Zelle Payment, Revolut, and Cash App). LLN has a 30-day replacement or refund policy for unopened products.

Shipping time can be a tad slow, with arrival times taking up to 7 days domestically, and up to 30 days internationally.

I’m currently running a cycle of their MOTS-c and just stocked up on their TA-1, BPC-157, TB-500, and then the nootropics Tesofensine, Adamax, and P21.

Years ago, I heard several complaints about Limitless Life. Mostly regarding customer service and product information. From my own experience and the members of peptide-centric Facebook groups I’m in, LLN has come a long way.

Limitless Life Nootropics is one of the first vendors I’d check for a wide range of maximum-quality peptides (and unique forms) at reasonable prices.

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LVLUP Health

lvlup health peptide pills sm


Form: Capsules, tablets

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (free shipping for orders of $300+)

Shipping Speed: 5-10 business days (Australia), 14-30 business days (international)

Payment Methods: Credit Card, Paypal, Zip

Guarantees: 30-day returns on unopened products

Other Products: TUDCA, liver health complex, nootropics, anti-histamine, PEA, magnesium threonate, fat burner, anti-hangover

Price + Discount (BPC-157 15mg): $134.99 with code URBAN

Rating: 4.41

Nutritionist and naturopath Kyal Van Der Leest founded LVLUP Health out of personal necessity. He got sick and tried virtually every supplement and product on the market. Eventually, he discovered peptides, and they transformed his life.

Using peptides can all but require a Ph.D. They usually require injections, there’s rarely a consensus “best dose”, stability varies between peptides and even the form it’s in, and folks generally get the best results from multiple peptides at once. It all gets complicated fast.

Kyal took a different approach. He looked at the main reasons people use supplements and reverse-engineered the ideal products to address specific concerns and goals.

These LVLUP Health formulas benefit from peptide synergy, the disproportionate effect of combining multiple ingredients. The “1+1=4” concept. Yielding stronger results, faster, and with fewer side effects.

Some of their products include:

  • Ultimate GI Repair
  • Re-Generate
  • KPV
  • Complete Liver Complex
  • Hista-Reset
  • PEA
  • Magnesium L-Threonate
  • Exotherm
  • Dihydromyricetin

Ultimate GI Repair and Re-Generate are their two flagship products.

Re-Generate is based around BPC-157 (in the highly-bioavailable Arginine Salt form). Kyal combined it with PEA (Palmitoylethanolamide) and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to improve the peptide’s full-body effects. Plus, the added sodium bicarbonate further boosts absorption.

Re-Generate is actually a solid deal. You’re getting 15mg of the most expensive and best-absorbed form of BPC-157, Arginine Salt, that rivals any injectable. For cheaper.

Ultimate GI Repair contains the same 15mg of optimized BPC-157, in addition to Larazotide Acetate AT1001, KPV Tripeptide, Zinc Carnosine, EMIQ Quercetin, Tributyrin, Copper, and more.

Making this the most powerful gut repair supplement on Earth.

It’s a newer company, but judging by the countless rave reviews from health pros and casual users within peptide-centric Facebook groups, LVLUP Health is poised to dominate.

It’s not the cheapest, but remember prices are in AUS. LVLUP Health accepts common payment methods, including PayPal, Credit Card, and Zip (pay later).

Orders within Australia arrive in less than 10 days and international takes a bit longer, showing up 15-30 days later.

You can request the CoAs of any of the products, and Kyal is one of the most friendly and helpful resources in the industry.

Choose LVLUP Health for all-in-one, oral peptide products, each specifically formulated to improve bodily systems and overall health.

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Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means Outliyr LLC gets a small commission if you buy (at no cost to you). Thanks for your support!

Pure Rawz

Pure Rawz Peptides Review


Form: Injectables, capsules, sprays, tablets

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (free shipping for orders of $99+ in USA)

Shipping Speed: 5-12 business days

Payment Methods: Crypto, Zelle, Venmo

Guarantees: Case-by-case refunds

Other Products: SARMs, nootropics, stacks, cycles, peptides, PCT/cycle support, cannabis/hemp

Price + Discount (BPC-157 5mg): $48 with code URBAN

Rating: 4.3

Pure Rawz, originally a SARMs vendor, more recently branched out into other high-performance ingredients. Including nootropics and peptides. This is another peptide company that is USA-based.

What really caught my attention, though, is the MASSIVE catalog of seemingly every hard-to-find ingredient.

Although they’ve only been in business since 2017, Pure Rawz stocks almost everything. Boasting a huge catalog of 69 peptides, including:

  • BPC-157
  • TB-500
  • Ipamorelin
  • Epitalon
  • Tesamorelin
  • Sermorelin
  • IGF-1
  • TA-1
  • Pinealon
  • MOTS-c
  • F0X04
  • LL-37
  • CJC-1295 (with and without the DAC)
  • DSIP
  • GHRP
  • GHK-Cu

Other interesting peptides I came across include GLP-1, myostatin, GDF-8, EPO, and all kinds that I’ve never heard of!

Pure Rawz also carries peptide blends. I came across thirteen different products that contain two or three peptides within a single vial. This makes following particular protocols much easier, but with the downside of having less control over your dosages.

Some PureRawz peptide prices are significantly higher than average. I’d mainly choose them if you cannot find them on LLN or SwissChems. PureRawz accepts common payment methods, including PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Mesh, and Crypto.

Domestic orders arrive in 5-12 days and international in 8-17 days. Before you order, know that PureRawz doesn’t accept returns.

Although Pure Rawz markets their products as “100% Made in America”, and claims that each batch is third-party lab testing, I noticed that some of their CoAs are older. Therefore, your product probably came from a different batch and the CoA may not matter.

Choose Pure Rawz if you’re looking for particular hard-to-find peptides, or are looking to make a broad order of performance-enhancing ingredients all in one place.

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Science Bio Website Store


Form: Injectables, capsules, sprays, tablets

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (free shipping for orders of $150+ in USA)

Shipping Speed: 2-8 business days

Payment Methods: Crypto, Zelle, Bank Transfer, eCheck, Credit Card

Guarantees: 30-day money-back guarantee on unopened products

Other Products: SARMs, nootropics, botanicals, stacks, cycles, peptides, PCT/cycle support, cannabis/hemp

Price + Discount (BPC-157 5mg): $53.99 with code URBAN

Rating: 4.45 is among the most well-respected names in clean ingredient sourcing. In fact, I know several supplement brands that purchase their raw materials directly from Science. Over the last decade, I’ve placed dozens of orders with them.

All with industry-leading purity and potency. If Science stocks it and I need it, I buy from them. Sadly, since they reopened about a year ago, their peptide selection has dramatically shrunk.

Although has a massive catalog of hundreds of ingredients, they currently only stock 47 peptides, including:

  • BPC-157
  • TB-500
  • TB-4 Frags
  • Semax Acetate
  • Selank Acetate
  • N-Acetyl-Selank
  • N-Acetyl-Selank-Amidate Acetate
  • N-Acetyl-Semax Acetate (NASA)
  • PE22.28
  • VIP Acetate
  • Oxytocin Acetate
  • Alpha MSH Acetate
  • Epitalon Acetate
  • Adamax Acetate
  • Delta Sleep Inducing Peptide (DSIP)
  • KPV Acetate
  • Melanotan 1 Acetate
  • Melanotan 2 Acetate
  • Thymosin Alpha 1 Acetate (TA-1)
  • N-Acetyl-Epitalon Acetate
  • Thymalin Acetate
  • GHK-Cu Acetate
  • ARA-290 Acetate
  • LL-37 Acetate

They’re one of few vendors that carries both vial injectables (“aliquots”) and the nasal spray versions of the same peptide. also has several bundles of different peptides you can purchase together for a decent discount.

The downside? Their peptides go out of stock often and sometimes for long periods.

They accept most payment methods, and orders generally arrive domestically within 2-8 business days (and considerably longer for international).

Please note that all peptides are intended for research purposes only and are not for human consumption. is a reliable, go-to source for ultra-premium grade peptides (and hundreds of other supplement ingredients) at decent prices.

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Swiss Chems


Form: Injectables, powders, capsules, sprays

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (free shipping for orders of $300+)

Shipping Speed: 1-7 business days (USA & Canada), 1-2 weeks (international)

Payment Methods: Bitcoin, Credit Card, Zelle, Mesh

Guarantees: Case-by-case refunds

Other Products: SARMs, nootropics, stacks, cycles, naturals, PCT, kratom, and cannabis/hemp

Price + Discount (BPC-157 5mg): $34 with code URBAN

Rating: 4.1

SwissChems is a newer supplement supplier specializing in peptides, sports performance enhancers, metabolics, and nootropics.

Back when Science Biologics closed (they’re now back up and running though), I learned that SwissChems bought ALL of Science’s remaining inventory. Their catalog features 40+ peptides, some of which are uniquely geared toward athletes.

SwissChems carries most of the popular and sought-after peptides, including:

  • BPC-157
  • TB-500
  • IGF-1
  • Ipamorelin
  • Epitalon
  • Tesamorelin
  • CJC-1295 (with and without the DAC)
  • DSIP
  • GHRP
  • GHK-Cu

You’ll also find some interesting performance enhancers here, like Erythropoietin (EPO).

Since their inventory came from the esteemed, and they put each product through third-party testing, I trust SwissChems more than most. SwissChem lab tests their peptides, with CoAs readily displayed on every product listing.

Should you decide to test your order at an accredited third-party lab, SwissChems will fully refund your order plus testing expenses should it fail.

The products are priced competitively, and on top of that, some have bulk “kits” available which can knock another 12% off the price. This shop accepts Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Zelle, Mesh, and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). Payment via Bitcoin also gets you an additional 20 percent off.

They offer free shipping on major orders. It’s relatively fast, with orders within the USA and Canada arriving in 2-7 business days, and internationally within 1-2 weeks.

If you have a problem, you must submit it within 90 days of your order. Then it will be subject to approval.

Overall, SwissChems gets good reviews from longevity, nootropics, and peptides communities throughout the internet, including forums like Reddit.

If I can’t find an ingredient elsewhere, or SwissChems runs a sale, I don’t hesitate to stock up at this peptide company.

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CanLab Sciences



Form: Injectables

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (flat $30 to USA)

Shipping Speed: Unknown

Payment Methods: Bitcoin, Wise/Bank transfer

Guarantees: 14-day returns on unopened products (you pay shipping & handling)

Other Products: Small proteins, bio-regulators, consultations

Price (BPC-157 10mg equivalent): $110

Rating: 4.4

CanLab, recently rebranded to CanLab Sciences, is the most customer-centric peptide seller on the internet. The owner, Jean-François, is widely considered one of the most knowledgeable peptide experts. Right alongside Dr. William Seeds. Jean-François frequently lends his expertise to Facebook groups and as a guest on podcasts.

This vendor does two things and does them world-class: small proteins and bio-regulators.

CanLab stocks 62 peptides and small molecules, including:

  • BPC-157
  • TB-4
  • TA-1
  • Epitalon
  • MOTS-c
  • Melanotan 2
  • GHK-Cu
  • Kisspeptin
  • LL-37
  • Pinealon
  • Vesugen
  • Thymogen
  • DSIP
  • Ipamorelin
  • Humanin
  • CJC-1295 (with and without the DAC)
  • GHRP

There are several things notable about CanLab. First, they offer multiple different fragments of TB-4. That’s because each fragment has different (targeted) benefits.

Second, CanLab sells various bioregulator peptides. Third, CanLab chose not to use the industry-standard filler, mannitol, in their peptides. Additionally, you’ll notice that they sell vials containing peptide combos.

Despite all of that, the prices are still affordable.

The website itself is difficult to navigate and lacks information. Without knowing the background, you’d have no idea that this is a credible vendor. The only clue would be the Facebook page’s 2.9K likes, 3.3K followers, and glowing reviews in the comments.

Jean-François prefers to keep it this way though, as he does the peptide synthesis himself and relies exclusively on word-of-mouth advertising. That way, he can keep up with demand. Should you want help with anything regarding peptides, Jean-François is one of the only (if not the only) vendor that provides consultations.

CanLab ships where legal, and unfortunately effective now (October 2022), they can no longer supply the Canadian Market.

Shipping timing is somewhat of a black box, as it differs from one region to another and CanLab Sciences does not list shipping info on their website. Shipping price is quite expensive, costing a flat $30 to the USA.

Payment methods are limited and include direct bank transfers or payment via cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).

Should you decide, you can request a return on any opened products within 14 days of your order delivery. You just pay shipping & handling.

If you can overlook the poor UX and limited company information on their website (you’ll find more in Facebook groups), CanLab Sciences is perhaps the most trusted of all over-the-counter peptide sources.

2024 Update: CanLab Sciences’ global operations are temporarily under suspension by Health Canada and the Supreme Court of Quebec.

Visit CanLab Sciences

Tier #2: Top Online Peptides Vendors

If I cannot find a product at one of my go-to peptide sellers above, then I will expand my search and accept that these ones might not be in the same premium tier.

Peptide Sciences

peptide sciences e1666898025705


Form: Injectables, capsules, topicals

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (flat $15, domestic orders over $200 ship free)

Shipping Speed: 2-3 business days (USA), 7-10 business days (international)

Payment Methods: Credit Card, Cash App, Zelle, Venmo, Bitcoin, Ethereum, PayPal, FLEX payment, electronic check

Guarantees: None

Other Products: Small molecules, bioregulators

Price (BPC-157 5mg): $59.50

Rating: 4.05

Peptide Sciences is among the best-known professional companies supplying peptides. They’re proudly based in Nevada, USA. Peptide Sciences has all kinds of educational resources and content to help customers choose the right product.

Not to mention, they sell just about every peptide or cutting-edge performance-enhancing ingredient known to man. Coming out to 120 different peptide products — last I counted. This is another popular vendor that also carries a wide range of peptide bioregulators.

Peptide Science carries everything the other vendors sell, in multiple forms, and in various quantities. They too, offer blends. Honestly, I’ve never heard of a large swatch of their catalog.

When I wanted to learn about Decapeptide-12, for example, the product page lists biochemistry, research applications, basic background, potential benefits, important notes, and other relevant resources. Basically, it stands as both information and a source of products.

Domestic orders over $200 ship free and fast — often arriving within 2-3 days. International orders take a bit longer, generally delivered within 7-10 business days. Shipping costs a flat $15 for all orders. Plus, customer support is useful and very responsive.

The primary drawbacks are the price of certain ingredients, the sometimes overwhelming catalog of very similar peptides (ie seven different CJC-1295 products), and lacking real-user reviews on their website. But you can find third-party reviews on forums and other sites.

Since they partner with WHO/GMP and ISO 9001:2008-approved manufacturers, you should get the highest purity and quality research-grade peptides. Peptide Sciences tests its products to guarantee a purity of 99+%.

At least, in theory.

June 2023 Update: Although they claim to rigorously test products, that may not be true. I’ve seen several unaffiliated third-party lab testing reports that show conflicting safety data. Some of the tested peptides were as low as 75% purity!

This was done by independent safety-minded biohackers. Since other companies provide the same products more affordably and at higher purities, I’ve demoted this source down a tier.

Peptide Sciences is an often-recommended place to buy peptides online if you can afford the pricier products and prioritize customer service and fast shipping — just remember that they do not accept returns!

Visit Peptide Sciences

Biotech Peptides

Biotech Peptides


Form: Injectables, topicals

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (free shipping & bonus on orders of $200+)

Shipping Speed: 2-4 days (USA), 2-6 days (international)

Payment Methods: Credit Card

Guarantees: 30-day full money-back guarantee

Other Products: None

Price (BPC-157 5mg): $52

Rating: 3.9

Biotech Peptides is yet another popular source to buy safe and effective peptides. Although this one is usually forgotten since there are so many other great options. They’re based out of San-Diego, California.

Biotech’s catalog contains an impressive 87 peptides:

  • BPC-157
  • AOD-9604
  • TB-500
  • Fragment-176-191 (of HGH)
  • Semaglutide
  • Melanotan 1
  • Ipamorelin
  • Epitalon
  • Tesamorelin
  • Sermorelin
  • IGF-1
  • TA-1
  • MOTS-c
  • CJC-1295 (with and without the DAC)
  • GHRP
  • GHK-Cu

I found a couple of other ingredients (such as B7-33) here that very few other vendors stock. Biotech Peptides is another one that also sells a variety of multi-peptide blends.

Like most of the ones on this list, they have a purity requirement that all products must exceed at least 99%.

This shop uses multiple rounds of high-performance Liquid Chromatography and mass spectrometry to sample peptides for quality and purity (as many alternatives do). According to a rep I talked to, they’re in the midst of posting their highly-detailed CoAs to their website.

Older reviews mention a stellar money-back guarantee and unparalleled return policy. However, that’s no longer the case. Biotech Peptides does not accept returns, and any accommodations are at the discretion of the support representative.

Two things stand out about Biotech Peptides: very fast shipping and stackable discounts.

Orders placed before 1 pm PST will ship out the same day. How long they’ll take to arrive depends on your chosen shipping speed. Domestically, USPS priority takes 2-3 days and costs a flat $9.75. Overnight shipping costs a flat $45. Orders over $200 ship free and get a bonus 30ml bottle of bacteriostatic water.

You can pay via credit card (Visa, Discover, Mastercard, American Express), debit card, Paypal, or electronic check.

Biotech has an entire section dedicated to peptides on sale. If you have the patience, you can stack a promo code with heavily discounted products. Potentially netting you a 40 percent savings from retail.

When I emailed their customer service to obtain recent CoAs, I was pleased to receive a rapid and polite response.

Go with Biotech Peptides for super fast shipping, and if you find your product in the sale category (can stack that with a coupon for huge savings).

Visit Biotech Peptides

GenX Bio

GenX Peptides


Form: Injectibles

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (free shipping on orders of $150+)

Shipping Speed: 2-6 business days (USA), 8-20 business days (international)

Payment Methods: Credit Card

Guarantees: None

Other Products: Laboratory supplies

Price (BPC-157 5mg): $44.00

Rating: 3.7

Since 2013, GenX Bio has focused on creating products around neuroscience, anti-aging, and metabolic research. Like some of the others on this roundup of top peptide vendors, they’re based out of the United States. You’ll quickly know if they carry what you seek, as the company focuses exclusively on peptides. All of which are easily found on GenX Bio’s modern website.

GenX’s website lists 43 peptides, including most of the popular ones:

  • BPC-157
  • TB-500
  • Ipamorelin
  • Epitalon
  • Tesamorelin
  • Sermorelin
  • Semaglutide
  • IGF-1
  • TA-1
  • Kisspeptin
  • LL-37
  • Melanotan 2
  • P-21
  • MOTS-c
  • CJC-1295 (with and without the DAC)
  • GHRP
  • GHK-Cu

Like a few others, GenX also offers rarer performance enhancers like EPO and MK-677.

Products undergo high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (HPLC/MS) lab testing, but I could not determine if each batch is tested separately.

Shipping is cheap and speedy. Domestic orders (free on orders of $150+) arrive within as little as 2-3 business days via Priority Mail and internationally within a longer timeframe of 8-20 business days. Due to their semi-restrictive customs, shipping, and refund policy, I’d recommend international buyers choose a different source though.

GenX Bio has decent customer service, but unfortunately only available via email.

Ultimately, the large driver to choose GenX comes down to price. These are some of the most affordable peptides online. Especially after any coupon codes and/or sales, these prices are almost unbeatable. GenX accepts credit cards (Visa & Mastercard) and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).

GenX Bio has the most affordable peptides with quick shipping (although international buyers should carefully review their shipping policies).

Visit GenX Bio

Tier #3: Other Good Peptide Vendors

Finally, these are the peptide vendors I would consider but would want to see credible third-party testing first.

Amino Asylum

Amino Asylum e1666905529682


Form: Injectables, sprays

Lab Verified: No

Shipping: USA (flat rate $9.99)

Shipping Speed: 2-4+ days

Payment Methods: Credit Card, Zelle, Cash App, Venmo

Guarantees: None

Other Products: SARMs, aminos, gym wear, pro-hormones, research chemicals, research oils

Price (BPC-157 5mg): $34.99

Rating: 3.3

Beginning in 2018, Kentucky-based Amino Asylum has provided the industry with research chemicals, aminos, peptides, SARMs, and prohormones. Few companies provide such variety of small molecules and injectables.

In addition to their catalog of 18 peptides, as their name suggests, Amino Asylum sells 23 injectable amino acids. Products include:

  • BPC-157
  • HCG
  • TB-500
  • Melanotan 2
  • Fragment-176-191 (of HGH)
  • CJC-1295 (without the DAC)
  • GHRP
  • IGF-1
  • PT-141
  • MOTS-c
  • Semaglutide
  • Ipamorelin
  • B vitamins
  • Vitamin D
  • BCAAs
  • L-Carnitine

Surprisingly, Amino Asylum sells blends containing up to nine different peptides and aminos all in one vial. They’re best known for these all-in-one combinations as well as their peri-cycle support. Folks using exogenous hormones frequent AA.

Although their site is easy to navigate, I’m unimpressed by the lack of transparency into their processes and methodologies. I couldn’t find any of the usual pages like “FAQs”, “About Us”, “Testing Results”. Here lies the problem.

I’ve scoured their website and the internet for the results of their HPLC tests and/or CoAs. I found nothing. The logical conclusion is that Amino Asylum doesn’t have quality control processes.

Perhaps that’s why their peptides and aminos are so affordable. Without testing, they can pass those savings on to customers.

At the same time, most independent user reviews come back positive. Scroll through a forum like Reddit and that is quickly apparent.

Since you have no clue what you’re actually consuming (you can slap a label on anything), Amino Asylum I recommend choosing a labtested vendor if you can afford it.

Visit Amino Asylum

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means Outliyr LLC gets a small commission if you buy (at no cost to you). Thanks for your support!

American Research Lab (MIA?)



Form: Injectables

Lab Verified: No

Shipping: Worldwide (flat rate of $25.40 in USA, $74.95 internationally)

Shipping Speed: Unknown

Payment Methods: Bitcoin, Cash App, Venmo

Guarantees: 30-day money-back guarantee

Other Products: SARMS, research chemicals

Price (BPC-157 5mg): $24.99

Rating: 2.8

American Research Lab (although the banner on their site shows “American Research Labs”) is a no-frills peptide and research chemical supplier that was once popular in online communities due to their rock-bottom prices. The website was functional but outdated. Now, it seems to have gone offline (no idea if permanently or temporarily).

ARL carries a usual lineup featuring about 22 peptides:

  • BPC-157
  • TB-500
  • Melanotan 2
  • DSIP
  • Epithalon
  • GHRP
  • Fragment-176-191 (of HGH)
  • CJC-1295 (with and without the DAC)
  • IGF-1
  • GnRH
  • Hexarelin
  • Ipamorelin
  • Oxytocin
  • PT-141
  • MOTS-c
  • Sermorelin

They claim to manufacture peptides in the USA and to independently lab test each batch. Each product is guaranteed to meet a purity standard of 98.6% or greater.

I doubt it. Everything about this vendor screams red flags. First, the website (””) doesn’t exist and redirects to Google.

ARL is registered to the company “JKB Services, LLC” which appears to be a real estate group. The footer hasn’t been updated since 2019 and the support line goes to a voicemail box. They never returned my call.

The internet is full of mixed reviews. In my younger years, I used ARL for one reason — price. The price simply cannot be matched. I purchased five vials of Melanotan II and they certainly worked! All in all, my order came out to less than half the cost of other popular peptide sellers.

Even after I paid the flat $7.90 domestic shipping. I did add a hefty discount code which you’ll sometimes get in their email newsletter.

Although I’ll never use them again because safety is the most important consideration with injectables, those on a super-tight budget may consider ARL. In that case, I’d recommend pooling funds with a friend and getting your batch tested.

ARL is only for those with absolutely no budget for peptides and are willing to do safety testing themselves. In 2024, it seems to have disappeared.

Controversial Peptide Vendors

These vendors are very popular but also get the most hate due to scams, junk products, and contamination.

Paradigm Peptides

When I researched this company, I came across mixed ratings. Though they list a 4.6-star user rating on their site, third-party reviews peg them closer to the 4.1-star level. I find these tactics deceptive (yet common), and a red flag of the company’s legitimacy.

Now, their site is closed, and mentions that Paradigm Peptides has ceased operations. Be careful about products that are claimed to be from this company.

Blue Sky

Blue Sky Peptides is known as a budget-friendly peptide source. Yet for every positive review and testimonial I came across, three to four mentioned seriously terrible experiences. Ranging from the company ignoring their emails, to junk products and even outright scams. People paid and received literally nothing. These products certainly come from China, and are not batch-tested for safety. BSP just white-labels vials with their logo.

I suspect that the positive reviews are from employees of the company. Check out this Reddit thread, or their Trustpilot for a small sample of the deception.

Peptide Warehouse

Peptide Warehouse is another seller that spends heavily on marketing and ads. You’ll see this name come up all the time in discussions of low-cost peptide vendors. I dislike just about everything about this company. From cartoonish aesthetics to deceptive marketing. The HPLC “lab test” results proudly displayed on their page are old. Way back from 2014!

Other user reviews echo the same. In recent years, PW has gone downhill. Products often don’t arrive, what does arrive is under-dosed or something different entirely, and most customers will not purchase from them again.

The only thing Peptide Warehouse has going for it is BOGO sales and many payment methods (Venmo Payment, Apple Pay, G-Pay, Bitcoin, and Cash App).

Umbrella Labs

I hadn’t heard of this company until recently, but they seem to stock countless peptides, nootropics, SARMs, and other research chemicals. After about five minutes of research, I could tell that this isn’t a company I’d trust my wealth with. Originally, their website claimed 100% purity. Which is physically not possible for any vendor in the world.

Their third-party reviews are quite mixed, and many of the positive ones have all the hallmarks of a bot. Umbrella Labs also got this warning letter from the FDA for selling contaminated products.


For whatever reason, people keep putting the research chemical company, Chemyo, into lists of the top peptide vendors. This brand sells SARMs and nootropics, but not peptides. While they’re well known on Reddit as a reputable SARM vendor, they simply do NOT sell peptides.

Therefore, do not buy peptides through Chemyo as they are probably a scam.

How to Avoid Peptide Scams

Peptides are not sold for human consumption but rather as research chemicals. Therefore, they’re mostly exempt from regulation by the FDA or other governing bodies.

Therefore, it’s vital to do your diligence before purchasing peptides. Note these factors when evaluating the best (and worst) places to buy peptides online:

  1. Reviews. Look for recent reviews on less biased third-party platforms like Reddit, Trustpilot, and the BBB.
  2. Lab testing. If you can’t find test results on their website, email support requesting a copy. Check the analysis date. Call the certifying lab to confirm if you’re suspicious.
  3. Transparency. While not always true, companies that give more information about their methodologies, processes, and policies are more trustworthy.
  4. Media presence. Do the owners disclose their identity anywhere? Does the company have active social media profiles?
  5. Guarantees. Does the brand offer any reassurances of satisfaction such as return/refund policies?
  6. Payment options. Unless you’re sure, avoid companies that only offer irreversible payment methods (Bitcoin, bank transfer) until you’ve used them before.
  7. Price. Of course, we all want to pay the least for the highest quality product. Products priced drastically lower than others indicate the company is likely taking a shortcut somewhere.

Now, none of these guarantee quality. Companies can create fake Reddit accounts, for example. Some alter their CoAs with Photoshop. CanLab Sciences, for example, is well-respected but has limited info on its website.

Rather, these are rough guidelines I use to semi-reliably gauge the quality of a peptide source in just a few minutes.

The Only Trustworthy Places to Buy Peptides Online

Peptides and other small molecules show tremendous promise and success in optimizing health and accelerating outcomes.

For the biohackers and early adopters, peptide therapy is delivering transformational results. But it’s still in its infancy. For help choosing a particular product, check out my quick guide to the best therapeutic peptides to optimize your health and performance.

There’s no “Amazon of peptides”, and most health and wellness companies will avoid this market due to regulatory uncertainty.

Because of that, prices are high. Enticing low-to-mediocre quality vendors to spin up a website and start profiting. Unfortunately, in many cases, low-quality peptides do more harm than good.

Peptides are extremely fragile molecules and are usually rendered inert by stomach acid or the skin. So we rely on injections.

Injections bypass many of the body’s defense systems and mechanisms. With impure products, you’re driving heavy metals, contaminants, and toxicants straight into the body. Potentially devastating your health and well-being.

When I was younger, I used some cheap peptides. Although I’m still standing, saving a few bucks isn’t worth the potential lifelong consequences. So in most cases, I recommend steering clear of questionable injectables.

There are a few companies like LVLUP Health (mentioned above) that make powerful oral peptide capsules. Or you can try a special subset of peptides that work on the DNA level to stimulate bodily regeneration. Check out my guide to the best bioregulator peptides here.

Many of the top recommendations are only available to practitioners. And they’re often incredibly expensive.

Few trustworthy vendors have built long-lasting reputations by providing biohackers and peptide enthusiasts with quality products. So when it comes to the top sources, I am quite careful.

If possible, stick to the first tier of my list above.

But I’m curious…

Am I missing any top-notch online peptide sources? Let me know your experience in the comments below!


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8 thoughts on “Ultimate Guide to Buying Safe & EFFECTIVE Peptides Online”

  1. Thanks for all this information.
    Have you had any experience with Xcel They seem to have a large selection of peptides.

    • Hey Dwayne,

      You’re welcome! No I haven’t. Do you use them? I noticed that they say that they sell 3rd party tested, but the products I looked at only had the dosage test. Nothing about potential heavy metals and other contaminants.


  2. I have no affiliation to them but I’ve been extremely impressed with Umbrella Labs. I’m a long time Limitless researcher and I back your comments about them 100%. I do like Amino Asylum and really they are a good foundational spot to start but definitely have room to “grow”.

  3. Bad experience with Pureraw. Paid with crypto… never again unless I’m dealing with someone in the states that accepts credit cards. I’ve ordered with Biotech Peptides and my experience has been the complete opposite.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to research and provide this info. It seems to be a wild Wild West of trusted and not trusted peptide sites out there right now. Wish we had more ways to know for sure who to trust.

  5. I just ordered from Peptide Shop. Because Peptide Sciences was out of 10mg
    They are pressing me for a review. I haven’t even used it yet


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