Bioharmonizing: The Ultimate Wellness Plan (Biohacking 2.0)

I have to level with you.

I feel less and less like a biohacker these days.

For a decade I found effective quick fix ways of hacking the body and brain. I saw spectacular results, as did brave friends willing to suspend belief in conventional wisdom. All the while I had an uneasy feeling at the back of my mind.

Could my knowledge of human biology, or even that of modern medicine as a whole, really override the body’s intricate systems without consequence?

I suppressed my doubts. But eventually biology always wins. The more I took biohacking compounds, the harder my biology fought back.

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Technology far outpaces the fundamentals of life. In my spare time I looked into wisdom through the years. In the timeline of our evolution, our allopathic model of fighting against the body is relatively new. Now under the monikers Bioregulatory Medicine (BioMed), ancestral medicine, alternative health, or the two synonyms bioharmonizing and biosynergizing. For millennia humans worked with the body. Today you’ll learn why you should quit biohacking for this intuitive, powerful, and genetically compatible practice.

What is Bioharmony & Biosynergy?

There are two approaches to manipulating life:

  • Fighting it.
  • Strengthening it.

Your body has an innate intelligence. It knows how to heal itself from any injury, and rid itself of any disease. Just look around at cases of spontaneous remission (I recommend the book Cured [Amazon]). For these individuals, conventional treatments failed. Then the body took control and overcame the obstacle. But those are edge cases.

Take a treatment used throughout the world to heal broken bones. Even today, casts don’t actually do any healing. They merely stabilize the surrounding area until the body has the time and resources to mend the break.

Bioharmonization recognizes this intelligence. Instead of fighting your biology, this form of bioregulatory medicine augments it. Biosynergy is the process of aligning with human biology and nature for greater effectiveness and efficiency. Unlike biohacking, this form produces long-lasting, sustainable change.

Yet, today humans are sicker than ever. And most medicine fights our bodily processes. Why?

Our State of Medicine

Rooting up established ideas, concepts, frameworks, and models hurt. Livelihoods are at stake. Vast resources poured into the current paradigm. Change is uncomfortable. It’s easier to continue doing things the same way.

The isolationist, reductionist perspective may be easy for our minds to grapple with. But it doesn’t work:

  • Drugs build tolerance.
  • Common procedures are fraught with complications.
  • Researchers often discover the side effects of household medications decades after introduction to consumers.

Then we introduce other man-mades in a maze of symptom whack-a-mole. In reality, problems rarely fit neatly into the domains of a single specialist. Or a single faulty system. All life is connected, as are the systems that comprise it.

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

— Naturalist John Muir

Bioharmonizing is about improving the entire web of life.

Bioharmonizing: The Promising Biohacking Alternative

Biosynergy & Bioharmonization: The Dualism Between Modern Life & Evolution
Dualism between modern lifestyle and human evolution.

So what makes it better?

Reasons biosynergizing beats biohacking:

  • Longer-lasting results.
  • Less negative rebound effect from stopping.
  • Intuitive. Worry less about downstream consequences.
  • Safer.
  • Makes Earth more inhabitable for humans and other life.
  • You’ll experience corollary benefits that science will eventually understand.
  • Fancy gear isn’t required. Usually free or inexpensive.
  • Your body can provide you feedback on your progress.
  • More effective.

But there’s one huge downside:

Nature doesn’t work as fast as our modern lifestyle.

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The biggest drivers of health & wellness aren’t supplements. Nor some fancy workout protocol. Or even a radical diet.

A quick fix leads to temporary results. The slower route lasts longer.

While there’s a time and place for each, re-aligning with nature is our primary means to lifelong wellness. The body gives subtle cues to those willing to listen. The healthier and more open-minded, the easier you’ll pick up on them.

“Life is just one damn relatedness after another.”

— Biologist Julian Huxley

Next, we’ll look at how you can you start biosynergizing.

Real-World Examples of Biosynergizing

Biohacking and bioharmonizing frequently overlap.

For example, the following time-tested biohacks are core to bioharmony:

Most of these are lifestyle practices. But there’s a nutritional component too.

Biosynergistic supplements include:

My 3-Step Bioharmonization Framework

I wouldn’t want to live at any other time in history. Efficiency, effectiveness, and convenience sits at each of our finger tips. You can still enjoy the conveniences of modern technology without irreparable harm. The key lies in how you structure your lifestyle.

At the very base of the pyramid, is living a lifestyle aligned with our biology and evolutionary upbringing. Follow the most possible timeless principles. The weaker this foundation, the less effective the “hacks” layered on top.

Next comes identifying the critical modern essentials and conveniences. After all, what good is living in a cave isolated from the rest of life? No way I’ll give up critical tools like laptops, the internet, cell phones, or the shelter of my apartment.

For each item on your mission-critical list, research the possible side effects of their use. For example, computers and cell phones emit electrosmog, sleep-degrading blue light, and vision-destroying screen flicker. I’ve mitigated each:

  • IrisTech software (read my review on it) protects me from blue light and screen flicker.
  • Earthing mats, hard wiring my internet connection when possible, and grounding my charging cord all mitigate the effects of EMF.

To recap the basics of biosynergizing:

  1. Live an ancestrally compatible lifestyle.
  2. Decide on essentials and add them to your life.
  3. Reduce harm.


This begets the question: do I still call myself a biohacker?

Yes, I consider myself a biohacker because I too apply systems thinking to biology. I recognize the many correlated—even causative—effects around me.

I differ in my approach. Instead of looking for the quick fix (“hack”), I’m interested in safer, more effective, lifelong wellness. With low potential for nasty side effects down the road.

Unlike biohacking, biosynergizing recognizes that all life is interwoven. A ripple somewhere causes a wave elsewhere. Click To Tweet

The body has an innate intelligence, more powerful than any intervention, protocol, or man-made machine. “Hacking” is a myopic view. If you’ve made it this far hopefully you understand that bioharmony is the state of alignment between your biology, your lifestyle, and your environment.

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Bioharmonizing is a three part process:

  1. Engage in many of the practices that have withstood countless generations of humans
  2. Identify your can’t-live-without modern conveniences. Add them in after research their potential consequences.
  3. Mitigate each side effect through responsible use of modern technology

Recognize that modern scientific understanding often falls short in unknown ways. Applying damage control doesn’t justify recklessness.

Bioharmonization is applying the same “first do no harm” Hippocratic Oath to the use of 21st-century technology.

Don’t take my word. Test it for yourself. Design an effective biohacking experiment. Try some of the above practices and log how you feel. Take photos & videos. Then after a while, reflect on your results.

I didn’t come to this conclusion from a single book, speaker, or resource. I’ve been studying ancient wisdom. I began to realize that many of today’s scientific discoveries were written about millennia ago. While I’ve yet to find a definite guide to biosynergization, my thoughts are an amalgamation of the following.

Additional Resources:

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