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Popular Longevity Supplements 101

To work optimally, the body requires a constant supply of nutrients. Some, in large daily dosages. Others are equally essential, but in smaller and/or less frequent dosages.

No matter how perfect your diet is, there’s a good chance you’re deficient in any number of things. Especially if you’re living a modern lifestyle and eating food from the supermarket. These deficiencies often won’t necessarily show up on a routine lab test.

That’s why smart supplementation is fundamental to longevity. I’ve prepared a glossary of some of the top popular substances:

  1. Multi-Minerals – The fundamental building blocks of life. Even minor deficiencies will leave you sub-optimal or sick. Check out my guide on the best trace mineral supplements you should get.
  2. Essential Amino Acids – The 9 key ”raw materials” to build muscle, brain chemicals, organ tissues, immune cells, hormones, and more.
  3. Melatonin – The body’s master antioxidant used to protect cells against disease and stress, as well as regulate sleep-wake cycles.
  4. GlyNAC – 2 anti-aging amino acids together impact 7 of the 12 hallmarks of aging. Read my review of the top GlyNAC supplements for your longevity journey.
  5. Adaptogens – Natural, safe, and powerful ingredients that help your body thrive no matter the circumstances.
  6. Spermidine – A fasting mimetic with longevity-enhancing benefits, improves at least 6 tenets of aging. Check out my review of the best spermidine supplements so you can choose the best for your lifestyle.
  7. Senolytic Complex – Senescent “zombie” cells cause systemic inflammation and accelerate your rate of aging. This guide explains how senolytic supplements help you get rid of them.
  8. Vitamin C (Time Release) – The work of Dr. Linus Pauling (2X Nobel Prize winner) showed that humans thrive with much higher levels of vitamin C than typically in the diet. Especially when dealing with a condition. You can maintain elevated levels throughout the day by taking a time-release (liposomal) version.
  9. Vitamin D+K – Arguably the most important fat-soluble vitamins. Vitamin D is more like a hormone in the body than a vitamin. You need more than you think. Vitamin K makes sure that it gets delivered to the right place (instead of calcifying your arteries)! Definitely get some outdoor light exposure too, as that’s the activated (sulfated) form of vitamin D.
  10. Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Omega-3 is anti-inflammatory while Omega-6 is pro-inflammatory. The modern diet has about 20X more Omega-6 than 3. Most omega-3 supplements are rancid, oxidized, and toxic. I suggest eating the SMASH fish to get more. If you’re going to supplement, make sure to use one of these.
  11. Omega 15 – A newly discovered essential fatty acid supported by high-quality longevity research. Much more stable than Omega-3 and helps your heart, liver, metabolism, and immune wellness.
  12. Creatine – A conditionally essential nutrient found in meat and fish that’s well-studied to increase nutrient delivery throughout the body, supply energy to your muscles and promote brain wellness. Vital for vegetarians and vegans.
  13. NAD+ – The essential co-enzyme required for all cellular energy production. Without it, we’d be dead in seconds. NAD drops dramatically and rapidly as we age, which in turn, accelerates aging. It protects the genome and exerts myriad anti-aging benefits. Improves insulin sensitivity and heart function and reduces fatigue. You can check out my review of the best NAD supplements to learn more.
  14. Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) – Another antioxidant involved in energy production (converting food into energy) and overall metabolic health. Supports bone and joint health as you age. If you want to dive deeper, read my review of the best CoQ10 Supplements for your heart and energy.
  15. Urolithin A – Enhances cellular cleanup (autophagy), mitochondrial function and repair (mitophagy), and athletic performance. Powerful to help the tissues most affected by aging, and one of my favorites for skeletal muscle. Expensive though so not my first recommendation.
  16. Akkermansia – Strengthens the gut barrier, improves insulin sensitivity, and guards against metabolic inflammation.
  17. StemRegen – Stimulates the release of your stem cells from the bone marrow.
  18. ESS60 – A powerful antioxidant (172x stronger than Vitamin C) that helps support overall cellular function and reduce oxidative stress. Read more in this rundown of the top C60 supplements for longevity.

Advanced Longevity Substances

Once you get a handle on the basic supplements, the following can level up your stack. Each of these serves different functions but warrants more caution and research before you decide if they’re right for you.

  • Rapamycin – One of the only substances clinically shown to slow biological aging in virtually every species tested. Harder to get and does have some side effects. For longevity purposes, people often use 5mg, once every week or two
  • Metformin – A blood sugar stabilizer that’s another one of the best-studied longevity drugs. I find its mitochondrial uncoupling properties most promising. There are drawbacks to metformin, however, so you might want to use one of these alternatives.
  • Peptides – Naturally occurring substances that balance and improve core bodily functions. Excellent power-to-safety ratio. Benefits everything from immunity to regeneration, tissue repair, anti-aging, and more. I’ve written a guide on the best therapeutic peptides if you want to learn more.
  • Bioregulators – Bioregulators are a special subset of peptides that directly regulate bodily functions. I had an amazing conversation about the science, benefits, and uses of therapeutic bioregulator peptides if you want to dive deeper

Food & Water

Any smart longevity plan focuses on the quality of the things we put into our bodies.

Whether you’re looking for clean snacks, the highest quality (and tasty) meats, or ways to upgrade your liquids, I’ve got you covered.

These are some of the things I use regularly and love:

  • Paleovalley snacks & whole-food-based supplements
  • Wild Pastures grass-fed & wild-caught meat (my review)
  • Polyphenol-rich organic extra virgin olive oil
  • Polyphenol-rich, low-acid, lab-tested, organic coffee
  • My top choice for a reverse osmosis filter (my review)
  • My recommended point of use water filter for toxin-free hydration

Longevity Testing

Thorough testing gives you a current snapshot of your health and helps you determine where to focus.

The options, technologies, and tools can quickly get overwhelming.

So I’ve compiled a small list of the essential tools here:

  • My favorite genetic testing & analysis (my review)
  • My go-to blood testing service (my review)
  • My top biological age testing service (my review of your options)
  • My daily wearable (some of your best options)

Biohacking Environment

Your daily environments make or break your entire health protocol. That’s because they influence your health, in the background, 24/7. Without you even noticing.

Here are some of the most important small upgrades & tweaks for your environment:

  • My guide to bioharmonizing your home
  • My recommended EMF radiation protection for clean ether
  • My guide on earthing
  • The best whole-home water filter
  • Affordable shower filter
  • Tiny, travel-friendly air filter
  • Home air filter

Movement & Fitness

Humans are built to move. Simple movements like walking matter far more than huge grueling workout routines.

When it comes to longevity specifically, exercise’s much less effective if you do it for an hour and stay sedentary for the rest of the day.

Here are some simple fitness and movement protocols you can use to level up:

  • KAATSU (my review)
  • Katalyst EMS (my review)
  • Super Slow Strength (my tutorial)
  • Other equipment & techniques to level up your fitness

Biohacking Sleep

Growth and regeneration only occur during the night. As well as natural detoxification, clearing the cellular debris responsible for dementia, and much more. All this specifically occurs during sleep.

That’s why many of the world’s leading longevity authorities rate sleep/recovery as their #1 focus. There are two primary keys to sleep: quality & quantity.

Check out these resources to rapidly upgrade your sleep and longevity:

  • My guide to optimizing sleep
  • My complete guide to quality, healthy sleep aids
  • Get your best sleep every night with this technology
  • Magnesium
  • Full-Spectrum Hemp

Stress Resilience

Though it’s not as appealing to talk about, chronic stress is the silent killer. Degenerating virtually every organ system throughout the body and dramatically shortening healthspan.

It affects mental clarity, sleep, immunity, detoxification, hormone levels, and much more.

You have ways to shield yourself against stress:

  • Heart rate variability training as a key biometric against stress
  • My guide to brain training at home
  • How to biohack stress
  • Building your personal stress resilience
  • The best automatic anti-stress wearable (my review)


I hope you enjoyed this mini course!

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to Reply to any of the emails.

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