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Only 6 Best Spermidine Supplements 2024 Review: Read BEFORE Buying

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Best Spermidine Supplements Review for Healthy, Longevity & AntiAging
Best Spermidine Supplements Review for Healthy, Longevity & AntiAging

Is immortality around the corner?

Each new wonder molecule brings us closer.

One hot ingredient in the longevity sector is called spermidine, and it improves six of the twelve known tenets of aging. Helping us slow down or even reverse biological aging.

It has quickly become among the hottest anti-aging & longevity supplements. Research suggests spermidine may benefit:

  • Youthful look
  • Skin, wrinkles, hair, and nails
  • Reproductive fertility
  • Cardiovascular function
  • Immunity
  • Inflammation
  • Mental health
  • Lifespan and healthspan

Right now, spermidine supplements are new. Few companies manufacture it. But before long, cheap knockoffs will flood the market with fake and adulterated products.

Today’s post is a roundup of the latest spermidine research, and how to choose the best spermidine supplement for your lifestyle.

The Top Spermidine Products of 2024

Best Overall: Oxford Healthspan Primeadine
Pharmaceutical Purity: Ultra Health Liposomal Spermidine
Great Value: spermidineLIFE

The Best Spermidine Supplements of 2024

I’m a proponent of maximizing nutrition from diet.

That said, Western food notoriously lacks spermidine and other polyamines. Many of the foods naturally high in it (discussed later) are “acquired” tastes. Textures and tastes that I’d rather not experience.

For me at least, that leaves supplementation.

But few companies manufacture spermidine, so supplements are expensive. Soon enough, more facilities will process spermidine, and the current premium will disappear. Remember, just a few years ago it was only available through research chemical vendors.

Companies selling spermidine will surely sprout up everywhere. Here’s what you should look for when purchasing high-quality spermidine:

  • Dose — most research uses ~1mg, but up to 8mg per day appears safe
  • Organic — it gets extracted from various foods, and GMO products concentrate toxins
  • Scientific Advisory Board — product formulations and dosing should reflect the latest research
  • Junk — companies cut corners and use harmful excipients, flow agents, binders, and fillers, which you can avoid by checking the label
  • Facility — products should be produced to GMP and ISO9001 standards
  • Form — it comes in powder, topical, tablet, and capsule form, each with pros and cons

Let’s get started.

Primeadine Original Spermidine

Primeadine Spermidine Review

Primeadine Overview

Dose: 1mg spermidine

Spermidine Source: 910mg wheat-germ extract

Other Ingredients: FOS prebiotic fiber

Inactive Ingredients: Plant cellulose capsule

Manufactured In: USA

Servings: 30 (90 capsules total)

Best For: Stimulating the body’s natural spermidine production

After working with elite Oxford scientists, Leslie Kenny founded Oxford Healthspan—one of the first commercial spermidine supplements. She learned of the natural compound spermidine in a Japanese dish called natto, a fermented soybean dish. Check out our conversation with Leslie on spermidine and longevity.

With Japan being known for its Nobel prize-winning autophagy research, it all became natural to start there. That’s why Oxford Healthspan’s spermidine product comes from highly concentrated Japanese wheat germ.

Oxford Healthspan’s raw materials pass the rigorous standards of the Japan Health Food and Nutrition Food Association.

While Oxford Healthspan sources raw ingredients from Japan, the final product is made in an FDA cGMP-certified facility before it undergoes additional purity testing.

They’ve included a unique prebiotic fiber that feeds the gut’s spermidine-producing bacteria (Fuso- and Bacteroides)—increasing your spermidine levels through supplementation and teaching your body to produce more naturally.

Primeadine’s marketing has focused on the supplement’s aesthetic-enhancing properties like fuller hair, faster nail growth, glowing skin, reduced wrinkles, and better eyelashes. Indeed, research has substantiated their claims.

This was the first spermidine supplement I tried and now they have newer products like the gluten-free version and their powder version.

Primeadine is the only product that also increases your body’s natural spermidine-producing healthy bacteria.

Buy Oxford Health Primeadine

Use the Primeadine code URBAN15 for 15% off

Ultra Health Liposomal Spermidine

ultrahealth spermidine

Renue Overview

Dose: 10mg spermidine 3HCL

Spermidine Source: 3HCL 

Other Ingredients: MCC, vegetable cellulose

Inactive Ingredients: Plant cellulose capsule

Manufactured In: USA

Servings: 60

Best For: Powerful, pure, high bioavailability

What sets Ultra Health apart from others is their technical expertise and research. They provide detailed testing data and even their Certificate of Analysis on each product page.

Don’t get fooled by cheap products. Most extracted spermidine comes from China which raises concerns on safety and regulations. But, Ultra Health synthesizes 99% pure spermidine in their labs in the US. You can be assured that you’re getting only what you pay for with no harmful toxins added.

Spermidine is known for its various functions in anti-aging, cardiovascular health, neuroprotection, and more. But if the supplement breaks down in your stomach, the nutrient barely gets absorbed and you’ll hardly feel any changes.

Ultra Health developed their liposomal enteric capsules exactly for this reason. It provides an extra layer for the capsule to reach the small intestine, helping you get the maximum possible benefits of your spermidine supplement.

If you focus on buying clean, high-absorbing spermidine, get Ultra Health Liposomal Spermidine.

Buy Ultra Health Liposomal Spermidine

Use the exclusive Ultra Health code NC15 for 15% off

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means Outliyr LLC gets a small commission if you buy (at no cost to you). Thanks for your support!


spermidineLIFE Spermidine Review

spermidineLIFE Overview

Dose: 1.5mg spermidine

Spermidine Source: 800mg wheat-germ extract

Other Ingredients: 1.5mg zinc, 0.2mg thiamine

Inactive Ingredients: Plant cellulose capsule, acetylated starch, calcium carbonate, magnesium stearate, glycerol

Manufactured In: Austria

Servings: 30 (60 capsules total)

Best For: Used in real clinical research

Based out of Austria, Longevity Labs’s spermidineLIFE is another major spermidine brand, backed by some of the most famous longevity researchers. Their Scientific Advisory Board includes the prestigious Dr. David Sinclair (who popularized NMN and NR supplements), Guido Kroemer — the most cited autophagy researcher, and many others.

LIFE is the first and only award-winning spermidine supplement that’s currently in use by 80+ international research teams. Since their 2019 founding, most clinical research has used and relied on these products.

LIFE now sells five spermidine products:

  • spermidineLIFE Original
  • spermidineLIFE Extra+ (enhances cell activity and detoxification)
  • spermidineLIFE Memory+ (w/ brain active nutrients for cognitive health)
  • spermidineLIFE Ultra+ (support cell renewal)
  • spermidineLIFE Pro+ (2x more effective)

All feature the same 800mg of wheat germ extract containing 1mg of spermidine.

  • Extra+ contains 30% more polyamine which contributes to cell repair, growth, and overall activity.
  • Memory+ also has cognitive-enhancing micronutrients, the Ayurvedic herb Brahmi, and mood-boosting Saffron extract.
  • Ultra+ and Pro+ are the available powder options. You can mix these with your favorite beverage and naturally induce autophagy.

As you’d expect, spermidineLIFE is a vegan-friendly, non-GMO wheat germ extract free of contaminants.

This product is for those who want the same spermidine used in academic research and don’t mind paying a slight premium.

Buy spermidineLIFE

Use the spermidineLIFE code URBAN15 for 10% off

Renue By Science LIPO Spermidine

renue by science lipo spermidine review

Renue Overview

Dose: 4mg liposomal spermidine

Spermidine Source: wheat-germ extract

Other Ingredients: D-Ribose, sunflower lecithin, rice flour

Inactive Ingredients: Plant cellulose capsule

Manufactured In: USA

Servings: 90

Best For: Extended-release yet affordable

Renue By Science is another good vendor for longevity supplements. They rethink traditional approaches to selling supplements with poor absorption. Instead, RBS uses its proprietary liposomal encapsulation technology to help ingredients bypass degradation by stomach acid. They easily pass into the bloodstream and exert prolonged effects.

Some of the inactive ingredients listed here are required in the liposome manufacturing process. As you’d expect, each batch undergoes third-party lab testing for purity and safety.

First, you get an adequate 4mg dose from just one capsule. Making one bottle last an entire quarter. Plus, the bioavailability and half-life of this one are also considerable compared to the others. Meaning that one capsule will have a more powerful effect and for longer than most spermidine products.

A good choice if we’re talking based on price, efficacy, and dosage.

Buy Renue By Science Liposomal Spermidine

Double Wood Spermidine

Double Wood Spermidine Review

Double Wood Spermidine Overview

Dose: 10mg spermidine

Spermidine Source: Putrescine

Other Ingredients: None

Inactive Ingredients: Plant cellulose capsule, rice flour

Manufactured In: Unknown

Servings: 60 (120 capsules total)

Best For: Tight budgets

If you take longevity supplements, you’ve probably heard of Double Wood. They were the company to make the wildly popular NMN more affordable to consumers. Companies like Double Wood do not disclose nearly as much information about their processes, purity, or safety testing.

They claim that their capsules are manufactured and lab-tested in the USA. The lab testing is for the weight and heavy metal content. We don’t know about purity. The label also states that they’re non-GMO and gluten-free.

Most brands use wheat germ for their spermidine. Double Wood synthesizes spermidine from Putrescine. Very little research has investigated Putrescine-derived spermidine, so do not know the bioavailability of this method nor how the benefits compare.

Containing 10mg in one serving, this is the strongest spermidine supplement I could find. At first glance, that may seem appealing. Note that we don’t have data for humans consuming 10mg+ of spermidine daily. It may be safe.

Each bottle contains 120 capsules. Since a serving is two capsules, each contains 5mg of spermidine. Double Wood uses rice flour as a filler.

If you’re willing to take a risk and want the cheapest spermidine, look into Double Wood.

Buy Double Wood Spermidine

Do Not Age Spermidine

DoNotAge Spermidine Review

Do Not Age Spermidine Overview

Dose: 8mg spermidine

Spermidine Source: Unknown

Other Ingredients: 1mg zinc

Inactive Ingredients: Cellulose

Manufactured In: UK

Servings: 60 (60 capsules total)

Ships To: Global

Price: $53.5 (save 10% with code URBAN)

Best For: Guaranteed potency

UK-based Do Not Age (DNA) is another popular vendor of longevity supplements. They’re best known for their sirtuin-activating supplements (SIRT6 activator in particular). I’ve talked to their Founder, Alan Graves, and the company prioritizes producing high-quality yet affordable supplements. To decide which products to offer, Do Not Age reviews the literature and surveys their customers. That’s exactly what led them to produce the best value spermidine.

My main concern with this product is that they don’t even show the back label on their website. This is the section that matters most for supplements. They’ve since updated their formula to use what appears to be 8mg of man-made spermidine per capsule. And you also get 1mg of Zinc Picolinate. That’s 4X more potency in one capsule than many of the others.

Do Not Age sells their vegan-friendly spermidine in two quantities:

  • 60 capsules for $53.5
  • 366 capsules for $302.5

They produce their spermidine to GMP and ISO9001 standards and then store them in optimal environments.

Most companies lab test their products and then store them in hot, light, humid warehouses which oxidizes and degrades the supplement. By the time you receive your average spermidine product, it may have little potency remaining. As with all their products, DNA guarantees that you’ll actually receive maximum quality and purity on your doorstep. And they ship worldwide.

Do Not Age spermidine is the best overall value in terms of quality and potency.

Buy Do Not Age Spermidine

Use the exclusive Do Not Age code URBAN for 10% off

What is Spermidine

what really is spermidine

Spermidine is an important polyamine (triamine) involved in cellular metabolism. Derived from the amino acid ornithine, and originally discovered in semen, spermidine occurs naturally in the body. Before humans became reliant on chemical agriculture, our produce contained ample spermidine. Levels decline with age, and as it falls, we age faster.

In a nutshell, spermidine is a fasting mimetic with longevity-enhancing benefits (discussed below) similar to caloric restriction, the gold standard of increasing lifespan. It works by activating AMPK and increasing the vital process of cellular repair (called autophagy). It also protects DNA and mitochondria, acts as a signaling molecule, and has countless other benefits (discussed below).

We can help mitigate spermidine deficiency by consuming foods rich in spermidine. But unless you like foods best described as “acquired tastes”, you’ll want the ease of spermidine supplements.

Studies on this supplement show great bioavailability and an outstanding safety profile. Participants in clinical trials have not reported side effects, which makes sense since it’s naturally found in the body. Some researchers believe that…

Spermidine will eventually receive classification as an essential nutrient Share on X

Although there’s little research on the optimal time to take spermidine, it likely works best when taken with food. This is because, prior to supplementation, spermidine traditionally came packaged within whole foods.

After discussing the top spermidine products next, we’ll cover the health benefits and mechanisms. Or you can click here to skip to them now.

Benefits of Spermidine

benefits of spermidine

Now, we’ll discuss what spermidine does.

Though researchers have investigated spermidine since 2002, interest accelerated with the discovery of autophagy in 2016.

Today, over 13,447 studies have highlighted the immense potential of spermidine.

I’ve compiled some of the findings here.

Potent autophagy booster

Spermidine profoundly increases the cellular maintenance process called autophagy. As well as the same process occurring in the mitochondria (mitophagy).

Many of the most notable benefits likely stem from recycling misfolded proteins and faulty structures.

Early 2010 spermidine research hypothesized that “increased autophagic turnover of cytoplasmic organelles or long-lived proteins is involved in most if not all life span-prolonging therapies”.

Increasing autophagy slows damage accumulation and extends healthspan.


Inflammation plays a role in virtually every degenerative condition.

Spermidine is well known to both block inflammation, and exhibit anti-inflammatory mechanisms (increases cytokine IL-10).

It “reduces inflammaging-associated cytokines IFN-γ, IL-1β, IL-6, and TNF-α” and IL-12, in mice at least.

Spermidine also inhibits inflammation stimulated by the toxin LPS. It does so by “blocking the NF-κB, PI3K/Akt and MAPKs signaling pathways in microglia”.

This supplement can quell cytokine storms and stop the inflammatory cascade that leads to many conditions.

Spermidine’s anti-inflammatory mechanisms result in greater resilience to age-associated diseases.

Circadian reset

Surprisingly, spermidine is a potent circadian rhythm regulator.

A newer 2021 study found that just 60 minutes after ingestion, this supplement modulates the expression of “clock genes”. Kicking in even faster than the autophagic benefits.

The authors concluded,

“…spermidine is a potent modulator of the circadian phase, acting through glucocorticoid receptor-independent pathways, and may be useful for treating diseases related to circadian desynchrony.”

Spermidine resets circadian clock phase in NIH3T3 cells

When I can’t entrain my circadian rhythm naturally with early morning light exposure, I’ll take spermidine instead.

Improves cognitive function & slows decline

Dietary spermidine can pass through the blood-brain barrier and exert effects on the brain.

Multiple trials in older adults found nutritional spermidine has a positive impact on memory performance.

Preliminary research in aged mice has found that it helps the brain generate energy more effectively, improves memory, and enhances other facets of cognition:

  • Improves behavior
  • Better spatial learning
  • Improved dementia
  • Greater memory and slower deterioration

I find memory preservation especially interesting, as dementia is a chief symptom of aging.

Another late 2020 paper found high spermidine intake in adults to be a promising brain health strategy.

New research around spermidine and mental health is still making headlines.

Prevents neurotoxicity

A few studies have investigated the effect of spermidine on toxicity in the brain.

The most interesting of which, was a study of rats exposed to the toxin sodium laurate. Predictably, the control group developed cerebral small vessel disease (CSVD). Pathological symptoms included:

  • Arterial damage
  • Mitochondrial impairment
  • Autophagic hyperactivity

Feeding spermidine to the other group protected against these effects, with researchers noting, “maintenance of mitochondrial stability and proper autophagy activity.

Other trials have found similar neuroprotective effects.

Improves TBI recovery

Mouse research in 2020 observed the role of spermidine and brain injury.

Researchers discovered a strong inverse correlation between TBI severity and spermidine level.

The lower your spermidine level, the worse the TBI (and vice-versa).

Spermidine appears to influence the blood-brain barrier and the rate of neuronal cell death. Inhibiting spermidine synthesis negatively impacted neurobehavioral recovery.

They concluded,

“For the first time, we demonstrated that administrating spermidine may provide a new treatment for TBI.”

Spermidine Exhibits Protective Effects Against Traumatic Brain Injury

Those that engage in contact or collision sports should stay abreast of the link between spermidine and concussions.

Caloric restrictions benefits without fasting

Autophagy is one of the primary benefits of fasting.

Researchers have long since considered spermidine a fasting mimetic. It provides many of the same benefits without the torture of restriction.

But that’s not all.

Another spermidine benefit is optimized genetic expression,

“..increased intake of the polyamine spermidine appears to reproduce many of the healthful effects of caloric restriction, and they explain its cellular actions, which include enhancement of autophagy and protein deacetylation.”

Spermidine in health and disease

Protects against degenerative disease

In addition to neuroprotection, spermidine protects against other diseases.

These protective effects include:

  • Cancer
  • Metabolic disorder
  • Heart disease
  • Impaired movement
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Liver damage

This is another promising area of research.

Though spermidine may help protect against cancer, several papers show that it can accelerate tumor growth once established.

Protects mitochondria and telomeres

Spermidine has profound effects on the mitochondria.

This 2020 paper found much of the anti-aging benefit comes from improving both autophagy and mitochondrial function.

Another paper showed spermidine helped protect mitochondria against cell aging and destabilization when treated with a toxin.

The mitochondria have their own version of autophagy (called mitophagy), and spermidine improves the process. It also increases the creation of new mitochondria through a process called mitochondrial biogenesis.

Spermidine also shifts the energy balance of the cell by activating AMPK.

Then this 2021 research showed that spermidine slows down telomere shortening.

Healthy mitochondria lead to healthy humans.

Slows biological aging in humans

Original spermidine research showed slowed aging in other organisms.

Yeast, nematodes, flies, and mice all lived longer when fed spermidine-rich diets.

Then, in 2018, research (mostly epidemiological) found similar correlations in humans too.

In fact, levels of the entire polyamine family have strong associations with aging and disease. They also confer increased resiliency against stress.

Autophagy, geroprotection (DNA), AMPK activation, mitochondrial protection, and other mechanisms all combine to exert spermidine’s anti-aging effect.

Beauty (skin, hair, nails)

Not only does it have potent longevity benefits, but spermidine notably improves the skin, nails, and hair.

Emerging data on spermidine makes it a promising beauty-enhancing supplement for:

  • Skin elasticity
  • Skin hydration
  • Skin desquamation
  • Hair growth

Researchers postulate that the beauty benefits come from restoring the collagen and lipid synthesis of aged cells. Resulting in improved skin structure and function. Much of this likely occurs through the skin microbiome.

Several studies have also found that spermidine speeds up hair growth, and slows down hair loss.

I haven’t noticed any real beautification changes yet, but I’ve already seen commercial interest in topical creams fortified with spermidine.

Immune health

Spermidine improves immunity through various mechanisms.

Immunity is also linked to inflammation and autophagy.

One mouse study compared spermidine to the immunosuppressive yet popular longevity drug rapamycin. Old mice generally create fewer antibodies as a result of illness or vaccination. Researchers found giving these mice spermidine restored T cell antibody response to healthy levels.

Other research suggests improved T-cell and B-cell function, as well as helping quell immune system overactivation (autoimmunity).

Spermidine appears to restore immune function back to homeostasis.

Promotes heart health

Spermidine plays an integral role in protecting the cardiovascular system.

Research has indicated that spermidine improves:

  • Blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disease risk
  • Death related to heart disease
  • Cardiac hypertrophy
  • Heart failure progression
  • Cholesterol

One study suggests that the cardioprotective benefits of spermidine come from the following mechanisms (emphasis mine),

“…stimulation of autophagy, mitophagy and mitochondrial respiration and improved the mechano-elastical function of cardiomyocytes”. Beneficial effects of spermidine on cardiovascular health and longevity suggest a cell type-specific import of polyamines by cardiomyocytes

Spermidine also increases levels of a potent cardioprotective molecule called Nitric Oxide (NO).

It may prevent fat gain and reduce cholesterol through changes to VSMCs, again, driven by autophagy.

Spermidine seems like a great preventative strategy to protect your heart and arteries.

Mitigates damage from drinking alcohol & toxin exposure

A 2021 mouse study found that spermidine can reduce toxicity caused by alcohol and other compounds.

Drinking causes systemic toxicity via dehydration and the toxin acetaldehyde.

This paper investigated how spermidine impacts:

  • LPS-induced oxidative stress
  • Lipid peroxidation
  • Ethanol toxicity

One mechanism behind spermidine’s antioxidant role is via suppressing inflammation.

Researchers of that study concluded,

“Together, our results indicate that spermidine is an antioxidant thereby conferring anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic effects associated with alcoholic liver injury.”

Spermidine Prevents Ethanol and Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Hepatic Injury in Mice

Anti-obesity effects

Spermidine has anti-obesogenic properties.

It activates autophagy and mitophagy, protects the heart and mitochondria, and even prevents the creation of new fat (lipogenesis).

Obese rats on a high-fat diet that were fed spermidine had some impressive benefits:

  • Fat breakdown
  • Inflammation
  • Gut barrier function
  • Conversion of fat into heat energy

Eight weeks of spermidine treatment led to less fat mass, better blood labs, reduced inflammation, more fat-burning brown adipose tissue, and a healthier gut. The team concluded,

“These findings demonstrate that spermidine has potentials in treating obesity.”

Spermidine ameliorates high-fat diet-induced hepatic steatosis and adipose tissue inflammation in preexisting obese mice

Lengthens healthspan

Many of the discussed mechanisms promote a longer lifespan.

One study followed 829 participants for 15 years and divided the groups by dietary spermidine consumption. Their analysis uncovered a 5.7-year lifespan difference between groups consuming the most and least spermidine.

Follow-up research found increased lifespan in cancer patients, cardiovascular disease, and those with other degenerative conditions.

We may have the effect reversed. It seems plausible that spermidine deficiency artificially decreases lifespan.

Either way…

Consuming adequate spermidine seems to increase both lifespan and the quality of those years (called healthspan).

Spermidine vs Other Longevity Supplements

Spermidine Supplements vs NMN vs Rapamycin vs Fisetin

Spermidine isn’t the only anti-aging compound taking the world by storm.

Here’s how spermidine compares and differs from some of the most popular longevity supplements.

Spermidine vs Fisetin

Fisetin is a bioflavinoid plant pigment and antioxidant recognized for its senolytic and DNA-protective properties. It’s naturally found in fruits and vegetables. Like spermidine, fisetin induces autophagy, inhibits inflammation, and may extend healthspan.

Fisetin, however, has considerably less human research, is more expensive, and is harder to find than spermidine. Due to their similar effects, an ideal supplement would contain a synergy of both spermidine and fisetin. Click here to learn more about fisetin.

Spermidine vs Rapamycin

Rapamycin is a potent immunosuppressive pharmaceutical drug that has received attention for its longevity-enhancing effects. It works primarily by inhibiting the mTOR pathway of cellular growth and repair. This activates AMPK and autophagy. Suppressing the immune system comes with a host of side effects.

Unlike spermidine which has zero side effects and many of the same benefits, Mayo Clinic lists over 100 side effects of rapamycin (also called Sirolimus). Rapamycin should only be used under close doctor supervision, and in precise cycles. As a dietary nutrient, spermidine is a safer choice. It also does not come at the cost of increased frailty and the inability to build lean body mass.

Spermidine vs NMN

Spermidine and NMN are the most popular longevity supplements available. Both increase healthspan, activate autophagy, protect cognitive function, boost the immune system, and improve cardiovascular function.

Spermidine improves more aging pathways (six out of all nine) and appears to be better for beauty (skin, hair, nails) than NMN. NMN seems better able to stave off cognitive decline and restore youthful energy levels. A smart supplementation program includes both NMN and spermidine. Click here to learn more about beta-NMN.

Common Spermidine Supplement Questions & Answers

What are natural sources of spermidine?

The foods naturally highest in spermidine include wheat germ, natto, mushrooms, cauliflower, soybeans, broccoli sprouts, and other plants. While not a food, sperm also contains high levels of spermidine, spermine, and other polyamines.

What is the best spermidine dose?

Research suggests that consuming 1-7mg of spermidine daily is safe for humans and other animals. Most research recommends 1-2mg, and few suggest doses of 7mg+.

Is spermidine safe or risky?

Studies suggest that in normal doses, spermidine is safe both in humans and other animals. So far clinical trials have not found any adverse side effects. Some researchers believe spermidine will soon get reclassified as an essential nutrient.

How long do the benefits of spermidine take to work?

The benefits of spermidine take about 2 months to start showing and continue to accumulate with regular use.

Spermidine: Should You Take This Longevity Supplement?

Spermidine is rapidly becoming a household name.

Key to improving your quality of life, staving off age-related decline, and thriving. It combines nicely with other longevity molecules and has virtually zero side effects.

It’s one of few compounds that improve SIX of all nine aging pathways. Thousands of studies have led many researchers to believe that…

Spermidine will soon become a required dietary nutrient.

One virtually absent from our modern diet. Unless you eat piles of natto.

But you must know that not all spermidine supplements are equal. Many contain more fillers and contaminants than active ingredients.

Imagine the tragedy of a fake spermidine product actually shortening your healthspan.

That’s why I’ve researched and reviewed the best spermidine supplements on the internet.

Do you take spermidine? Let me know your experience in the comments below and let’s make this a conversation!


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