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Wild Pastures Review 2024: Best & Cheapest Online Meat Delivery?

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Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means Outliyr LLC gets a small commission if you buy (at no cost to you). Thanks for your support!

Wild Pastures Online Meat Delivery Subscription Review
Wild Pastures Online Meat Delivery Subscription Review

I eat a lot of meat.

Online regenerative meat subscription boxes have great perks:

  • Time savings
  • Convenience (auto-ship)
  • Higher-quality
  • Larger selection
  • Customer support

Meat delivery also has glaring dark sides. Two specifically:

  1. Price
  2. Non-existent quality control

Shipped to your doorstep, reputable services charge $10-$15 per pound. In-store, I buy similar meat for $8-$12 per pound.

Fraud also runs rampant in the meat industry. 99%+ of meat in the USA comes from factory farms. Even the stuff labeled “grass-fed” or “cage-free”. Labeling guidelines are very vague and most do NOT require in-farm visits to confirm the validity of product labels. Case and point with the huge Belcampo scandal.

So it’s easier on the wallet and better for the body. What about the environment?

Organic, regenerative, grass-finished, pasture-raised animal products help save the world:

  • Highly bioavailable and densely concentrated nutrients
  • Net negative carbon emissions
  • Humane treatment of animals
  • Restores the environment

Plus, it tastes delicious.

Industrially raised CAFO meat is the exact opposite. I avoid it whenever possible.

My friends at Wild Pastures solved the issues of price, quality, and environmental impact.

The same team from the super successful and reputable superfood snack & supplement company, Paleovalley, now offers the highest-quality meat money can buy. Yet at Costco prices.

Up to 40% cheaper than other online meat delivery services.

I took the plunge and began my first-ever food subscription. Dozens of orders in, I can attest to the unparalleled taste, quality, affordability, and customer service. So in today’s post, I’m reviewing the Wild Pasture service and sharing my experience. I’ll help you decide if this is the best online meat delivery service for your needs and lifestyle.

What is Wild Pastures?

The KING of Grass-Fed Meat Delivery Services? (Wild Pastures Review)
My Wild Pastures review after several months of using this company

Wild Pastures is a regenerative meat discount club. Providing the absolute highest quality, domestic, pasture-raised meats at the best possible prices. They source meat from small local American farmers that raise their livestock ethically and sustainably. The natural way. Zero pesticides, fertilizers, steroids, herbicides, antibiotics, or any other potential toxins. The taste of the meat reflects the dedication to quality.

Wild Pastures bulk buys from your nearest local farmers. This helps them lock in the best possible prices. Then they redistribute the meat. This company operates in the entire continental US.

You choose the meats you want, set a delivery frequency, and your box arrives on your doorstep. Here’s how.

How Buying From Wild Pastures Works

Wild Pastures Meat Delivery Subscription Box Review

I’m new to food subscriptions, so I didn’t know what to expect.

Wild Pasture’s customer service is next level. They work hard to resolve any problems and make your experience right. When I’ve had issues, they’ve reshipped my order on their own dime.

Start to finish (including personalizing your order) takes just a few minutes.


When you visit the site, they’ll ask for your state and zip code to make sure that they operate in your area. Unless you live in Hawaii or Alaska, you should have no problem signing up.

Availability of certain meat cuts, like beef liver, varies by location.


If Wild Pastures delivers to you, you’ll have two options. Either buy a single box or a subscription.

I recommend the subscription because it’s a much better deal and you can modify the frequency or cancel at any time.

In fact, I have mine set up to ship monthly. But if I have leftovers, I will cancel via the reminder email they send several days before the next box ships.


Once you’ve picked your account type (you can always upgrade to a membership), you choose what types of meats you’ll want in your box(es). Options include:

  • Beef, Chicken, & Pork
  • Beef & Chicken
  • Beef & Pork
  • Chicken & Pork

I don’t buy chicken from them, since it’s considerably cheaper in-store. Plus, they offer few cuts. No boneless chicken, unfortunately. But I do use the bones for homemade bone broth.

Since chicken costs less, they’ve made boxes that include chicken cheaper (discussed below).

Then you choose how often you want to receive a box. Cadences range from monthly, to every three Months. And anything in between.

From there, you see all the meats in your cart. Add, change, or remove as you desire. Before checkout, you can add other things to your order.


You’ll receive the confirmation email a few days before your order ships. You can skip or change the delivery date with one click.

I’ve skipped a bunch of orders while I’ve been traveling or have leftovers. Unlike some of the other meat delivery companies, I appreciate that the reminder email arrives multiple days before shipment.

Another email confirms when your order moves to processing. Within two to four days of that, your box arrives.

Still frozen, chilled on dry ice.


I order a lot of meat all at once.

Since it arrives packed on dry ice, I immediately transfer most of it to our freezer.

In mid-2023, I upgraded to a deep freezer. We now have an “emergency” stash of about 25 pounds of amazing meat.

I’ll leave about a week’s worth in the fridge.

After it thaws out, enjoy some of the best value and quality meat you can get!

Wild Pastures Box Pricing

Note that they recommend the 15-pound boxes for 1-3 people, and 25 pounds for 4+ people. Of course, this depends on your diet and appetite. 😉

You can also change delivery frequency to better suit your needs.

Supply chain costs will surely change things. As of this writing, these are the most up-to-date Wild Pastures box prices for subscriptions and one-time orders.

Box ContentsSubscription PriceOne-Time Order Price
Beef, Chicken & Pork (15 lbs)$154$174
Beef, Chicken & Pork (25 lbs)$254$274
Beef & Chicken (15 lbs)$154$174
Beef & Chicken (25 lbs)$254$274
Beef & Pork (15 lbs)$166$186
Beef & Pork (25 lbs)$266$286
Chicken & Pork (15 lbs)$154$174
Chicken & Pork (25 lbs)$254$274

You can add extra meats to your order too.

These days, I get a big 25 pound box plus tons of add-ons.

Usually, 10+ extra pounds of ground beef. The highest quality ground beef I’ve found for just $5.99 per pound!

I signed up for the service early, so I’ve secured a permanent 20% off. While this deal lasts, you can sign-up with this link, and lock in a 20% discount for life.

No special Wild Pastures promo or coupon codes needed. Click the button below.

Get Your Limited Time 20% + $15 Off All Orders For Life

You can always cancel the free membership if you don’t like it. But subscribers are VIPs and get all kinds of exclusive bonuses.

Wild Pastures Plus Membership

When you place your first subscription order, you become a Wild Pastures Plus member.

This membership does not cost you anything. But it unlocks all kinds of savings.

In my time with Wild Pastures, a few of the VIP offers I’ve seen:

  • 50% off beef bacon
  • 30% off Paleovalley Organic Supergreens powder
  • 30% off Beef Brisket
  • 30% off Spiral Cut Ham
  • 30% off Grilling Favorites
  • 35% off premium Paleovalley whole-food-based supplements & delicious healthy snacks
  • $1 bottle of fresh-pressed olive oil (regularly $39)
  • $0.99 bottle of the highest quality, cleanest, biodynamic wine available

Most of their discounts come from them accidentally over-ordering certain meats. Rather than letting them spoil, they sell them at a great price.

All you have to do is click the “Claim” button in the email, and it’s automatically added to your next box.

A great way to try new foods and save while doing so.

What Comes in Wild Pastures Meat Subscription Boxes?

One of the biggest perks is your ability to customize your order exactly how you like.

You can substitute any cuts you don’t like, remove meats altogether, or just load up on your favorites. Without having to go through support or pay any hidden fees.

Wild Pastures offers dozens of different cuts of:

  • Grass-finished beef (100 percent)
  • Wild-caught seafood
  • Pasture-raised pork
  • Pasture-raised chicken

Things you won’t find in your local grocer or in other meat delivery services.

You can rest assured knowing it’s all the highest quality possible.

Wild Pastures Compared to Alternative Meat Subscriptions Boxes

I’ve researched countless online meat delivery services.

Most have glaring flaws that quickly turned me away.

There are a few well-known Wild Pastures competitors that I thoroughly explored first.


ButcherBox is one of the biggest names in online meat delivery. At first glance, both companies seem similar. ButcherBox, however, is far more expensive, lower quality, less sustainable, and with far fewer options.

ButcherBox does not source all its meat from local farmers in the USA. Their chicken is not pasture-raised, and they only mention zero antibiotics or hormones. Nothing about pesticides, fertilizers, or other toxic chemicals often fed to lifestock.

Where Wild Pastures goes the extra mile to use the entire animal, ships in reusable packaging, and upholds a zero-waste policy, ButcherBox does not.

US Wellness Meats

When I previously researched the best quality online meat delivery services, I came across US Wellness Meats (also called Grassland Beef).

It satisfies most of my requirements.

Tons of a la carte options and meat bundles. Sustainably raised, pastured, grass-finished livestock and wild-caught seafood. It seems like it’s high-quality.

Then I saw the price. Double what I pay in-store. US Wellness Meats’ ground beef, for example, costs 42 percent more than Wild Pastures. For the same quality. So I’ve never used the company.

Wild Pastures: Organic Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished, Regenerative, Pasture-Raised Meat on a Budget

Animal vs Plant Diets, Whole Food Supplements, Soil, & Wild Pastures | Autumn Smith @Paleovalley ​
Interview with Autumn Smith of both Paleovalley and Wild Pastures describing how they are able to offer such high quality at unparalleled prices

I used to buy all my meat from my local grocers.

Unfortunately, over 99% of meat in America is factory-farmed. Thanks to labeling legal loopholes, that includes most of the stuff labeled “grass-fed”.

Meat can both heal and harm human health… depending on the quality Share on X

Every pound of flesh concentrates 6-7 pounds of plant material consumed by the animal.

Plant material either laden with pesticides, herbicides, hormones, antibiotics, and synthetic chemicals. Or vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

Providing either high-quality cellular instructions designed to regenerate your body.

Or, in the case of factory farmed meat, high levels of stress hormones like cortisol, and deleterious exosomes/micro-RNA. Harmful chemical messages. Transmitting those same pre-slaughter extinction-stress chemical signals from the animal, into your own body.

Food is more than calories and macronutrients. It’s an informational blueprint, a scaffolding to your biology and cells.

Unfortunately, in many parts of the country, you either can’t find quality beef or it’s outrageously expensive.

New online meat delivery subscriptions are changing that.

Most of them suffer from lacking reputation, poor user experience, or ridiculous prices.

Given Wild Pastures’ extensive track record and appearance of great value, I tested my first food subscription.

My household now regularly gets a box filled to the brim with 40-50 pounds of my favorite animal products. I get to try new meats at unbeatable deals. All from the comfort of my home.

I always max out extra ground beef because it is far higher than Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods finest, and at least 25 percent cheaper!

I have no intention of quitting.

I signed up early, so I get 20% off, free shipping, and 2 free pounds of ground beef in all future orders.

If this sounds interesting, I suggest you capitalize on their current deal. It won’t last.

Just click the button below to get started. If you don’t love it, you’ll be fully refunded due to their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Secure 20% + $15 Off All Orders For Life

This offer will expire soon.

And if you’re a big meat eater interested in rounding out the health benefits, you should consider adding on one of these great organ meat supplements. I personally use Paleovalley’s complex (their sister company).

Have you tried Wild Pastures meat? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Wild Pastures Review 2024: Best & Cheapest Online Meat Delivery?
Wild Pastures Online Meat Delivery Subscription Review

Many 100% Grass-Fed online meat delivery services are expensive & limited. My Wild Pastures review & experience will help determine if its the best meat box for you.

Product Brand: Wild Pastures

Editor's Rating:


  • Great value
  • Highly customizable
  • Best quality meats
  • Grass-fed, grass-finished beef
  • Pasture-raised chicken
  • Wild-caught seafood
  • Fast & free shipping
  • Exclusive deals
  • Price has barely increased over the years
  • Great customer service


  • Limited delivery windows
  • Some areas lack organ meats
  • Only main box sizes
  • Missing some cuts and meat variations
  • 2/19 of my orders needed to be reshipped (due to the Texas heat)
  • UPS delivered some boxes with gashes and leaks

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4 thoughts on “Wild Pastures Review 2024: Best & Cheapest Online Meat Delivery?”

  1. One of the things that no company will discuss, is what they are inoculating their livestock with. I’m not talking about antibiotics or hormones but actual Vs. If we knew what was being injected into our livestock, none of us would eat meat! And no, I’m not a vegetarian, I’m a carnivore all the way. I’m just pointing out that just because something says grass fed, or free range, etc, there is more to animal husbandry than the public is unaware of.

    • Hi Judy, you’re right! Indeed there is a lot more to it. It’d be great if regulators would step up or third-parties certifications brought more transparency. The super high stress state the animals experience just prior to slaughter also dramatically changes the composition (and hormone profile) of the meat. Stress-induced mutation pressure can also lead to new the rise of new pathogens. Although this is all much more common among conventional livestock.

  2. Hi, I currently buy from Wild Fork. The meat is good, but the price is outrageous. Since I only buy once a month I count the servings making sure that my wife and I are going to have around 30 meals. I don’t usually buy breakfast meats or organ meat for those I get from my local grocery. I would like to check out this company and see if their meat is any better.

    I don’t usually say I want the government involved in anything but, we have a department that is supposed to stay on top of this stuff. We eat keto/paleo as much as we can.

    • Hi Janet,

      I know what you mean! There are lots of companies online that do this, but most of them are crazy expensive. Please report back and let me know what you think of Wild Pastures!


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