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30+ Best Bioregulator Peptides: Nature’s Powerful Epigenetic “Switches”

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Best Bioregulator Peptides Review Supplements
Best Bioregulator Peptides Review Supplements
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The Russian military has a secret that savvy Western doctors are slowly adopting to great success.

Welcome to the world of Peptide Bioregulators.

These novel molecules target specific organs or glands and naturally rebalance them by flipping genes on or off.

What makes them special?

Longevity therapeutics generally grant you three of these four: cost, convenience, power, and safety.

Bioregulator peptides check all four boxes.

So in this post, we will explore the re-emerging world of therapeutic peptides bioregulators. The best regulators for every use case, the benefits, ideal stacks, and how to get started. I’ll help you decide if these powerful longevity supplements are right for you.

What are Bioregulators?

Bioregulators: Soviet Military Secret Regenerates Organs, Resets DNA & Restores Health | Phil Micans
The re-discovered science, benefits, and uses of therapeutic bioregulator peptides.

Bioregulators are extremely short strings of amino acids that are orally bioavailable and target specific organs and bodily systems. They work by flipping on and off the expression of particular genes. Like precise epigenetic control panels. Each bodily function has one or more corresponding bioregulators.

We consume trace quantities from our diet, and plants use bioregulators too. In fact, we can get trace amounts of particular bioregulators from consuming organs and/or organ meat supplements.

Since they protect DNA and initiate cell repairs, this class of short peptides is also called “geroprotectors”. Peptides come from three primary sources: internally produced by micro-organisms, amino acids ingested through the diet which then get cleaved into shorter sub-combinations, and therapeutic supplement products.

Regardless of source, once consumed, they enter the cell membrane, regulate protein transcription, and thus alter cellular function. The main difference between proteins, peptides, and bioregulators comes down to size:

  • Bioregulators: 2-4 amino acids
  • Peptides (long-chain): 5-50 amino acids
  • Proteins: 50+ amino acids

Bioregulators are a special subset of peptides that directly regulate bodily functions. Normal peptides do not.

Although they appear new to us Westerners, the Russians have studied and used them to get success for 50+ years. Primarily undertaken by one researcher: Dr. Vladmir Khavinson. He’s also the one responsible for much of the research on certain therapeutic longevity peptides.

Dr. Vladmir Khavinson is rumored to have discovered 50+ peptide bioregulators, but only 21 of his are currently commercially available. A select few, the “Khavinson bioregulators”, got named after him. So far, he and his associates have completed the vast majority of the research.

However, others like the American physician Dr. Bill Lieurance are currently running trials on bioregulators here in the USA.

One of the primary defining characteristics of bioregulators is how they were derived.

Natural vs synthetic bioregulators

Bioregulators are simple sequences of amino acids.

Despite that, researchers make a big distinction between natural extractions and man-made products.

Neither is better; each has its pros and cons.

Synthetics (”Cytogens”) 🔬Naturals (”Cytomaxes”, “Cytomins”) 🍃
Fastest actingGood for maintenance
StrongerMultiple peptides inside (possible synergy)
Single isolated peptideGentle & gradual
Eventually builds “tolerance”Benefits compound over time
Better researchedPleiotropic effects
Pros and cons of bioregulators

Most protocols start with synthetics and then move to naturals.

There are some key similarities and differences to other therapeutic peptides.

Bioregulators vs peptides

Bioregulators are a mini subset of typical therapeutic benefits. Structurally, the primary difference between the two is the amino acid chain length.

Dramatically impacting the way they work in the body.

This table compares standard peptides to bioregulators:

Peptides 🧪Bioregulators 🧬
Side EffectsMinorNone known
Therapeutic peptides vs bioregulators

The most comprehensive protocols combine the two. Bioregulators are for ongoing protection while peptides excel for the acute.

Peptides tend to exert stronger noticeable effects and impact more of the body.

Nature’s Marvels

When researching bioregulators, you’ll come across what are called “Nature’s Marvels”. These are a subset of bioregulator peptides that meet specific criteria.

Each of the 21 is bovine-sourced (natural), well-researched (37+ years), and approved by Professor Khavinson.

Nature’s Marvel’s bioregulator peptides include:

  1. Adrenal Peptide Bioregulator (Glandokort)
  2. Bladder Peptide Bioregulator (Chitomur)
  3. Blood Vessel Peptide Bioregulator (Ventfort)
  4. Bone-marrow Peptide Bioregulator (Bonomarlot)
  5. Brain Peptide Bioregulator (Cerluten)
  6. Cartilage Peptide Bioregulator (Sigumir)
  7. Heart Peptide Bioregulator (Chelohart)
  8. Kidney Peptide Bioregulator (Pielotax)
  9. Liver Peptide Bioregulator (Svetinorm)
  10. Lungs Peptide Bioregulator (Taxorest)
  11. Muscle Peptide Bioregulator (Gotratix)
  12. Ovaries Peptide Bioregulator (Zhenoluten)
  13. Pancreas Peptide Bioregulator (Suprefort)
  14. Parathyroid Peptide Bioregulator (Bonothyrk)
  15. Pineal Peptide Bioregulator (Endoluten)
  16. Prostate Peptide Bioregulator (Libidon)
  17. Retina Peptide Bioregulator (Visoluten)
  18. Stomach Peptide Bioregulator (Stamakort)
  19. Testes Peptide Bioregulator (Testoluten)
  20. Thymus Peptide Bioregulator (Vladonix)
  21. Thyroid Peptide Bioregulator (Thyreogen)

Common Benefits Across Bioregulator Peptides


Every bioregulator works differently. Even the natural and synthetic versions of the same bioregulator have different effects, uses, and mechanisms.

And, of course, they benefit different organs and tissues. Since the body is a highly connected system of systems, protocols usually stack them for the greatest effects.

At the same time, peptide bioregulators share benefits:

  • Improved cellular communication & signaling
  • Increased DNA protection and stability
  • Accelerated tissue repair
  • Immune system support
  • Health biomarker improvements
  • Bodily function improvements
  • Slowed biological aging

Basically, bioregulators improve gene expression of the body’s built-in protective mechanisms — increasing resilience against degeneration.

Since they target narrowly, you’ll want to choose the right one(s).

Commonly Recommended Bioregulators

Now this list is quite subjective. Your ideal bioregulators will depend on your lifestyle, goals, and needs.

That said, some have more overall benefits and uses than others.

Here are my top five favorite bioregulators in order:

  • Pineal Peptide Bioregulator (Endoluten®)
  • Thymus Bioregulator (Vladonix®)
  • Blood & Circulation Bioregulator (Ventfort®)
  • Brain Peptide Bioregulator (Cerluten®)
  • Cartilage & Joints Bioregulator (Sigumir®)

You’ll see each of these come up consistently.

Now, let’s investigate the others.

Bioregulator Peptides for Different Aspects of Health and Performance

The biggest issue with bioregulators is the language barrier. Unfortunately, most of the research is in Russian, and thorough translations into English (especially regarding accurate dosing) take time.

According to one vendor, by sales here are the top five of each category of bioregulator products:

Khavinson’s Best Selling Cytogens

Nevertheless, from my reading and talking to experts in the industry, I’ve compiled a simple breakdown of many top bioregulators.

Bonomarlot (Natural Bone Marrow Bioregulator)

Bone marrow is responsible for the production of red and white blood cells. Bonomarlot is used to improve conditions associated with suboptimal bone marrow. Things like aging, chemotherapeutics, anemia, metabolic dysfunction, and immunodeficiencies.

It’s a natural extract of animal bone marrow and is recommended to stack with other bioregulators.

Bonothyrk (Natural Parathyroid Bioregulator)

The Parathyroid is the gland (technically a group of glands) responsible for regulating levels of phosphate and calcium. Bonothyrk is an animal extract often used to help conditions related to abnormal balance. Such as calcification, weakening of bones, or vitamin D/calcium absorption issues.

It may also help the musculoskeletal system and improve immunity.

Bonothyrk doesn’t need to be stacked, but it may work better with Ventfort.

Cartalax (Synthetic Cartilage & Bone Bioregulator)

Cartalax is the tripeptide synthetic version of Sigumir. As expected, it improves the musculoskeletal system. Cartalax improves connective tissue health and conditions (arthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, spinal degeneration), recovers cartilage, strengthens bone, aids fractures, reduces pain, and improves mobility.

Unlike many manmade bioregulators, Cartalax exhibits pleiotropic effects. It also appears to benefit the kidneys and skin. Cartalax ranks highly on the list of universally recommended bioregulators.

Again, it’s a synthesized bioregulator, so Cartalax is ideal for the early stages of treatment and for short follow-up courses. Stack it with Vesugen to enhance blood flow.

Endoluten (Natural Pineal Bioregulator)

The pineal gland is often referred to as the link between the material world and the esoteric. It’s believed to be the seat of insights and clarity as well as key neuroendocrine functions. Endoluten is a natural extract of the pineal gland that shows pleiotropic benefits and use cases.

It’s especially helpful for endocrine issues (melatonin deficiency can cause insomnia), immunity, and chronic fatigue, and by protecting telomeres, improve longevity.

I find this one especially fascinating, and it stacks nicely with Cerluten or a circulation stimulator.

Cerluten (Natural Brain & CNS Bioregulator)

Between age and the assaults of modern living, the brain’s capabilities decline. Cerluten is a natural extract that helps modulate the brain and central nervous system back into an optimal state. It’s neuroprotective and can maintain and in some cases even restore proper neurometabolic function.

This one is especially promising for patients suffering from neurodegenerative conditions, TBI, and nervous system disorders. It may even reduce the side effects of medications acting on the brain or CNS.

It’s often stacked alongside a blood flow bioregulator like Ventfort or another brain bioregulator like Endoluten.

Epithalamin (Natural Pineal Bioregulator)

Epithalamin is a natural pineal gland “Khavinson peptide” bioregulator considered to be one of the more potent geroprotective (gene protection) substances. It seems to have some of the widest-ranging benefits of bioregulators. Epithalamin increases stress resilience, normalizes circadian rhythms, improves carb and fat metabolism, better blood biomarkers, upregulates endogenous antioxidant production, optimized thyroid, and sex hormones, and of course, lifespan extension.

This is one of my favorite bioregulators, and it’s also slightly harder to find. Animal studies show incredible results when stacked with the Thymus bioregulators.

Epitalon (Synthetic Pineal Bioregulator)

Epitalon is the synthetic version of the Endoluten/Epithalamin bioregulators. It’s also one of the most popular therapeutic peptides for longevity. Epitalon is incredible for entraining the circadian rhythm, regulating neuroendocrine balance (especially melatonin), slowing biological aging, and improving sleep.

This analog appears to have a particular affinity towards improving skin health, radiance, and protection (by increasing melanin). Theoretically, this should confer a nice tan too. It’s especially powerful for those over the age of 40-50.

Unlike the others on this list, Epitalon only comes in a topical cream, nasal spray, or injections.

Epitalon stacks nicely with other brain or blood flow bioregulators.

Chelohart (Natural Heart Bioregulator)

If heart/cardiovascular health is top of mind, you may consider Chelohart. This is a natural extract that supports myocardial cells and helps the many conditions afflicting the heart. Including heart failure, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, and coronary heart disease. Chelohart is good for endurance athletes to mitigate ventricle imbalances that often develop.

Chelohart is often stacked alongside blood flow bioregulators.

Chitomur (Natural Bladder Bioregulator)

Typically, bladder health becomes a more pressing concern with age. Chitomur is a natural extract that improves the bladder, its associated muscles, and most conditions affecting the bladder. This is one of the few that’s undergone clinical research. It has shown promise to help treat urination disorders and normalize bladder function.

Chitomur is often stacked with the prostate bioregulator, libidon.

Glandokort (Natural Adrenal Bioregulator)

The HPA Axis regulates the stress response, and the adrenal glands play a crucial role. Even at a young age, fast-paced living has put “adrenal fatigue” (adrenal insufficiency) on the rise. It manifests with generic symptoms. Glandakort is a natural complex extracted from adrenal glands and can help treat or mitigate adrenal issues. These include improving response to stress, increasing energy levels, and healthy hormonal support.

Dosing varies depending on the intensity of the stressor.

Gotratix (Natural Muscle Bioregulator)

Sarcopenia, also known as muscle wasting, is an affliction that affects many. Especially as we get older, this loss of lean tissue accelerates aging and decreases healthspan. Gotratix is a natural bioregulator extract that’s both good for athletes as well as those looking to maintain muscle. According to a study, Gotratix works to improve muscle metabolism as well as enhances beneficial adaptations to training. This small trial found improved speed, force, jumping, and mobility. Its antioxidant actions may reduce athletic recovery and soreness.

Altogether making Gotratix one of the more exciting bioregulators.

Gotratix is often stacked with Sigumir and Ventfort.

Libidon (Natural Prostate Bioregulator)

Another common concern among aging men is prostate health. Issues regularly occur. Libidon is a natural bioregulator extract used to support men’s health and particularly everything related to the prostate. Libidon shows promise for helping prostate conditions such as increased urination, sporadic urine flow, and inability to fully empty the bladder. It also may help with libido, erectile dysfunction, and general reproductive health.

Gotratix is often stacked with the Chitomur bioregulator.

Pielotax (Natural Kidney Bioregulator)

The kidneys play a crucial role in ridding waste products from the body. Detoxing metabolic waste products and keeping all organs, cells, and blood functioning smoothly. Pielotax is a natural bioregulator extract used successfully in research to support kidney health. Protecting, modulating, and restoring the kidneys back to full function. This bioregulator is powerful to protect against age-associated degradation as well as to help with any related kidney issues.

If my blood work showed urea/uric acid, BUN, or GFR issues, I’d consider Pielotax.

Pielotax is often stacked with the Chitomur and Ventfort bioregulators and is taken 15 minutes before meals.

Pinealon (Synthetic CNS/Brain Bioregulators)

Pinealon is a three-amino acid synthetic bioregulator that improves multiple parameters of brain function. As one of the “Khavinson peptide” bioregulators, it’s undergone several clinical trials (though I couldn’t find much info about them). Cortexin is the patented version of Pinealon.

Pinealon is a therapeutic used for brain injuries (TBI), heavy stress, chronic fatigue, stroke, mood, sleep, attention, memory, speech, information processing, emotional regulation, and even to enhance physical strength via the neuromuscular connection.

Like all synthesized bioregulators, it’s better for the early stages of treatment and short follow-up courses. Stack it with Vesugen for better effects.

Sigumir (Natural Cartilage & Joints Bioregulator)

Connective tissue health is becoming a focus of the longevity community, and hydrolyzed collagen peptides are not the only option. Our cartilage, bone, spine, and joints shape the resiliency of our body and our ability to partake in everyday life activities. Sigumir is a natural bioregulator extract clinically studied to improve connective tissue health. It helps reduce age-related cartilage degeneration as well as acts prophylactically.

For those damaged by intense physical activity (overuse), arthritis, osteoporosis, gout, or other musculoskeletal conditions, Sigumir looks great.

Sigumir nicely compliments other treatments and stacks with blood flow bioregulators. It’s recommended to use it 15 minutes before meals.

Stamakort (Natural Stomach Bioregulator)

Ancient medical systems like TCM and Ayurveda knew something that Western medicine is now rediscovering. Gut health and digestion underlie health. Gut dysbiosis is also rampant today. Stamakort is a natural bioregulator extract that supports optimal gut health and protects the stomach. Gastric juices enable the digestion of food into amino acids and the absorption of key vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Modern living often interferes with the optimal production of gastric secretions.

Stamakort aids gastric mucosal cells and this bioregulator works great as a prophylactic against gastritis, gastric ulcers, dyspepsia, mucosal disorders, polyps, and other digestive disorders. It may even help pancreatic dysfunction and liver dysfunction. Basically, it normalizes all the processes related to the stomach.

Stamakort is sometimes stacked with Suprefort or Vesugen.

Suprefort (Natural Pancreas Bioregulator)

Insulin is a hormone heavily implicated in aging, growth, and overall well-being. Insulin is a hormone that helps determine energy balance, and resistance to it is a saboteur of metabolic health. Suprefort is a natural bioregulator extract used to aid pancreas function, endocrine health, digestion, and conditions like diabetes.

Most notable is its ability to improve carbohydrate (glucose) metabolism. Its synthetic sister bioregulator, Pancragen, has shown the safety and efficacy of these effects in animal data.

Suprefort is stacked with Endoluten for the best effects.

Svetinorm (Natural Liver Bioregulator)

The liver is the alchemical center of the body. It transforms, transmutes, regulates, and detoxifies all kinds of substances. It’s among my favorite and least appreciated organs. Svetinorm is a natural bioregulator extract used to help blood clotting, detoxification, and general liver health.

Svetinorm also appears to help obesity, digestion, fatigue, liver conditions like hepatitis, and potentially even atherosclerosis.

It’s especially important because the use of alcohol, drugs, exposure to manmade chemicals, chronic infections, poor diet, etc all diminish liver function. If my blood work showed elevated liver enzymes & dysfunction with AST, ALT, GSH, MDA, CAT, SOD, I’d certainly try Svetinorm.

Svetinorm is stacked with Ventfort to enhance circulation.

Ovagen (Synthetic Liver & GI Bioregulator)

Ovagen is a synthetic tripeptide alternative to the naturally-derived Svetinorm bioregulator. It primarily improves liver health, yet also benefits functions related to the gastrointestinal tract. Ovagen is an excellent choice for detoxification as well as beneficial for metabolic disorders, liver damage, hepatitis, cirrhosis, and skin conditions.

Since it protects the GI mucosa, it’s great for reducing post-op complications/side effects (chemo, radiation, antibiotics, drug toxicity, environmental toxins), and more.

Note that this is different than a similarly named product that contains sheep (ovine) FSH

It’s one of the “Khavinsons peptides” and is much easier to find than Livagen, the only liver bioregulator. Like the other synthetics, it’s recommended as the initial therapy or for short follow-up courses. Ovagen stacks with the blood bioregulators.

Taxorest (Natural Lung Bioregulator)

We inhale a swimming pool’s worth of air every day, and our breath is one of the fastest ways to shift our physiology. Taxorest is a natural bioregulator extract that normalizes lung function specifically by improving the bronchial mucosa.

Not only does it help general lung health, but conditions like asthma, bronchitis, COPD, coughing, excess mucus production, and other respiratory diseases (infectious and non-infectious).

Taxorest is sometimes stacked with Chelohart and Ventfort for additional cardio support.

Testoluten (Natural Testes Bioregulator)

Testosterone is the hormone of vitality and zest for life. Both in men and women, albeit in different quantities. It tends to rapidly decline with age, and when it does, the aging process accelerates. Testoluten is a natural bioregulator extract that restores multiple parameters of the healthy function of the male reproductive system. It can help improve testosterone levels, sperm production, sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and male infertility.

Note that multiple peptide bioregulators govern the testes, so you’ll want to work with a practitioner to design the optimal plan.

Men often combine Testoluten with Ventfort and Libidon. Testoluten works best when used before meals.

Thyreogen (Natural Thyroid Bioregulator)

The thyroid is a favorite gland because it can accelerate weight loss, boost energy, and improve resilience. Typical therapeutics often have unpleasant side effects. Thyreogen is a natural bioregulator extract that improves thyroid health. It’s especially interesting because it balances both hyperthyroidism (overactive) and hypothyroidism (underactive).

Thyreogen also can help with issues associated with thyroiditis, low iodine levels, thyroid nodules, and the gamut of associated symptoms. This is especially useful for those living in regions with iodine-deficient soil, and/or who’ve passed age 50. Researchers consider it “bioidentical” to the peptides naturally produced.

Thyreogen is sometimes stacked with Ventfort.

Ventfort (Natural Blood Vessel & Circulation Bioregulator)

Declining circulation equates to worse nutrient delivery and cleanup with age. There’s a strong correlation between the health of arteries/veins and overall health. Ventfort is a key natural bioregulator extract that optimizes blood vessels and general cardiovascular health. Not only that, but it improves the risk parameters like blood pressure, blood flow, cholesterol, and lipoproteins. It’s a “Jack of all Trades” bioregulator.

According to virtually every book and chart portraying recommended protocols, Ventfort is by far the most common. It improves virtually every organ and bodily system. The scientist that discovered bioregulators, Dr. Vladmir Khavinson, believes it’s among the most useful of all.

Ventfort can be effectively stacked with most other bioregulators.

Vesugen (Synthetic Blood Flow & Circulation Bioregulator)

Vesugen is the tripeptide synthetic version of Ventfort. It improves cardiovascular conditions, improves blood biomarkers, and overall microcirculation. Making it a good choice for all conditions and bodily systems that involve circulation. Vesugen may also improve psychoemotional stress.

Vesugen is one of the most commonly recommended bioregulators and is fundamental to most stacks.

Like all synthesized bioregulators, Vesugen is ideal for the early stages of treatment and for short follow-up courses. Stack it with virtually any of the others.

Visoluten (Natural Retina Bioregulator)

Interestingly, physical vision correlates with life vision/purpose. This sensory organ shapes our quality of life and overall experience, so it’s more than purely aesthetic. Visoluten is a studied natural bioregulator extract that protects and restores ocular health and vision. It works on multiple systems within the eye, including the retina, the cornea, and the blood vessels.

Visoluten helps with eye conditions like angiopathy of the retina, retinitis, macular degeneration, optic nerve disorders, visual field disturbances, myopia, pseudophakia, glaucoma and cataracts, and other age-related degeneration.

Visoluten is often stacked with Ventfort, Cerluten, and Endoluten.

Vladonix (Natural Thymus Bioregulator)

Immune health is more than resilience against getting sick. It’s one of the master systems that regulate inflammation and aging. The thymus gland is a key part of immunology, and it decays with age (and especially from stress). Vladonix is a clinically-studied natural bioregulator extract used to bolster immunodeficiency as well as to increase stress resilience (as an adaptogen).

Vladonix strengthens thymus health and is helpful for cellular metabolism, colds, flu, exposure to radiation/chemo, inflammation, and other infectious diseases. Along with the peptide TA-1, this is an excellent prophylactic.

Vladonix is usually stacked with Ventfort and Endoluten for general immunology. Take it 15 minutes before meals.

Crystagen (Synthetic Immune Bioregulator)

Crystagen is a synthetic tripeptide bioregulator that appears to exert broad immunoactivity. Where some of the others in this list target specific organs, glands, and systems, Crystagen is more versatile. It’s used both as a prophylactic and to help treat infections and intense stressors, and to offset immunosuppressive therapies (chemo, chemical, radiation). Crystagen may also help inflammatory conditions and should be especially useful for the elderly.

It’s not my top choice. I couldn’t find as much information on it, and reputable sources are harder to find.

Crystagen likely stacks with other immunity (and related gland) bioregulators.

Zhenoluten (Natural Ovaries Bioregulator)

The reproductive system produces hormones and bioactive substances crucial to the quality of life. This is the female equivalent of Testoluten. Zhenoluten is a natural bioregulator extract that improves female reproductive and endocrine health. Like Testoluten, multiple bioregulators govern reproduction. Zhenoluten mostly targets ovary function. It can improve hormone balance (especially estrogen and progesterone), libido, and fertility, and regularizes the monthly cycle.

Thus, it helps with PCOS, menstrual issues, menopause symptoms, sleep quality, endometriosis, and even offsets stress.

Zhenoluten is optionally stacked with Ventfort, Thyreogen, and/or Endoluten.

Best Bioregulators by Goal & Bodily System

This table breaks down the different bodily systems and the best bioregulators.

Here’s how to use it.

The left column is the goal/bodily system. The next column lists the key bioregulators that directly influence the target. The Synergistic Bioregulators are the ones that amplify the effects.

Within the Bioregulators columns, I’ve listed the bodily system impacted and the associated bioregulators. Each item to the left of the slash is natural, and each item to the right is synthetic.

If I could only find one available bioregulator, I listed it.

Target 🎯Primary Bioregulators (Natural/Synthetic) 🔋Synergistic Bioregulators (Natural/Synthetic) 📈
Endocrine SystemPineal (Endoluten, Epithalaman/Epitalon, Pinealon)Blood (Ventfort/Vesugen), Liver (Svetinorm/Ovagen)
Cardiovascular SystemHeart (Cherohart)Blood (Ventfort/Vesugen), Thymus (Vladonix/Thymogen)
Nervous SystemCNS (Cerluten), Pineal (Endoluten, Epithalaman/Epitalon, Pinealon)Blood (Ventfort/Vesugen), Liver (Svetinorm/Ovagen)
Immune SystemThymus (Vladonix/Thymogen), Immune (Crystagen)Blood (Ventfort/Vesugen), Bone Marrow (Bonomarlot), Pineal (Endoluten, Epithalaman/Epitalon, Pinealon)
Musculoskeletal SystemMuscle (Gotratix), Cartilage & Joints (Sigumir/Cartalax)Blood (Ventfort/Vesugen), Bone Marrow (Bonomarlot)
Cartilage & JointsCartilage & Joints (Sigumir/Cartalax)Blood (Ventfort/Vesugen)
Digestive System & MetabolismStomach (Stamakort), Liver (Svetinorm/Ovagen), Pancreas (Suprefort/Pancragen)Blood (Ventfort/Vesugen), Pineal (Endoluten, Epithalaman/Epitalon, Pinealon)
Respiratory SystemLungs (Taxorest/Chonluten, Broncogen)Blood (Ventfort/Vesugen)
Male Reproductive SystemTestes (Testoluten/Testagen)Adrenals (Glandokort), Prostate (Libidon, Prostatilen/Prostasmax)
Female Reproductive SystemOvaries (Zhenoluten)Blood (Ventfort/Vesugen), Thyroid (Thyreogen)
VisionEyes (Visoluten)CNS (Cerluten), Blood (Ventfort/Vesugen)
AdrenalsGlandokortBlood (Ventfort/Vesugen)
Thymus GlandThymus (Vladonix/Thymogen)Blood (Ventfort/Vesugen), Bone Marrow (Bonomarlot), Pineal (Endoluten, Epithalaman/Epitalon, Pinealon)
ThyroidThyreogenBlood (Ventfort/Vesugen)
SkinLiver (Svetinorm/Ovagen), Cartilage & Joints (Sigumir/Cartalax)Epitalon
LongevityPineal (Endoluten, Epithalaman/Epitalon, Pinealon), Blood (Ventfort/Vesugen), Thymus (Vladonix/Thymogen)Blood (Ventfort/Vesugen), Bone Marrow (Bonomarlot)
CognitionPineal (Endoluten, Epithalaman/Epitalon, Pinealon), CNS (Cerluten)Blood (Ventfort/Vesugen)
Athletic PerformanceBlood (Ventfort/Vesugen), CNS (Cerluten), Cartilage & Joints (Sigumir/Cartalax)Thymus (Vladonix/Thymogen), Lungs (Taxorest/Chonluten, Broncogen)
StressThymus (Vladonix/Thymogen), Adrenals (Glandokort)Liver (Svetinorm/Ovagen), Pineal (Endoluten, Epithalaman/Epitalon, Pinealon)
The best bioregulator peptides for every organ system and goal

Other Interesting Bioregulators


The entire list above is just a portion of the most popular bioregulator peptides. Some are incredibly hard to procure and even find information on.

That includes many of the original “Khavinson peptides”. Some of the others worth considering (if you can find them) include:

  • Pancragen (Synthetic Pancreas Bioregulator)
  • Broncogen (Synthetic Lung Bioregulator)
  • Vilon (Synthetic Digestion Bioregulator)
  • Prostasmax (Synthetic Prostate Bioregulator)
  • Testagen (Synthetic Testes Bioregulator)
  • Cortagen (Synthetic Cortexin)
  • Chonluten (Synthetic Lung Bioregulator)
  • Thymogen (Synthetic Immune Bioregulator)

These are some other bioregulators I struggled to find thorough information on:

  • Retinalamin (Natural Retina Bioregulator)
  • Prostatilen (Natural Prostate Bioregulator)

Then we have a few exciting neuro bioregulators.

Although these are less known and also lack breadth and depth of research.

Memoprove (Natural Brain Peptides)

Cerebrolysin is one of the more popular and powerful therapeutic peptides for brain health, restoration, and even performance. Memoprove is a natural peptide extract consisting of a proprietary blend of neuropeptides called N-PEP-12. It’s made by the same German pharmaceutical company as Cerebrolysin. It’s purported to improve virtually every facet of cognition, including memory, alertness, learning, mental clarity, neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, synaptogenesis, neuroprotection, efficiency, and more.

The catch? It’s hard to find and real-world reports are not all that common. The limited clinical data does show it’s safe, however. Nevertheless, I’d love to give this one a shot.

Cerebramin (Natural Brain Bioregulator)

Cerebramin is a natural bioregulator extract that’s both neuroprotective and a quasi-nootropic. It appears to improve electrical activity in the brain and can help restore function after damage (TBI, stroke, surgery, etc). Healthy folks use it to reduce mental stress, induce calmness and clarity, improve brain blood flow, enhance reaction times, and increase neuromuscular function.

It’s lacking the same data as some of the other top brain bioregulator recommendations. However, if those others don’t work, this is the next brain-focused option. Finding a vendor is much more difficult. It gets good anecdotal reviews for helping clear brain fog and sharpening mental acuity.

How to Incorporate Bioregulator Peptides into Your Lifestyle Routine

Although currently cool and fringe, bioregulators still aren’t magic pills.

They work best when used in conjunction with other bioharmonic techniques and protocols.

Especially stress. Stress has the largest negative effect on their efficacy. So it’s smart to use the right stress-relieving technology, tools, supplements, and biohacks.

Remember that they’re not like drugs. You likely won’t feel anything right away.

You should, however, notice biomarker changes after a full course.

Sourcing the best bioregulators

Since they’re sold as dietary supplements, you can buy bioregulator peptides all over the internet.

The supplement industry is notorious for contamination, adulteration, and downright fraud. And that’s with consumer advocacy groups regularly independently testing products. Even then, I see new damning reports every week.

Bioregulators are even worse. Less than 0.1% of the world knows about them. There’s even less oversight. True bioregulators should be quite safe. Unless you buy from a known source, who knows what you’re consuming?

There are a small handful of bioregulator vendors that I know, like, and use:

  • Cosmic Nootropics
  • RUPharma
  • Profound Health

Now you’re ready for the fun part.

How to choose the right bioregulator peptides

If you’ve made it this far, you probably have one (or more) reasons you’re interested in bioregulators.

Either for specific ailments, as preventative medicine, or to improve certain bodily systems.

Most bioregulators are specific. They work on one system and may have ancillary benefits on another. Some, like the reproductive health bioregulators, don’t even govern the entire system by themselves.

The general recommendation is to start with the synthetic versions and then later move to the natural ones. Synthetic bioregulators are stronger and work faster, but the benefits don’t persist as long.

For the best effects, usually folks stack at least two bioregulators together.

After a full course of the synthetics, you’ll want to switch to the naturals.

Dosage & use

They’re mostly capsules, so you’ll have no trouble actually using the bioregulators.

Each product comes with its own instructions. Clearly, you’ll want to follow those. Some are fine to use whenever, and some have recommended timings (like 15 minutes before eating).

Most bioregulator protocols have two phases:

  1. A 30-day “intensive course”
  2. Quarterly 10-day maintenance

The intensive course is kind of like using a “loading dose” of creatine. It saturates the tissues and speeds up the onset of effects. You take two capsules every day for one month (60 total capsules) and then you’re done with the intensive course.

Every three months you take two capsules every day for just ten days (20 total capsules).

Then you skip the intensive and repeat the quarterly maintenance.

Coming out to a grand total of 120 capsules per bioregulator consumed per year.

Bioregulator Questions & Answers

Should I take the natural or synthetic bioregulator?

Synthetic bioregulators are recommended for the first “intensive” course (as they work the fastest) and then switch to the natural for longer-term maintenance courses.

Which are the best overall bioregulator peptides?

Some of the best, most often recommended bioregulators include Blood/Circulation, Thymus/Immune, Pineal/Brain, and Liver/Digestive.

Do bioregulators work if I’ve had the organ removed?

Bioregulator peptides only work if the organ is present and alive as they require specific targets.

What about injectible bioregulators?

Injectible bioregulators work slightly better and more consistently than orals, with a lower recommended dose of 500-1000mcg (micrograms) acutely, and a ~100mcg dose for general health maintenance

Peptide Bioregulators: The Future of Precision Medicine?

Personalized precision medicine is here.

Actually, many of the “new” medical knowledge breakthroughs originate back 5,000+ years in Ayurveda.

Certain therapeutics, like peptides, however, truly are on the cutting edge.

Bioregulators, although they’ve been available for decades, are another example. These incredibly simple, short strings of amino acids can cause profound biological signaling cascades. Working epigenetically to “flip on and off” our genetic expressions.

They precisely target specific organs and bodily functions. And many bioregulators have the backing of nearly half a century of use. So far, researchers report virtually zero side effects.

The catch?

The vast majority of the clinical research was done by one man and his disciples. Professor Vladimir Khavinson. Now, other clinicians around the world are currently undertaking their own reproductions.

While browsing the web, talking to experts, and doing my own research, I’ve come across some incredible life-changing user testimonials.

I love five primary things about bioregulators:

  • Outstanding safety profile
  • Precise targeting
  • Impressive potential
  • Convenience
  • Compliments most therapies

I’m giving them a shot. I plan to run the following bioregulators: Pineal, Blood Flow, Thymus, and Cartilage.

Information on these compounds is surprisingly sparse. You can find a little more with these…

Additional resources:

  • Book: The Peptide Bioregulator Revolution
  • Book: Peptides in the Epigenetic Control of Ageing

Do you use peptide bioregulators? Let me know your questions, comments, or experience in the comments below!


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16 thoughts on “30+ Best Bioregulator Peptides: Nature’s Powerful Epigenetic “Switches””

  1. Best explanation of peptide bioregulators I’ve yet seen (and I’ve looked at a lot of them!) I’m a 65 YO female, in very good health. I do a lot of bio hacks like vibration plate, infrared sauna blanket, etc., and am recently experiencing some high autoimmune thyroid antibodies and have some other potential antibody issues being tested. I’m trying bioregulators as I much prefer a non-drug approach to dealing with these things. That said, if it’s not exactly a ‘stack’ you recommend, are there still potential benefits to using thyreogen, thymus, retina and ventfort together? (I recognize you are not a doctor and can’t give strict medical advice.)
    Thanks again for your great info!!

    • Hi Clara!

      Glad you found it helpful 🙂

      Sounds like you’re doing a lot of helpful health optimization practices.

      I’m happy to hear that you’re also looking for the cause behind the recent spike too.

      There should be. Even if there’s not an entourage/synergistic effect, I haven’t seen anything indicating that those bioregulators would cancel each other out.

      Hope that’s semi-helpful, at least!

  2. Nick, thank you so much for this great and informative article. I’ve been researching peptides and bioregulators extensively for the past several months and have spent an enormous amount of time listening to podcasts, watching youtube videos, reading articles, etc. This is the best single source of information I have found yet. Could have saved myself a lot of time had I found this sooner. Also found your youtube channel and newsletter via this article and just subscribed to both. Have at least half a dozen of your youtube videos queued up to watch, starting with the recent one on Bioregulators with Phil Micans. THANK YOU!

    • Hey John!

      Sorry about the SUPER delayed response here. You’re very welcome! Really appreciate your kind words.

      That makes spending the dozens of hours researching, testing, and writing each article worth it. Let me know if you have any questions/suggestions/etc!


  3. Great info. Long time peptide user. What are your thoughts on the synthetic injectable bioregulators in comparison to the oral synthetic? Shorter dosage protocol? If the prostate was in question regarding post 55 age growth, would you recommend the injectable synthetics first? Thanks for your time.

    • Hey Robert! Happy to hear that you’re quite familiar with peptides. Good question. I think the injectables can be great. They should be more potent. It’s just hard to find a trustworthy company that sells high-purity injectable bioregulators.

      That’d be a good starting protocol. Probably what I’d do. Then move to naturals. You could even use natural capsules too (the vast majority survives stomach acid). I actually recently recorded a podcast on bioregulators that might help:

      • Take a look at Umbrella Labs injectable bio regulators (not hyping them, I know I just left a similar response on another article you wrote but different subject…I have zero affiliation just not sure how they get over looked. I’m curious what you think?). They definitely do not have all of these but they have more than anywhere else I’ve found. I just ran their Vesugen for a 20 day hit. I was very impressed…initially had a side affect that most males would find interesting…but really felt like it was “at work”. The feeling I’d akin it to would be a muscle growing pains…just noticeable that maybe my 46 year old heart needed some maintenance!

  4. Hi. In 2018 I had a heart attack and required a double bypass. I have LVD but no symptoms at all, according to a scan I had at the time. I am heart healthy as far as I can tell. No pain, no breathlessness etc, no sprays, no heart meds, except aspirin.
    After I had the heart attack I immediately purchased an intense course of Cherohart, (pretty sure it was called chelohart. I purchased it direct from Russia to the UK and got it very quickly. I believe it that it is this that has improved my outcome.

  5. Excellent information. Many thanks !!!
    Any recommendations of someone (functional doctor or peptide specialist) for further assistance and peptide program prescription in the UK ?

    • Hmmm in the UK? I don’t, but you can reach out to Phil Micans and his team might be able to point you in the right directions. Or, these websites may help (though I don’t think they’re UK-focused):


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