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Biohacking NYC: The City’s Top Communities, Events & Resources

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Biohacking NYC Groups, Events & Resources
Biohacking NYC Groups, Events & Resources

In 2019 I made the decision to uproot from San Francisco. I flew across the country into foreign territory. While I had visited New York City before, I doubted the East Coast’s biohacking scene.

I landed, settled in, and looked around.

SF had weekly events and large communities. Somehow I couldn’t find the same on the East Coast.

Dozens of Google searches turned up little. Surely a progressive city of eight million had alternative health communities. I joined and attended mini events hosted by the city’s only group listed on Other attendees didn’t know of any large groups either.

So I set about it on my own.

I began exploring and linking together the different local biohacking communities. What follows are my favorite NYC biohacking resources. Check back often as I’ll update the page as I discover more (and reach out to me if you run one!).

Biohack the World (BTW)

New York’s biggest (and in my opinion best) biohacking community. Centered around live-events and featuring the biggest names in health optimization. I’ve been to more than a handful of founder David Choi’s events, and they never disappoint. While the speakers themselves do a great job, I’m a huge fan of meeting fellow guests.

The crowd consists of experts of all sorts. Someone there can help with your most pressing biohacks. Here you’ll get access to books ahead of the general public, hear wisdom that doesn’t make it into podcasts and YouTube videos, and get the chance to try cutting-edge biohacking tech.

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HACKD Fitness

Fitness is core to biohacking. It’s an essential pillar of health and performance optimization. No patience for traditional long and drawn out workouts? Fitness hackers get all the benefits in a fraction of the time.

For the fast-paced city, HACKD provides all the tools you need for an equally rapid workout. The owner, Pam, has all the latest gear in her biohacking gym:

  • ARX strength training machines
  • Normatec recovery boots
  • CAR.O.L AI HIIT Bike
  • JOOVV red light therapy
  • NIR Sauna
  • 3D Fit scanning
  • Muse biofeedback
  • Halo Sport tDCS
  • Lief HRV monitoring
  • LiveO2 Oxygen Training
  • Nanovi Rejuvenation
  • PEMF

If you’re looking for NYC’s most advanced all-in-one wellness center, look no further.

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Meetup Groups is the defacto for finding real communities throughout the USA, and parts of the world too. Although NYC has fewer active groups than San Francisco, this is still my go-to platform. Leagues better than Eventbrite or Facebook.

I’ve only found one Meetup Group that meets consistently:

NYC Biohacking – Limitless Nootropics and Brainhacking

Despite a heavy focus on nootropics and smart drugs, the group of 913 members also discusses:

  • Brain stimulation (tDCS & tACS)
  • Performance
  • Supplements
  • Diets
  • Ketones
  • Fasting
  • Self-quantification

For those that cannot make the in-person meetings, they sometimes broadcast live and post recaps to a Discord server.

When in-person events resume, I plan to start a Meetup group based around Peak Performance Bioharmonization.

Biohacking Clinics

NYC houses some of the greatest minds in biohacking clinical care. For the stuff that you can’t get over-the-counter, the right doctors can speed up your biohacking journey. Even better, they can help you design a comprehensive protocol that includes tracking changes over time.

Physio Logic NYC caters to all your functional and regenerative medical needs as well as orthopedic rehab. Learn more about their services online:

  • Physio Logic NYC

Sick of being treated like a number by conventional care? Dr. Paulvin is another top resource for hyper-personalized guidance. From neurohacking and peptides to NAD patches, Neil’s services help new and veteran biohackers alike. Check out his practice:

  • Biohacking – Dr. Neil Paulvin

Miscellaneous NYC Biohacking Resources

Below are the resources I’ve encountered or been recommended but haven’t yet experienced.

Biotech Without Borders: Interested in hands-on bioengineering? This charity is devoted to bringing laboratory-based ethical biotechnology to the general public and communities where it stands to make the biggest difference.

Get Involved With New York City’s Biohackers

Biohacking pioneers set up camp in the San Francisco Bay Area to support Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and high-achievers.

At the same time, prominent figures around the world and across domains implemented their own biohacks to great success. The move towards virtual life has brought the once isolated together. But nothing beats flesh-to-flesh connection.

If you’re searching for the world’s top biohacking locales, few compare to New York City. In my 14 months, I’ve seen the emergence of new local groups and performance optimization companies. But this list is short and incomplete.

What are your favorite New York biohacking communities, events, and resources? I’d love to add them to this running directory.


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