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Enhance your mind, transform your body, slow biological aging, and perform at your new potential. This cheat sheet contains cutting-edge tools from modern medicine and the most powerful time-proven ancestral medicine protocols.



65+ Nootropic Ingredients I’ve Supplemented (Rated & Reviewed)

I've tested all kinds of nootropic ingredients & brain-boosting supplements. Here's a…

Brain power upgrade with nootropics that amplify brain supplement benefits

15 Nootropic “Super Boosters” to Amplify the Benefits of Your Brain Supplements

Amplify your cognition with brain supplements. These tips, "super booster" ingredients, and…

Methylene Blue: Benefits, Uses, Dose & Review

Methylene blue is one of the first ever essential modern medicines renowned…

Paraxanthine Supplement Review: Dose, Benefits, Uses

Paraxanthine is a natural metabolite of caffeine that, when consumed with caffeine…

23 Hottest Nootropic Vendors [2023]: Complete Review & Comparison

The latest & greatest online nootropics vendors for every ingredient, budget, &…

Nootopia Nootropics Full Honest Review

The Ultimate “God Mode” Nootropic Customized to Your Unique Brain

Are Nootopia the best, most potent nootropics in the world? I put…

TakeThesis Nootropics Honest Review (FindMyFormula 2.0)

The Best Nootropics Supplements Personalized to Your Brain?

Thesis is the original customized nootropics company. This review explores whether it…

How to Use Nootropics, Smart Drugs, and Brain Performance Supplements

The Ultimate Guide to Nootropics for Beginners (How to Upgrade Your Brain)

The right ingredients can upgrade the way your brain operates, and make…

Science.Bio Review 2023: Top Deals on SARMs, Peptides, Nootropics & Supplements

Science Bio is my favorite online shop for virtually any high-quality supplement.…

7 Powerful Adderall Alternatives for Energy, Focus & Performance (OTC & Legal)

These Adderall alternatives are best for productivity, energy, focus, and performance.

Find My FORMULA Nootropics Review

FindMyFormula Review [2022]: Powerful Nootropics Customized For Your Unique Brain

The #1 brain enhancing supplements on the planet?

Best Nootopic Drinks & Ingredients Guide

17+ Best Nootropic Drinks For Max Brainpower, Energy & Euphoria

Nootropic drinks can upgrade your brain, boost energy, and increase focus far…

Best OTC Modafinil Alternative

12 Most Powerful Modafinil Alternatives That Work (OTC & Legal)

Modafinil is on the holy grail of biohacking smart drugs. But sometimes,…

Genius Coffee: Ultimate Coffee Upgrade

Genius Outliyr Coffee: The Ultimate Homemade Recipe

Genius coffee is the original Bulletproof Coffee recipe, but hacked and upgraded…

Research shows creatine supplements benefit the mind in a variety of ways.

Nootropic Creatine: A Time-Tested Super Supplement

Creatine is the most proven fitness-enhancing supplement. That's not all. Recent studies…

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