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EcoMeditation EFT: Tapping into Ecstasy On Demand

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EcoMeditation EFT Tapping Review
EcoMeditation EFT Tapping Review

5X your productivity with a certain practice.

According to cutting-edge human performance researchers at DARPA, the same technique enhances problem-solving ability by 490 percent.

Meditation. But not just any.

A special form called EcoMeditation helps you reap the benefits of a stress-free zen master without dedicating 40-years of your life. It changes the way you feel in just 90 seconds, it’s a straightforward habit that even novice meditators can stick to (and enjoy).

I’m always on the lookout for the most effective meditations for hard-charging Type-A skeptics. An innovative, science-backed, tangible technique called EcoMeditation fits the bill, rapidly altering your internal state. I’ve practiced it regularly for years, and what follows are my experiences, the benefits, and how to do EcoMeditation.

EcoMeditation EFT Tapping Explained

EcoMeditation is a special meditation technique that incorporates five powerful stress-busting techniques:

  • EFT tapping
  • Neurofeedback
  • Mindfulness
  • Quick heart coherence
  • Alpha breathing

Each part combined produces a disproportionately large effect.

The inventor of EcoMeditation, Dawson Church, details the technique in his book Mind to Matter [Amazon].

Watch his synopsis here:

Guided Meditation Guaranteed to Help You Meditate Like a Monk | Dawson Church | ECO Meditation

The most famous component of EcoMeditation is called Emotional Freedom Tapping (EFT). Developed by Gary Craig in 1993, EFT works like acupuncture without the needles or pain. It’s a related technique called acupressure. Applying pressure to specific meridian points is thought to relieve blocks and restore energy balance. All without puncturing your skin.

Best of all?

You can enter a calm, relaxed, blissful state in about 90 seconds. No hour-long routine necessary. Within four minutes, using modern clinical gear (EEGs and MRIs), Dawson’s work has shown that the bodies and brains of meditators begin deep regeneration.

Exactly what humanity needs in this unparalleled collective stress. Because eventually, chronic stress brings degeneration and disease.

“When you shift your psychology, you shift your biology”

— Dawson Church

If you’re a meditation skeptic, EcoMeditation will clearly demonstrate its effects. No more wondering if you wasted time. You’ll leave your sessions, with uplifted, calm alertness.

Benefits of Dawson Church’s EcoMeditation

Every day new forms of meditation sprout up. Despite the popularity of meditation, little research has quantified specific forms. The types with significant research either cost a fortune, take forever, or are shrouded by religious dogma.

EcoMeditation is evidence-based self-help method that upgrades your biology, psychology, and physiology. More than 100 studies on EcoMeditation and EFT combined have detailed the benefits including:

  1. 31% increase in happiness
  2. 32% decrease in depression
  3. 40% reduced anxiety
  4. ~30% reduction of the stress hormone cortisol
  5. 57% reduction in pain
  6. Extraordinarily high peak performance gamma brain waves (meditation is one of the best ways to induce the gamma “flow state”)
  7. Reduced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  8. 113% increased SigA (immune system function)
  9. 74% fewer cravings
  10. 8% lower resting heart rate (RHR)
  11. Improved blood pressure
  12. Increased Heart Coherence & HRV (learn why world-class performers practice HRV training here)
  13. Greater resiliency against stress (did you know that stress can be good?)

Studies of EcoMeditation and EFT tappers found that regular practice reduces the number of symptoms they exhibit and that those are also less severe.

Even after quitting, months later these meditators maintained the above health gains.

EcoMeditation is your anywhere solution to emotional trauma, chronic pain, addictions, cravings, fears, stress, physical disease or other disorders.

Inducing Natural Ecstacy

I once heard an interview with a monk who preferred the buzz of meditation over any drug.


The body’s internal pharmacy can produce potent chemicals.

He learned to tap into “natural ecstasy”.

EcoMeditation floods your brain with oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, and the “bliss molecule” called anandamide.

Anandamide has the same chemical composition as the primary active ingredient in cannabis called THC. THC only gets you high because it docks to the same anandamide receptor.

According to Dawson, the chemical changes that occur in the body resemble that of THC, Magic Mushrooms, and Ecstasy. Each producing similar effects. Thus deserving the nickname “natural ecstasy”.

My Experience With Dawson Church’s Mind to Matter Meditations

Like most cool and relatively unknown biohacks, I came across the concepts of EcoMeditation and EFT in a book (see my biohacker’s booklist for a comprehensive list).

I began Mind to Matter [Amazon] during a flight home. One of few pageturners that I read from cover to cover in one flight. Dawson’s claims seemed outlandish and I wasn’t quite ready to accept a complete paradigm shift.

Optimistic (but not convinced) of Dawson Church’s seemingly super-meditations, I decided to give EcoMeditation a shot. I loaded up one of his guided tracks that I had previously downloaded to my phone and followed along. Unlike many meditation teachers, he gave specific instructions (and in a soothing voice). 12-minutes later, I felt the most refreshed I’ve ever felt on a plane.

My experience spoke for itself, yet upon landing, I immediately verified his referenced studies. Finding each in PubMed. For 403 days straight, I did nothing but different guided EcoMeditations. On most days I’d sauna, play a track, and stretch for a few minutes.

I still find the Mind to Matter meditations extremely soothing and restorative. I use them as a nice break from Dr. Joe Dispenza’s (My Becoming Supernatural book review explains the similarity between the two books) meditation techniques.

How to Practice EFT EcoMeditation (5 Steps)

During his meditation tracks, Dawson walks you through each of the steps below. This is the simplified EcoMeditation process:

  1. Tap on each of the EFT acupressure points with your fingertips. Stop tapping. Relax your hands. Close your eyes, and gently rest of your tongue on the floor of your mouth.
  2. Scan through different parts of your body and feel the vast space between cells. Picture a big empty space behind your eyes. Let any thoughts that arise drift without attachment.
  3. Slow your breathing to 6-second inhales and 6-second exhales. Observe how relaxed your tongue is. Keep focusing on your breath and notice (but don’t dwell on) any physical sensations. Imagine the area where your physical heart resides, and visualize your breaths entering and leaving your heart.
  4. For several exhales, visualize a beam of love radiating out to a person or place that you love. Return your attention to the big empty space behind your eyes. Relax your tongue.
  5. Pull that love beam back into your physical heart and send it to anywhere that is uncomfortable or in pain. End the meditation with 3 deep 6 second breaths.

Learn it quickly and you can practice EcoMeditation EFT Tapping anytime, anywhere.

EcoMeditation Resources

Since the release of his book, I’ve come across some great EcoMeditation resources. Some of Dawson’s tracks are available on the meditation app Insight Timer:


For hands-on EFT tapping training, you can access his workshop here:

A useful YouTube playlist:

Find Dawson Church online:

  • Twitter
  • Personal website

Another Meditation Technique For Busy Professionals?

Meditation generally puts off hard-charging folk with religious and spiritual talk. The inventor Dawson Church changed that with an objective, no-nonsense combination of multiple mindfulness and meditative practices.

EcoMeditation is backed by scientific evidence, and Dawson himself has participated in and published 100+ clinical trials. Practicing for as little as 90 seconds noticeably (and quantifiably) changes your internal state. Dropping the stress hormone cortisol by 1/3, increasing happiness and mood, lessening anxiety, and even lowering cravings by nearly 3/4.

Your increased emotional resiliency spreads like wildfire to the people around you. And those people spread your positivity to the people around them. Up to three degrees of separation. Emotions are contagious. When you’re happy, your neighbors are 35% more likely to be happy themselves.

A quick meditation break improves your psychology. As your upgraded thoughts change the way you feel, you’re directly making the world a better place.

Think of EcoMeditation as an act of community service. Try it today and you’ll understand the unique multi-faceted practice favored by many of the world’s mystics to quickly enter an ecstatic flow state.


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