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Quick 3-Step EMF Protection Process

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EMF Protection
EMF Protection

EMF radiation may be everywhere, but you can do something about it. Especially when you work from home.

I, like most twenty-somethings gave cancer and degenerative disease little thought.

I rebelled against cell phone naysayers for a long time. I figured any problems were so far down the line that humans would probably be immortal by then anyway.

Until I realized that certain effects don’t take decades, years, months, or even days.

Your biology starts changing within minutes of exposure.

Before you worry about 5G or shielding yourself with expensive crystals, optimize your environment against EMFs with this three-step process.

What is an EMF and Why Should I Care?

EMF is energy that exists on a spectrum. It includes X-rays, sunlight, microwaves, radio/TV waves, and other transfers of energy. You can only see a small portion of it. The rest is invisible but measurable.

Not all EMFs are harmless.

Your cells have a charge, and the body creates its own electric field. Many delicate processes in your body rely on minuscule electrical signals. Strong artificial EMFs overpower and disrupt these natural processes leading to a host of disorders.

What kind of consequences?

Depending on exposure level, mild to extreme issues with:

  • Sleep
  • Hormones, mood
  • Weight loss (or gain)
  • Mental clarity
  • Fertility
  • DNA damage

The notoriously slowly moving IARC classified EMFs as a probable carcinogen in 2011 along with Lead, DDT, and other notorious chemicals.

Nicolas Pinault compiled hundreds of studies in his 2017 book ‌The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs, things have only worsened. What effects did he find associated with EMF exposure?

  • Reduced melatonin production
  • Cellular DNA damage
  • Leaky blood-brain barrier
  • Memory problems, intermittent confusion, and feelings of weakness
  • Fertility issues
  • Microbiome damage
  • Thyroid dysregulation
  • Headache, fatigue, insomnia, impaired sensation, irritability, lack of concentration
  • Depressive mood

Our quest for greater connection through the internet of things and ever faster speeds on 5G cell networks will only exacerbate EMF exposure. Dr. Mercola’s book EMF*D released in 2020 details how this future is unfolding.

It’s fair to say that EMF exposure won’t increase your performance.

You have a number of options to protect yourself.

1. Replace High-Tech Devices With Their Older Cousins


The most effective remediation is also the most inconvenient — remove all EMF sources.

First and foremost, do you really need every EMF-producing device?

The more devices you use on a daily basis, the greater your exposure and potential for harm.

Think through some of the sources and see if you can trade a device that creates a wireless signal for the wired alternative. Some common examples:

  • Wireless home phones and their docks* (now nearly obsolete)
  • Wireless computer mice
  • Wireless keyboards
  • Wireless headphones
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Smart homes
  • Baby monitors*
  • Wifi routers*
  • Cell phones*

* Especially dangerous sources italicized

I enjoy 21st-century luxuries: cellphones and wifi are invaluable parts of my daily life. You can reduce exposure without going back to the dark ages of flip phones and ethernet.

Want to use those slick, white, wireless Bluetooth earphones to get you through your grueling workout sessions? Go ahead.

I’d pay most attention to the sources you constantly use or spend time close to.

When removal seems completely unrealistic, move to the next best thing.

2. Distance Yourself From the Source

We’ve established that elimination won’t happen for everything.

You’re next safest option? Distance, because of a concept in physics known as the inverse-square law.

As you double your distance from an electromagnetic field, you quarter your radiation exposure. Click To Tweet

The Game of Inches


Imagine you are one inch from your cell phone.

You can drastically lower your exposure by moving it away:

  • At 2 inches away from your phone, you experience 1/4 the electromagnetic radiation
  • At 4 inches away from your phone, you experience 1/16 the electromagnetic radiation

You can use this technique for any and all electromagnetic radiation.

Adding even minuscule distance between you and the EMF source make a massive difference.

You can see the problem with the proximity of those wireless earbuds to your brain.

Some practical areas to apply this new knowledge:

  • Opt for a wired headset or speakerphone when talking on the phone
  • Avoid working close to a router
  • Step back when using the microwave
  • Turn off bluetooth on wearables when not necessary

A good rule is to avoid placing devices emitting wireless signals against your body whenever possible.

3. Shield As The Last Resort

Aluminum foil provides excellent protection against EMR.
Funny enough, my EMF meter shows that aluminum foil does a great job blocking signals.

Last and the least effective, shielding can provide protection in when you cannot avoid or reduce exposure.

When might this occur?

Any time you cannot control your environment:

  • In your office
  • Airplanes and subways
  • Hotels
  • Events
  • Other public locations

Faraday cages are not available nor realistic for most, so instead I prefer to shield with fabric.

Not just any though.

Special fabrics woven with preferably copper, silver, or steel greatly reduce the intensity of EMF exposure. Note that the fabrics become charged when they absorb the EMF waves. If they touch your skin it negates any benefit.

Different companies like DefenderShield make phone cases with EMF protection built in.

Remember though, that the very best shielding is still inferior to distance as seen in the above cell phone example.

The 3 Steps to Less EMF Radiation

Beware of the countless products on the market promising impossibly impressive results.

Instead, follow the simple one, two, three process:

  1. Remove any unnecessary wireless signals
  2. Increase the distance between you and the signal
  3. Shield in situations when you cannot avoid exposure

Notice anything in common with those? The first and best two options are FREE!

I implement all the above strategies and installed a emf blocking fabric in the liner of my travel backpack. It shields me from my laptop, and when I am a guest in a room with a router I can protect myself.

No matter your stance on EMFs, there’s very little downside to start taking proactive steps.


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