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Cornet ED88TPlus Review & Comparison [2022]: Read Before Buying

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Cornet ED88TPlus EMF Meter Review
Cornet ED88TPlus EMF Meter Review

“Unless you take serious action to lower your EMF exposure, you will not be able to achieve full health, no matter how carefully you eat or how strategic you are in your lifestyle choices.”

Dr. Mercola

I first heard about EMFs a decade ago and brushed them off as ridiculous conspiracy theory. In 2018 I read Nicolas Pineault’s hit book The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs. I cross-referenced the studies and awoke to the potential invisible threat to human health.

No matter your stance on electromagnetic radiation, the precautionary principle warns that you're better safe than sorry. Click To Tweet

The link between serious degenerative diseases and electrosmog grows by the day. Getting to healthy levels requires quantification of our exposure through technology.

After my research, there was no turning back. I feverishly research EMF mitigation products. After rigorous testing, the ED88TPlus stood out as the best professional EMF meter under $200. In this Cornet ED88TPlus review, I’ll explain why it’s still a favorite among professionals and building biologists alike.

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Understanding EMFs: Radiofrequency, Magnetic Fields, Electric Fields, Dirty Electricity

Dangerous EMF Frequency & Wavelength Spectrum

Out of the four well-documented forms of electromagnetic radiation, the Cornet ED88TPlus measures all but dirty electricity.

Few similarly-priced meters pick up 3/4 types.

The three forms mainly differ on their frequency, or the shape of the waves. Each has different characteristics and biological effects. One type, called dirty electricity is hardest to remediate. If Cornet had to miss one, luckily it’s dirty electricity. Only deeply qualified professionals should remediate dirty electricity problems.

All of the others are fair game to detect and remedy yourself. The unit itself has different modes to detect each type of EMF. Let’s compare how the different modes of the Cornet ED88TPlus work.

ED88TPlus RF Mode: High-Frequency RF Broadband

Just above the frequency of audio, and below infrared is a spectrum called radio frequency. Technically, the frequencies range from 20 kHz to around 300 GHz.

As the name suggests, radio signals utilize this frequency heavily.

Rule of thumb: wireless devices emit large amounts of radio frequency.

It picks up everything up to 8GHz. The Cornet ED88TPlus measures radio frequency sources including:

Cornet ED88TPlus RF Mode
0.5 is lighting up the LED as dangerous. I hit a max of 13.5 mW/m^2 when pressed against my laptop (wifi and bluetooth on).
  • Wifi
  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Cell towers
  • Wearables
  • Smart TV’s
  • Computers & laptops
  • Smart meters
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Wireless speakers (Sonos)
  • Spy cameras & wireless bugs
  • Alarm systems
  • Baby monitors
  • Cordless phones

ED88TPlus Gauss Mode: Low-Frequency & High-Frequency Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields are created by flowing electrical current. The higher the current, the stronger the magnetic field. Power is measured in microtesla (µT) or millitesla (mT).

Rule of thumb: the more energy something uses, the greater the magnetic fields produced.

Note: magnetic frequency drops off extremely quickly with distance.

The Cornet has two magnetic field (gauss) modes. One for high sensitivity, and one for low sensitivity. It picks up signals between 0.1uT and 60uT.

Building biologists recommend sleeping in less than 0.1uT.

The Cornet ED88TPlus measures magnetic field sources including:

Cornet ED88TPlus Gauss Mode
Measurement from directly in front of a fan.
  • Fans
  • Blenders
  • Electric stoves
  • Smart meters
  • Radiant floor heating systems
  • Electric beds
  • Saunas
  • Power lines
  • Dishwashers
  • Ovens
  • Driers
  • Heaters
  • Air conditioners

ED88TPlus Electric Field Mode: Low-Frequency Electric Fields

Electric fields have a frequency between 0 and 300 Hz. Unlike magnetic fields, electric fields exist whenever charge is present — regardless whether current is flowing.

Rule of thumb: anything plugged into a power source generates an electric field in the air surrounding the cord.

Note: these fields also drop off very quickly. Often putting just a foot between you and cords is enough.

The Cornet can measure anything between 10 V/m up to to 1000 V/m.

The Cornet ED88TPlus measures electric field sources including:

Cornet ED88TPlus EF Mode
Electric field levels in front of a breaker box.
  • Any corded device while plugged in
  • Chargers
  • Fans
  • Blenders
  • Breaker panels
  • High-voltage power lines
  • Solar panels
  • Hairdryers
  • Light bulbs
  • Dirty electricity
  • Heated car seats

Product Unboxing

CORNET ED88TPLUS Unboxing and Presentation
CORNET ED88TPlus Unboxing and Presentation

I’ll admit that the product doesn’t look sleek and attractive.

I didn’t go around showing off my latest new gadget. Unless mid-century modern electronics go back in style, I doubt I will.

For a professional-grade meter, the Cornet ED88TPlus is portable:

Height5.3 inches (13.4 cm)
Width2.8 inches (7.1 cm)
Thickness1 inch (2.54 cm)
Weight7.5 ounces (215 g)
Meter size and weight.

Where this EMF detector shines, however, is its functionality.

Cornet ED88TPlus Meter Features & Technical Specs

Frequency rangeRF: -60dBm to +5dBm -or- 0.5uw/m2 to 1.8w/m2 -or- 14 mv/m to 26.2 V/mLF: 0.1 mG – 600 mG -or- 0.01uT – 60 uTELF: 10 /m – 1000 V/m.
Measuring unitsdBm, mw/m2, V/m, uT, mG, MHz.
Display typeDigital LCD graphics display.
LCD backlight15 seconds auto-off and manual on/off controls.
Sound & alarmAudio sound with volume control, programmable alarm trigger level.
Safety level LED indictionSafety range indicator by red, yellow, and green LEDs.
Custom calibrationRecalibrate safety thresholds with new research or as you see fit.
FunctionsHold, MAX, Average.
Display update rateSampling rate: 10000/sec. Display update rage: 2/sec.
HistogramShow the EMF level trend measured over the last 15 seconds.
Self-containedInternal antenna and sensors prevent accidental damage.
Frequency display100 MHz to 2.7GHz, -35dBm minimum signal level required.
Battery used9V Alkaline battery or 9V Li-ion rechargeable battery (included).
Battery life20 hours (with backlight off).
Data loggingUSB data output to your computer.
All the features and specifications of the EMF meter, my favorites bolded.

My Experience With The Cornet ED88TPlus

Backed by EMF experts and Building Biologist Oram Miller.Looks old and antiquated.
3 meters in one: this unit has multiple different modes to pick up various forms of EMF.Cannot measure true 5G. No device on the market can, but I would imagine they will soon.
Histogram function graphs fluctuations. I found it very useful in uncovering spikes caused by smart meters and other devices that pulse their signals.Single-axis measurement makes the angle of the meter matter. More expensive models give more comprehensive and accurate readouts.
Displays the frequency of the signal. I used Google to find which devices around my apartment operate on the shown frequencies.No dirty electricity mode. I haven’t seen a device that does all four modes for a reasonable price. Dirty electricity is common in North America and I would prefer having a mode for each EMF type.
Multiple measurement units and the ability to calibrate. Unlike most devices, the Cornet is quite customizable and you can view the data in different formats.Battery type. Uses a 9V battery. So far it’s lasted me almost two years, but I don’t have 9V batteries lying around.
Cheap compared to other premium EMF meters. This is the best value device I’ve seen.
Cornet ED88TPlus Pros & Cons

How to Use the Cornet ED88TPlus Electrosmog Meter

Cornet ED88T+ Tutorial
EMF expert and Building Biologist Oram Miller explains why he loves this device. Also provides custom configurable and effective ED88T+ use tips.

Get the Cornet ED88TPlus user manual here.

Does the ED88TPlus Measure 5G?

5G is a new generation of connectivity gradually rolling out around the world. Researchers question 5G’s safety, and Dr. Mercola calls 5G “the single biggest public health experiment ever”.

The infrastructure is still catching up with the new technology. 5G telecom providers operate on one of two frequency ranges:

  • <6Ghz band (detectable by the Cornet ED88TPlus)
  • 24Ghz-38Ghz (not supported)

Today, virtually all mobile networks operate on frequencies below 8GHz, within the detection range of the Cornet ED88TPlus.

True 5G networks (not yet viable for nationwide rollout) will exceed 20GHz and not be detectable by this meter.

Currently, the Cornet ED88TPlus can measure most 5G signals. Once telecom providers increase the frequency above 8GHz sometime in the future, it will not.

Cornet ED88TPlus EMF Meter: Professional & Affordable

The Cornet ED88TPlus is still the best value EMF meter on the market. This three-in-one meter has the features of professional devices at a more reasonable price.

At just below $199, it’s still not cheap.

You can find lots of knockoffs floating around the internet.

Saving a few bucks feels good, but may send you on a wild goose chase. I’ve heard stories of people tearing up their house, eliminating the worst EMF polluters. Only to later realize that it was a bad meter all along and the sources were fine.

If you decide to invest in a meter, I recommend getting the real thing through one of two places: Amazon or another credible online store (like Radmeters).

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Buy Cornet ED88TPlus (Amazon)

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