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15 Best Biohacking Blogs & Websites in 2024

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Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means Outliyr LLC gets a small commission if you buy (at no cost to you). Thanks for your support!

Best Biohacking Blogs & Websites For Your RSS Feed
Best Biohacking Blogs & Websites For Your RSS Feed

Do you want to stay abreast of the latest developments across relevant health hacking fields?

The biohacking community started with blogs. Choose a few high-quality sources, add them to an RSS feed (or sign up for the email newsletters), and you’ve created your own source of powerful, uplifting, and educational resources.

While much of the world lives glued to CNN, NBC, Fox, BBC, and news outlets for hours on end, my news consumption is an investment in learning and growth.

You can do the same.

The pioneering work of leading researchers and scientists gets documented on their own blogs and websites first. Long before they air on podcasts, YouTube videos, or interviews.

Simply put, there’s no better source of cutting-edge performance enhancement than a curated list of biohacking blogs.

Today’s post will review my favorite biohacking blogs and websites from the corners of the internet. Use them to boost your journey towards optimal wellness.

Biohacking Blog #1: Outliyr

No list of the top biohacking resources would be complete without some self-indulgence.

Why do you biohack?

Sick of unactionable health theories, I created in 2019 to document my experiments, learnings, and performance improvements I’ve experienced from over a decade of applied holistic biohacking. My goal is to take you from merely getting by to thriving… fast! To reach the highest level of your human potential. Some of the topics covered on Outliyr include:

  • Athletic & cognitive enhancement
  • Nootropics
  • Peptides & bioregultors
  • Ancestral medicine
  • Longevity science
  • Self-quantification & wearables
  • BioTechnology
  • Herbalism & advanced supplementation
  • Genetics & epigenetics

As I study the world’s many wellness paradigms, I put article ideas through a unique vetting process. First, I view the material from the lens of ancient wisdom (5,000-year-old Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine). Then I test the topic from the perspective of modern science. Resulting in rare full-spectrum analysis of today’s popular biohacks and general health. I ensure that the ideas work, but most importantly, that they do no harm.

Take these ideas and plug them directly into your life.

Outliyr Information:

  • Average blog post frequency: 1-2X weekly
  • Specialty: Applied, actionable, holistic biohacking
  • Blog: Outliyr Blog
  • YouTube: Outliyr Human Performance
  • Podcast: Mind Body Peak Performance

Biohacking Blog #2: Boost Your Biology (Formerly Ergogenic Health)

ergogenic health logo

Founder Lucas Aoun is a rising star in the biohacking community.

One of the newer additions to my RSS feed, his site Ergogenic Health explores molecules, protocols, and ideas just as they’re minted. With special emphasis on nootropics and cognitive enhancement. Created in 2019, I’m not sure how I missed it until recently.

If you like the very latest and greatest, both his articles and social media will suck you in. You’ve been warned!

Ergogenic Health Information:

  • Average blog post frequency: Sporadic
  • Specialty: Nootropics
  • Blog: Ergogenic Health Articles
  • Instagram: Ergogenic Health

Biohacking Blog #3: Marks Daily Apple (MDA)

marksdailyapple logo

While he doesn’t consider himself a biohacker, Mark Sisson created MDA way back in 2006 to help people take control of their health (a common theme amongst today’s popular voices). Mark was among the first bloggers to write about the popular Paleo diet. After thorough testing, he put his own spin on it called Primal Blueprint. Primal is no longer just a diet.

Mark’s expertise has grown into an entire healthy living movement. He regularly posts digests on recent research, healthy lifestyle articles, and guest posts written by health coaches. You’ll find many interviews, books, and resources created by the MDA team.

From 15 years of publishing online, the breadth and depth of his content is unmatched.

Marks Daily Apple Information:

  • Average blog post frequency: 2X weekly
  • Specialty: Healthy living
  • Blog: Marks Daily Apple Blog

Biohacking Blog #4: Ben Greenfield Life (Formerly Ben Greenfield Fitness)

bgf logo

Biohack for long, and you’ll come across Ben Greenfield. An ex-Iron Man athlete, that’s recently turned towards integrating mind, body, and soul.

By most accounts, Ben lives an unorthodox lifestyle; a Christian dabbling in the world of psychedelics, “unschooling” his kids, and living (partially) off the grid.

Ben’s best known for his highly-rated podcast (see my famous biohackers to follow post for more details), where he exposes the work of the world’s lesser-known experts. In recent months, his blog has begun supporting his podcast interviews. With the help of his guests, they elaborate and substantiate the scientific claims made during podcast episodes. A feat few podcasters undertake.

Ben Greenfield Fitness Information:

  • Average blog post frequency: 1X weekly
  • Specialty: Biohacking fitness
  • Blog: Ben Greenfield Fitness Biohacking Articles

Biohacking Blog #5: Chris Masterjohn, PhD

chrismasterjohnphd logo

You’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger name in biochemical nutrition. Chris Masterjohn is a Nutritional Sciences PhD and covers the deepest nuances of molecules, pathways, and interactions.

The “blog” page on his site isn’t very active, with new posts only published several times per quarter. However, every day he does a quick Q&A podcast on a very specific topic. Then, his Q&A “blog” gets complete transcripts.

Nerds delight, you’ll learn TONS about complex intricacies of the human body. If you’re naturally curious, you’ll love the wide range of topics covered. I mainly use the search box on his site to find content about specific topics I’m researching.

Chris Masterjohn, PhD Information:

  • Average blog post frequency: infrequent (blog), daily (Q&A)
  • Specialty: Biochemical nutrition
  • Q&A Blog: Chris Masterjohn, PhD Q&A
  • Blog: Chris Masterjohn, PhD Blog

Biohacking Blog #6: LifeSpa

lifespa logo

I’m not sure where the name “LifeSpa” came from. That aside, Dr. John Douillard started building LifeSpa back in 1994. Since then, it’s become the most prolific hub for relating the 5,000-year-old science of Ayurveda to modern audiences. Dr. Douillard breaks down and translates the Sanskrit texts into actionable 21st-century lifestyle practices.

The site also regularly features Ayurvedic remedies for the most pressing ailments of the season or for your unique body. His Ayurvedic clinic in Boulder, Colorado has boomed from the 1,000+ videos and articles he’s created since opening.

John now offers virtual Ayurvedic consultations for long-term health improvements, online courses, and a shop of vetted products.

Not in Boulder? You can enjoy and learn from his content from anywhere.

LifeSpa Information:

  • Average blog post frequency: 3X weekly
  • Specialty: Ayurveda
  • Blog: LifeSpa Articles & Videos

Biohacking Blog #7: Mercola

mercola logo

Founded by Dr. Joseph Mercola in 1997, to this day no site puts out more natural health news than

Dr. Mercola is one of the most connected people in alternative health. You get access to his learnings and discoveries via a jaw-dropping amount of content published daily on his platform. From breaking news, to health, pets, fitness, food facts, and miscellaneous articles. is a beast.

You’ll get two things out of his articles:

  • New biohacks that his team of researchers scrutinized.
  • Exposure to the alternative side of every event that mainstream media is too scared to cover. Sometimes labeled conspiracy theory.

Personally, I had to unsubscribe from his RSS feed since the sheer amount of news overwhelmed me. But I check back often and listen to his podcast to stay informed.

Dr. Mercola Information:

  • Average blog post frequency: 14X+ weekly
  • Specialty: Natural health news
  • Blog: Dr. Mercola’s Articles

Biohacking Blog #8: Wellness Mama

wellnessmama logo

Wellness Mama resulted from Katie Wells’ journey to raise the healthiest kids possible. She combed through the internet to find everyday products and habits that support health, rather than detracting from it.

Somehow she juggled building the Wellness Mama platform with managing a household of six. Showcasing the productivity enhancement caused by biohacking.

Katie embraces hot healthy living topics. From infrared saunas to products supporting peak brain performance (see my list of the best exogenous ketone supplements), to continuous glucose monitors. Wellness Mama has expanded beyond the scope of raising a family into optimizing personal health — with or without children.

When you’re looking to biohack your environment or family life, Wellness Mama is your blog.

Wellness Mama Information:

  • Average blog post frequency: 3X weekly
  • Specialty: Biohacking your environment
  • Blog: Wellness Mama Blog

Biohacking Blog #9: Bulletproof

bulletproof logo

If any site on this list needs no introduction, it’s Bulletproof (or perhaps Outliyr 😉). Bulletproof’s founder, Dave Asprey, is considered the father of biohacking (I personally think it’s Charles Poliquin, but I digress). He’s credited with getting the word “biohacking” into the dictionary.

Previously called Bulletproof Exec, Bulletproof has now morphed into more of an online ship for keto-friendly products. Dave’s also responsible for an original and widely known biohack: butter coffee (try my genius coffee recipe for a real boost).

Ignore the heavy product marketing, and you’ll learn about keto, intermittent fasting, healthy low-carb recipes, and other health hacks. Articles and explanations cater more towards beginners. Occasionally you’ll come across something more advanced. The editorial team does a good job distilling important biohacking concepts without dilution.

Bulletproof Information:

  • Average blog post frequency: 3-5X weekly
  • Specialty: Biohacking for beginners
  • Blog: Bulletproof Blog

Biohacking Blog #10: PrimalHacker


PrimalHacker is another established name in the biohacking sphere.

It’s run by a team of three: Thaddeus Owen, his wife Heidi Sime (“Tomorrow”), and their friend Chris James. PrimalHacker primarily offers a curated shop of biohacking gear. You’ll find the team at most of the large biohacking events, sporting their aesthetically pleasing merchandise.

The “Learn” tab of their site takes you to the blog content, which is geared to how these PrimalHackers use biohacking into their daily lives. Team Primalhacker also regularly sends out emails on sleep, recovery, and EMFs. A great resource to understand the application of simple, real-world biohacks.

PrimalHacker Information:

  • Average blog post frequency: 2X monthly
  • Specialty: Light, EMF, biohacking lifestyle
  • Blog: PrimalHacker – Learn

Biohacking Blog #11: Hyperlipid

hyperlipid logo

Here you’ll find deep dives on nutrition and health from an unlikely source. A Russian named Petro (“Peter”) Dobromylskyj whose background is in physiology, veterinary science, and anesthesia.

You’ll find his musings and thoughts on nutrition science referenced in other popular blogs (listed above). In his content archives, you’ll see posts dating back to 2006.

Petro’s site isn’t for the faint of heart. Beginners will have little use. Researchers and advanced health hackers take note. If you don’t mind the old-school look, the URL, and the inability to effectively search through old content, Hyperlipid is worth the subscription.

Hyperlipid Information:

  • Average blog post frequency: 1-2X weekly
  • Specialty: Advanced nutrition
  • Blog: Hyperlipid Blog

Biohacking Blog #12: SuppVersity

suppversity logo

As Petro Dobromylskyj of Hyperlipid showed, sometimes the freshest content often comes via a nostalgic look. SuppVersity is the other Blogpost blog on this list. The site’s look feels like a Y2K projection of a 2021 website.

Aesthetics aside, SuppVersity explores the real science of supplementation. Unfettered by bold product labels and marketing claims of shady sports “scientists”. Since 2010, Prof. Dr. Andro has consistently published honest reviews of consumer products.

Dr. Andro doesn’t just read PubMed abstracts. His posts comment on each section of the studies. Dissecting them with fine-tooth combs. When SuppVersity publishes something, I make time for it.

SuppVersity Information:

  • Average blog post frequency: 2X quarterly
  • Specialty: Analysis of popular studies
  • Blog: SuppVersity Blog

Biohacking Blog #13: Tim Ferriss

Tim proves that success can come without a website logo.

The oldest name in N=1 self-experimentation, iconic entrepreneur Tim Ferriss is best known for pioneering the concept of a 4-hour workweek (in his book of the same name).

Biohackers took notice with his follow-up hit called 4-Hour Body in which he expedited his personal fitness journey through the help of world-class guests. Tim introduced the concept of “Minimum Effective Dose” to lifestyle. In other words, what’s the least you can do to get great results.

Tim still interviews world-class athletes and achievers to tease out their secrets to success. Ranging from interviews to personal experiments, he publishes original thoughts on core pillars of biohackers. From biohacking the learning process, to running a supplement company, to effective self-quantification, Tim’s tried it all.

Next to Mark’s Daily Apple, few blogs receive as many post comments as Tim’s.

Tim Ferriss Information:

  • Average post frequency: 3-4X weekly
  • Specialty: Meta-learning
  • Blog: Tim Ferriss’s Blog

Biohacking Blog #14: Quantified Bob

quantifiedbob logo

Bob Troia, or Quantified Bob as he’s known online, is a relentless self-optimizer. An engineer, tech enthusiast, and entrepreneur by trade. Bob designs the most meticulous self-quantification experiments on the internet.

Biohackers frequently fall into the trap of throwing everything against the wall to see what sticks. Bob and his data-driven approach buck the trend.

He rigorously tests the latest biohacking gear, products, and toys to help the rest of us avoid snake oil. When I see something listed on Quantified Bob, I know it’s high-quality.

Quantified Bob’s Information:

  • Average blog post frequency: 1X quarterly
  • Specialty: Self-quantification
  • Blog: Quantified Bob’s Blog

Biohacking Blog #15: SelfHacked

selfhacked logo

My number one resource for thorough explanations of virtually any health topic. I found SelfHacked in 2014 when it was just a simple blog for biohackers. I regularly consulted it when I began designing my first nootropic stacks. Joe Cohen started the website to compile the latest research on everything wellness-related. From untested new molecules to natural healing practices.

When I want to find studies without the headache of PubMed, I’ll start with SelfHacked. His science team breaks down each benefit from most supported to least. The team behind SelfHacked also created the best DNA analysis software (see my review of SelfDecode here).

Bookmark this one if you like to follow the science on the hottest topics of the day.

SelfHacked Information:

  • Average blog post frequency: 5-8 weekly
  • Specialty: Research compilations
  • Blog: SelfHacked Posts

Am I Missing a Top Biohacking Blog or Site?

Blogs are one of my favorite ways to stay up-to-date with fellow biohackers and know what’s top-of-mind.

By following the top famous & influential wellness researchers, I curate the best of every field, delivered into my RSS inbox. When I get downtime, I head straight to this enriching “news”.

Looking for more? Feedspot compiled their own list of biohacking blogs.

I’m constantly on the lookout for new biohacking resources. If you come across something or have one that’s not listed, contact me or comment below.


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