11 Top Biohacking Summits, Conferences & Events in 2023 (Virtual & In-Person)

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Biohacking Summits Conferences Events

Events, conferences, and virtual summits are among the best ways to meet fellow biohackers and stay abreast of the latest exciting developments in health & wellness.

More than other biohacks, well-organized events can instantly enrich your life. You’ll forge powerful lifelong relationships with other progressive thinkers. The ones on the front lines challenging conventional wisdom.

Elite biohackers have an insider secret. Something that would have saved me money and time. Careful consideration over which events to attend.

Choose poorly, however, and you’ll completely waste your days and learn outdated science.

In today’s post, I’ll cover the biggest, most anticipated biohacking conferences, summits, and events of 2021 (and beyond).

I’ll update this post as I come across new events. Bookmark this page to ensure you don’t miss out.

Online Biohacking Virtual Summits

Superhuman Health Summit

superhuman health summit

Superhuman Health Summit Overview

Type: Virtual Summit

Date: March 29th – 31st, 2021

Location: Worldwide (Virtual)

Price: Free

Speakers: Eric Edmeades, Brian Sanders, Danny Vega, Robert Sikes, Craig Emmerich, Tristan Haggard, Shawn Wells, Dr. Mindy Pelz, Lucas Aoun, Dr. Bill Schindler, Ryan Munsey, Dr. Molly Maloof, Stefan Filippo, Cameron Norsworthy, Ari Meisel, Dr. Mike Nelson, Dr. Neil Paulvin, Dr. Amy Killen, Dr. Scott Sherr

Superhuman Health Summit is a new virtual summit organized by biohacker Thomas Lancer. It’s one of few large events completely free for General Admission. Even the premium pass and access to recordings is far cheaper than other major conferences. The lineup is stacked with many of the greatest names in biohacking and health optimization. If you’re free on March 29th, I’ll join you in the virtual crowd.

In-Person Biohacking Conferences




Type: Live In-Person Conference

Date: June 11th – 13th, 2021

Location: Austin, TX, USA

Price: TBD

Speakers: TBD

Nutrition is a core pillar of biohacking and health optimization. Proponents of keto use it for weight loss and sharpening mental clarity. KetoCon is the premier conference for all things ketosis and performance. Though we’re still awaiting the core KetoCon details, their previous events have been hits.

Health Optimisation Summit



Type: Live In-Person Conference + Virtual Summit

Date: September 18th – 19th, 2021

Location: London, UK

Price: £299 (earlybirds), £399 (general admission), £1199 (VIP)

Speakers: Dave Asprey, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Satchin Panda, Vishen Lakhiani, Clint Ober, Gerald Pollack, Jolene Brighten, Paul Saladino, Amy Killen, Max Lugavere, Ann Shippy 

Health Optimisation Summit is the other popular European biohacking conference, this time based out of London. They focus on mind, body, and environmental optimization. This year’s speaker lineup rivals the Biohackers Summit. Though the Health Optimisation Summit began in 2019, it’s the fastest-growing biohacking summit. Strategic partnerships with Paleo f(x) and Upgrade Labs have contributed to their meteoric rise. Every product, vendor, and brand meets stringent standards. Granting you free rein to indulge in any of the 60+ brands. This conference is all about optimizing health care with effective preventative and functional medicine.

Biohackers Summit – Amsterdam

biohackerssummit amsterdam


Type: Live In-Person Conference + Virtual Summit

Date: May 7th – 8th, 2021

Location: Pakhuis West, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: €247 (early bird general admission), €1,270 (VIP), €67 (virtual)

Speakers: Naveen Jain, Dr. Molly Maloof, Teemu Arina, Wade Lightheart, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Siim Land, Dr. Olli Sovijärvi, Boomer Anderson, Daniel Stickler, TBD

The team behind the Helsinki Biohackers Summit has expanded and is offering a second venue. This year in Amsterdam. Despite not finalizing their panel lineup yet, as the number one biohacking event they naturally attract the biggest names. So far they’ve 35+ confirmed speakers and 50+ exhibits and sponsors. Expect a large crowd of 1,200+ biohackers to show up. 

Biohackers Summit – Helsinki

biohackerssummit helsinki


Type: Live In-Person Conference + Virtual Summit

Date: October 23rd – 24th 2021

Location: Cable Factory, Helsinki, Finland

Price: €247 (early bird general admission), €1,270 (VIP), €67 (virtual)

Speakers: Naveen Jain, Dr. Molly Maloof, Teemu Arina, Wade Lightheart, Daniel Schmachtenberger, Siim Land, Dr. Olli Sovijärvi, Boomer Anderson, Daniel Stickler, TBD

Biohackers Summit began in Finland. It’s the oldest—and widely considered— world’s top biohacking conference. People flock from every country. Many of today’s most popular biohacking gadgets (like the Oura Ring) debuted here. This year’s theme is “hacking the ego”. Expect a heavy focus on the mind, purpose, and connection. From resilience, to conscience and transcendence, Biohackers Summit will take you to the forefront of biohacking. It’s still far away, so join their email list for updates, webinars, and offers.

Biohacking Congress



Type: Live In-Person Conference + Virtual Summit

Date: October 16th – 17th, 2021

Location: Miami, FL, USA; Worldwide (Virtual)

Price: $106.66 (general livestream admission), $796.23 (general onsite admission)

Speakers: Dr. Daniel Pompa, Dave Asprey, Harry Adelson, Thomas DeLauer, Shawn Wells, Amy Killen, Dr. David Rabin, Boomer Anderson, Siim Land, Wade Lightheart

I recently discovered Biohacking Congress, and don’t let the name fool you, this is not a political event. Though it’s smaller compared to some of the monsters above, Biohacking Congress put on an event in 2020 and another conference in March 2021. Now, they’re back at it again. They have the largest list of panelists. You’ll hear from many of the biohackers on the front lines. Make sure to register early, as the fee 10x’s for last-minute sign-ups!

Biohacking Conference Live

biohackingconference upgradelabs live


Type: Live In-Person Conference

Date: September 10th – 12th, 2021

Location: Beverly Hills, CA

Price: $1,799 (general admission), $2,999 (preferred admission), $4,299 (VIP admission + bonuses)

Speakers: Dave Asprey, Naveen Jain, Vishen Lakhiani, BJ Fogg, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Jim Kwik, Joe De Sena, Dr. David Rabin, Dr. Daniel Stickler, John Gray, Dr. Matt Cook, Brian Hoyer, Nick Pineault, Dr. Ann Shippy

Biohacking Conference is put on by Dave Asprey’s Upgrade Labs based out of Santa Monica. Upon visiting their site, you’re immediately hit with a decision: virtual or in-person. As you’d expect from the “father of biohacking”, Dave & Co secured a solid lineup. Luckily, both venues feature the same lineup. Though it’s more pricey than some of the other conferences, the Biohacking Conference often has more cutting-edge technology and is specific to biohacking. Thus, it attracts pure biohackers (rather than a blend that includes ancestral living folk).

Biohacking Conference Virtual

biohackingconference upgradelabs


Type: Virtual Summit

Date: May 8th, 2021

Location: Worldwide (Virtual)

Price: $99 (general admission), $199 (upgraded admission + recordings), $299 (VIP admission + bonuses)

Speakers: Dave Asprey, Naveen Jain, Vishen Lakhiani, BJ Fogg, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Jim Kwik, Joe De Sena, Dr. David Rabin, Dr. Daniel Stickler, John Gray, Dr. Matt Cook, Brian Hoyer, Nick Pineault, Dr. Ann Shippy

A more affordable one-day edition to the Upgrade Labs flagship biohacking conference, that features many of the same top guests. Like other virtual events, there’s no access to the latest gizmos and gadgets at various vendors. But if you’re purely seeking knowledge, however, this online summit will work.

Metabolic Health Summit

metabolichealthsummit logo


Type: Live In-Person Conference

Date: May 5th – May 8th, 2022

Location: Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Price: $421.99 (early bird admission), $263.74 (VIP Mixer GA ticket add-on)

Speakers: TBD

For the 5th consecutive year, the Metabolic Health Summit (MHS) has brought together international communities to explore the science behind ketosis and metabolic therapies. MHS seeks to merge the gap between science and society. As such, you’ll hear the latest research broken down and summarized for the layperson. Since it’s still far away, the speaker lineup won’t come out for months. Expect big celebrations, as this upcoming conference marks the 101st anniversary of the ketogenic diet! 

Paleo f(x)


Type: Live In-Person Conference

Date: April 29th – May 1st, 2022

Location: Austin, TX, USA

Price: $172 (expo pass), $477.60 (premier badge), $1,181.60 (VIP badge)

Speakers: Ben Greenfield, Dr. Steven Gundry, John Gray, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, Dr. Anna Cabeca, Shawn Wells, Dr. Ted Achacoso, Siim Land, Joe Cohen, Mansal Denton, Robb Wolf, Dr. Dale Bredesen, Daniel Vitalis, Katie Wells, Dr. Shawn Baker, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, Dr. Daniel Pompa, JJ Virgin, Mark Sisson

If you choose only one event to attend, make it Paleo f(x). From the stories I’ve heard, it just gets better every year. What started as a conference centered around the paleo died has expanded into the top biohacking event in the US. Paleo f(x) regularly has the most anticipated speaker lineup of any health event. It’s no wonder that Paleo f(x) has become the annual gathering point for the world’s top experts, doctors and practitioners. Be warned: once you go, it’ll become hard to miss. Best of all, the GA pass is reasonably priced. I’m seriously considering moving to Austin, and events like these are a big reason.

Mindvalley A-Fest

mindvalley afest


Type: Festival

Date: October 21st – 24th, 2021

Location: Jordan

Price: $3,295

Speakers: Dave Asprey, Robin Farmanfarmaian, Ben Greenfield, JJ Virgin, Dr. Mark Hyman, Steven Kotler, Emily Fletcher, Jim Kwik, Jon & Missy Butcher, Tom Bilyeu, Eric Edmeades, TBD

Mindvalley A-Fest is a highly curated members-only event that attracts great minds from around the world. Incredible parties and excursions, and the festival-like experience justify the steep sticker price. A-Fest is on my bucket list. If you have the funds and the ability to travel to the exotic location, it’s a rare opportunity — that is, if you get in!

Biohacking Events

Biohack The World



Type: Live In-Person Conferences + Events

Date: TBD

Location: New York City, NY, USA

Price: Donations

Speakers: TBD

New York City biohackers are fortunate to have David Choi, and his creation, Biohack the World (BtW). Once a hidden gem, that grew to 200+ attendees last time. David hosts more professional biohacking events than any other group. Events that compete with the others on this list. If you happen to visit NYC, make your trip coincide with Biohack the World. There’s currently nothing planned for 2021, but I’m confident David has something up his sleeve.

Primalhacker Retreats

primalhacker 1


Type: In-Person Retreat

Date: January 27th – 30th, 2022

Location: Amery, Wisconsin, USA

Price: $79 – $3,400

Speakers: Thaddeus and Tomorrow, Waxela Sananda, TBD

Thaddeus and Tomorrow, the couple behind the Primalhacker website, put on a small annual retreat. If you’re looking to experience the truly ancestral side of biohacking, complete with spirituality, yoga, shamanic breathwork, sauna, and light, this is your event. To complement the activities, they also bring in Waxela Sananda and various other guest speakers. 

Biohacking Online Summits, Live Conferences, & Events

As a collective, biohackers have fared well throughout quarantine. Preventative medicine, health optimization, and biohacking helped thousands maintain peak health despite the surrounding chaos.

Highly skeptical and scientific folks have begun taking personal wellness into their own hands.

Health starts with community, and humans are visual creatures.

Zoom, virtual events, and online biohacking groups won’t replace genuine in-person connections.

I planned to begin a NYC biohacking Meetup group in March 2020 (bad timing, I know). While I’ve paused those plans, I’ve been counting down the days until local events resume.

My must-attend biohacking conferences & summits include:

Have I missed any? What biohacking events are you looking forward to?

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