18 Top Biohacking & Human Performance Podcasts (2023 Ultimate Guide)

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Best Biohacking High Performance Podcasts

I love podcasts. Every day I awake to fresh new episodes downloaded onto my phone. I plug in my earphones and go about my day.

By the time I’ve finished my morning routine and chores, I’ve already taken a giant step towards optimal living.

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And it’s one of the 21st centuries’ most valuable skills. Schools don’t teach effective learning. Experts agree, however, that repetition and frequent exposure are key to deep understanding and long-term memory (find more on biohacking learning & memory here).

Podcasts are audio interviews that you can listen to whenever convenient. Giving you additional doses of knowledge around the clock. When I got started biohacking, I scoured the web for comprehensive lists of all the best podcasts out there. Quite frankly, they sucked. Years later, I’ve now cobbled together a thorough roundup of top podcasts. Today, I’m sharing my list so that you get everything in one place.

Best New Biohacking Podcast: Mind Body Peak Performance
Most Popular Biohacking Podcast: Ben Greenfield Fitness
Original Biohacking Podcast: Bulletproof Radio
Best High Performance Podcast: Decoding Superhuman
Favorite Holistic Health Podcast: Living 4D

Why Podcasts Are Key to Maximum Performance

Before digging into the list itself, I should mention why I love podcasts. A quick stat that I found interesting:

“45% of podcast listeners have an annual household income of more than $250,000.

Small Biz Genius

Definitely not causative, but podcast listeners tend to be more successful. Advantages of podcasts include:

  • Easy & convenient: listen to them anywhere, whenever you have free time. Download them for offline playback and all you need is your phone. Subscribe to your favorite shows and new episodes automatically await your listen.
  • Free: educational content can get expensive quickly. Especially when dealing with state-of-the-art knowledge. This access to the top minds would be virtually impossible. If you managed to get ahold of them and booked a consultation, you’d pay hundreds or thousands for a short slot.
  • Conversational: podcasts are conversations. Since everything is audio-based, guests must simplify their language and descriptions. The conversational flow is punctuated with personal stories which make the content more memorable.
  • Multi-tasking: reading, watching videos, or learning through other mediums generally requires heavy focus. With podcasts, however, you can knock out chores or other TODO list items while strengthening your brain at the same time.

Without further ado, here are my favorite biohacking and peak performance podcasts that deserve your subscribe.

Mind Body Peak Performance

Host: Nick Urban

Mind Body Peak Performance Podcast

What’s the point of biohacking? I’m interested in improving my performance to the highest extent possible. Not “optimization”, but maximization. I might be biased, but Mind Body Peak Performance is the newest podcast dedicated to using biohacking specifically to get you to your full potential. Topics range from exploring the time-tested ancient practices used to construct the wonders of the world. To the forefront of modern medicine. The goal of MPB is to arm you with the toolbox needed to thrive in any situation, anywhere in the world.

What I like about MBP Performance

  • Actionable, easy to implement recommendations from guests
  • Performance-focus. Make a larger impact on the world.
  • Holistic wisdom viewed through multiple different paradigms for maximum effect.

Mind Body Peak Performance Information

Boost Your Biology

Host: Lucas Aoun

boost your biology

Boost Your Biology is a new show hosted by the founder of Ergogenic Health, Lucas Aoun. You’ll feel right at home listening to Boost Your Biology if you regularly trawl PubMed for the latest molecules and are willing to do a little self-experimentation. Lucas puts out great, informative content on Instagram. Posts that can suck you down rabbit holes and have you procuring unheard of molecules — if you’re not careful. Or maybe that’s just me. Though I only discovered the show recently, it’s secured a (limited) spot in my subscriptions.

Warning: on the forefront of research, comes greater risk and potential consequences.

What I like about Boost Your Biology

  • Cutting-edge molecules and research. Lucas finds and posts about the latest developments first.
  • Different conversations. Given his background and interests, you’ll hear different sides of the guests commonly featured on other shows.

Boost Your Biology Information

Found My Fitness

Host: Dr. Rhonda Patrick

foundmyfitness patrick

Research health optimization for long enough, and you’ll surely encounter Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s work. She’s been instrumental in the meteoric rise of saunas, broccoli sprouts, and various other healthy lifestyle practices. Though she doesn’t regularly release episodes anymore, when she does they’re packed with information. Rhonda has mastered the art of distilling complex clinical results into wisdom for the masses. Her academic background speaks for itself. She’s a thought leader on aging, nutrition, neurodegeneration, saunas, cancer, and much more. Inspiring to see her popularity in the notoriously male-dominated field of biohacking.

What I like about Found My Fitness

  • Academic perspective. Rhonda is up-to-date with the latest research and often busts myths that run wild in the wellness community.
  • Natural approach. Instead of touting the latest in synthetics, Rhonda looks at biology from a systems perspective. The “what comes up, must come down” mentality. She cautions against come popular biohacking practices.

Found My Fitness Information

Biohacking Superhuman Performance

Host: Nathalie Niddam

biohacking superhuman performance

Host Nathalie Niddam runs one of the most popular cutting-edge biohacking Facebook groups, and her show is a platform for the doctors, researchers, and health hackers on the front lines. I often lurk in the Biohacking Superhuman Performance Facebook group whenever I have questions about peptides or other small molecules. Nathalie’s forward-thinking and occasional new topics (Brown’s Gas, for example), have landed the show on iTunes’ New & Noteworthy list.

What I like about Biohacking Superhuman Performance

  • Interviews with clinicians. Unlike many biohacking shows, Nathalie interviews those on the forefront of biohacking. Guests without products to sell. Experts that have experience with the molecules often discussed in biohacking communities.
  • Peptides specialization. Peptides are a class of small molecules that are the future of biohacking. Much of the internet’s information on peptides is complicated, and Nathalie’s work distills it for the masses.

Biohacking Superhuman Performance Information

Aubrey Marcus Podcast (AMP)

Host: Aubrey Marcus

aubrey marcus podcast amp

Aubrey Marcus has been involved in wellness for a long time. He’s the founder of Onnit, a company specializing in brain, workout, and health supplements. What separates Aubrey for the crowd is his willingness to converse about traditionally taboo topics. Especially psychedelic medicine. He’s regularly featured on the biggest podcasts, from JRE to The Tim Ferriss show. What I enjoy most are the free-flowing, conversational nature of Aubrey’s episodes. I feel like a fly on the wall between him and his guests.

What I like about AMP

  • Spirituality discussion. For legal, employment, and other reasons, few biohackers thoroughly explore plant medicines. Aubrey recounts his experiences for the rest of us to learn from.
  • Conversational style. AMP episodes feel more like real dialogue than interviews.

AMP Information

Muscle Intelligence

Host: Ben Pakulski

Muscle Intelligence

Immediately, the name of the show put me off. I know that lean muscle is key to long healthspan, but to me, Muscle Intelligence conjured up images of ‘roided out bodybuilders “confusing their muscles” with the latest sports science techniques. I was only partially right. While Ben’s content focusing primarily on biohacking muscle, he also covers fat loss and aesthetics. A podcast approachable to the everyday man (and woman).

What I like about Muscle Intelligence

  • Everything body-transformation. Most of Ben’s content is geared towards biohacking the body. One of the most common (and underserved) reasons people turn to biohacking.
  • Audience engagement. Anyone can leave Ben a voicemail on his website. Ask a burning question and get an answer.

Muscle Intelligence Information

The Drive

Host: Dr Peter Attia

the drive peter attia

Dr. Peter Attia is another highly respected name in the world of evidence-based biohacking. The Drive is a place to go to hear thoughts from the most medically progressive practicing doctors. Peter tackles common topics like fasting, exercise, and nutrition, to weighing in on the more controversial such as off-label metformin use for longevity. He designs great personal experiments and shares his findings with his audience. The Drive delivers logic encapsulated in relatable stories.

What I like about The Drive

  • Clinical perspective. Peter works with patients and tests popular biohacks on himself. He’s the rare open-minded doctor.
  • Analogies. Peter uses great comparisons to simplify and drive home complicated concepts.

The Drive Information

Siim Land Podcast

Host: Siim Land

siim land podcast

Author of Metabolic Autophagy and Stronger by Stress (see my biohacker’s booklist for other great reads), Siim Land specializes in hormetic stress. From extremely hot saunas to cryotherapy and ice baths. This podcast frequently discusses intermittent fasting, your metabolism, and the state of longevity research. Among the youngest biohackers with a podcast, Siim recently rebranded from Body Mind Empowerment to the Siim Land Podcast.

What I like about Siim Land Podcast

  • Metabolism focus. Before expanding into hormetic stress, Siim wrote a book and became a leading authority on metabolic health. Health experts defer to Siim for information related to metabolism.
  • Content for the young. I’ve found most biohacker podcast hosts are somewhere in their mid-thirties to early fifties. In his mid-twenties, Siim’s work is more applicable to younger biohackers.

Siim Land Podcast Information

Take Control of Your Health

Host: Dr. Mercola

dr mercola podcast

Dr. Mercola runs one of the oldest natural health sites on the internet. Despite shadow-banning by Google and other tech giants, his audience continues to grow. For decades Mercola’s led alternative health. Through his large network, Mercola finds guests from across the globe. Sharing effective solutions to today’s most pressing problems. Recently, his “Best of Series” thoroughly dissects hot biohacking topics. From photobiomodulation, to ketones (pickup high-quality exogenous ketones here), sporebiotics to medical marijuana.

What I like about Take Control of Your Health

  • Censorship-free. Unperturbed by death threats, Dr. Mercola shares information that no one else will. Whether natural solutions, or exposing systematic corruption.
  • Timely topics. Mercola adjusts his content calendar as the world need changes. During the pandemic, he’s put out tons of useful episodes to deal with humanity’s massive collective stress.

Take Control of Your Health Information

Living 4D with Paul Chek

Host: Paul Chek

living4d paul chek

You’ll either love or hate Paul Chek, the host of Living 4D. The first few times I came across his work I found it absurd and outlandish. A few years later, however, it struck a cord. What once sounded ridiculous suddenly made sense. Paul’s work draws on his extensive study of the world’s greatest mystics. His library contains hundreds of books spanning what seems like influential figured from every country and time period. Living 4D dives deep on topics, sometimes to the tune of 3.5-hour episodes. Give his show some time and you’ll understand how the Chek Institute has transformed the lives of their thousands of students (I’m currently studying under him 🙂 ).

What I like about Living 4D

  • Ancestral lens. Virtually every biohacking podcast claims to merge ancestral wisdom and modern science. In reality, few do. Living 4D is the exception, and Paul’s constant examples point out that today’s problems aren’t so unique after all.
  • Thorough. 30-60 minutes isn’t long enough to explore completely new topics. I had never heard of BioGeometry. Two 120-minute podcasts later, however, I have a better grasp.

Living 4D Information

Huberman Lab

Host: Dr. Andrew Huberman

huberman lab dr andrew huberman 1

Esteemed researcher Dr. Andrew Huberman breaks down the latest neuroscience. The Huberman Lab studies neural regeneration, neuroplasticity, optimal performance, and different brain states like stress, focus, and fear. Andrew is world-class at explaining the most complex neuroscience and theories in plain English. That said, he still dives deep neuroanatomy and the science of behavior change. In each episode, Huberman translates the findings of recent studies into practical takeaways that we can apply to our daily life. The Huberman Lab became my favorite new podcast of 2021.

What I like about Huberman Lab

  • Research analysis. Andrew reads, analyzes, and provides his commentary on relevant new studies as they come out.
  • Biology made interesting. His examples and simple explanations of how and why things work bring the field of Biology to life.
  • Novel topics. Huberman Lab covers topics in-depth and with a different slant than you’ll find elsewhere.


Ben Greenfield Fitness

Host: Ben Greenfield

ben greenfield fitness podcast

One of the original health and fitness shows, the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast features a wide variety of guests across domains. What started with advanced fitness interviews, has evolved into a show discussing the more out-there concepts like “infoceuticals” and devices like Infopathy (see my review). Ben understands the science, but at the same time isn’t afraid to talk about his personal experience with the so-called woo. You’ll often discover new people to follow on his podcast before they make their way through the podcast circuit.

What I like about Ben Greenfield Fitness

  • New guests. Ben rounds up and interviews guests before they show up on all the other shows.
  • Q&A episodes. On occasion, he releases episodes with listener questions and answers. Often clarifying confusing bits from previous episodes.
  • Huge library. BGF archives span many years and hundreds of episodes. I can search through them and find shows on virtually any topic related to health and wellness.

Ben Greenfield Fitness Information

Biohacking Secrets

Host: Anthony DiClementi

biohacking secrets podcast

Biohacking Secrets was one of the first shows dedicated to biohacking. Host Anthony DiClementi is a coach focusing primarily on overcoming illness and toxicity. His book (by the same name), put him on the map and detailed some of the top free biohacks. The podcast has quieted down since 2020, with many of the episodes focusing on topics related to the pandemic. Like some of the others on this list, Anthony covers the often ignored other side of controversial subjects.

What I like about Biohacking Secrets

  • Personal experience. Anthony is like that crazy health nut friend that likes to test new concepts. His episodes feel relatable.
  • Controversy. Where others back away from certain subjects, Biohacking Secrets covers them in full color.
  • Illness, disease, toxicity information. As someone that overcame Lymes disease, Anthony has focused on much of his work on root cause analysis and uncovering the most powerful healing modalities.

Biohacking Secrets Information

Optimal Performance Podcast

Host: Sean McCormick

optimal performance podcast sean mccormick

While Sean McCormick and OPP aren’t yet a household name, his show has grown significantly in recent years. Sean is another follow biohacker focused on performance and optimal living. Topics range from anti-aging and beauty, to exciting new technologies.

What I like about Optimal Performance Podcast

  • Another voice. Several players dominate the biohacking space. Sean provides a different perspective.
  • Virtual assistant. His podcast listeners get exclusive access to a biohacking virtual assistant that recommends products based on your answers to a survey.

OPP Information

The Life Stylist

Host: Luke Storey

the lifestylist luke storey

Luke Storey is a recovered drug user turned celebrity stylist and biohacker. The Life Stylist explores the esoteric side of biohacking with a spiritual flair. Luke is unabashedly honest, a great storyteller, and relatable. These shows go long, and cover topics thoroughly. The rare blend of modern health and spirituality has gained Luke a huge following.

What I like about The Life Stylist

  • Scientific spirituality. Luke satisfies both the scientific skeptic and the modern-day spiritually inclined.
  • Comprehensive shows. Some Life Stylist shows go two to three hours.

The Life Stylist Information

Wellness Force Radio

Host: Josh Trent

wellness force josh trent

Wellness Force is about integrating physical with emotional intelligence. Josh Trent shares what he’s learning about optimal living. His approach consists of three themes of true intelligence: Gathering, Applying, & Embodying. Wellness Force is best described as holistic health meets optimal living.

What I like about Wellness Force

  • Grounded. Josh approaches topics with a level-headed, first-do-no-harm mentality.

Wellness Force Information

Bulletproof Radio

Host: Dave Asprey

bulletproof dave asprey

Widely considered the father of biohacking, Dave Aprey’s Bulletproof podcast is the portal through which most people discover biohacking. Dave has spent over $1M on improving his health and performance and is the man behind the popular Bulletproof Coffee. I no longer find his work as groundbreaking as the other podcasts in this list, but no discussion of biohacking is complete without mentioning Bulletproof.

What I like about Bulletproof Radio

  • Popularizing concepts. Dave skillfully brings fringe topics to the mainstream. Things like mold awareness and adding fat into coffee.

Bulletproof Radio Information

Decoding Superhuman

Host: Boomer Anderson

decoding superhuman boomer anderson

Decoding Superhuman is the show dedicated to fusing the worlds of health optimization and entrepreneurship. Host Boomer Anderson seeks out experts on productivity, decision making and improving energy. This show covers many of the same topics as the other health optimization shows, through the slight lens of entrepreneurship and business.

What I like about Decoding Superhuman

  • Productivity focus. Topics aren’t all around biohacking.
  • Different questions. Boomer finds the subjects that his guests know well but haven’t shared on other shows.

Decoding Superhuman Information

The Top Biohacking Podcasts & Shows of 2022

We’ve covered a lot of ground.

If you’ve made it this far, I hope you test out some of the biohacking and peak performance shows above.

Each show offers a different perspective or approach to optimal living.

Listen to Mind Body Peak Performance and let me know what you think or any guests you’d like to hear from!

In case you’re looking for other types of content…

Check out my top biohacking resources:

Or if you’re a big reader, the ultimate biohackers book list has you covered.

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