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FindMyFormula Review [2022]: Powerful Nootropics Customized For Your Unique Brain

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Find My FORMULA Nootropics Review
Find My FORMULA Nootropics Review
Formula Nootropic Supplements
FindMyFORMULA Nootropics Review

Is FindMyFormula the #1 brain-enhancing nootropic brand? I thoroughly tested Formula's custom supplements. This review covers the science & a special promo code.

Product Brand: FindMyFormula

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It’s 7:30 AM as I’m typing this and my brain feels especially sharp. Just over an hour ago, I ripped into a small little pouch, emptied the contents into my mouth, and washed it all down with water.

That pouch contained a blend of brain-enhancing ingredients customized to my unique neurobiology. These special formula support all facets of mental performance:

  • Alleviating brain fog
  • Maximizing motivation
  • Amplifying energy
  • Enhancing logical reasoning
  • Augmenting creativity
  • Boosting mood
  • Sharpening focus
  • Extending concentration
  • Improving memory

Here’s the thing…

I’ve tried 49 different brain boosting products (and counting). While I believe the science behind many of the ingredients, I don’t actually feel any different from taking most nootropics. Did they work? Was I wasting money? Who knows.

As a long-long student of neuroscience, since 2012 I’ve tested over 125 different individual supplements, nutraceuticals, and nootropics on myself. Including every single ingredient in the Formula products. I thoroughly vetted each of their blends, taking over 90 doses of the different formulas. In my extensive experimentation, I’ve found that Formula beats just about any nootropic out there.

I liked the company enough that I partnered with them to help spread the word. I’ve noticed that other reviews online are outdated, contain inaccurate information, or don’t fully break down the experience.

Get Formula Nootropics

Save 15% using the exclusive FindMyFormula coupon code URBAN.

This comprehensive review will explain how Formula personalizes nootropics, share my personal experiment with their products, and help you decide if your search for the ultimate cognitive enhancement is over.

Update: Find My Formula has been replaced by completely revamped blends and a company rebrand to TakeThesis. Read my new Thesis Nootropics review here.

What are Nootropics

What are nootropics

Nootropics are a class of ingredients that enhance brainpower (cognitive performance) in healthy individuals. The term itself came from two Greek words, roughly translated to “mind bending”. These special ingredients work by supporting, protecting, and improving the brain’s structure and function.

People take nootropics to improve:

  • Focus
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Cognitive performance
  • Productivity
  • Mental clarity
  • Sleep

Popular use of the term “nootropic” has various meanings. To some, any cognitive enhancer qualifies. I consider the more risky and experimental substances “smart drugs” rather than nootropics. Real nootropics must fulfill five criteria:

  1. Aids ability to learn and memory
  2. Supports brain in stressful conditions
  3. Protects the brain against injury (chemical or physical)
  4. Enhances natural cognitive functions
  5. Non-toxic to the brain

Examples include everything from innocuous vitamins & minerals, to omega-3 fish oils, to cutting-edge peptides and adaptogens. Formula’s products contain all the above and more.

How Formula Works

Formula, also called FindMyFormula, isn’t your average nootropics store. Rather than buying individual ingredients and testing different combinations and doses, they do the heavy lifting for you. This is the exact process between you and an optimized brain:

  1. Answer a questionnaire on your lifestyle, health, and goals
  2. Order either a one-time box or subscribe
  3. Test each blend in the starter kit
  4. Log down your experiences for each
  5. Talk to a live nootropics coach with any questions
  6. Customize future orders

Here’s how it works.

Take the Formula Nootropics Quiz

FindMyFormula Nootropics Quiz
Starting the FindMyFormula nootropics quiz

Most quizzes around brain health and cognition ask generic or fairly useless questions. The type where you chose answer A but could easily have gone with B, C, or D.

From working one-on-one with thousands of customers, the Formula team’s quiz actually helps find your optimal product. Quiz topics include:

  • Biological info
  • Sleep habits
  • Exercise routine
  • Alcohol & drug use
  • Cognitive and performance goals
  • Productivity
  • Behavior
  • Mood

The survey serves twofold. First, it helps their algorithm design your custom formula. Second, it gives you a baseline to compare your results against after testing the supplements.

Unboxing the Formula Starter Kit

Formula Nootropics Logo Sm 1
The Formula Starter Kit contains instructions and four custom formulations.

Formula ships fast, with orders generally arriving in 3-5 days. But those days felt like an eternity.

The colorful box affixed with yourhandwritten name arrives. Now what?

Your Formula Starter Kit contains:

  • 1 instruction manual
  • 4 different formulas

Though I rarely read instruction manuals, this is a time it’ll help.

The instruction manual breaks down how to use the products, the ingredients in each, different use cases, and a daily log.

To get started, choose any of the four boxes. In my case, I began with Energy. Open the box, and inside you’ll find six sachets.

Six mornings in a row, grab one sachet, and take all the contents (2-4 capsules).

Finding Your Optimal Formulas

Everyone has unique neurochemistries. What works great for me won’t necessarily work equally well for you.

The goal of the Starter Kit is to find your favorite formulas. Instead of sifting though hundreds (or possibly thousands) of ingredients on your own, the formulators simplified your best options into four products. You test each one-by-one.

Every morning, you take the capsules included in one small baggie. At the end of the day, flip to the end of your instruction manual, rate the blend, and jot down your notes. Compared to an average day, some things to consider include your:

  • Productivity — did you check off more TODOs?
  • Energy — did you feel more capable?
  • Sharpness — did you find your memory especially capable?
  • Creativity — did you pick up new or improve existing projects?
  • Focus — did your screen time decrease?

After completing day six, take a day off. Look back through your journal entries to spot patterns. Tomorrow, you’ll restart the process with another one of the four boxes.

Note: it’s completely normal to not like or feel a specific formula.

Consult a Brain & Nootropics Coach

If you’d like extra guidance, Formula offers 1:1 nootropics consultations.

A brain and nootropics expert will guide you through your questions. Ranging from the basics like how Formula works, to complex biochemical interactions with other supplements and neural pathways.

No other nootropics company (that I’ve seen) offers customers FREE consultations.

These coaches, speaking from experience 🙂, put your health and productivity first. They’re not salespeople.

I’ve personally spoken to customers who I felt would get better performance gains from focusing elsewhere first. Once they improved their sleep and added several de-stressing modalities, for example, they felt stronger and more reliable nootropic effects.

Highly recommend chatting with a coach. Once you purchase, visit this link and tell them Nick Urban sent you.

Choose Your Favorite Boxes

After 28 days (six days plus a rest day times four boxes), you’ll have found your favorites. Recalling your favorites from all the products can get tricky. If you don’t remember, go back through your old notes and scan the month for trends and patterns.

For some people, they all work great. Others only like one of the four.

The service is designed with this in mind. On future orders, you have four slots to fill however you like. You can select four of the same blend (ie Energy, Energy, Energy, Energy), or any combination of your favorites (Clarity, Clarity, Logic, Motivation).

Now you’re ready to learn about the different formulas.

Formula’s Nootropic Supplement Blends

Formula Nootropics Energy Motivation Logic Clarity Crativity Supplements

Before progressing on to my review of each blend, I have a few important notes.

You know yourself better than any algorithm. If you know that you react poorly to caffeine, make sure that your order says it is caffeine-free. On the other hand, if you get recommended the decaffeinated version but want maximum strength, choose the caffeinated option.

Product names are merely a suggestion. One of the biggest mistakes is to fixate on the name of the blend. The name comes from the general consensus around effects. Your results may (and probably will) vary. In my case:

  • Motivation actually makes me lethargic and unmotivated
  • Creativity is best for social situations, fluid communication, and learning
  • Logic works great for creative projects, physical performance, as well as programming

Ironically, Motivation is the only one that didn’t motivate me. So I simply excluded it from future orders.

After completing the Starter Kit, there’s no right or wrong way to take them. You can either take them daily (though I suggest taking a break over the weekend) or save them for special events.

Energy Box

Formula’s Energy product is my go-to on days when I want both a physical and mental energy boost. With this one I don’t need coffee and easily get through the day without even a yawn. On Energy, I easily fit in a second daily workout session. I think of Energy like coffee with stronger, longer-laster, and broader effects, and with fewer downsides. For the strongest effect, I usually combine caffeine-free Energy with a large cup of upgraded coffee.

They’ve recently reformulated this one to include two powerful new ingredients.

  • Theacrine is a cousin of caffeine with fewer side effects (jitters, chest pain, addictive) and that stimulates without interfering with sleep.
  • Zynamite comes from mango leaves and has been shown to increase physical and mental energy in healthy users.

Popular use cases include:

  • Checking off TODO list items and running errands
  • Boosting athletic and sports performance
  • Solving a night of poor sleep
  • Overcoming fatigue

The ingredients inside FindMyFormula Energy include:

  • Zynamite Mangifera Indica Extract (200mg)
  • Theacrine (100mg)
  • Citicoline Sodium (300mg)
  • Sulbutiamine (200mg)
  • Caffeine (100mg)
  • L-Theanine (200mg)

This was my favorite before I tried Logic.

Creativity Box

I haven’t considered myself a creative, so I saved this one for last. In the latest formula upgrade, this one received a special proven form of a natural adaptogenic herb called Ashwagandha. It is one of two powerhorses in Creativity.

Creativity differs from the rest in terms of onset. The other of the main ingredients, aniracetam, must build up in your body over several days before you’ll feel the most pronounced effects.

I noticed the power of Creativity while reflecting on the third day. I had an easier time remembering seemingly small details throughout the day. I also felt calmer when speaking and delivering a presentation. On day four, after my weekly writing session, I realized that I had written 34% more words than usual. When I need to ideate, conceptualize, or communicate more effectively, I choose Creativity.

Popular use cases include:

  • Social events
  • Public speaking
  • Brainstorming
  • Building new skills
  • Singing, dancing, writing, performing
  • Delivering presentations

FindMyFormula Creativity Ingredients:

  • KSM-66 Ashwagandha (300mg)
  • Aniracetam (750mg)
  • Alpha GPC (150mg)
  • MCT Oil (500mg)
  • Caffeine (100mg)
  • L-Theanine (200mg)

Creativity grew on me as I used it more. I already take Ashwagandha in my morning supplement stack, so I actually preferred the old formula (before it was added).

Clarity Box

My experience with Clarity is rather subtle. To me, it has quite different effects from the rest. Definitely no stimulation. No off-the-walls energy. No drive to get up and exercise. Could it be the dosage? From personal experimentation, I know that paradoxically I actually feel stronger effects from a smaller noopept dose (10mg rather than 30mg).

I’d summarize Clarity as feeling calm and relaxed yet aware. Almost like it deactivates my stress response so that I can think clearly (aptly named). It seems to stimulate alpha brain waves, the ones associated with focus and deep work. I’m able to work on a single task, with just a single Chrome tab open. Very unlike me.

Popular use cases include:

  • Clearing brain fog
  • Narrowing focus to important tasks
  • Inducing the hyper-productive “flow state”
  • Performing in stressful conditions

FindMyFormula Clarity Ingredients:

  • Noopept (30mg)
  • Alpha GPC (300mg)
  • Vinpocetine (30mg)
  • Caffeine (100mg)
  • L-Theanine (200mg)

I took Clarity once and didn’t notice a thing (I was looking for energy and stimulation). The second time I realized that it works differently than the rest. It took a third test to get the feeling I sought.

Motivation Box

Motivation is Formula’s answer to one of the most popular nootropic stacks on Earth called CILTEP. It works by helping neurons wire together easier. Motivation is one you either love and hate. CILTEP has both raving fans and unimpressed skeptics. I fall into the latter. I feel absolutely nothing positive from it. Only lethargy and reduced motivation. If CILTEP works for you, Formula turbocharged their Motivation blend with an ingredient called Dynamine. They also added more Forskolin than the other products on the market.

Popular use cases include:

  • Beating procrastination
  • Making sticking to new habits easier
  • Following through on tedious work
  • Sticking to resolutions
  • Learning new skills faster

FindMyFormula Motivation Ingredients:

  • Forskolin Extract 20% (250mg)
  • Methylliberine (100mg)
  • Artichoke Extract (450mg)
  • Vitamin B12 (1000mcg)
  • L-Phenylalanine (500mg)
  • Caffeine (100mg)
  • L-Theanine (200mg)

You’ll know quickly whether or not you like Motivation.

Logic Box

Up last, is Formula’s crown jewel. Logic has a nice (but not overwhelming) blend of stimulation from the oxiracetam, theobromine, and centrophenoxine. Uridine supports learning and boosts mood while phosphatidylserine takes the edge off everything. I’m impressed with the final product. It wasn’t a combination I had tried.

As an engineer and consultant, I felt a noticeable boost the first dose. I get through puzzles and problems faster. I come up with more elegant solutions. Logic keeps me awake and present. My workouts improved too. I flat out get more done in less time.

It’s unlike any of the other blends. If I could choose only one, it’d be Logic.

Popular use cases include:

  • Deep work
  • Programming
  • Legal work
  • Research
  • Analytics
  • Math
  • Science

FindMyFormula Logic Ingredients:

  • Uridine (300 mg)
  • DHA from algae (500 mg)
  • Phosphatidylserine (100 mg)
  • Oxiracetam (750 mg)
  • Theobromine (100 mg)
  • Centrophenoxine (500 mg)

Looking back through my personal log of Formula nootropic use, I see that I take Logic twice as often as all the others combined. If you didn’t get it in your starter box, I suggest trying it in a follow-up order. Their Support team is happy to accomodate.

Formula Nootropics Pros & Cons


Pronounced effects. No wondering if they work.

Ingredients distributed throughout capsules (control your dosage)

Personalized nootropics

Products constantly enhanced with the latest ingredients

New formulations include natural nootropics

Friendly & accommodating Support Team

Reasonably priced subscription

Fast shipping

Customizable order frequency and contents


Takes trial and error to find your ideal product

Caffeinated formulas contain a separate caffeine/theanine pill (less evenly distributed)

Some blends have more pills than others

Pills are large

Unable to customize doses of specific ingredients

Box feels flimsy

Side Effects of Formula Nootropics

Every supplement can have side effects. Especially powerful brain enhancers. Ultimately, side effects come up as a signal from your body that something is wrong. If you feel less than great, give the product one more chance another day. This is to make sure it wasn’t something else in your life causing the symptoms. If you feel the same thing, don’t take it again. Congrats, you’ve now crossed one formula off your list.

In all of my testing—even taking the products alongside a litany of other supplements—I’ve emerged without any real complaints.

I suggest following the provided instructions to avoid symptoms. Start slow and small. You can always increase dose and add other things.

I did get an annoying headache one day. But I had also consumed too much coffee and added a powder of my own (a cholinergic compound called alpha-GPC).

The Future of Formula Nootropics

Formula is building something big. They’re the first ones to tailor nootropics to your unique neurochemistry. Their quiz is actually useful. The formulation team considers promising new (and safe) ingredients.

When I joined their team I made a suggestion. Having experienced profound benefits from a class of natural ingredients called adaptogens, I urged them to consider reformulating their products. Today, their current formulas include multiple natural compounds like tea leaf, mango leaf, and a prized adaptogen calledAshwagandha.

I see Formula becoming a household name among high-achievers. I expect the formulas to become honed even better over the coming years. And that the coaching side will pick up as customers realize the true power of combining customized supplements with professional guidance.

Free Nootropics With Find My Formula Beta Program

Find My Formula Nootropics Beta Program Products
Formula’s beta program contains some novel ingredients (blurred in image above to respect their unique, unreleased formulas)

Interested in getting cutting-edge formulas ahead of the crowd?

Formula offers a special beta program that lets you test each of their upcoming new blends 100 percent FREE.

Reach out soon, because they have a limited number of openings. If selected to participate,Formula mails you four “secret” formulas. On your end, just complete a quick weekly check-in (via an online form).

When they’re eventually released, these will cost $79 for a subscription and $119 for a one-time purchase (save an additional 15% with code URBAN).

Take advantage today and tell them that Nick Urban sent you.

Find My Formula Questions & Answers

Which is better Find My Formula vs Adderall?

Formula is the better nootropic. The ingredients in Formula’s supplements are shown to enhance energy, focus, motivation, and mental clarity in healthy subjects.

How long do the benefits of Formula last?

The benefits of Formula are long-lasting. Ingredients like piracetam and noopept are neuroprotective and promote the growth of new neurons and synapses in the brain by increasing Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF).

Is Formula Safe?

Formula pays utmost attention to safety. They only use ingredients that are FDA Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) or that have cleared phase III trials in humans.

How much does Find My Formula cost?

Find My Formula offers two different pricing models: $119 for a one-time purchase, and $79 for an ongoing subscription (use coupon code URBAN to save 15%). I recommend trying the subscription and capitalizing on their 30-day-money-back-guarantee if you don’t love it.

FindMyFormula Nootropics Review: Are They Legit?

Brain enhancement skeptics might have second thoughts after trying Formula. I’ve spent nearly a decade testing all the ingredients that I can get my hands on (which is a closet-full).

Take a quick quiz and their algorithms customize your ingredient blends. You’ll receive four products to test.

Sign up for their subscription to capitalize on a big discount. Add on my exclusive coupon code URBAN to save even more. Test out their starter kit. Find your winning products. Customize future orders to your heart’s desire.

Get Special Deal on Formula

If at any time you’re not 100 percent satisfied, you have the safety net of Formula’s 30-day money-back-guarantee.

Wondering what the professionals do to further boost mental performance?

  • Supplement a super fuel called exogenous ketones or C8 MCT oil. It’s core to my genius coffee recipe.
  • Use the potent neuroprotectant lion’s mane mushroom
  • Practice red light therapy to turbocharge your mitochondria and increase your energy
  • Track your day-to-day progress and vitals with popular self-quantification wearables (I prefer the Apple Watch or Oura Ring)

If you’re looking for an over-the-counter brain-enhancing alternative to popular smart drugs like Adderall or Modafinil, consider Formula.


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4 thoughts on “FindMyFormula Review [2022]: Powerful Nootropics Customized For Your Unique Brain”

  1. I ordered my starter kit today. I take a micro amount of Adderall for moderate-severe adhd (later in life diagnosis during the pandemic (😳) – my metabolism and tolerable amounts of these types of stimulants is interesting.

    With my medication manager, I’m going to see how Formula works. I am so bummed that Logic isn’t offered as an option. I’ll have to wait for next month’s shipment. Thanks for being my defacto brain guinea pig, the thorough review and discount code!

    • Hey Heidi — hope you enjoy! You can always reach out to them and ask to have Logic switched out for something else. My pleasure 🙂

  2. Thank you! I tried some yesterday and it worked very well for me; so I’ll be ordering my starter kit. Thank you for the code! It worked 🙂


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