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Analemma Water Wand Review: Upgrade Your Liquids With a Quick Swirl?

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Analemma Water Device Review
Analemma Water Device Review

Humanity dazzles over the latest and greatest connection speeds.

3G, then 4G, WiFi, 5G, Fiber Optic.

But here’s the surprise…

There’s an information sender, receiver, and transmitter infinitely more powerful than our fastest data transfer technology Share on X

It’s old technology, and absolutely free.

Researchers call it “coherent water”.

Unfortunately, outside particular healing spots, human processing has stripped the global water supply of its coherence. It has devolved into a “chaotic” state. Now before you roll your eyes at this pseudo-scientific claim, stay with me.

15 years of research later, Analemma’s lab discovered how to restore coherence to unlock and renew the potential of water.

The inexpensive Analemma device shows impressive results in research, transforming the way the world views this ubiquitous molecule.

In this post, we’ll review the Analemma water stick and the technology behind their whole-home filter. We’ll explore the scientific health benefits of Analemma, experiments you can perform to validate the efficacy, and how to get your own at a special Outliyr discount.

In a hurry?

Visit Analemma

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What is Analemma Water?

Analemma water is water the way it was meant to be before humans intervened. The original “full-spectrum” coherent and structured water.

These devices contain a unique “mother water” that sets them apart from normal tap water. Mother water has different properties, looks different microscopically, and behaves differently. The Analemma Wand encases mother water in a liquid crystalline glass matrix, which allows it to transmit and “convert” water it contacts. It’s a form of enlivened and vitalized water, resembling what you find in revered healing power spots around the world.

Analemma devices can transform ordinary “dead” fluoridated, chlorinated, and heavily contaminated city water into a health-promoting elixir Share on X

Embodying ancient science in a modern package.

Now, I’m a natural skeptic. I refuse to just “believe” products do what the labels claim. Because improving water quality occurs on a microscopic level, unfortunately, even the skilled biohacker cannot easily quantify the direct benefits. Team Analemma understands the skepticism and actively conducts research.

The Science & Benefits of Drinking Analemma Water

They’ve dedicated an entire research page to highlight recently completed studies.

You can summarize how it works with this…

Analemma bioharmonizes and equalizes the body, mind, and non-physical self Share on X

When I interviewed their CEO, Mario Brainovich, I pressured them to investigate Analemma’s effect on some particularly interesting biomarkers. So far, they’ve only studied the impacts on several biological processes and systems.

Biological age

Biological age is a measure of how well our body degrades on a cellular level.

It explains how some 40-year-olds look 70, and vice-versa. If you want to live a long, high-quality healthspan, you’ll want to focus on biological age (rather than calendar age).

Technology to quantify biological age with special tests is fairly new. Yet it’s one of the most promising breakthroughs of longevity medicine, helping us quantify how our lifestyle impacts our healthspan in real-time. One of the leading tests is known as GlycanAge.

This test measures how a type of molecule called glycans alters your immune system. Which yields an extremely accurate measure of your biological age.

In 2021, Analemma finished a trial on ordinary folks drinking standard tap water. The only difference? They swirled their drinking water with the Analemma water. 3-months later, 99 percent of participants experienced a 1-12 year biological age reversal.

Analemma’s aging study showed up to a 12-year reduction in biological age Share on X


Electricity powers the body and biological life as we know it.

An organelle called mitochondria take certain raw inputs from our diet and produce most of our energy. A whole branch of science, called mitochondria/metabolism-centric medicine, implicates cellular energy deficiency in virtually every degenerative disease.

For various reasons, from nutrient depletion to digestive issues, we no longer get as much metabolic fuel from our food. Despite record-breaking calorie consumption.

What if there was another way?

Normal water has a minuscule electrical charge of 150-300mV.

Analemma tested how their water device impacts energy.

They collected rainwater and then tested its change in electrical capacity after swirling Analemma through it.

The final result?

Water with 300 percent greater capacity.

And they didn’t stop there. Researchers took that water, and over three months, used it to water plants. Those plants enjoyed the same impressive changes as the water itself — 300 percent increased energy. Which translated to them living longer.

Drinking Analemma water delivers all that electricity straight to our cells where it can go to work regenerating.

This experiment is easily repeatable at home by growing plants and separating them into two groups: control (tap) and an Analemma-treated group.

More importantly, users often report greater energy and physical strength as a noticed benefit.

Analemma increases the electrical capacity of water by 300% Share on X

Cognition & brain function

I’m a huge proponent of supplements that improve any of the many facets of brain function. Also called nootropics.

Even better are non-invasive, non-pharmacological forms of brain enhancement. Such as neurofeedback and software like

However, many factors of modern living create chaos in our intra-cellular “biowater”. Leading to chaos and imbalanced activity in various brain regions.

Best and most importantly would be devices that bioharmonize the mind. Bringing it back into a coherent and optimal state.

Analemma ran one such trial.

30-minutes after subjects drank a glass of Analemma water, their brainwaves reached equilibrium. As measured by a brain monitoring EEG sensor.

In fact, within minutes this water was able to rebalance the intracellular water damage caused by using a cellphone.

Could this be the original nootropic?

I’d love to see more research into how Analemma improves other parameters of cognition.

Analemma water normalizes brain waves and electrical activity within 30 minutes of consumption Share on X

Consciousness & wisdom

I’ve mentioned coherence throughout this post.

Coherence is a form of structure and connection.

Have you ever wondered where wisdom, gut feelings, or “vibes” come from?

According to basic quantum physics, we’re all connected to everything in the universe (and beyond). None of which is visible in the material, Newtonian realm.

Water makes up 99 out of every 100 molecules in our body. The quality of that water determines our ability to perceive external information.

Analemma creates coherent, structured, “clear” water. When we consume it, our biowater takes on these properties. Our “cosmic antennae” can tap into more information, wisdom, and downloads.

As they say,

“Coherence equals consciousness; that’s why we call Aǹalemma water ‘conscious water’.”

Team Analemma

The spiritual benefits are striking:

  • Better decision making
  • Deeper concentration
  • Sharper intuition
  • Clearer ideas
  • Connected relationships
  • Greater fulfillment

Unforeseen doors open when we understand and live by the laws of nature.

Analemma water increases our ability to perceive subtle energies Share on X

How to Quantify the Benefits of Analemma Yourself

Don’t just take the word of their scientists.

You can run your own simple experiments to see the impact of Analemma for yourself.

Here are some of the quantification tests I came up with…

Grow plants. Split them into two groups. Treat one with Analemma water, and the other with the same water without using the Analemma stick on it first. Take photos and document the growth. Several weeks or months later, compare the two groups.

HRV biofeedback. There’s a bidirectional information superhighway between the brain and heart. Therefore, drinking Analemma water should improve a metric of nervous system status called heart rate variability. Use a high-quality HRV biofeedback device like Hanu Health to track changes in real time.

Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback uses EEG sensors to directly measure changes in brain activity. You can get the same technology used by Analemma researchers and also test your other lifestyle habits. Take nootropics? Want to quantify meditation sessions? Use a neurofeedback system like (my favorite) or Muse (budget-friendly).

Muscle testing. This is an old technique used to get a “yes or no” answer in quantification-resistant situations. It works on the premise of kinesiology, where stimuli impact muscle strength. Stressors weaken muscles, while positive influences strengthen them. Muscle testing is a way of identifying subconscious responses. Once learned, it’s an unbelievable tool. Kinesiotesting practitioners can muscle test Analemma water and compare it to the response of untreated water.

Live blood analysis. This is the process of viewing your blood to detect real-time changes. LBA can detect changes to the structure and function of blood when acted upon by outside forces. It’s one of the go-to ways to show the benefit of invisible wellness products. Unfortunately, it’s a prohibitively expensive technology. If you get access, however, test your blood after consuming Analemma water.

Of course, you can run whatever tests you like, and these are but a few ideas to get started.

My Experience With Analemma Water

analemma aquatru water system review
Using my Analemma Wand to upgrade my filtered AquaTru water

My Analemma water kit arrived on my doorstep less than a week after placing my order.

It came nicely packaged, reminiscent of unboxing an Apple device.

The specs for Analemma include:

  • Stainless steel holder
  • Stainless steel case
  • Quartz glass vial
  • Full-spectrum coherent water
  • Silicone cap
  • Dimensions: 6.29in x 0.39in

I’ve kept the original box because the additional padding makes it a great storage container.

Right off the bat, I was a bit confused. Analemma seems too simple to work. I must be doing something wrong.

A few instructional videos and reviews later, and nope. It’s exactly as it seems…

You simply remove the Analemma wand from its protective case, swirl it through water, and put it back.

Then, your water is ready.

How to use the Analemma wand

Analemma’s design puts ease of use first.

You can use tap water, or filtered water. I prefer the AquaTru countertop reverse osmosis filter (read my review) since it’s highly effective, fast, and affordable. Filtered water will get you the best results.

Other liquids work too and may reduce the downsides of things like booze or even healthy alcohol alternatives.

Here’s the exact process I use to upgrade my drinks with Analemma:

  1. Remove the wand from its case
  2. Submerge all but the handle into your liquid (anything room temperature or cooler works)
  3. Swirl Analemma in circles. 15-seconds for 8-10 ounces, or 30-40 seconds for 34 ounces or more
  4. Wipe off liquid with a clean cloth
  5. Place black in its case
  6. Put Analemma somewhere in plain sight so that you’ll remember it

The system is intuitive to use. You don’t need to do any prep work beforehand or cleaning afterward.

What I have noticed so far

I’ve used my wand for months now. I can’t attribute any life-changing benefits to Analemma specifically.

I did get a biological age test just before starting, so I am eager to get a follow-up and see how my score compares.

The results I’ve noticed are subtle:

  • Water tastes lighter and crisper
  • Fresher
  • Smaller quantities of water quench my thirst, and I pee less often
  • Feel clearer
  • Slight energy increase

It seems like my body more efficiently uses the water I consume, and that water has an uplifting effect.

Now, perhaps vigorously swirling my water would have similar effects. I don’t think so, because I’ve used the Mayu Swirl for months and didn’t feel these changes.

I love that it’s extremely portable, and I take it with me whenever traveling.

Note that this will not disinfect or remove contaminants from tap water. That’s why I still recommend filtering your water with something like the AquaTru, if possible.

New Analemma Whole House Unit

The wand was Analemma’s first and most popular product.

It’s an affordable and practical way to get started and feel the difference yourself.

After users noticed the difference, Analemma received requests for something larger that didn’t require manually stirring each glass of water.

The Whole House Analemma unit is their brand-new solution.

Now, you can upgrade all your tap water with no additional effort.

In one pending research study, after only three 20-minute long baths, users experience remarkable improvements in the following:

  • Hemodynamics
  • Cardiac Output
  • Heart Rate
  • Stroke Volume
  • Blood Viscosity

Homeowners now have this option, but for those of us living in apartments, the wand may still be the best.


Analemma isn’t exactly cheap but here’s the thing.

Treat it well, and it’ll last for life.

In fact, according to their research, the coherent properties strengthen over time.

Meaning that your Analemma wand becomes more powerful with age.

Right now they offer three products. Two wands with different cases, and a whole home unit:

  • Steel case for $179.90
  • Walnut case for $249.90
  • Whole house unit for $1,799.90

The first two are the same device. I chose the steel version to save money.

For the Analemma house unit, you choose the closest warehouse to you (between USA and Europe).

If you use the code URBAN, that’ll take off an additional 10 percent site-wide.

Analemma Water Questions & Answers

These were among the first questions I had when I got my Analemma water stick.

How fragile is it?

Analemma water stick is made of quartz glass and is very fragile. It’ll break if dropped, so be sure to keep it in its protective case when not in use.

How is it made?

Analemma is made using their proprietary “mother water” which then transmits through the crystalline glass matrix it’s housed within.

How often should you recharge it in sunlight?

Analemma recommends recharging the wand in sunlight about every two weeks. Charging is completely optional and has only a slight effect.

Can I heat or cool the water?

Yes, you can cool or heat the water up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit and the coherent/energized structure will remain.

The Most Elegant & Impressive Structured Water Upgrade?

I’m skeptical of all technologies like Analemma.

Products that claim to improve the unobservable “qualities” of something.

Sure, many such truly revolutionary products exist. But this is also often the realm of scam artists.

That’s when I look to research. What others have published, and also what I can verify for myself at home.

Analemma is the new water system taking the world by storm. Powered by ancient technology and proven by the rigors of time Share on X

From my own testing, Analemma passed the bioharmony test.

This technology not only lasts a lifetime, but it gets stronger with age.

Their researchers have not found a single external influence capable of detrimentally impacting Analemma water. It can pass through X-rays, cellphone nn-EMFs, and exposure to harsh environments unaltered.

You will want to avoid using it in hot (especially boiling) liquids to prevent the glass from cracking.

Other than that, give Analemma a try.

Pick up your own with the exclusive 10 percent off code, URBAN.

Get Exclusive Analemma Deal

Let me know your review of the Analemma water stick in the comments below!

Analemma Water Wand Review: Upgrade Your Liquids With a Quick Swirl?
Analemma Water Upgrade Review

Analemma is difficult to describe, but the science and research show this water has special properties. It's built to last a lifetime, in fact, it becomes more powerful with age. I use my wand daily and it has earned a spot in my travel bag.

Editor's Rating:


  • Lasts forever
  • Affordable
  • Fast customer support
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Whole-house system available
  • Noticeable taste difference
  • Combines nicely with all (cool) liquids


  • Fragile
  • Quantifying benefits is difficult
  • Doesn't purify water

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11 thoughts on “Analemma Water Wand Review: Upgrade Your Liquids With a Quick Swirl?”

  1. Hi Nick and everyone here!
    Nick a question: have you tried analemma water on plants? If so, have you noticed any change? I think that would be an interesting experiment to determine if the tool is legit or is a scam.
    For everyone: any other experiences?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Great question! I’ve been on the road a lot recently (with my Analemma), so I haven’t gotten around to testing it. Although I’d love to hear other experiences regarding this.

  2. and what are you checking your blood for before and after and what kind of blood test are we talking about here just regular blood panel? thank you.

    • Hi Jonathan, I am not Ian, but I have an idea here. Of course, you could run a full blood panel and just see what changes. I wouldn’t imagine that any one particular biomarker would shift dramatically though.

      Alternatively, you could find a live blood analysis practitioner and get them to try before/after testing. I think this would be the most interesting!

  3. Did the Grander-Water Nano Pen rebranded as Grander Penergizer run out of a Patent or is this directly related to them? Where is any info about the company? Did you get paid for this review?

    • Very interesting. I hadn’t heard of it, but I believe you are referring to this. I can’t tell, but I’d imagine the two special waters are processed differently. That one also is not resistant to electromagnetic frequencies (WiFi, BlueTooth, 4G, 5G) where Analemma is. You can find a lot of information on their website. Product info and links to new research. Some of it is in interviews with their team. They did not. I purchased my own water wand, and after thoroughly testing it, joined their partner program.

    • Yes we all know that the grander tech had some serious shortcomings such as non alignment with the Schuman resonance and also used man made magnetism rather than planetary magnetism. Those who know the story agree. Old Grander dealers are not usually on this level.
      We shifted to the Sunrise System out of Wurtzberg operated by Richard Wagner. I haven’t heard from Richard in years don’t even know if Sunrise Services still exists these day.

      Check your blood before and after 6 weeks after drinking the water treated by these units. That is what will tell the tale…


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