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23 Hottest Nootropic Vendors [2023]: Complete Review & Comparison

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Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means Outliyr LLC gets a small commission if you buy (at no cost to you). Thanks for your support!

Best Nootropic Vendors Review
Best Nootropic Vendors Review

Special supplements that upgrade brain function, called nootropics, are experiencing a resurgence as new research validates their power and safety.

Many original nootropics have proven themselves over millennia of use in herbal medicine and other traditional medicines.

Unfortunately, the widespread adoption of modern nootropics threatens the business of other commonly prescribed chemicals.

Regulatory pressure results in many of the most revered, best nootropic vendors eventually going out of business.

Such was the case when my favorite online nootropic shop, Science Biologics, shut down in 2022.

Few vendors stepped up to fill the void, and the global supply of top ingredients has rapidly shriveled.

To make matters worse, nootropic shops will often discretely sell their businesses, and the new owners will ruthlessly cut costs. Eliminating vital expenses like safety and purity testing. Or changing formulas.

I constantly get questions about where I source my own. This list contains the most trustworthy, best nootropic vendors in 2022.

WARNING: vendors in this industry change rapidly. At a moment’s notice, company ownership can change or a seller may stop lab testing. Although these products are for research purposes only, please do your own diligence before purchasing from any of the listed suppliers.

Tier #1: Best Nootropic Ingredient Vendors

These are the online sellers that I regularly order from and trust. You’ll notice that some of them are also the best places to buy peptides online.


swisschems nootropics review


Categories: Racetams, Metabolics, Peptides, SARMs

Notable: Methylene Blue, Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, Bromantane, GHK-Cu, Semax, 9-Me-BC, Phenibut, 1,3-DMAA, Tesofensine

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (free shipping for orders of $300+)

Pricing: Cheap

Highlight: Wide-ranging catalog of hard-to-find products shipped from the USA

SwissChems is a newer supplement company specializing in nootropics and metabolics. Back when Science Biologics closed, a source told me that they purchased ALL Science’s remaining stock. Their catalog features unique products competitively priced.

Including racetams (Piracetam, Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, Phenylpiracetam, Pramiracetam), nootropic peptides (Semax, Selank, GHK-Cu, Oxytocin), Ampakines, Methylene Blue, Phenibut, Bromantane, and even the amphetamine-like stimulant, 1,3-DMAA.

SwissChem lab tests their products, with readily available CoAs displayed in each product listing. In fact, their Product Quality Guarantee states that if you test your order at an accredited third-party lab, they will fully refund the order plus testing expenses should it fail.

They accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Zelle, Mesh, and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). Payment via Bitcoin also gets you an additional 20 percent off. They offer free shipping on major orders.

Between their expansive catalog of products, great deals and discounts that stack, SwissChems is a solid overall pick.


Use the exclusive SwissChems code URBAN for 10% off

Limitless Life Nootropics

limitlesslife nootropcs review


Categories: Naturals, Racetams, Peptides, Metabolics, Ampakines,

Notable: P-21, Bromantane, CHK-Cu, Semax, Orexin, 5-Amino 1MQ, Tesofensine

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide ($8.50+ in USA, $13.50+ international)

Pricing: Affordable

Highlight: Good prices on peptides and metabolics

LimitlessLife Nootropics is a newer supplier that often flies under the radar. This Florida-based company, founded by Chris Mercer, has a great collection of rare health optimization ingredients. Their website itself is sleek, fast, and modern, providing products across categories:

  • Nootropics
  • Racetams
  • Ampakines
  • Choline
  • Peptides (Complex Amino Acids)
  • Neurogenesis
  • Anti-Aging
  • Naturals

None of their products include undesirable inactive ingredients. Even the peptides lack commonly added mannitol, lactose, and other fillers.

On top of that, every product has third-party certificates of analysis (CoA) performed via high-performance liquid chromatography. They’re one of few BBB-accredited peptide companies and they get good ratings on other review sites.

LLN ships worldwide, and offers a wide variety of payment options (Credit Card, Crypto, Bank Wire, Cash on Delivery, Apple Pay, Zelle Payment, Revolut, Cash App). You can send back any unopened bottles within 30 days of ordering for a replacement or refund.

They’ve resolved most of the customer complaints I’ve heard and read online. There are a few areas I’d like to see improved.

Despite quick order processing, your package may take a while to arrive. Up to 7 days domestically within the USA, and up to 30 days for international orders. As a small and lean team, LLN’s Customer Service could use more attention. My email took a few days to get a response, and couldn’t get through via phone call. LLN also doesn’t have a huge online presence. Most of the third-party reviews exist in closed Facebook groups.

Overall, LLN offers rare nootropic ingredients (especially peptides) at great prices.


Use the exclusive Limitless Life Nootropics code URBAN for 15% off

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means Outliyr LLC gets a small commission if you buy (at no cost to you). Thanks for your support!

Cosmic Nootropic

cosmicnootropic review


Categories: Racetams, Peptides, Glandulars

Notable: Cerebrolysin, Cortexin, Racetams, Bemitil, Thymalin, Piracetam, Phenylpiracetam

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (free shipping for orders of $100+)

Pricing: Expensive

Highlight: Rare pharmaceutical nootropics shipped from multiple warehouses

Russia has long been a nootropic hotspot. They also produce novel ingredients not found elsewhere. These products are regulated pharmaceuticals in Russia, so you get the highest quality safety and purity testing possible. This shop also sells more common ingredients like racetams. Cosmic Nootropic has a business model that should thrive under increasing regulation.

Notable ingredients sold here include: Cerebrolysin, Cortexin, Actovegin, Memantine, Emoxypine, Racetams, Mildronate, Phenibut, Picamilon, Visomitin, Sulbutiamine, Oxytocin, as well as a bunch of glandulars.

Since they have offices in both the USA and Russia, they sidestep the common issues associated with importing from overseas. Making them one of the premier sources of original Russian formulas.

To continue consistent operations, Cosmic Nootropics opted to not accept credit cards or PayPal. Payment is a little tricky. You have two options. First, use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Otherwise, you’ll need to go through a third-party wallet service. These act like a middleman between the vendor (Cosmic Nootropic) and the credit card processor. As a consumer, you just create an account and load the wallet via credit cards or another form of payment. Then you use your balance to pay for your Cosmic Nootropic order.

Cosmic Nootropic is excellent for those rare, high-quality ingredients that you won’t find anywhere else.


Use the exclusive code URBAN for 10% off

Nootropics Depot

nootropics depot review


Categories: Natural, Adaptogens, Mushrooms, Patented Ingredients, Racetams

Notable: 7,8-DHF, Teacrine, Noopept, Dynamine, PrimaVie Shilajit, and multiple forms of Ashwagandha

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (free 2-3 day shipping for orders of $50+ in USA, $200+ internationally)

Pricing: Cheap

Highlight: World’s largest selection of natural nootropics, patented extracts, rigorous testing, and at great prices

Nootropic Depot is one of the original, respected, and reliable nootropics vendors. They’ve been around for a while and constantly add new products to their catalog. Unsurprisingly, ND now carries just about every popular (less regulated) nootropic.

This is one of the go-to vendors for nootropics and other high-quality supplements. Sometimes called the “Amazon of nootropics”. Spend $50 or more, and you’ll get free 2-3 day shipping.

In fact, they stock all kinds of patented ingredients extractions, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting the real deal. Then sell products in multiple forms. Powders, capsules, tablets, liquids, and pre-made stacks.

I love that Nootropics Depot combines in-house quality control testing with additional third-party testing. You can see the specs directly within each product’s page and request your batch’s CoA from Support.

Newbies and pros alike will love their “Buying Guide” that helps you easily design (and order) your ideal nootropic stack.

A few standout ingredients include: 7,8-DHF, Teacrine, Noopept, Dynamine, PrimaVie Shilajit, and multiple forms of Ashwagandha.

They used to stock racetams and some afinils, but have stopped as their catalog has shifted towards natural ingredients. Since they don’t carry the more regulated compounds, ND accepts credit cards as well as crypto. The Founder is active on Reddit’s r/Nootropics and takes feedback from users (a rarity among nootropic companies).

Unlike Amazon, however, they do not have a return policy for opened products.

Nootropics Depot is perfect for those wanting mostly natural nootropic extracts at great prices.



newmind nootropics review


Categories: Racetams, Peptides, Ampakines, GABAergics, Afinils, Research Chemicals

Notable: Bromantane, Novel Racetams, Picamilon, Phenibut, NSI-189, Flmodafinil, Fladrafinil

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (free shipping for orders of $49+ in USA)

Pricing: Cheap

Highlight: Absolute best nootropics for approved labs

Chicago-based Newmind is the research branch of the well-respected consumer nootropic vendor, Liftmode. Newmind sells research chemicals and raw ingredients for scientists to carry out experiments. Since Science.Bio closed down, they’ve become the top raw material vendor.

Virtually their entire catalog requires you to apply for approval to purchase “restricted” ingredients. Unfortunately, Newmind provides materials strictly for lab experiments only. Mention consumption outside a lab setting and they’ll reject your (free) membership application.

As a site dedicated to research ingredients, Newmind does limit the quantities of particular ingredients you can purchase. Preserving widespread access to rare chemicals. Some standouts I came across: Bromantane, Racetams, Picamilon, Phenibut, NSI-189, Afinils, and much more.

Newmind’s product categories include:

  • Cholinergics
  • Glutmatergics
  • Monoaminergics
  • Eugeroics
  • Short chain proteins
  • Neuroprotectives

Every single order comes professionally packed with Certificates Of Analysis performed by multiple different labs.

Domestic shipping with the USA is free for orders of $49 or more, and quick with average shipping times taking just a few business days (but as long as 15). Larger orders qualify for free one-day shipping. Regardless of the shipping option, you’ll have a 90-day refund or replacement window after ordering.

What really sets Newmind apart, however, is the INSANELY low prices on rare ingredients. They even offer regular customers special discounts on top of these unbeatable prices. Newmind accepts credit card, cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), bank transfer, cash on delivery, and coin payments. Save an extra 15 percent by paying with Bitcoin.

International lab scientists proceed with caution. Newmind labels products with their name and price, which can cause additional taxation or even seizures with your customs office.

Between the availability of rare raw materials and unbeatable prices, Newmind is my top choice for all lab research.


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Tier #2: Best Nootropic Ingredient Vendors

The second tier is sources that I still like and use as fallbacks when I cannot find something from one of the vendors above.

Pure Nootropics

purenootropics review


Categories: Naturals, Mushrooms, Adaptogens, Racetams, Cholinergics, Longevity

Notable: Dynamine, Teacrine, Sulbutiamine, 7,8-DHF, Piracetam, Noopept, Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, Phenylpiracetam

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (free shipping for orders of $40+ in USA)

Pricing: Moderate

Highlight: Largest selection of racetams at reasonable prices

Founded in 2013, Pure Nootropics has established itself as a trustworthy one-stop nootropic supplement shop. They’ve grown a large online following on biohacking forums like Longecity and Reddit.

Pure Nootropics categories products into:

  • Cholinergics
  • General nootropics
  • Natural nootropics
  • Mushroom extracts
  • Others

You’ll find cholinergics, mushroom extracts, and natural nootropics sold elsewhere. The “General Nootropics” and “Others” categories are my go-to. You can find many of their supplements in both capsule and powder form.

My favorite ingredients here include: Dynamine, Teacrine, Sulbutiamine, Yohimbe Extract, PEA, 7,8-DHF, Noopept, and virtually all of the Racetams. They used to carry adrafinil and others too.

Disappointingly, with the increasing regulations of 2022, they’ve made purchasing certain products more difficult. This is the message I get when accessing their racetams now,

“Due to limited stock, contact us if you’ve ordered this product previously to enable the ability to purchase, if you have not created an account, one will need to be created before you can order this product.”

Pure Nootropics uses third-party lab testing to ensure a purity (98% or greater) and safety of each product. You can find the CoA on each product’s page, under the “Lab Results” tab. Even with this extra step, they manage to sell products at some of the lowest costs in the industry.

They offer multiple shipping options domestically (including a free option for orders over $40) and internationally. International customers will want to check their FAQ as they do not deliver to a select 16 problematic countries. Peak Nootropics accepts returns/refunds within 30-days of order, but only unopened products. Returns beyond the 30-day window are up to their discretion.

Pure Noots accepts Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin).

Use Pure Nootropics to access a wide variety of racetams and other hard-to-find (but popular) brain supplements.



purerawz nootropics review


Categories: Racetams, GABAergics, Peptides, Eugeroics, Ampakines, Metabolics, SARMs, Longevity, Hemp

Notable: Fladrafinil, Hydrafinil, 9-Me-BC, Methylene Blue, Dihexa, Picamilon, Tianeptine, Compound 7P, NSI-189, Emoxypine, Phenibut, All Racetams, Hemp

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (free shipping for orders of $99+ in USA)

Pricing: Moderate

Highlight: Huge catalog of novel nootropics, racetams, hard-to-find peptides

PureRawz is another SARMs vendor that has been expanding into other metabolics and nootropics. Since its 2017 inception, PureRawz began attracting attention because of its huge catalog of highly sought ingredients. Their current categories include:

  • SARMs
  • Cycles
  • Peptides
  • Nootropics
  • PCT & Cycle Support
  • Botanics
  • Mushrooms
  • Cannabis

For a company not known for nootropics, I’m impressed. Eye-catching ingredients still sold include: Fladrafinil, Hydrafinil, 9-Me-BC, Methylene Blue, Dihexa, Picamilon, Tianeptine, Compound 7P, NSI-189, Emoxypine, Phenibut, all the common racetams, and hemp-derived products.

These days I rarely come across vendors selling raw nootropic materials that I’ve never heard of. PureRawz fits that criteria (J147 and Agrocybe, for example) and also offers powerful research chemicals you won’t find elsewhere.

PureRawz prices are fair, and ordering through them is convenient as they accept PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Mesh, and Crypto payments.

They ship domestically (arrival in 5-12 days) and internationally (arrival in 8-17 days). Orders over $100 ship free. Stored properly, their products will last three years or more. Order carefully, because PureRawz does not accept returns. You can reach their Support via email, phone, or live chat if you have any problems or questions.

PureRawz claims that each product is “100% Made in America”, and “every single batch of our SARMs is 3rd party tested in American labs because your satisfaction is our #1 priority”. They do send the CoA for each product in your order. However, some of the CoA results are older (up to several years old) and may not apply to the batch you receive.

If you don’t mind some older CoAs, PureRawz stocks powerful nootropics you won’t find elsewhere.


Use the exclusive code URBAN for 15% off


liftmode nootropics review


Categories: Naturals, Adaptogens, Cholinergics, GABAergics, Longevity

Notable: Kanna, Phenibut, Magnolia Bark, ALCAR, TUDCA, Centrophenoxine, Uridine, 7,8-DHF, Cistanche, Triacetyluridine, CDP-Choline

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (free shipping for orders of $49+ in USA)

Pricing: Moderate

Highlight: Good options for recreational and natural supplements

Liftmode is a Chicago-based online nootropics vendor that’s withstood the changing regulatory landscape as many competitors shut down for good. They’ve sold nootropics since 2010, making them one of the older companies in the industry.

Liftmode calls their most interesting product category, unsurprisingly, Cognition. However, some nootropics fall into other categories too. Some ingredients that stand out to me in their catalog: Kanna, Phenibut, Magnolia Bark, ALCAR, TUDCA, Centrophenoxine, Uridine, 7,8-DHF, Cistanche, Triacetyluridine, CDP-Choline. Nootropics-wise, I’m most impressed with their selection of cholinergics.

This vendor does have CoAs for each of their products, which you can find on their Certificates of Analysis Directory.

Their prices are reasonable, and spending $49 or more qualifies your order for free shipping. Liftmode accepts Credit Cards, Cryptocurrency (including Bitcoin), Bank Wire, and eChecks. Best of all, they have a 90-day hassle-free refund or replacement policy.

I’ve used their Phenibut and Green Tea Extract for about 7 years now.

Choose Liftmode if they stock an ingredient you can’t find elsewhere.


Use the exclusive code URBAN for 10% off

RU Pharma

rupharma nootropics review


Categories: Racetams, Peptides, Bioregulators, Eugeroics

Notable: Modafinil, Armodafinil, Cerebrolysin, Semax, Piracetam, Phenylpiracetam, Phenibut, Picamilon, Pinealon, Cerebramin, Mildronate

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (free shipping on orders over $150 in USA, $20 fee for international)

Pricing: Expensive

Highlight: Modafinil, armodafinil, bioregulator peptides, and pharmaceuticals shipped from within the USA

As the name implies, RU Pharma is a Russian vendor that has historically provided nootropics to European countries. They’ve long been a reliable source of rare nootropics that you won’t find in other shops.

More recently, however, they opened shipping centers in both the USA and Singapore. Making it easier to overcome the hurdle of international customs taxation and confiscation. You can shop from those warehouses specifically, and products not listed on those pages ship from Russia by default.

Domestic delivery takes an average of 7-days ($10 fee) and can take up to 21-days for global delivery ($20 fee). Orders are packaged discreetly in padded envelopes and cardboard boxes.

To avoid the 2-3 week shipping time, Americans will want to use their USA-based sister site, NootropicsBase. NootropicsBase accepts Credit Cards and Debit Cards, and Zelle. Both accept Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), and RU Pharma gives you a 10% discount when paid via Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Monero.

Customers that spend 500 Euros or more with RU Pharma get access to their VIP program. Unlocking exclusive products, services, payment by credit card, a 30 Euro welcome bonus, and other special offers.

For another vendor of rare pharmaceutical nootropics, check RU Pharma (global) or NootropicsBase (USA).


Use the exclusive code URBAN for 10% off

Lost Empire Herbs

lost empire herbs nootropics review


Categories: Adaptogens, Naturals, Mushrooms, Tinctures, Botanicals

Notable: Pine Pollen, Tongkat Ali, Ashwagandha Spagyric, He Shou Wu, Cistanche,

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (free shipping for orders of $100+ in North America)

Pricing: Expensive

Highlight: Highest-quality and maximum bioavailability botanical nootropics

Montana-based Lost Empire Herbs is a family-owned and run natural supplement company. They just celebrated their first decade in business, originally under the name Super Man Herbs. Herbals are among the best overall nootropics, with incredible safety profiles and well-researched effects.

But here’s the issue. Most herbal medicines suffer from horrendous quality control issues. From heavy metal contamination to adulteration with the wrong ingredient (imagine ordering an herbal sleep aid and getting green coffee extract). For the last decade, Lost Empire Herbs has partnered with the third-party laboratory, Alkemist Labs to verify the quality of their herbs. You can see the multiple test results for each product under the “Lab Results” tab on the product page.

Every purchase is backed by their 365-day money-back guarantee. When you spend over $100, domestic orders ship free. LEH has lots of resources for those new to herbalism. Plus, they have among the best customer support of supplement companies.

They mainly sell tinctures, powders, extracts, teas, and capsules.

As students of renowned medicine makers Ron Teeguarden and Sajah Popham, this is one of the first places I’d look for natural herbal supplements if you want the greatest potency.


Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means Outliyr LLC gets a small commission if you buy (at no cost to you). Thanks for your support!

Tier #3: Best Nootropic Ingredient Vendors

Here are a few other online raw material sellers. Companies in the third tier do not focus on nootropics, but they can still be useful for particular ingredients.


chemyo nootropics review


Categories: Metabolics, SARMs, Cholinergics, Ampakines,

Notable: 9-Me-BC, Ampakines, PRL-8-53, NSI-189, Vinpocetine, Noopept, Coluracetam

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (Free shipping for orders of $100+ in USA, $250+ international)

Pricing: Moderate

Highlight: Occasional great sales on nootropic and metabolic ingredients

Chemyo is a favorite ingredient supplier often referenced and reviewed by online communities. Though the website itself is newer, the owner has sold through forums for a while. Chemyo is best known as a SARMs vendor, but also carries a limited selection of nootropics.

As you’d expect from any company on this list, they value the safety and quality of their materials. Chemyo chose the highly-respected third-party S&N labs in Santa Ana, California to perform their testing. Many labs just release a single basic CoA for each product, but S&N labs provide full testing data. Believing in transparency, Chemyo freely posts the full batch results online for customers to verify. Indeed, I looked through the test results page and found hundreds of documents uploaded.

Chemyo guarantees the quality of each product for 24 months after the manufacture date. Standout products include: 9-Me-Bc, Ampakines, PRL-8-53, NSI-189, Vinpocetine, Noopept, and Coluracetam.

They ship to most countries, but since they’re USA-based, domestic orders arrive fastest — within 2-5 business days of purchase. Unfortunately, American customers must pay through a third-party eCheck service called Checkbook. International customers can use Crypto (Bitcoin), or Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard accepted).

Domestic orders over $100 ship free, while the threshold for international orders is $275. Unfortunately, they don’t have a set return and refund policy and instead handle them on a per-case basis.

Should you want help, Chemyo offers email, phone, and live chat support.

If Chemyo offers the smart drug you’re seeking, they’re a worthy option.


Use the exclusive code URBAN for 10% off


highstreetpharma modafinil review


Categories: Afinils, Herbals, Hormones, Other Medications

Notable: Modalert, Waklert, Artvigil, Modvigil, Modafil, Piracetam

Lab Verified: Yes

Shipping: Worldwide (free shipping on all nootropic orders)

Pricing: Cheap

Highlight: Inexpensive pharmaceuticals, most popular for their modafinil and armodafinil

While not technically a nootropic, Modafinil is among the most popular smart drugs. It’s a psychostimulant that keeps you awake and focused for hours, without the same dangers of other common prescription stimulants. The best vendor I’ve come across is HighStreetPharma. They specialize in and sell pharmaceuticals over the counter (but always consult your doctor before using any medication). Since it was created over six years ago, they’ve become the top source of modafinil and its molecular cousin, armodafinil.

They’re beating out the original vendor, ModafinilXL, which was dubbed the “Amazon of Modafinil”. HSP sells all kinds of medication, both generics and brand names. They sell most of the popular brands of both Modafinil and Armodafinil: Modafil, Modalert, Wakalert, Artvigil, and Modvigil.

HSP ships in discrete packaging to the USA (7-12 business days), and internationally (14-30 days) to most countries. Should anything happen, HSP guarantees your order against damage, tampering, or confiscation.

Financially, it makes sense. Depending on your country they accept: Paypal, E-checks, Credit Cards, Amazon/Walmart Giftcards, and Cryptocurrency. Pay with Crypto, and you’ll both save an additional 10 percent and they’ll add 30 percent more pills to your order. Plus, returning customers qualify for an additional 10 percent discount. HighStreetPharma offers customers three ways to get a free sample or an additional 15 percent off your order. That sample includes 10 x Modvigil pills.

All this combined with a 4.8-star rating from hundreds of glowing real user testimonials has earned them the “Best Online Pharmacy” award.

HighStreetPharma has both the best price and most options for modafinil and armodafinil.


Use the exclusive code URBAN for 10% off

Unknown or Unrecommended Nootropic Vendors

Vendors in this industry come and go. Some of the ones prominently featured in other online nootropic store reviews have gone out of business.

Others have dramatically changed their stock to stay ahead of regulations.

Others lack crucial factors or trustworthiness.

Now, I’ll cover which I don’t like and why.

Biologics was my go-to source for potent and affordable nootropics since ~2013. Originally, they were under the name before rebranding. I like them so much that I wrote a full review post.

In Mid-2022, sadly, they announced that they were going out of business. Other posts that still include are old and outdated.


Intellimeds is a popular nootropic company, notable for its wide variety of products. I wanted to include it in the list but couldn’t due to their decision to avoid lab testing.

Regardless of whether they perform third-party lab tests for internal use, Intellimeds does not provide its CoAs to consumers. With so many other lab-tested options, I don’t see a reason to buy from them.

Illuminate Labs

Illuminate Labs is a supplement company dedicated to absolute transparency. At the time of this publishing, however, they sell only four natural extracts. All encapsulated. Plus, they’re expensive.

For a much larger catalog, better prices, and the same quality, I recommend Nootropics Depot.

HR Supplements

HR Supplements ranks high in outdated reviews of the best nootropics stores. That’s because they stocked the popular before they got hit with regulation. Along the same lines as Illuminate Labs, HR Supplements offers fewer nootropic products and at higher prices.

Again, I see no reason to buy from HR Supplements instead of Nootropics Depot or one of the above alternatives.

Peak Nootropics

I actually still have some of their products from many years ago. Now, however, avoid Peak Nootropics. Since the Founder was imprisoned for making “unfounded health claims”, the website shut down. For over a year, a banner at the top of the site has said “Peak Nootropics is Ceasing Operation Effective Immediately”.

Yet I still read horror stories of people placing huge orders with Peak Nootropics and essentially getting scammed.

Absorb Health

AbsorbYourHealth, not to be confused with, was yet another brand hit by the wave of tightened supplement regulation. Their menu of nootropics has declined significantly, and they now sell only a few products. One of which, strangely, is adrafinil.

The prices are not great, and I wouldn’t trust my health with them.

This is another company, popular in brain supplement store reviews, that went out of business and its site is now completely inaccessible. It’s not your computer, the website doesn’t load anymore.

At least you will not get scammed.

Best Pre-Made Nootropic Products & Stacks

If you’re looking to buy raw nootropic ingredients, you might not have much interest in pre-formulated products.

Despite my lab shelves housing 149+ different ingredients, I still use particular products and stacks often.

The convenience, synergy between ingredients, and in some cases, cost per dose is hard to beat. Here are some of my top recommendations.


nootopia world domination nootropic

Nootopia is my go-to premium nootropic blend customized to my unique neurobiology.

It’s not like most generic nootropics where all customers get the same thing. With Nootopia, you answer a questionnaire, and their formulation team hand-builds your optimized formulas. Their lead chemist is considered among the world’s top nootropic formulators.

When I need to just perform at my best, I usually choose Nootopia. I’ve tested most products, and these are the strongest, legal, over-the-counter nootropics on the market. Without a crash or nasty comedown. Plus, their products stack amazingly together.

They are priced as designer nootropics, so I save them for big days. I recommend Nootopia to those experienced with nootropics or who just want the very best. My Nootopia nootropics review explains why it’s unparalleled.

Visit Nootopia

Use the exclusive Nootopia code URBAN for 10% off


thesis nootropics starter kit

Thesis is the only other company that produces personalized nootropics.

Similar to Nootopia, you answer a short questionnaire, and their AI scans through 140+ ingredients to customize your ideal formula.

You receive four different products in the mail and find the ones that you like best. Then, your future orders contain only your favorite blends.

Thesis uses the highest quality extracts and masterfully combines them for powerful cognitive enhancement.

I use Energy after a sleepless night, and Logic while I am programming. Learn more in my Thesis nootropics review.

This is my top recommendation for nootropic beginners to find their favorite compounds.

Visit Thesis

Use the exclusive Thesis code URBAN for 15% off


qualia mind brain supplement

We’re entering the era of neuroindividualized nootropics.

I rarely recommend generic formulas, but Qualia Mind is one exception. This is one of the most respected and time-tested nootropic products in the world. Qualia was the first company to take a systems biology approach to nootropics. Working with your body to produce the right effects rather than flooding and overstimulating specific pathways.

The effects are smooth, long-lasting, and strong. It’s also one of few products backed by clinical research showing cognitive performance benefits of Qualia Mind.

Disregard the seven capsule dose printed on the label and start small. One capsule is plenty for many, and I rarely go above two.

It is expensive. However, when you consider the versatility and a typical serving size is just two capsules (instead of seven), it becomes a great universal nootropic product.

Visit Qualia

Use the exclusive Qualia code URBAN for 10% off

Mind Lab Pro

mindlabpro universal nootropic review sm

Mind Lab Pro is the most advanced fully natural nootropic product.

Since its 2015 founding, MLP has become among the most popular, selling over a million bottles across six continents.

This is another one of the only brain supplements validated by third-party research. I like the company’s dedication to transparency and simple but effective formula.

The Universal Nootropic product does not contain any stimulants or ingredients that produce strong noticeable effects.

I recommend this product to absolute beginners that don’t want stimulation, or to folks that want the safest, most natural, and proven pre-made nootropic supplement.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Nootropics Online

By now you might be wondering how I came up with this list of the top brain supplement sellers.

I evaluated each brand on the following set of criteria.

Quality control

Verifying quality is tricky. Without actually placing an order and having it shipped directly to a third-party lab, we rely on other information. First, the evidence they provide. Second, publicly available information. I look for the following:

  • Certificate of Analysis (CoA) available
  • Endorsements
  • Team details

The ideal company provides a recent CoA for all of its products, shares personal details about the team behind the brand, and has endorsements by notable public figures. Having a CoA is a non-negotiable for me.

Pricing & payment

Nootropic stores aren’t exactly like Amazon.

There’s less competition, so they can vary wildly in ingredient price. Plus, many don’t accept traditional payment methods. Either because of super high fees, or outright denial of service by payment processors. Few companies support Paypal, Amazon Pay, or credit cards. Even if they do, you’ll often get big discounts for paying with cryptocurrency.

Ideally, the company will have low prices, offer free shipping, accept traditional payment options, and give discounts for crypto payments.

Customer support

Customer service is one of those areas often downplayed.

With nootropics, it’s crucial. All kinds of things can happen. Orders get seized, they send the wrong item, misprinted labels, mismatch of product smell/color/texture between batches, etc. Chatting with a live human can make a big difference.

The best brands offer multiple support channels:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live chat
  • Facebook
  • Telegram & others

It’s also a good barometer of a company’s professionalism.

Returns & refunds

Sometimes you’ll receive an ingredient, and for whatever reason, it just won’t work for your experiment.

Maybe it doesn’t have the intended effect. Maybe there’s a better version. Or maybe it’s just not worth the cost.

Look for the following:

  • Money back guarantee
  • Return policy

Companies vary dramatically on these. Some don’t allow returns, and have no guarantee, while others are quite generous. Unfavorable policies are not a dealbreaker, but warrant extra attention.

Inventory & types

The ideal store would stock every known nootropic in every form.

This is a pipedream. None come close.

I’ve found that most vendors specialize in one or more of the following:

  • Catalog size (number of products)
  • Product form (powders, pills, liquids)
  • Types (man-made or natural ingredients)

All else equal, I prefer vendors that stock tons of products, in multiple forms, and across categories.

Inactive ingredients

The supplement industry is rife with low-quality products.

One hallmark characteristic of cheapness is listed on the label itself. So-called “other ingredients” or proprietary blends.

These are additives, in undisclosed amounts, deemed to be biologically “inert”. They’re virtually always unnecessary and the interaction with most nootropics is unstudied. Manufacturers use them to cut costs and save production time.

Avoid buying raw nootropic ingredients that contain binders, excipients, thickeners, flow regulators, etc. The exception is ingredients used in tiny doses (say 10mg). 10mg can be 1/8 the size of a pea. Even the smallest capsules are far larger, so the manufacturer adds filler to the capsule.

Tips to Boost Your Nootropics Benefits & Reduce Costs

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Nootropics aren’t cheap.

You can skip this entire section, but these tips will help ensure that you get the most out of your experience.

Caffeine-free. If you’re new to nootropics, start with the non-caffeinated versions. I drink coffee most days. Sometimes two cups. But I always get my nootropics caffeine-free. For several reasons. First, nootropics potentiate caffeine. One coffee can feel like 3. If you’re not used to the combo, going caff-free gives you more control. Caff-free also means that I can take nootropics later in the day. Also, the health benefits of coffee don’t come from caffeine but from the polyphenols, flavonoids, and other phytochemicals. Plus, I just like the taste of coffee.

DNA decoded. Every human has profound uniquenesses. Even more so, in the brain. My favorite ingredients might give you migraines, and vice-versa. By taking a ~$50 once-in-a-lifetime test and running it through the powerful SelfDecode genetic software, you can easily understand your neurodiversity. To figure out what will work for your brain specifically. Without wasting time, energy, and money on ineffective (or even harmful) nootropics.

Optimal fuel. Nootropics love dietary fat. Certain fats, like a special extract of coconut called C8 MCT Oil, deliver some compounds into the brain more effectively. It also slows their absorption and metabolism. Resulting in a smoother and stronger nootropic experience (with even less crash).

Avoid kryptonite. If fat is a nootropic’s best friend, protein is the enemy. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge advocate for consuming protein and aminos (especially essential amino acids). These aminos, however, compete with nootropics for absorption. If taken too close together, protein can reduce the effects you feel. A rule of thumb is to take nootropics at least 1 hour before eating or wait one hour after.

Optimize recovery. Nootropics are like the gas pedal for your brain. If you don’t recover (while sleeping), eventually you’ll burn out and they’ll lose their charm. There are many ways to improve your recovery. First, increase your sleep time and quality. Your brain needs some extra downtime to compensate for working so hard. Next, feed it the right nutrients. I feel a pronounced difference when I take Shilajit and Magnesium with my nootropics. I’m able to cut back my dose and still feel stronger effects.

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Get the Highest Quality Nootropic Supplements Online

Nootropic vendors come and go.

Or more accurately, discretely change.

This is also an industry fraught with lying and deception.

Compared to widely prescribed pharmaceuticals, nootropics already lack rigorous research on healthy humans. Many brain-boosting ingredients sit in a regulatory gray area. Thus, quality matters most for this supplement category.

Choosing the right vendor is essential, and you should expect the landscape to transform over time.

Anticipating changes, I’ve listed many of the top racetam and other brain product vendors here.

Now over to you.

What sellers do you buy nootropics online from?

Let me know in the comments below!


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