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Biohacking Independence Day Deals & Sales to Ignite July 4th

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July4th Deals Promos Ftd
July4th Deals Promos Ftd

Part of celebrating Independence Day is the glorious freedom to enjoy great health and well-being.

This means it’s one of the best times to save on supplements, gear, and other products to help you get to your health goals sooner!

In the market for a new mattress to enhance your sleep quality? Or a whole set of supplements and meal plans to fuel your workouts? I’ve secured some of the best deals to help you save.

I’ll update this page as brands get back to me with new sale details or if I find more deals.

Eight Sleep

eightsleep pod4 img e1718149151296

Are you tired of twisting and turning in bed because it’s too hot or you just can’t find the right position to sleep? Upgrade your sleep setup for unmatched comfort with the EightSleep Pod 4 Ultra. You can use this control of one of the most important determinants of quality sleep—temperature. Check out my Eight Sleep Pod Guide & Review to discover why this is a favorite of sleep scientists & top biohackers for improving sleep quality.

Click this link to save up to $200 on the Pod 4 Ultra and $150 off other items sitewide from 6/27 to 7/10.


lightpathled panels series

Experience the healing benefits of natural sunlight without the harmful effects with LightPathLED’s Diesel line. LightPathLED stand’s out by offering four different wavelengths that closely resemble natural light. It is well-built, powerful, emits low non-native EMF, and has the ability to pulse light,  potentially altering your mental state. They offer excellent power and value compared to other red light panels on the market.

Get 10% off on orders below $500, 15% on orders $500-$2000, and 20% off $2000 above from 7/2 to 7/5 using this link. Use code URBAN to save an additional 5%.


drinkhrw rejuvination img

Created by one of the two main pioneers of molecular hydrogen, Alex Tarnava, DrinkHRW is home to a wide range of H2 products. From promoting healthy aging, improving immune support, to boosting muscular recovery, DrinkHRW hosts some of my top choices for the most potent molecular hydrogen products. Check out my list of the top H2 tablets for other choices.

Use code URBAN for 10% off sitewide. They also have 30% and 50% discounts on select items from 7/1 to 7/4, so click the link to secure your savings.



The highest-rated supplements designed to meet all your health and wellness needs. Build lean muscle mass with MassZymes, enhance cognitive function with P3-OM, optimize your ketogenic diet with Kapex, and maintain steady blood sugar levels for the holiday with Blood Sugar Breakthrough.

Click this link to get 15% off all those products and more from 7/4 to 7/6.


whey protein legion

From the usual workout supplements like protein and creatine to custom meal plans for diet or muscle growth, Legion has you covered. By having a one-stop shop for all-natural sports supplements, meal plans, and coaching, you can get to your physique or performance goals consistently.

Use code OUTLIYR to get 20% off. From 6/26 to 7/4, click here to get 50% off sitewide + free gift cards for orders over $99.


goruck gr2

Rucking is a fantastic form of exercise that combines walking with weight resistance. Its beauty lies in the simplicity of just filling a study backpack with weight, such as water bottles or sandbags. Check out my beginner’s guide to rucking to learn more. Having the right backpack, however, is crucial for efficient, comfortable, and safe rucking. You don’t want the straps to just tear off because of the weight.

GORUCK creates the sturdiest bags out there. They’re also big enough to fit a laptop, workout clothes, and water bottles without looking too bulky. In fact, I own three, but use their GR2 as my daily carry.

Whether you’re a seasoned rucker or just starting out, now’s the perfect time to gear up with these deals. From 7/1 to 7/15, get up to 50% off all gear, accessories, and apparel using this link.

Analemma Water

analemma water wand review

Among the coolest new devices I discovered, Analemma takes a different approach to upgrading your water quality. This little wand contains highly structured “mother water” which influences and structures any liquid that it contacts. All you have to do is a quick swirl through your water. Here’s a full rundown on the research behind Analemma and my experience with it. They even have a Whole House Analemma system which upgrades all your tap water with no additional effort.

Click here and use code URBAN20 to save 20% on all existing Analemma Water products from 6/28 to 7/7.

Purblack Shilajit

purblack live shilajit resin review

Shilajit is one of my favorite supplements, as it naturally contains 70+ trace minerals, humic/fulvic acids, and enhances the benefits of everything else you consume. On top of that, you’ve got Purblack as one of few Shilajit vendors with multiple patents and a distinctly modern approach.

Click on this link and use the code JULY4 to get 20% off sitewide from 7/1 to 7/7.

Manna Vitality

Manna Vitality opened

Manna Vitality redefines shilajit with additional, highly-synergistic ingredients like ormus and marine plasma. These boosts the body’s detoxification processes, further enhancing the benefits of shilajit. And unlike most Shilajit products, Manna Vitality doesn’t taste horrible and is conveniently portable.

It’s a perfect daily supplement, providing essential nutrients like magnesium and amino acids along with over 88 trace-minerals. That’s why it was one of the few ingredients I took with me for my three months in India. Here’s my conversation with Manna Vitality co-founder David Reid if you want to learn more.

Click here to automatically unlock 30% off Manna from 7/1 to 7/4.

Limitless Biotech

limitless bpc supplement

Limitless Biotech, previously known as Limitless Life Nootropics, has quickly established itself as the leading source for peptides. Founded by Chris Mercer and headquartered in Florida, the company offers an impressive range of rare health optimization products and peptides like BPC-157, Adamax Nootropic peptide, AOD 9604, and many more. With that they currently stand as the top online peptide company.

Click the link to get 10% all products from 7/4 to 7/8. Plus, use code URBAN to get 15% off on their main line.

Enjoy Your 4th of July Celebrations

These deals are already live, so hop on and secure your savings before these promos end.

Whether you’re stocking up for friends, family, or yourself, now’s a great time to buy top-quality products at a discount.

Am I missing anything? Leave a comment below and help the community get the best deals too!


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