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SelfDecode 3.0 Review 2024: Top DNA Test to Hack Your Genes?

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SelfDecode3 Review Ftd
SelfDecode3 Review Ftd

DNA testing is mostly a scam.

You submit your sample, wait nearly two months for your results, and learn information about your ancestry you mostly already knew. Then the company sells your DNA data to all kinds of third parties who profit off your genes.

Even the well-known, more advanced services yield little. That’s because typical DNA test chips read 500-800K genetic variants. Out of the 328M in the human genome.

And here’s the other glaring issue…

Most of these brands talk about their service as if it holds all the secrets to your health. Well, it doesn’t.

I’ve used many of the “best DNA testing services”, and quite frankly, they’re not worth it.

I was about to give up and move on until I found one in particular.


SelfDecode combines the most advanced AI technologies to ensure our personalized results are the most accurate and actionable money can buy. Across multiple forms of health testing (not just DNA), and all without breaking the bank.

That’s why Dr. Peter Attia recommended SelfDecode as his favorite genetic testing software in a recent podcast.

SelfDecode’s original software was already the best in the industry, and in 2021, they invested over $10 Million to build the SelfDecode 2.0 into the most powerful platform available. Three years later and they’ve released the new 3.0 version!

This SelfDecode review explains what it is, how it works, the different DNA reports available, how SD compares to other popular DNA testing services, and why it’s become a favorite tool of over 1,150 doctors and 150,000+ users.

What is SelfDecode

Selfdecode DNA Testing

SelfDecode is a personalized DNA testing, analytics, and digital health platform that seeks to share the science of personalized health. Serial entrepreneur Joe Cohen created SelfDecode to track his own personal experiments and improve his biology. Realizing a larger need, he began scaling an entire platform.

For every topic/condition, SelfDecode looks at tons of different genetic variants to determine your status (called Polygenic Risk Scoring). Then, cutting-edge AI and machine learning algorithms deliver the best and most accurate lifestyle, diet, and supplement recommendations to help you reach your optimal.

SelfDecode is your personal health coach without the cost of seeing multiple specialists Share on X

Several factors set SelfDecode apart from other DNA testing services:

  • 100% transparency & full data privacy
  • Industry-leading polygenic risk scoring
  • Integrating data from other sources (blood labs already, soon wearables, epigenetic tests, pharmacogenetic tests, etc)
  • Multi-faceted reports and recommendations
  • Blog posts personalized to your particular genetic profile
  • 70X more data from your DNA without the astronomical expense of whole genome sequencing
  • Award-winning team of 65+ scientists & engineers
  • Patent-pending technology and AI-enhanced algorithm

As a side note, since Joe founded SelfHacked in 2016, it has become the internet’s top precision medicine & biohacking knowledge base. If you haven’t checked out Self-Hacked, you’re missing one of the best biohacking resources on the internet.

Both platforms have armies of well-credentialed staff curating the latest peer-reviewed research. Joe’s tools complement each other.

I think of SelfHacked as their general research division and SelfDecode as the branch that personalizes state-of-the-art knowledge to your unique brain and body.

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How SelfDecode Works

How SelfDecode Works

Genetic tools either grossly oversimplify the science and render your results useless, or they’re so complex they take a Ph.D. to interpret.

SelfDecode brings a nice balance of power and simplicity to the field of personalized health.

It has all the bells and whistles to appeal to the most sophisticated health professional, yet its intuitive user interface, visuals, and simple explanations appease even absolute beginners.

In the world of complex and convoluted genetics, a five-year-old could effectively use SelfDecode.

This is how it works.

1. Get your DNA data

At its core, SelfDecode is a DNA optimization service. First, you’ll need to submit a DNA sample.

You have two options:

  • Import your raw DNA data file from another service (Ancestry, 23andMe, etc)
  • Get a DNA test kit from SelfDecode

Although I took the first approach and imported my data from Ancestry, if you haven’t already done a test, I’d choose option two. Here’s why.

Those services are incredibly slow. Once they receive your sample, expect to wait 6-8 weeks to receive your results. I’ve heard several cases of samples taking 10 or even 12 weeks to process. Second, many of the major platforms like Ancestry & 23andMe have major issues with data privacy. These companies stay afloat by selling your data to the highest bidder.

Though you may “have nothing to hide”, as I often hear, that could lead to higher health insurance rates (or declining your coverage altogether) and plenty of other consequences later.

SelfDecode, on the other hand, processes samples much faster (1-2 weeks) and GUARANTEES the safety and privacy of your data. Considering the SelfDecode plan that includes a DNA test costs less than any of the other options anyway, I highly recommend it.

Whichever route you choose, SelfDecode uses your raw DNA data to build out your reports and customize your dashboard.

2. Add goals and other data sources

As soon as SelfDecode has processed your DNA, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Next, you can choose which reports (or all) to generate.

Before displaying some recommendations, the Decody AI health coach will ask about your goals and lifestyle. Further tailoring the reports to fit your unique circumstances. You can also take the lifestyle assessments under the Questionnaires tab.

Currently, SelfDecode has a feature called “Labs” (more on that later), which allows you to input your blood labs. You can either enter the blood lab values manually or upload a photo of the document and let the AI do the heavy lifting.

Not only does it show where you sit on the gradient between urgent attention and perfect optimization, but this data also populates across the entire platform. In conjunction with your DNA, you get better and more actionable tips.

SelfDecode is building integrations with various other forms of non-genetic data. Wearables like the Oura ring, Biostrap, Apple Watch, and WHOOP.

Now, the service is set up and all that’s left is to use your results to build your individualized regimen.

3. Review reports & implement recommendation

First, I like to go to the “Overview” page to see a high-level snapshot of my health, genetic risks (areas for improvement), recommendations, care plan, and sub-optimal labs.

Here, you can also drill down into a particular body part/system of interest (say, brain or lungs, or gut).

Then, you’ll want to navigate over to the “DNA” dropdown, and select “Health Reports”. Start with the Introductory report which summarizes all of the others. Then, you can dig into any other reports of interest.

Every report is packed with visuals, customized information, and interactivity. Should you choose, you can view the breakdown of scientific details.

Best of all, SelfDecode translates vast scientific information into actionable steps for you to improve.

Then, you can also check out the “Traits”, “Biohacker Hub”, and Personalized “Blog” posts. More on each next.

SelfDecode’s DNA Reports

Since SelfDecode is first and foremost a DNA interpretation company, it offers unparalleled custom reports.

Ranging from high-level “Summary Reports”, to in-depth biohacker reports. In 2022, they built what they call “Trait” reports, which explore your personality and tendencies.

Depending on your plan, you can either generate single reports or all of them with the click of a button.

Based on your goals, lifestyle, and living environment, the Decody virtual health coach customizes your report recommendations.

One of the other things that set SelfDecode is that they’re constantly creating new reports and updating existing reports with the latest science.

So there are now too many to list all 1,000+ reports here.

Now, let’s explore each.

Medical reports

SelfDecode Medical Reports is the original offering of the platform.

Once you click on the medical reports tab, you’ll find the Summary Reports button along with other options like DNA Risk, and Evidence. These combine the insights of dozens of reports into one thorough categorical report. From inside the Summary Reports, you can click into any specific reports of interest to learn more.

To get started, I suggest looking at your:

  • Introductory Report
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Brain Health
  • Fitness
  • Hormone Health
  • Metabolic Health
  • Skin & Beauty
  • Sleep
  • Gut Health
  • Bones, Joints, & Muscles
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Immunity & Inflammation
  • Sexual & Reproductive Health
  • Fatigue

And the other top-level summaries.

Once you’ve checked that, you may want to see the reports of all your highest health risks. Click the “Risks” tab to filter your reports from highest to lowest risk. You’ll want to understand and focus on all the reports color-coded red first. These are the most important.

Other options include filtering reports by New (new and updated reports shown first), Popular reports (among other users), Favorites (you choose these), and Search (find anything you’re interested in).

Biohacker hub

SelfDecode Biohacker reports under the “Biohacker Hub” explore specific and often unconventional topics.

These advanced reports don’t have as much research, predict with fewer gene variants than other reports, and feature unique lab markers.

I love digging into the Biohacker Reports because they provide a great snapshot of our unique nutrition needs, sensitivities, and our personal neurochemistry.

I pretty much ignore the yellow reports and focus on my risks (red) and strengths (green).

These help me fine-tune my regiment and routine.


Trait reports showcase the nuances of your personality, physical features, characteristics, habits, and behaviors.

Think of it like a DNA-based personality test.

SelfDecode Traits tell your:

  • Degree of extraversion
  • Risk-taking behavior
  • Stress resilience
  • Ideal circadian rhythm (early bird or night owl)
  • Food preferences
  • Proclivity to overeat or snack
  • Leadership qualities
  • Competitiveness
  • Impulsivity, irritability, and happiness
  • Tendency to take naps

Although this section of SelfDecode will likely mainly confirm what you already know about yourself, it’ll help you uncover at least a few new things and also convince you of the power of decoding your genetics.


When you first build your SelfDecode plan, you can add Ancestry DNA reports as an add-on ($79). If you didn’t, you can also order an ancestry test for $99.

  • Ancestry composition: You get a detailed breakdown of your client’s ancestry with percentages.
  • Mitochondrial ancestry: Trace your client’s maternal lineage back through the ages and discover your ancestral roots, unlocking your client family history.

This can be helpful if you want to trace your lineage and understand your family’s mitochondrial history better. You can better determine if you have predispositions to medical conditions based on your family history.

Although the other reports already give a comprehensive glimpse of these anyway. Plus, this is an additional add-on expense. Good to have but not necessarily as crucial.

Other Core SelfDecode Features


Formerly called Lab Test Analyzer, SelfDecode Labs is a separate part of the platform dedicated to blood work.

Regular laboratory work is an important diagnostic. A quantified testing essential to long-term health. Bodily fluids hold intricate details of how your biology is working.

Health or lack thereof. Short-term trends and long-term trends. All with immediate feedback.

While lab work on its own highlights problems, you must solve them yourself. That takes research, experimentation, and re-testing to see progress. Then, you’ll have to handle the headache of storage.

The litany of PDFs, physical documents, and files should all go in one place so you can reference them later. You must remember which files are virtual, and which are physical, and manually adjust for the formatting differences (visual changes, reference ranges, measurement units, etc) between labs.

There’s more.

With traditional lab testing, you’ll have to manually look up each test’s reference ranges in order to accurately compare values. Otherwise, you might chase non-problems and miss the important ones. References ranges are predominantly based on a sick population. What’s “normal” isn’t always optimal.

SelfDecode users get free access to Labs which does all of the heavy lifting for you. All documents are automatically parsed and cross-referenced against their database of 916 different lab tests (and counting). Plus, these references are based on an optimized population. Then, they’re standardized and centralized into their all-in-one wellness platform.

Best of all, you’re not left in the dark. Based on all your data, the data from Labs automatically flows into your DNA Reports and your personalized recommendations.

Helping you not only get your blood biomarkers back in the optimal zone but to correct any underlying problems.

Personalized genetics articles

SelfDecode's personalized articles for me to read for my cognition
These articles link to relevant scientific studies and break them down for you

Genetic research moves quickly.

It’s also one of the fastest-moving forefronts of modern science.

Here’s the thing…

Most research isn’t very applicable to us. I’ve combed through thousands of studies and noticed glaring problems. One of which are the participants. Most peer-reviewed papers study old, young, sick, diseased, and predominantly male folks.

New research rarely applies to healthy biohackers.

SelfDecode’s blog partially solves this issue.

They highlight and showcase only the articles most relevant to your DNA.

Two people visiting the same blog will see different articles, interpretations, and usefulness for their biology.

The most important article for me might not matter to you.

SelfDecode is the only health & wellness site that automatically interprets the latest articles for your unique biological makeup Share on X

This is a great way to cut through all the noise and mostly inapplicable content.

Get the top research and recommendations, and then go about your day.

How many companies customize their content like this? I haven’t come across any.

While it’s not a core feature, I’ve found their individualized blog to be a nice perk.

SelfDecode’s suggested recommendations

SelfDecode's top recommendations for me including strategies & supplements
You can click on each recommendation to see how it helps with your DNA risks, lab risks, lifestyle risks, and more

In multiple different places, SelfDecode displays your highest leverage recommendations.

First, on the Overview tab, you’ll see an at-a-glance view of the AI’s picks that will help optimize the most.

Within every Health Report, there’s an entire tab dedicated to Recommendations. Stack-ranked by effectiveness. By default, they only show the top five, but you can expand for even more recommendations. Every recommendation is backed up with links to peer-reviewed scientific research.

With one click, you add these to your custom health plan.

SelfDecode recommendations are based on two factors:

  • Evidence — peer-reviewed scientific support
  • Impact — magnitude of effect

Evidence is their analysis of how well the credible science supports the specific recommendation.

Impact predicts how dramatically the recommendation can help improve or reduce the condition. The impact also depends on your specific DNA too.

Both metrics are scored from one (questionable) through five (proven).

While they’ve been adding more items to this list, I’d like to see SelfDecode include even more items here. Additional supplements, alternative medicine practices, etc.

My regimen & action plan

While viewing SelfDecode’s Health Reports & Biohacker reports, you might notice that you can add the recommendations to your Care Plan (sometimes called My Regimen).

There’s an entire tab dedicated to your Care Plan. This is where you keep track of the new habits, foods, and supplements you’re adding to your routine. It even shows each of your imbalances that the chosen item addresses (based on your DNA and lab tests).

You set the necessary details:

  • Dose (supplements)
  • Frequency
  • Duration
  • Start date

Whenever you forget which healthy habits, supplements, or lifestyle routines you’re working on, just check this tab.

This is a handy feature to keep all your relevant health information in one place.

SelfDecode mobile app

In late 2022, SelfDecode FINALLY released a mobile app.

The SelfDecode iOS app is fully functional and provides the same access on the go.

It really feels like they just made a smaller version of the web app.

Nonetheless, I find myself checking the app surprisingly often. When I come across new info on a podcast, during conversations on health optimization, before buying new supplements or brain-enhancing nootropic ingredients, or at biohacking conferences & events.

These days I’m mostly using the SelfDecode mobile app. It’s quite convenient and the layout will look familiar to anyone that’s used the web app.

For some reason, the mobile app automatically logs me out every couple of days. I use a password manager to autofill it, but it’s annoying nonetheless. Every once in a while, I’ll run into a random error. Overall, it works great though.

I hope to see the app integrate with Apple Health, and also for them to make accessing the Care Plan easier on mobile.

SelfDecode Pro (Practitioners)

selfdecode3 pro benefits

Are you a doctor, coach, or other healthcare professional that works with clients or patients?

If so, you can take advantage of a special practitioners-only edition called SelfDecode Pro.

Pro offers three core advantages to businesses:

  • Time savings by automating the reports and analysis
  • Results improve from scientifically accurate and unique recommendations
  • Revenue increases from providing a better client experience and affording time to have more sessions

Let your clients experience the ultimate holistic health software.

Pro also comes with a few features above the main platform.

SelfDecode Pro is an all-in-one platform for managing client data, lifestyle prescriptions, and more:

  • Analyze & track bloodwork
  • Generate custom health routines
  • Design all-in-one custom supplements
  • Tailor individual recommendations
  • Add detailed client notes (charting)
  • Send Unbranded DNA Test Kits
  • Onboard new clients with custom intake forms
  • Rapidly review all information via the at-a-glance dashboard
  • Practitioner-only Disease Reports

SelfDecode simplified everything for practitioners. You can send clients a DNA Test Kit, custom intake questionnaires, screen for health conditions using the Lifestyle Analyzer feature, and order/upload their blood lab tests.

Only SelfDecode Pros can generate the brand-new 2023 Disease Reports to learn about genetic risk for conditions like Alzheimer’s, Hashimoto’s, Graves, Heart Attacks, etc.

You also have access to the entire suite of other reports too.

Want your client to focus on just one section of a report? Or are they the data-driven type that loves huge lists to work on? You get to choose what to include in each client report.

Based on their individual data, with a single click, you can quickly and easily design their ideal health routine. All from within the platform.

Should you opt for the “Pro Business” plan, you can white-label the custom reports with your own logo and business information. Adding further professionalism and differentiating you from all the other wellness pros.

Here’s the SelfDecode Pro pricing set-up:

Pro Starter 👍Pro Premium 💰Pro Business 📈
RequirementsProvide raw DNA file
Clients5 per year15 clients per year65 clients per year
Extra Clients$75 one-time fee$70 one-time fee$65 one-time fee
Annual Membership$119.88$119.88$119.88
SelfDecode plan details & pricing for health professionals

Plus, as of August 2023, they now offer a FREE tier for practitioners.

Upgrade to SelfDecode Pro

Customized supplements

SelfDecode partnered with VitaminLab to design all-in-one custom supplement formulas tailored to your personal genetics.

The platform itself suggests the ingredients to include to mitigate top risks, but you get to choose what to add or remove.

This is exciting if you have the budget and want to get all your supplement needs fulfilled in one place.

The primary downside of these custom supplements, however, is price.

One order is for 90 days, with an order cost of about $109 per month.

From my own testing, the price stays the same regardless of how many ingredients I chose. I personally don’t use this, since I already get my supplements elsewhere.

Overall, I prefer the smart nutrition service called ELO Health, but it’s an option to keep everything in the SelfDecode ecosystem.

SelfDecode Pricing

The pricing structure of SelfDecode has changed many times since I joined.

By the time I publish this, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s already out of date.

Originally, SelfDecode offered a lifetime access deal to early adopters. I didn’t hesitate.

Now, they’ve set the SelfDecode 3.0 subscription price at $9.99 per month. That’s $119.88 annually.

SelfDecode Individual Plans look like:

DNA File Analysis ❤️DNA Test Kit & Analysis 🧬Medical Health Reports (Add-on) 🩺Ancestry DNA Reports (Add-on) 🧘‍♂️
RequirementsProvide raw DNA file
Annual Membership$119.88$119.88
SelfDecode plan details & pricing for individuals

So with the annual membership, the total cost for the DNA Test Kit & Analysis is $417.88 while the DNA File Analysis will cost $318.88.

Medical Health Reports and Ancestry DNA Reports are one-time purchases that you can add to your plan for more holistic insights and understanding of your family history. If you provide your own raw DNA file, you skip the initial fee. When you add Medical Health Reports to your plan, you get a free 15 minute consultation with a trained health practitioner to go over your reports as well.

Whether you’re an individual or a health professional, SelfDecode leads the industry in terms of power, science, versatility, and ease of use. Of course, all that comes at a cost.

All these options, however, already include AI-driven analysis and reports based on over 20,000 clinical trials and the analysis of 200M+ genetic variants. You also get polygenic risk scoring for hundreds of health conditions. Plus many more significant upgrades from the first two versions.

SelfDecode 3.0 Update: The Latest Upgrades

In late 2021, SelfDecode released a massive update.

A full platform rebuild that cost them $10 Million.

SelfDecode majorly overhauled the platform:

  • New machine learning and AI algorithms analyze 50x more DNA health data points, resulting in more precise personalized recommendations
  • Know your true strengths and weaknesses with percentile comparisons to the population
  • Build your ideal health routines with the new “Action Plan” dashboard
  • Issue and condition risk assessment scores based on your lifestyle
  • Labs 2.0 makes ordering blood panels, uploading, analyzing, and acting on your blood biomarkers easier than ever
  • Genetic variants database upgraded to include over 85 million genetic variants
  • Decody AI Health Coach tailors your dashboard to your goals and lifestyle

Unlike the other DNA testing companies that focus exclusively on your genes, SelfDecode is strengthening the link between your biomarkers in their many forms. Currently, the system integrates your blood labs into your DNA reports, care plan, and health recommendations. Giving you the most accurate health dashboard available.

I’ve been a customer of Joe’s since 2016. Impressed by the unwavering growth and improvements, in September 2021, I invested in the company.

Fast forward to 2024 and we’re getting another upgrade with SelfDecode 3.0.

It includes a bolstered AI integration, better and more actionable recommendations, and a new suite of longevity optimization information. Let’s dive into these new features.


The DecodyGPT dashboard where you can input your prompts or questions
You can use DecodyGPT to search for almost anything regarding SelfDecode’s analytics and recommendations

Their AI, Decody, now constantly learns from your health data, ensuring that its recommendations evolve with your changing health status. It’s what tailors your dashboard to your goals and lifestyle.

They’ve now added DecodyGPT as your own AI chatbot, highly personalized to your health. You can ask, “Is CoQ10 good for me?” or “Show me my top 10 supplement recommendations.” and it will give an answer based on your health data.

Currently, the Alpha version is available but there’s a usage limit that refreshes for free every month. If you run out of free usage before the renewal period, you can also recharge for a price (with the basic recharge costing $15; lower when you’re subscribed). With SelfDecode 3.0, you can now use DecodyGPT as your personal health coach 24/7.

The AI chatbot itself is extremely convenient, as it allows you to save a lot of time navigating different tests and recommendations to find your answer.

Recommendation engine upgrade

Another upgrade to their AI technology aims to provide better, more accurate recommendations.

SelfDecode 3.0’s recommendations are no longer just based on your DNA. Aside from your DNA and lab markers, you answer lifestyle questions so the system can give you a holistic view of your health.

Even as a biohacker with 10+ years of experience, I’ve found new strategies and supplements that I thought had minimal benefit to my lifestyle.

It also shows what the supplement or strategy helps with the most so you can tailor it to your routine smoothly.

New Longevity Screener test

The Longevity Screener is a brand new test that shows you which diseases are most likely to shorten your lifespan. It can provide insights for over 30 issues, like Coronary Art Disease, Alzheimer’s, and more.

With this test, you’ll get 3 new scores to determine the likelihood of developing certain medical conditions. Then you’ll receive a personalized diet, lifestyle, and supplement so you can mitigate your risk and prevent these issues.

When you discover what diseases you’re likely getting in the future, you can take action to avoid them and live a longer and healthier life.

Future of SelfDecode

SelfDecode is innovating faster than any other healthtech company I’ve come across.

Not only has the UI changed several times over the years, but they’re constantly creating heavily requested new reports. As well as updating existing reports as the science advances.

Although I cannot give timelines for anything, SelfDecode is rumored to be considering/working on:

  • Pharmacogenetics Testing
  • Health Scoring
  • Profile Sharing
  • Epigenetics Testing
  • Wearable Data Integration
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Community Features

Big changes and major updates are just around the corner.

When they arrive, SelfDecode prices will likely increase again. So sign up and lock in your current rate now.

This is definitely a great addition to SelfDecode’s already-comprehensive arsenal of health tests.

SelfDecode 3.0 Review Verdict: Scientific Health Wisdom Worth the Cost?

Is SelfDecode the Ultimate DNA Testing & Analytics Product?

Health & wellness tech companies disappear in the blink of an eye. Often, selling your data to shady third parties as a last-ditch effort to stay afloat.

SelfDecode is here to stay. Founder Joe Cohen has proven himself with his preceding company, SelfHacked. One of the internet’s best resources for in-depth health science, and it only continues to grow.

But here’s an insider secret…

Your DNA report is only as good as the science behind it Share on X

Previously, I made the mistake of going with other DNA analytics services. These were favorite tools of the biohacking community and major influencers.

Without regular updating, old genetic reports become worse than useless…


You see, modern genetic understanding evolves rapidly.

Emerging research constantly discovers important new SNPs, and devalues others.

My previous genetic reports sit in Google Drive collecting dust.

Many doctors and experts are rightfully skeptical of this category of software. In a recent podcast, however, Dr. Peter Attia mentioned SelfDecode as his top pick for genetic testing.

Once I switched to SelfDecode, I haven’t looked back. And I regularly get to test other platforms.

For less than an annual doctor’s physical and a panel of lab testing, you get cutting-edge personalized health wisdom.

The earlier you join, the more impactful features you get grandfathered into. At no extra cost.

I view it as an investment in personalized medicine.

No company is forging the future of biohacking & wellness like the all-in-one SelfDecode platform.

Use the button and my discount code below to continue to enjoy all the amazing features of SelfDecode 3.0 and beyond at the same price you’re paying today.

Get Self Decode

Use the exclusive SelfDecode coupon code URBAN for 10% off

What’s your take on SelfDecode? A top biohacking app? Or over-hyped software?

If you’ve tried it, leave a comment below and let me know!

SelfDecode 3.0 Review 2024: Top DNA Test to Hack Your Genes?
SelfDecode3 Review Ftd

SelfDecode kills cookie-cutter health tips. This DNA software creates actionable reports to hack your genes. Here's my full review and a special discount code.

Application Category: Genetics, DNA, Health, Wellness

Editor's Rating:


  • 639+ AI-powered DNA reports
  • Free tier
  • Genetics blog personalized to your results
  • World's largest database of 83M genetic variations
  • Full suite of wellness tools
  • New reports, articles & research added daily
  • Practical & actionable recommendations
  • Intuitive, easy to use UI
  • Fast support
  • Decody personal AI health coach
  • Personalized supplements
  • Blood lab test integration
  • SelfDecode mobile app
  • Powerful tools for health practitioners
  • Wellness report whitelabeling


  • UI frequently changes
  • Long onboarding process
  • No client dashboard (for SelfDecode pros)
  • Mobile app has bugs
  • No lifetime deal (LTD) available anymore
  • Bad experience for investors (gating all new features)
  • Expensive blood lab tests

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  1. Thanks a lot for the suggestion for the SelfDecode service. Your article says you can sign up for free if you have a DNA file. I don’t see that possibility. How do I do that? I tried to sign up and have to take the annual membership (with a credit card).

    • Hi Carsten! Ahh, bummer. Looks like they might have changed that since I wrote the article, unfortunately. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. Regardless of what that person is doing with their blood at home…which would you recommend? There is a big price difference between SelfDecode and InsideTracker, and InsideTracker involves doing follow-tests to check progress. Does SelfDecode do that same kind of thing?
    Thanks…I’m a newbie. ☺️

    • Hi! If you’re just interested in blood work, InsideTracker is pretty great value. Especially when they run their sales. That’ll be good for you. If you want other options, this post is a list of the best home blood & health tests.

  3. Hi Nick, for bloodwork only (I do my own), how does SelfDecode and InsideTracker compare? Which one would you choose?

    • Hey Zdenek,

      What exactly do you mean by “I do my own”? Do you run your own panels at home? Or do you order your own labs? I am thinking you’re asking about which has better actionable recommendations. Am I correct?


    • Hey Christina,

      Great question! I personally haven’t used CircleDNA but I reviewed their website and specs. It looks like a good overall service. I like that they have a ton of different reports and offer a free 30-minute consult. They even offer whole exome sequencing. My biggest issue with it is that the reports are hardly polygenic. They only analyze a few variants per report. So you’re only getting a part of the picture — hopefully the important part! Those reports also aren’t as actionable and lack how Circle came up with the recommendations. Overall, CircleDNA is decent but I am not sure it’s worth the cost.

  4. This was a very in depth and well thought out review. I also purchased a lifetime plan to get access to all future reports as well and I’m very satisfied with self decodes features. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder and this site lists all my SNP’s related to schizophrenia and bipolar with one quick search. I can make a custom list called a ‘gene pack’ and have it track whichever genes I choose, including the genes that involve my medication risperidone which is neat. The wellness reports go through each of my variations and recommends exact supplements that can counteract my innate deficiencies. Information has direct links to studies and references to learn more about whatever you like. Very helpful and informative!

    • Thanks Kim! Glad to hear that you’re loving it as much as I am 🙂

      I hope you’ve seen that they’re now releasing SelfDecode 2.0 free for all current members. Exciting stuff and so much to unpack.


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