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Outliyr Scientific Framework to Healing via Bioharmony

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Outliyr Boost Healing FrameWork
Outliyr Boost Healing FrameWork

Tried everything and can’t seem to improve your health or performance?

Or just looking to go to the next level?

Top health optimizers and biohacking experts have a secret…

Normally, you can only learn this secret by spending thousands per month on their elite coaching programs

I’m going to reveal it today for free. Because health is a gift that shouldn’t have a hefty price tag.

Over the years I’ve honed, adapted, and improved this formula. This is the fundamental starting place for life-long perfect health and high performance. So in this post, I’m going to summarize the basic Outliyr B.O.O.S.T Framework that you can implement today.

The Outliyr B.O.O.S.T Framework

Certain processes work universally to support the human body and mind.

These processes build vitality.

As a “side effect”, your issues melt away.

Whether it’s stubborn body fat or deep underlying conditions.

The body is built to self-balance and even regenerate when given the right conditions Click To Tweet

Whenever I work with a client, no matter their goals, this is where we start.

B – Establish Baseline

biohacking biometrics baseline machine

It all starts with understanding your current state. Establishing your baseline.

This is vital to understand the effects (both good and sometimes even bad) we experience as we progress. Without getting your snapshot, every health intervention is a shot in the dark.

The more comprehensive your baseline, the better. But you don’t need to do everything. Just whatever works for you.

Some great self-quantification options include:

  • Journaling
  • Wearable devices
  • Blood lab testing
  • Biological age testing
  • Brain testing (the Braverman test is free & Sensai is my go-to)
  • Bioresonance testing
  • Kinesiotesting

There are tons of other testing options, but these tend to have the highest impact.

Qualitative assessments (ie journaling) are an incredibly powerful yet underutilized tool.

You can keep it simple and ask yourself “On a scale of 1-10, 10 being ready to rule the world and 1 being hardly alive, where am I now?”. Or you can jot down specifics around a particular concern. Your choice.

I’m a huge fan of wearables because they can passively collect your biomarker data with zero effort on your part. Then you can easily go back, and using their built-in tools, notice your health trends.

This helped me visualize the impact of alcohol on my sleep (and thus my performance the next day), as well as find out how certain supplements improved my nervous system balance.

For the last ~7 years, as mentioned in my latest Oura ring review, I’ve used and loved it. Another great class of wearables is called CGMs. Check out this post to see the insights of healthy non-diabetics using continuous glucose monitors to optimize their health.

You’ll also want to consider some form of bloodwork. These lab tests provide invaluable data on the inner workings of your body.

Epigenetic biological aging tests are especially interesting, as they quantify the equivalent “age” of your cells and respond rapidly to lifestyle change.

You can also use tools to quantify and qualify the state of your brain. Or at least, to understand some of its unique features. That way you can best support it.

Finally, we have some of the more controversial testing modalities. Bioresonance testing and Kinesiology testing can help skilled practitioners locate the root causes of issues that evade even the best, most qualified doctors.

However you do it, establish your baseline.

O – Offload Friction

Most people skip this step, and it just might be the most important one of all.

In fact, this one process can resolve many issues by itself.

People skip it because they either forget or because it’s a hassle and not fun.

If you think about the body as a computer, over time files fill up the hard drive. As it nears capacity, the entire system slows down. Apps start to crash. Deleting old files and freeing up space completely solves the issues.

Offloading friction works similarly. It’s all about addressing the fundamental things holding you back.

For most people, that’s minimizing the “Sinister Seven”:

  • Processed foods
  • White sugar
  • Flour
  • Bad grains
  • Industrial seed oils
  • Conventional dairy
  • Processed salts

And removing any other pro-inflammatory foods.

Each of these takes more energy from the body to process than they provide. Leaching nutrients and causing a net drain.

Be careful of the supplements you take as well. Contrary to popular belief, multivitamins can be dangerous and there are better alternatives.

You’ll also want to take note of your bodily state.

At any given two, humans are in one of two states. Growing and building (anabolic), or breaking down and regulating (catabolic).

Neither state is bad, but most people spend too much time in the breakdown state. If that’s you, focus on adding more vitality-enhancing practices into your day. Use these bioharmony principles as your baseline.

Then we have biological friction.

Certain key nutrients let each of the myriad biochemical processes in the body work more efficiently.

The more efficient your body is, the faster you accomplish your goals. The essential nutrients to minimize BioFriction include:

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Amino acids
  • Enzymes

When you get enough of these vital four, your body works better and everything becomes easier, faster, and/or more effective.

That’s why these are some of my top universal biohacking supplements.

O – Optimize Fundamentals

Biohacking Ancient Group Meditation

Well-meaning influencers, experts, and longevity doctors will tell you about the latest miracle substances.

I’ve researched, tested, and extensively reviewed all the best longevity supplements available.

Substances with the potential to replace the well-known core axioms of health.

Many of them work, but they won’t outdo the foundations. Which include:

  • Movement
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Rest & recovery
  • Stress reduction
  • Light & time outdoors
  • Deliberate breathing

You’re probably already doing some (or most) of these well. Plus, adding more things to fully optimize each of those would get exhausting fast.

Savvy biohackers focus only on the area they’re most deficient.

From my experiment with continuous glucose monitoring, I discovered firsthand how easy it is to fall victim to our own blindspots. So I created a quick and free 12-question multiple-choice quiz to help you.

I have a bunch of articles, expert interviews, and videos on Outliyr to help you with each category.

Focus there, on the tweaks with the highest impact and least effort.

Then you’re ready for everyone’s favorite part.

S – Strategic Amplification

Most people skip immediately to this, but that’s a mistake.

Following the previous mistakes makes everything here work much better.

Once you’ve improved the basics, you can add on select fancy biohacks. Click To Tweet

These are some of the things I love to test and write about:

  • Peptides
  • Light therapy
  • Sauna
  • Ozone therapy
  • Nootropics
  • Brain training
  • Cold thermogenesis
  • Targeted supplemented
  • Hydrogen therapy
  • Strict diets
  • Fitness hacks
  • Recovery gear
  • Biohacking technologies

And of course, a whole lot more.

These things can amplify your results, and at the same time, make your transformation easier.

T – Test (Again) & Tweak

Finally, we test again and tweak as necessary.

Depending on where you are relative to your goals, it can take weeks or months to make noticeable improvements.

Generally, I like to do an audit every quarter (about three months) or so.

Re-do your original tests. That’s your new baseline. Compare those results to your previous baseline.

From there, we re-check our potential areas of friction and then tweak our highest-priority lifestyle factors and advanced biohacks.

We repeat this cycle until our health improves to the point that our issues subside.

The Important Exceptions

Biohacking Experiment Vials

None of this is medical advice.

From working with clients, I’ve discovered some key exceptions to this process.

While I recommend saving the fun and fancy biohacks to one of the later stages, some can really help earlier.

For example, nootropics can boost energy and sharpen mental clarity. Nootropic supplements make following through and overcoming temptations easier.

They work great when your willpower runs low.

Same with peptides for rapidly healing injuries. Injuries that otherwise cause debilitating pain.

These tools are best used to make optimizing the foundations easier. Plus, when you fix these things, the biohacks work better.

For example, once I mastered my sleep and mineral intake, my brain supplements instantly felt stronger. I could take smaller dosages, less frequently, and enjoy greater results.

Healing With The B.O.O.S.T Bioharmony Framework

Taking control of your health, wellness, and performance can seem daunting.

There are millions of diets, protocols, supplements, therapies, biohacks, and conflicting advice.

Then you have the time, finances, research, and impracticality of implementing everything.

All for no guarantee.

The internet is littered with countless one-size-fits-all, this worked for me so it must work for all humans dogma.

I hope that this framework helps simplify and demystify it for you.

If you found it helpful, I’d be grateful for you to email it to a friend or share it on social media.

And if you have any questions, feedback, or practical experience, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


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