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Father’s Day Gifts & Deals

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Fathers Day Biohacking Gifts Ftd
Fathers Day Biohacking Gifts Ftd

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and perhaps you’re hunting for the perfect gift.

Of course, what your father really wants is time, presence, and love.

Maybe, like me, you don’t live within driving distance, and a cross-country flight’s out of the question.

Whether your father’s a biohacker on the front lines, or just a little too busy to do all the fundamentals of health and wellness… I’ve got you covered.

Or maybe you’ve already got this handled and are looking to add a little something to your own repertoire. No judgment.

I’ll update this page as brands get back to me with new sale details or if I find more deals.

Below, you’ll find the ultimate Biohacker’s Father Day Gift Guide.

Nick wearing the device

Give the gift of a better brain. Whether that’s focus, calm, sleep, motivation, habit change, memory, or the ability to sustain any state on-demand. Without drugs or invasive therapies. For state-of-the-art technology, nothing beats

This portable 5-devices-in-1 system lets you do neurofeedback training, perform tech-enhanced meditation, assess your current brain function, enjoy cranial red light therapy, or even do real-time HRV biofeedback. It’s pricey, but this is one of those gifts that you’ll end up wanting to use too. I use mine daily and have logged 303 sessions so far. Check out my full brain training review to learn more.

Use code URBAN to save 5% on the Sensai system here.


The classic BrainTap headset

Built on the neuroscience research of Dr. Patrick Porter, BrainTap dynamically guides your brain into special states for better sleep, thinking, and mental performance. You choose. Gone are the days of wondering if you’re meditating right. Just sit back, relax, and tune into any of the many desired brainwave states. Each track takes you on a sensory journey, brainwave entrainment powered by special frequencies of light and audio technology.

Although I don’t have one of these, I’ve used them countless times. I emerge from each session feeling rejuvenated and recharged, like the perfect power nap. If you want a more budget-friendly brain training product for your father that still works nicely, this should be your go-to.

Click this link to save $100.

BiOptimizers MassZymes

bioptimizers masszymes

Regardless of your goal, BiOptimizers carry some of the highest-rated supplements around. From building muscle, to losing weight, to optimizing brain function, to fixing digestion, to defeating stress, and beyond. MassZymes, an advanced systemic, proteolytic enzyme blend, stands out as one of my go-to products. Enzymes power virtually every process in your body and levels dramatically decline with age. This is a dual-use Swiss Army Knife supplement. Consume it alongside some food to unlock greater absorption (especially plant-based protein).

You’ll also experience greater digestion, gut health, post-meal energy levels, and potentially more mental clarity. Or, take it on an empty stomach/during a fast to promote cellular recycling (autophagy) and help break down excess fibrin and fibrinogen to even reverse scarring. No matter his goals, you won’t go wrong.

Click this link to save 10% with code URBAN.

Manna Vitality

Nick's unboxed sachet of the Manna Vitality

Shilajit is an ancient and powerful supplement nicknamed “the conqueror of mountains”, “destroyer of weakness”, and “nectar of the Gods” by different cultures worldwide. It boosts testosterone, improves cognitive and heart health, reduces inflammation, enhances athletic performance, and is the ultimate source of fulvic and humic acids (which boost the effects of all the other foods and supplements you consume). This was one of the few ingredients I took with me for my three months in India. Manna Vitality redefines shilajit by infusing this formula with additional substances like ormus and marine plasma.

Unlike most Shilajit products, this one is small, portable, and doesn’t taste horrible. Making it a perfect daily supplement, providing essential nutrients like magnesium and amino acids along with over 88 trace-minerals.

Click here and use code URBAN for 10% off.

FDN Education

FDN Education's Certification Course & Community Logo

Reed Davis, founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, developed a lab-based, step-by-step system to uncover the root causes of health issues, to identify healing opportunities, and to provide access to all the top lab testing. FDN accepts students of any background and skill level, and graduates hold their own in the real-world.

If your dad is interested in health coaching or even just learning the fundamentals of health, this program’s a solid choice. Check out my conversation with Reed to learn what makes this program special.

Click this link to get $1000 off the program from 06/01 to 06/30.

Outliyr Longevity Challenge

The Ultimate Course To Biohack Aging & Leap Your Longevity

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of information out there on longevity and anti-aging that sometimes it just gets overwhelming. You’re excited to learn more, but you end up confused. Or maybe your dad’s been looking for ways to look or feel younger, even in the smallest ways.

With over a decade of experience in optimizing health and performance, I understood the most impactful anti-aging strategies that even experts rarely talk about. I created the Longevity Challenge to deliver the fundamentals and help anyone start their anti-aging journey. For 14 days, you get actionable tips and the latest science behind different longevity factors. You can do this as a fun challenge with your dad, but the results is where you’ll definitely feel the difference.

Click here and use code LAUNCH to get 60% off on this limited-time offer.

Power Plate

Nick's Power Plate Move getting prepped for a session

Over 70% of pro teams across football, basketball, & baseball rely on this tool. Why? It has both passive benefits as well as amplifies the results you get from training. Including helping improve your balance, build bone density, burn more fat per workout, improve your circulation, aid lymphatic drainage (natural detoxification), and increase your flexibility. Research suggests that whole body vibration can even increase growth hormone levels. All with minimal load on the joints. A perfect gift for active dads looking to get greater body-transforming results from their training.

From 06/05 to 06/16, get a 20% discount on the entire home collection + a FREE Power Plate Pulse Massage Gun using this link.

Harambe System

The Harambe System bundle including the bar, Serious Steel Bands, & Pad

To build strength, muscle, and power, you have two primary options. Constant tension via calisthenics, free weights, and machines. Or variable resistance training with chains or bands. Unfortunately, most options require large gyms and a ton of expensive equipment. Variable resistance training with high-quality and powerful bands solves these issues. Your run-of-the-mill bands won’t work, and without that footplate, resistance bands won’t take you far.

Plus, the nature of resistance bands makes them far safer than heavy free weights. If your dad’s had hitting the gym on his New Years Resolution list, this is a great introduction to resistance training for him. Enjoy the equivalent of a mini gym complete with hundreds of pounds of resistance, yet portable enough to slide underneath your bed.

Use code URBAN to save 10% through this link.


A full view of Nick's Katalyst vest and shorts

Can you zap your way to rock hard six-pack while sitting on the couch watching TV? Not quite, but this is the next closest thing. Used by Russian military personnel and elite athletes since the 1960s, EMS technology allows you to safely yet potently work specific muscles. You simply wear this suit; choose any of the modes including strength, cardio, power, sport, mobility, yoga, or recovery; and follow along with a virtual trainer-led bodyweight workout. You’re done in 20-minutes flat, and even elite athletes leave the session exhausted and dripping sweat.

Many electro-muscle simulation (EMS) products are hard to set up, have complicated user interfaces, and require the guidance of an in-person EMS-certified personal trainer. During my three months traveling India, I packed the three pound Katalyst system into my suitcase and used the workouts to maintain my fitness levels throughout. Like all technologies, it also has its drawbacks, so check out my full Katalyst Suit review!

Click this link to save 20% on the full system and get complimentary onboarding with a Katalyst Specialist.


The Plunge cold plunge tub

Cold water immersion is one of the hottest biohacking trends of the last year. Especially in the middle of summer heat, this is a great tool to build personal resilience, train grit, and become “harder to kill”. Physiologically, cold plunges are praised for their impact on muscle recovery, accelerating fat loss, sharpening cognition, and lowering whole-body inflammation. The Plunge is easy to install either indoor or outdoor. It also uses ozone sanitization (rather than harsh chemicals), self-cleaning filtration, and can be set to as low as 39 degrees Fahrenheit (or 4 degrees Celsius). Challenge your father to level up his discipline with a cold plunge, or perhaps he’ll do it for the cool Instagram stories.

From 06/06 to 06/24, you get $1500 off the Plunge Pro and $2000 off the Plunge Pro XL. Plus, they’re offering an extended financing option of 0% interest for up to 36 months. Use this link while supplies last.

Eight Sleep

eightsleep pod4 img e1718149151296

Health, wellness, and performance all begin the night before with your sleep. Whether you want to help your dad excel at work, slow his rate of biological aging, or just live in luxury, you can’t go wrong with Eight Sleep. Out of the hundreds of popular sleep biohacks I’ve tested, temperature makes the biggest difference. This mattress cover has liquid-cooled, personalized temperature regulation. It’s compatible with any bed, and you can even order a model with dual-controls. For example, I prefer my bed to be about 60 degrees, and my partner, she prefers about 90.

The AC never worked for us, but Eight Sleep changes everything. When I travel, this is one of the gadgets I miss most. Give the gift of restorative sleep.

Click this link to get $150 off the Pod 4 and $100 sitewide from 06/07 to 06/16.

LightPathLED Diesel

lightpathled panels series

Harness the power of the healing components of natural sunlight without the damaging spectrums, all from the comfort of your home. This one’s not like the rest. You get four different wavelengths, more closely mimicking natural light. It’s extremely well-built, powerful, low in non-native EMF, and can pulse the light (which can put you into a different mental state). LightPathLED’s Diesel product line has the best power to price (value) of any panel I’ve come across. Don’t let the most popular red light therapy brands deceive you with flashy marketing claims. This one’s the real deal.

With countless use cases, your dad can enjoy better recovery, sleep, hormone balance, wound healing, youthful looks, healthier joints, all-day energy, and greater testosterone production… from the push of a button.

Click the link and use code URBAN to save an additional 5%.

Kineon Move+ PRO

Nick holding the Kineon Move+ Pro

Recently featured in Men’s Health Magazine as a top health gadget for 2024, the Kineon Move+ Pro uses red and infrared light therapy with more accuracy than any device. In as little as 5 minutes, you experience joint pain relief, less inflammation, tissue repair, and many more. It’s especially beneficial against joint problems as it uses laser technology to penetrate deeper, paired with accurate dosing to help you get healed up in no time. The design allows for optimal and consistent dosage so your dad doesn’t have to worry about any complicated instructions.

Because it functions like a wearable, your dad can target specific areas more accurately compared to the usual red light panels. Use it on the head, neck, shoulders, elbows, hands, hips, knees; virtually everywhere.

You can use it in other ways too. For example, I wrapped it around my neck to stimulate my thyroid and also on my stomach for gut health. Learn all the science behind this versatile device in my conversation with Kineon’s CEO, Forrest Smith.

Click here and use code URBAN to save 10%.


higherdose sauna

Create your very own wellness sanctuary with top-tier amenities such as saunas, red light masks, PEMF mats, copper dry brushes, and the innovative “biomat” into your living space. These technologies cater to spaces of all sizes, allowing you to curate a personalized spa experience. Among my favorites is the HigherDOSE Infrared Mat.

And for Father’s Day, they’ve got a rather unique innovation we don’t see very often—their newest product, the Red Light Hat. This is the latest addition to HigherDOSE’s line of infrared devices, this time for hair growth and rejuvenation.

Use this link with the code DOSEDAD to save 20% sitewide.

Ultrahuman Ring

Nick's newly unboxed Ultrahuman Ring AIR

If your dad is serious about improving his health, a tracker like the Ultrahuman Ring AIR is a must-have. These smart devices help you uncover all kinds of stealth factors affecting your overall wellbeing. It’s a top choice for tracking your sleep, stress, health and biomarkers, fitness, and many more. You get accurate data that’s also immediately actionable. Plus, you’re not locked into an expensive recurring subscription!

I’ve been using Oura since 2017 and in 2022, I came across a new contender for the world’s top smart ring. After thorough testing, I wrote a full review of the features and everything I like and dislike about the Ultrahuman smart ring.

Click here and use the exclusive code URBAN10 to get 10% off your purchase.


A gray Muse S

Get a glimpse into the inner-workings of your brain. From there, you can do some training to help your brain more efficiently shift into sleep, focus, or relaxing states. This is especially great for meditators who want to quantify their performance or simply gain insights into their sessions. The Muse is small, highly portable, the most affordable of all neurotech, and a long-time favorite among biohackers. Don’t worry, though, even the technologically challenged can get up and running with it fast.

From 06/01 to 06/24, all Muse S hardware and bundles are 20% off for Father’s Day. Use my link here to secure your savings over the promo period.

Hard Ketones

KetoneAid Hard Ketones' Seltzer, Ginger Mule, G & T, and Ketohol+Soda

Does your dad often relax with a cold one? Maybe two? Ethanol alcohol is a source of empty calories that the body must process before tapping into stored body fat or digesting food. At normal doses, it also taxes organs and depletes key nutrients. Although there’s some research highlighting a potential association with long lifespan and a glass of wine nightly, it’s unlikely to cause the benefit. Plus, there are all kinds of nasty chemical additives in most alcoholic drinks. Even the organic ones. What if there was another way to enjoy to a pleasant buzz, without consequences? What if that alcohol alternative could even improve your health?

Enter Hard Ketones. This non-ethanol “alcohol” is a drink of choice to unwind and savor a light buzz. Used by high-achieving CEOs, athletes, and even in clinical research. Instead of a hangover, your dad may experience improved sleep, reduced cravings, and better health biomarkers.

Save 10% with code OUTLIYR using this link.

FÜM Essential Oil Inhaler

Nick's Fum Inhaler along with 3 Fum Cores: White Cranberry, Crisp Mint, & Maple Pepper

Redefining the image of “cool”, FÜM brings the power of inhaling essential oils into a tiny, beautiful hand-crafted wooden pipe. Only this one has no flame, no heat, no smoke, and no vapor. You simply saturate a cotton wick with your oil of choice (I like peppermint and citrus), load it into the chamber, and inhale.

Essential oil skeptics usually open their mind after experiencing one puff. Not only does it taste naturally delicious, but certain oils can actively help with your goals. Peppermint is great for opening the lungs and improving athletic performance, citrus oils naturally stimulate with no drugs, and black pepper acts as a research supported tool to quit smoking tobacco. I’m puffing on mine as I write this.

Click this link and use code URBAN for 10% off sitewide.

Celebrate Father’s Day

Most of the world equates celebrations with bad choices and un-health.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re able, I’m sure your dad would love some time with you.

If not, any gift that enhances his longevity or quality of life will go a long way (and give you the opportunity to be there in-person for future Father’s Days).

And if you come across something special that’s not listed above, drop a comment and let me know!


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